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Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore wears a funny shark hat to watch the Florida Marlin face off against the New York Yankees at Land Shark Stadium on Sunday (June 21) in Miami, Fla.

The 34-year-old actress also decked out in bright blue tie-dye leggings, purple high-tops and silver face paint. Drew was accompanied by on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long, who both happily wore their support for the Marlins on their shirts.

The Marlins held off the Yankees 6-5.

10+ pictures inside of shark head Drew Barrymore

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Credit: Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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424 Responses to “Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head”

  1. 1
    Mavis Says:

    Sweaven…why does she dress so badly these days?

  2. 2
    Lena Says:


  3. 3
    Noticias de famosos Says:

    Fence carrying pints … a shark’s head? how to go unnoticed …

  4. 4
    anonymous Says:

    I suspect they had to phone the photographer to tip them off.

  5. 5
    Cindy Says:

    Poor Pitiful Barry! This is the only way she can get her name in the news..she is 34 years old..she needs to grow up and dress like an adult.

  6. 6
    dabu Says:

    Wow, I didn’t think anyone could dress worse than Katie Holmes and still think she looked good!

  7. 7
    anonymous Says:

    ‘Love Is Free’, but yours certainly isn’t…and that’s the fu@king understatement of the year.

  8. 8
    J Says:

    I’ll never forget your hard eyes on the HJNTIY red carpet. That’s how I’ll remember you when and if you try to snow me again. I’ll remember what you’re really about.

    You did tip off that photographer though, didn’t you? Sad stuff.

  9. 9
    J Says:

    You’d never had to go through such theatrics if you had have just messed out of it in the first place.

  10. 10
    J Says:

    Pardon me – your publicist tipped off Bauer-Griffin and composed that little blurb with your approval. It’s still a sad though. Sad that you put your energy into that instead of anything useful.

  11. 11
    J Says:

    But oh….’Poor Barry.’ That sounds sad too. :(

  12. 12
    J Says:

    Seriously…get him to get you pregnant ASAP. You need a real project to be occupying yourself with and I don’t want any ambiguity anymore. Do it.

  13. 13
    jaye Says:

    Ok, I get the shark cap and the Marlin shirt, but the rest of the outfit? lol.

  14. 14
    kika Says:

    J started NOW?

  15. 15
    kika Says:

    Oculpa that your mind with good things and not with a crazy love.
    ok J?

  16. 16
    kika Says:

    J will do something good in your life.
    The Drew is not for you, I know who you are.

  17. 17
    J Says:

    By all means don’t grow up. Why do that?

  18. 18
    J Says:

    bueno kika…en espanol por favor.

  19. 19
    J Says:

    No offence kika, but you don’t know wtf you’re talking about, so butt out of it.

  20. 20
    J Says:

    You’re right…she’s definitely not for me, but she won’t leave me alone. You reading this Drew? LEAVE ME THE FU@K ALONE!

  21. 21
    katie Says:

    Ugh, grow up Drew, you’re 34. But then again, that outfit on anyone would look bad. On the other hand, you and Justin back together are cute.

  22. 22
    J Says:

    You look like a normal person….well, no you don’t actually (especially not with your poor fashion sense lately)…but actually you’re the angel of death. :)

  23. 23
    J Says:

    I vote preggers and exercist preggers even better for him to deal with…

    You can suck it.

  24. 24
    T. Says:


    What the F**K is wrong with her??????????????

  25. 25
    J Says:

    Carol…Cindy…katie…all Drew.

  26. 26
    J Says:

    and T too!!!! :)

    You’re the only thing wrong honey. YOU.

  27. 27
    J Says:

    But you’re really….really good looking…so there’s that.

  28. 28
    J Says:

    You invade me making me nuts like an unwanted case of syphilis…and then have the gaul to complain when I act crazy. Leave me the hell alone.

  29. 29
    Lurker Says:

    Drew. it is OK for Lourdes to dress like this, she is 12. You are an adult, actually, you can be Lourdes’ mother. My advise to you is Grow the hell up.

  30. 30
    Lurker's cousin lurkee Says:

    Nice house…but I don’t want to live in it.
    Keep living in it with him, honey.

    I don’t want to live with someone who make me feel like spastic colon.

  31. 31
    Carol..cindy..whoever you are Says:

    Just go. You’re done here.

  32. 32
    Carol..cindy..whoever you are Says:

    I’ve let this turn me into someone I don’t want to be.

  33. 33
    Carol..cindy..whoever you are Says:

    What kind of eggs do you like? Same as him, right?

  34. 34
    kika Says:

    Afraid of you J.

  35. 35
    Carol..cindy..whoever you are Says:

    There’s no coming back from this…Just go away.

  36. 36
    kika Says:

    J is Portuguese, not Spanish.

  37. 37
    kika Says:

    is Portuguese, not Spanish.

  38. 38
    J Says:

    Você deve ter medo

    mwah … ah ah.

    Dá-me uma pausa….Você precisa obter alguns novos hobbies.

  39. 39
    J Says:

    Você pode chupar o mesmo também se você não gostar dele.

  40. 40
    omg Says:

    I love Drew but . . . .
    she should really buy a mirror.

  41. 41
    J Says:

    Ela é um coração cruel suductress e ela deve ser mantida em ambientes fechados, sem acesso às estações de rádio ‘playlists mais.

  42. 42
    J Says:

    Yeah…buy a mirror Drew. :)

  43. 43
    J Says:

    You’ve got much longer than just tonight together homefries. Now piss off.

  44. 44
    J Says:

    GIVIN UP ON YOU – LARA FABIAN….please give up…’re like tits on a bull.

  45. 45
    J Says:

    Besides which it’s not that I CAN’T stand beside you, I just no longer want to. Get a clue.

  46. 46
    J Says:

    You know, when someone compares you to an untreated case of syphilis, it might be time to move along.

  47. 47
    J Says:

    I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE. Get that through your head and heart b/c it’s the truth. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you I do, b/c I don’t. Continue to live as a married couple with someone else and maybe you’ll wind up married all the way. In any case I no longer want to be involved with you and whatever dude you’ve got on the hook.

  48. 48
    M Says:

    She has been especially quirky lately….

  49. 49
    MsPeace2love Says:

    i like the fact that she doesn’t follow others and that she wears what she wants buuuuuttt….lol that outfit is …umm… interesting…. she may luk oddly bad usually but she looks great on the red carpet :D

  50. 50
    roxy Says:

    go marlins!

  51. 51
    Freakin A Says:

    Love you Drew. You’re someone who’s not afraid to be different. And I love how you are into the quirky alternative stuff. Not afraid to venture out. This world can be a freaky place and ya gotta roll with the punches I guess.

  52. 52
    becca Says:

    i LOVE drew barrymore. she’s so adorable and always looks so young and fresh.

    she can do no wrong, imo.

  53. 53
    J Says:

    You should so be with him, it’s not even funny. I’m glad you are and that’s not why I’m getting out of this.

    I never begrudged you a bit of happiness, but you didn’t have to be a **** rag about it.

  54. 54
    J Says:

    “You got a lotta nerve
    To say you are my friend
    When I was down
    You just stood there grinning

    You got a lotta nerve
    To say you got a helping hand to lend
    You just want to be on
    The side that’s winning”
    Guess what? It’d be a drag to see you too, except that outfit and most of the ones you’ve been sporting lately make me smile.

    You’re right, we’re not friends. I was just hoping to make a bit of peace with the character who feels she’s entitled to torture me constantly, so I offered it. If you don’t want it, I don’t mind it at all.

  55. 55
    J Says:

    Your sloppy efforts have become very transparent too
    You try too hard and then resent the effort you’ve put in.
    That’s your problem.

    When you ‘sell’ your love (with him or otherwise), you cheapen it, you know. I’m not missing being the one on the other end of that.
    You’re trying to sell me something every other minute, but you’re not the salesman you used to be.

  56. 56
    J Says:

    Merci, mais je ne suis pas ton homme, ni ton ami comme tu as dit madame.

  57. 57
    J Says:

    Yes, you took away my innocence and naïveté and that has made me jaded. Perhaps the love of a good woman who isn’t looking to rob me of these things or torture me will make me less so.

    I doubt I will find her in the Los Angeles area.

  58. 58
    J Says:

    I’m glad I never went there.

  59. 59
    J Says:

    I seriously think you’ve gone mental. You’re not the woman you used to be are you?

  60. 60
    J Says:

    Where did she go? Wherever the person I used to be is?

  61. 61
    J Says:

    Whether we’re friends, lovers or anything else or not, we’d both be better off trying to meet in the middle, rather than opposing each other.

    I’m sorry I hurt you and I’m sorry I was a shi++y friend. I can’t feel too terrible for being a shi++y lover, b/c we never were and you knew going in that I knew nothing about these things, so you could have been a tad gentler and I could have done everything better.

  62. 62
    J Says:

    What does that ‘Trust Yourself’ thing mean? I’m not supposed to believe gossip on the internets or I’m not supposed to believe whatever nonsense you’re trying to tell me? It’s usually one thing in the morning and the opposite at night.

  63. 63
    J Says:

    Sometimes I think I would like to forget about you, mainly b/c it’s painful and like you say, a drag and I never got the chance to know you when it wasn’t a drag. It’s also bad news when you can’t seem to stop hurting each other and it goes too deep for that.

    If it wasn’t that way, I wouldn’t forget you and you wouldn’t have to remind me not to. It’s a defence mechanism, when I want to not care or forget, but in any case I won’t. I’ll probably just wind up vomiting in my mouth a few more times and work my naglas off while you continue to try to torture me and give the best of yourself to someone else.

  64. 64
    J Says:

    That always bothered me more than any loss of opportunity or anything else. I know I don’t belong out there, b/c if you’re to make a go of something, it should probably be the other way around.

    They would have made mince meat of me in no time at all.

  65. 65
    J Says:

    Then you’d probably just say “Buck up Chester. You gotta be tougher than that.” on your way down the road. :)

    Wait, you did say that on your way out. hahaha

  66. 66
    J Says:

    I didn’t know Devo did a version of ‘Working In The Coalmine’.

    Is it true that Mark Mothersborough was trying to give you static and you sent his packing? That’s hot. You were there all being the boss and he had a poor attitude so he got served. :)

    Seriously, it’s hot. I don’t care what kind of funky outfits you put on it, it is. You were like, “Don’t get pissy with me Mothersborough.” :)


  67. 67
    J Says:

    spelled his name wrong…Mothersbaugh

  68. 68
    J Says:


    I want to run to you too but instead I will likely run away, but before I do, I will talk and talk and refuse to shut up…and then you’ll put duct tape over my mouth…romance. :)

    Then you’ll keep on loving someone else while torturing me and I will have brought it all on myself because I can’t STFU.

  69. 69
    J Says:

    CLOSE TO YOU (THEY LONG TO BE) – CARPENTERS …You’re making me verklempt…I’ve got snot coming out of my face. Would give you a hug if I could.

  70. 70
    J Says:

    You’ve given me some good things to think about for inspiration…also like Madonna says…”You can dance …for inspiration” and persperation and desperation. Perhaps the more you dance, the less the desperation. If nothing else, your ass jiggles less….

    You know that line from ‘Candle In The Wind’: “All the papers had to say Was that Marilyn was found in the nud@” I think I would like to be found in the nud@ someplace. Not necessarily when I’ve passed along, but perhaps next Thursday…and I will say to you, I’m to be found next Thursday on Elm St. and you’ll know me because aside from pictures you may have seen of me, I’ll be the one dancing naked and when you find me my ass will be jiggling because I’ll be dancing, but it will be jiggling less than it used to.

  71. 71
    J Says:

    I don’t take anything for granted senorita. Only wanted to try to make you smile. That is apparently tougher than I thought.

  72. 72
    J Says:

    You know that I know what you’re doing right?

    You’re trying to keep me emotionally engaged, but be non-committal so you can go off with your movie making “very dear friend” and do whatever you want with him, but still trying to string me along. That Bob Dylan song you got them to play this morning was meant to justify why you’ve never spoken to me either.

    That’s all OK with me, but I you shouldn’t take me for granted either. I won’t be going to LA and I’ll still be doing whatever I feel like doing in my life and career, just as you do.

    There’s no way, I’d be going there when it’s not what I want to do, especially without even a phone call. But the sentiments were lovely all the same and you’ve given me some inspiration to work with.

  73. 73
    J Says:

    You know I put the offer out there before, that there would be certain things that I would have to do as your significant other that would involve trying to make peace or smooth something over (whether I was able to or not) that I don’t have to be your partner to do.

    I owe it to you to offer that, if how you really feel is not that you want to be with me, but you’re just so desperate to fix things, you’re implying I’m supposed to try to win you over with a song. I can feel some bubbling up in me. But there’s more than one way to fix things.

    I really don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want me, so it’s unecessary.

  74. 74
    J Says:

    Jesus…tell me this isn’t something you were responsible for using my name. For Chist’s sake tell me you didn’t.

    “The reviews are in for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and not only do most people say that it’s not even a mildly amusing or slightly entertaining action film, it’s also confusing, cumbersome, and way too long at well over two hours. Veteran critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times has some choice words for this epically bad movie, and other reviews are similarly scathing.”

  75. 75
    J Says:

    No matter what the deal is, hopefully it’ll still do well….but please no more.

  76. 76
    J Says:

    We’re never done disappointing each other are we? All you can do is throw stuff at me telling me how sublime things are with him…what I’m wondering is, if that’s true, why aren’t you just living with him? I never said once that you shouldn’t, or that it would have anything to do with anything as far as I was concerned. If you’re keeping things under wraps, that’s your own choice completely stupid and unecessary – just as breaking up with him was.

    If you love him so much, I have no idea what you’re still trying to jerk me around for….except of course that some part of this nonsense is just that and I’m going to assume the nonsense is when you tell me you love me. You never discriminate all that much anyway and in the morning it’s ‘Why do birds suddenly appear?” and by afternoon it’s some dig about Justin. (shaking my head)

  77. 77
    J Says:

    I think you imply that you love me so you can say ‘When a man loves a woman…he’d give up all his comforts..” sleep in the rain and let her torture him to death…whilst writing songs for her.

    And you don’t want that messed with by me chasing other women around, ’cause I might lose interest in you and start getting interested in spending my time and energy on a woman who made me feel happy. Just like he is good for you I could find a woman who’s good for me (since see ‘American Woman’ lyrics), but that would be counter to your purposes, so you guilt trip me and everything else you can think of.

  78. 78
    J Says:

    And when we find ourselves at this impass, and you’ve tried to jerk me around for the umpteenth time it’s bloody tiring and I just want to get off with someone who actually might care and heal myself from this negativity, since the truth is, you obviously don’t really care or want to be with me.

  79. 79
    J Says:

    You’re just trying to use me and you don’t even have the decency to be straight with me or do it without sucking up even more of my energy for nothing.

  80. 80
    J Says:

    More important than caring right now is, easy and positive.

  81. 81
    J Says:

    …”SHe want it easy…SHe want it relaxed.”

  82. 82
    J Says:

    The only thing your heart is broken about is you’re not getting your way.
    Five year olds experience the same sort of disappointment that feels like heartbreak when they don’t get what they want, only you bring a magnifying effect of the ‘I’ve made a mess of everyone I know’ thing too.

    I never forget that it’s about that. Why do you insist on complicating things? You’ll never change my mind or heart. Not like this and you certainly aren’t going to change your tactics now are you?
    So round and round we go, getting nowhere and on you go just digging us all deeper.

    Heartbreak, but over that and that alone.
    Maybe we’ll know each other if you ever mature enough to stop this and just get on with your life. Otherwise I don’t see it happening.

    ‘Too Little Too Late’ already happened a while ago as far as I’m concerned.
    Dark clouds are blowing in the wind
    He’s crossing your mind again
    You got that sad sad feeling
    From a broken heart
    Feeling so close to the edge

    Let me love you tonight
    There’s a million stars in the sky
    Let me love you tonight
    I’ll make everything all right

    When you find out how good love can be
    You’re so lost when it’s such a free
    They say once in your life
    You find someone who’s right
    Someone who loves you like me

  83. 83
    J Says:

    You want to wake me? Someone needs to wake you. You’re asleep at the switch.

  84. 84
    J Says:

    These things you do are useless and just get in the way.
    God, I wish you’d stop it.

  85. 85
    J Says:

    Look. I’m not going into show business. You or somebody you know doesn’t like that? Don’t care anymore.

    ‘Karma Chameleon’? You were never my lover honey. I’m so sick of this I could puke (in my mouth).

  86. 86
    J Says:

    Better yet, come here and I’ll puke in your mouth. Then you can go and puke in Justin’s mouth. I hope it sets off a chain reaction.

  87. 87
    J Says:


    You’re an airhead.

  88. 88
    J Says:

    Look, I’m going to do you a gigantic favor….let’s cut to the part of the movie whether it’s written or not, where without a doubt you end up with ‘Damon’ your fellow teacher. The guy’s not the least bit villainous and you’d be crazy not to end up with him.

    I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore, so just stop going there. It won’t bring out any songs, so it’s pointless.

    I don’t have anymore steam to keep dicking around with this.
    Just stop.

  89. 89
    J Says:

    What I was hoping to do and was starting to be inspired to do was write from a place of appreciation. Not try to woo you away from this man who obviously loves you very much, in a way that maybe I never would be able to. I don’t have it in me.

    So please stop all of it. It really does just get in the way.

  90. 90
    jlo Says:

    Hey J It really hurts me to read all your comments. It’s really humiliating.And I’m not trying to offend you not at all I just want to talk to you and try to help you.Why don’t you act like a real man and say “Go to hell Drew,I deserve waaaaay better than you!” The way I see it you are really intelligent and smart and maybe a good hearted person.Tell me is it worth it all your whining and crying like a baby over someone who doesn’t deserve this? Or maybe you hate yourself so much that you enjoy humiliating yourself.Why don’t you just hold it together and be a man ,get over that and just walk on! And please ,don’t think I’m Drew.No I’m not and I’m glad I’m not.I’m just a big fan of Justin and love and respect him really much and I think he deserves much much better than her,cause she’s just playing with all the men in her life.And it hurts me to see Justin is on her long loooong list of lovers.I’m afraid he’s gonna be hurt again.And I just hate that cause I can’t really do anything to prevent him from another heartbreak and that’s what eats me most! And I dont wanna know when that moment comes and she dumps him again. I just want to tell you I understand you completely and really wish I could help you somehow.But you’re the only one who can help himself.Take it as an advice, don’t show your weakness to her cause this means she’ve won!

  91. 91
    jlo Says:

    And one more thing – what are you really expecting from a person, who has never had a stable family ,to do in life?She’s doing the same ,cause that’s the only thing she’s seen in her life.It’s not her fault actually and honestly I don’t care. But what I do care about and what makes me so sad is that she’s corrupting Justin.And he used to be such an innocent human being.Now he’s been slowly turning into a mini Drew,dressing like her,acting like her,always doing as she pleases,now he’s Drew boy toy and is going to end up as ONE MORE trophy on her wall of lovers.the question is WHEN!? How can he not see that? Wish he could open his eyes for her true personality and see her OTHER side.He’s so blind to see she’s so fake and what lies beneath her always smiled and happy face is in fact her corrupted,tainted and unhappy soul.She may think she’s happy when she’s free but she can’t realize she’s prisoned forever.She’ll never be happy.She’s lonely and maybe that’s what attract men to her.
    I’m sure now love and hate are fighting in you,but you just need time to realize Drew’s not worth being a part of your life,not even the smallest part of it. Be happy and take care! And if you ever feel like you want to share this with someone ,just make sure you do it with the right person and not posting comments on here or wherever else cause what’s the point? Actually I think me and you would get along great,cause I completely understand you ,believe me.And no,I don’t pitty you and I’m not trying to be the one to wipe away your tears ,I can see you’re strong and smart enough to get over this and just move on with your life ,in which I am sure there must be far more worthy things than some Drew Barrymore…so dont ruin it just for her!!!

  92. 92
    J Says:

    Thanks for that ‘jlo’. I’m going to seriously take what you said to heart.

    Amazing that a stranger on an internet blog cares more about me than the one I was putting so much time and energy into. That says a lot doesn’t it?

    Let’s face it, when love is right it doesn’t humiliate you or make you feel bad and I’ve been wasting my time. I should put my energy into something real and positive instead.

  93. 93
    J Says:

    Who are you ‘jlo’?

  94. 94
    kika Says:

    Two Fools hahahahahaha

  95. 95
    kika Says:

    Two Fools hahahahahaha

  96. 96
    J Says:


    Will you dedicate a website to all the fools in the world? :)

  97. 97
    J Says:

    Who says I’m in bad shape homefry? Power of suggestion, you were hoping?

    Yes, darlings…I’m in very bad shape living here without you and your naggings to keep me warm. ‘Cause before I ‘lost you’, you were totally giving all your love to somebody else anyway. What did I lose again? You’re still hanging around to nag me, so what’s the change?

  98. 98
    J Says:

    ‘Cause you still want paydirt. Don’t you baby?

    Come on, admit it.
    It’s the pay dirt you’re after.

    Like 80% PD(without the A) and 20%love, if that.

  99. 99
    J Says:

    She wants paydirt and she’s willing to take it from wherever she can get it, including my heart, soul, sanity or hyde and it doesn’t concern her a bit if it kills what might have been good in me in the first place.

    I hope your road to paydirt ‘gives you hell’. Looks like you’ve made certain it gives everyone you love hell. Doesn’t seem to bother you much though.

  100. 100
    J Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’m still saying it. You could just be honest. You don’t actually have to kill every good feeling I ever had for you.

  101. 101
    J Says:

    Help me understand the logic of plopping me in the middle of your self-created nightmare and then trying to mess with any effort I made to get you out of it.

    I want to be an artist, but I don’t want your showbusiness lifestyle, so don’t make any assumptions about what I WANT, to the contrary…

    Btw, if you insist on wearing those terrible outfits, that’s on your head honey. I prefer you in your normal clothes. Not fancy Grace Kelly dresses, but the kind of stuff you usually wear. If I thought you were dressing like that just for your own amusement, that would be one thing, but then you wouldn’t get him looking like that, so it’s fu@ked as far as I’m concerned.

  102. 102
    kika Says:

    Yes it is fools for my Fotolog.

  103. 103
    kika Says:

    Drew And Justin Forever

  104. 104
    J Says:

    Ah…the lovely kika has returned. :)

  105. 105
    kika Says:

    You do not love Drew J, you are obsessed by it is different, if you love it does not say certain things to Drew.

  106. 106
    J Says:

    hahaha….You’re a funny girl. :)

    I hope you’re right.

  107. 107
    kika Says:

    to see you j

  108. 108
    J Says:

    When you’re not making websites, do you moonlight as a therapist?

  109. 109
    kika Says:

    J Yes, I’m crazy, and I understand very well and even the heads of people.

  110. 110
    kika Says:

    J What is your age?

  111. 111
    J Says:

    Well kika, before I agree to take you on as my therapist and start answering personal questions, quais são as suas qualificações?

  112. 112
    kika Says:

    No, life gave me more experience, more to life gave me a lot.
    Of course if you want to hear my advice.

  113. 113
    kika Says:

    I want to be your friend J.

  114. 114
    jlo Says:

    Think of me as a friend J.Or a soul mate..or whatever you like ,just someone who once used to be like you and feeling like you. I know what it is to be used and unappreciated. I also know that hole Drew has left inside of you.I know your feeling of emptiness that still can’t be filled with anything,but thousands of questions…Time heals all wounds,yeah this is like the biggest cliche in the world,but you know it’s true.It worked for me and it will for you,soon! I have been carefully reading all your comments for the last couple weeks and I was not quite sure whether to post a reply or not ,but I do care about you,although I don’t even know who you are.It’s weird but sometimes a stranger on the internet could understand you even better than your friends in real life.I like the way you express your feelings of love,contempt and pain all at the same time.Your words are true,intense and straight to the target! You sound so much like me and what a coincidence I too am a musician.So I know a man like you just can’t be a bad person.Although your love now is standing on the edge, you see the vast expanse of possibilities, the ecstasy,the romance, the sorrows, yet life is empty without it. The possibilities for love are endless..Is there in the world anything more painful and torturing than unshared love? Your love feels right but Drew doesn’t deserve it. Take all the time you need,open your heart for a new love and start a new page of your life,even tho it will be hard for you ,at least make an effort. :) I’m sure your love for Drew has already passed through all stages – infinite passion,anger,madness,despair ,even desire for revenge .Don’t worry,life will take “GOOD CARE” of her sooner or later and I’d be the first one to enjoy that! Drew is dishonest,she depredates,she manipulates.I liked how you called her “angel of death”. Could have not said it any better.The problem is that I DO NOT WANT Justin to be a part of her sick crazy circus! I’m so truly in love with him and no,I’m not telling you all this stuff about Drew out of jealousy ,but because I know I’m right and she’s gonna hurt his heart badly.I love him,even tho I know he’ll never be with me and I know he deserves TRUE happiness,and now he’s been happy with her on a borrowed time..You get it? I despise her for that!
    Have you seen Drew’s movies “Poison Ivy” and “Doppleganger” ? If you haven’t, you should. You will see how autobiographically they could be referred to Drew.I’ve seen each movie she’s ever been in and I been thinking what kind of a woman exactly she is? A “Firestarter”? “A Charlie’s Angel?” Poison ivy? Or maybe someone who’s been through “50 dates” and always forgets everything so easy the next morning,or maybe all that in one!
    Like I said,be happy J ! Life is too short to waste it for someone so degraded and poor such as Drew!

  115. 115
    J Says:

    Wow. That’s intense. I don’t know what to say, except that, it’s always heart warming whenever someone reaches out to you and tries to be kind to you.

    I will say, that whatever feelings of anger, frustration or hostility I was expressing, lie with me and aren’t Drew’s fault.

    She’s just a lady who happens to do a job in the public eye and it’s not her fault if someone out in the world becomes obsessed with her or even thinks they love her. I actually think kika hit it spot on when she said if you really love someone, you aren’t saying bad things about them, b/c you wouldn’t want them to feel bad.

    Ironically enough, hearing you say some of the things you did about her…I don’t agree with what you were saying. Although, I think you have a good heart that you were trying to make another human being feel better.

    My own gut instinct about her is she’s basically a good woman, but b/c she didn’t have a childhood, struggles with not behaving like a bad kid sometimes. I can only imagine, though what it would be like if I were in her position and people were talking about me that way or dealing with the kind of pressures she does. You don’t really know the full extent of what those might be.

    The reality is (and I’m the first one to say that reality can suck but…) neither of us will likely ever know either one of them let alone go out with either of them, so it’s a moot point.

    I think in the end it’s the best thing to watch her or Justin’s films (if you like or love him) and enjoy them and not get into such negative stuff.

    You were definitely right about trying to be happy too. It’s the thing that’s most important to take away.

  116. 116
    J Says:

    btw…that’s funny what you were saying about her films…like ‘Have you watched Doppleganger?’ :)

    Everybody has to start somewhere. :)

    Remember she was a former child actor just wanting to work and build a career for herself at the time. She could have wound up on crack like Todd Bridges or one of those guys and working at the dairy queen. Imagine you’ve got no money, but all the disadvantages of fame.

    As for her ‘sick crazy circus’, I think showbusiness can be that, so I don’t know that it’s her particularly. I don’t think so, but in any case deep down, I’ve always thought that she’s lovely.

    All that said, I think she’s better off with someone like Justin who’s successful and seems like a kind and stable sort of guy.

    Remember he’s a grown man who can think for himself. It’s not for anyone else to say who is right for him in his life. You have to respect that they pick each other.

    When it comes down to it, it’s not our business, especially if we aren’t friends of theirs.

  117. 117
    J Says:

    But it’s sweet that you were trying to reach out to me and make me feel better. I appreciate it, to you and kika. Thank you.

  118. 118
    J Says:

    The sun is shining and I think I’m going to go outside and enjoy the day. Blow the stink off me.

    My grandmother used to say that. “Go outside and blow the stink off you”…I guess people in the old days didn’t bathe a lot, so that’s what they used to do. Just stood outside in the wind and hope it made them smell better.

    I think I’ll have a bath too. :)

  119. 119
    kika Says:

    J Oh you are a lovely person, although not agree with many things you say about Drew, I think you’re a guy who is trying to find yet.

  120. 120
    kika Says:

    Deserves to have a real love:]

  121. 121
    kika Says:

    I know very well, I can tell you that your only problem is the lack of security in itself.
    Drew is a strong person, intelligent and that like most women in today’s world have problems in your relationship. She is very real, not like the other celebrities who try to hide in masks of iron, trust me it is very true.

  122. 122
    J Says:

    Yes, I’ve been insecure. It’s true and Drew’s a very strong woman. She wouldn’t be putting up with that. Even if you were a great kisser or wrote lovely songs for her, it’s not enough over the long haul. :)

    masks of iron…hmm…let me think about that one for a while.

    But yes, everybody deserves love and one day I will find mine. I guess I’ll just have to seek solace in what I can until then.

    Hope you also find love ‘kika’ and you too ‘jlo’.

  123. 123
    kika Says:

    You have Messenger?

  124. 124
    J Says:

    Nope. But what are you wearing? ;)

    Sorry…couldn’t resist.

  125. 125
    J Says:

    Actually, how old are you? If you’re not over 18 don’t even answer.

  126. 126
    kika Says:

    I am wearing a blue pajamas with yellow polka dots and a cap of pee-pee, it’s cold here in Brazil, unlike the U.S.

  127. 127
    kika Says:

    I am 19 years ok
    and you? if you are over 70 do not reply ok ? hahahahahahah

  128. 128
    jlo Says:

    Thank you for your wishes J ! :) I have a boyfriend and we love each other,we’re used to each other and also he’s like my best friend and we’re happy :)
    Yet,Justin’s got everything I’ve always looked for in a man :) I love him in a very special,different and indescribable way.I really wish him all the best in his life and career and I hope he always chooses his priorities for those things that really matter.I understand he’s truly in love with Drew ,in fact his heart doesn’t even know what untrue love is.That’s the only way he knows to love -truly ,madly ,continuously,unconditionally and I don’t blame him,we can’t plan love.But she can’t make him happy.Even a blind man could see that! She threw his love away once, just like that..cause she simply decides she wants to be free and doesn’t want a man to control her life. 8 months later she changes her mind and decides that she wants Justin back in her life. Does she really know what she wants? How old is she? 34? 13? If you ask me she has the brain of a 5 year-old child and she thinks she’s interesting,sporting kiddy ponytails and outfits Oh give me a break!Drew’s mind must be a dangerous place to live in,don’t you think?? We’ll never figure out how exactly her brain works.Unpredictable! But oh yeah..I’m forgetting – men always fall for that – all her cheesy woman tricks :) And you fell for that too !You still love her tho. I know it J ;) Men are into wrong women!
    of course ,like all of us,she does have her good and bad sides,too.But she did hurt JUSTIN,the one I’ve always truly loved,highly respected and admired,and she IS doing it again!! That’s enough for me to despise her! She’s so spoiled and cranky,in a really really annoying way.Annoying brat girl! And I don’t even wanna start talking about her sexual feats lol no comment :) Remember, we will talk about this again soon and you’ll see I was right. ;)
    Oh and by the way,I didn’t mean I didn’t like her older movies,on the contrary,I think they’re really good.And actually I like her as an actress.She’s an excellent actress – a professional on set and off set as well ;) What I meant was the characters she plays in “Doppleganger” and “Poison Ivy” sound pretty much like Drew herself ..her father issue in “Poison Ivy” and the two-faced personality issue in “Doppleganger”. I understand that Hollywood madness is inevitable part of every celebrity’s life.But there’s something about Drew that just doesn’t seem quite right! She’s misusing her fame and playing too much with people’s feelings and patience ! I hope Justin finds out soon!
    And if she keeps being so unstable when it comes to relationships ,I guess in 30-40 years she’ll be nothing,but a wrinkled lonesome granny having some tattoos on her body to remind her that once she used to be a hot Charlie angel.
    Take it easy,Drew! Fame,beauty and sexappeal are not eternal ! They come and go just as fast as your always-changing feelings!

  129. 129
    jlo Says:

    P.S. I BET Justin’s mom would sooo agree with me ;) She would be the worst mother in the world if she approved SUCH a girlfriend for her son! And who would approve her? Look at him on those pics he looks like a puppy next to Drew.He will always be in her shadow,in the background, For the time being,he’s just the one to hold her purse,shades and jacket for her oh yeah…AND the one to have sex with ;)

  130. 130
    J Says:

    To kika: 19 huh? Hmmm….
    I’m over 19, but under 35. Too old for you. ;)

    jlo…you make some compelling arguments. only time will tell whether you’re right about whether or not she’s ill-using him.

    Funny, I always thought the same thing about him carrying around her purse. :) Do you suppose she keeps his balls in there? I think she dresses him up in her odd outfit choices too. Did you see that ascot he was wearing? What do you want to bet, she stuck that on him?

    I suspect she is pretty bossy, but there’s something about that I find hot (might be hot in the bedroom). :)

    Like I said before, they can do what they want. If he doesn’t mind it if she’s dicking him around, that’s his problem.

  131. 131
    J Says:

    I also think she’s very high maintenance, like you’d have your main job whatever that was and then your other job would be flying in from wherever your job might take you to visit her on-set or at her premiere b/c she was having a weepy morning. :)

    Sorry, but this is making me feel better. I don’t care how great the sex was, you’d pay and pay for the priveledge and then she’d get bored and dump you.

  132. 132
    J Says:

    Yep, she’s the kind who’d be trying to bring you to your knees in one way or another…like baby please take me back…let me kiss you and make it all better….I wanna kiss you all over…over and over.

    Ref. Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore. And then you get elderly asian lady instead and she goes off with a guy whose balls she keeps in her purse.

  133. 133
    J Says:

    Seriously – better him than me.
    He’s so lucky that he gets to sleep with that. :)


  134. 134
    J Says:

    Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She’s a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    make you fall, real hard in love
    She’s a Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She’s a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    Wish you never ever met her at all!

    [Verse 2]
    And when she walks she walks with passion
    when she talks, she talks like she can handle it
    when she asks for something boy she means it
    even if you never ever seen it
    everybody get your necks to crack around
    all you crazy people come on jump around
    you doing anything to keep her by your side
    because, she said she love you, love you long time!

  135. 135
    kika Says:

    J I love older men … sorry you’re so far away and so angry, you would be a perfect man, if not love the woman I admire most in this world.

  136. 136
    J Says:

    Drew…you’re sooo good looking. You are. Even with the shark’s head….but marry him.

  137. 137
    J Says:

    Yeah…she’s cooked my goose I’m afraid kika.

  138. 138
    J Says:

    Sharks and mermaids have to keep moving
    They can’t live standing still
    So you keep swimming away
    Keep swimming away

    And don’t come back to haunt my dreams
    Let me live my life
    I want no more strife
    Go away and leave me
    To find someone else
    It’s not fair to tease the way you do

    Don’t want to find you swimming near my shores
    Don’t come around
    Keep swimming away

  139. 139
    J Says:

    Even I can’t keep a straight face on that one. Have to laugh at that. :)

  140. 140
    J Says:

    You suck it Drew…if you’re not busy already sucking the balls you’ve got in your purse. :)

    I’m really glad you picked him. Thank you. You have no idea the gift you gave me. We might have been stuck in that ca ca situation you were trying to call love, a lot longer if you hadn’t.

  141. 141
    J Says:

    What kind of a ****** do you have to be, to keep doing the same shite and expecting not only a different result from the crap you’re doing, but that you’re going to force another person to change into and reorder their life according to your wishes, while you’re being an arsehole to them?

    I could so care less that you’re with him. More fool him as far as I’m concerned. Anybody would be better than you.

  142. 142
    J Says:

    Two douches hooked up to have douchy children…so what?

    By all means baby, roll on down the road. Roll on.

  143. 143
    J Says:

    I believe you were asking me how it feels when your heart goes cold? My heart is only cold toward you homelips. Only to you. :)

  144. 144
    J Says:

    And before you start losing your marbles again and think you should make the pretence of suspending your ‘love’ with him….that ain’t it and you know it.

  145. 145
    J Says:

    Just in case you figured you’d be doing something to change anything…you’re not. You’re done this time.

  146. 146
    J Says:

    I tried to be tender and kind with you…was on your side and was trying. Don’t care if you thought it was enough. That no longer interests me, when all you do is piss on it. What’s the point? It’s nothing I care about anymore. You had to put in a lot of effort to mess with me that much. Congratulations on that. It’s much more of an accomplishment than that Emmy you hope to get for Grey Gardens, which by the way, means nothing to me considering my real life means nothing to you.

  147. 147
    J Says:

    None of you should have done anything if you were going to resent it and Drew never should have kept it up once she realized people were getting hurt just to validate the mistake. That’s your problem and I’m not letting you make it mine anymore.

    If it was philanthropy you were attempting, you’re supposed to actually help someone, not hurt them or anyone else.

  148. 148
    J Says:

    Hugh Grant can suck it too.

    You seem like a twat anyway, so it’s not surprising you act like one.

  149. 149
    J Says:

    I’ve put up with Ms. Barrymore’s harassment, guilt trips and crap for years and for nothing. At least you @unts get well paid and get to sleep with beautiful women you probably wouldn’t if you weren’t entertainers in exchange for whatever you put up with.

  150. 150
    kika Says:

    What hurt heart, you must be a good man J, is very smart, should know winning the heart of any woman, even I am sighing with his words, some afraid …

  151. 151
    J Says:

    I’m sorry for the families of anyone who got hurt and I’m sorry for your losses.

    It’s one of the reasons I’ve hung on as long as I have. I realized quite awhile ago that showbusiness wasn’t right for me, so it was a pretty huge thing that I would have been willing to do it even for a while, b/c you all know better than anyone else, that it can be brutal even when it’s what you want.

    I just can’t do this anymore. I suspect I really have lost my mind. You don’t act the way I have if you’re in your right head. That doesn’t excuse anything I’ve done wrong, but if it matters at all (and I know it probably doesn’t) it was nothing I would have intentionally chose. If I’d known how much tragedy was going to come of it, to say I never would have written to her, is an understatement.

  152. 152
    kika Says:

    our you write songs for her?

  153. 153
    jlo Says:

    J have you ever talked to Drew face to face? Do you really know her personally? I’m just wondering that’s all…
    You’re getting obsessed with her,your love has turned into a pure obsession.
    And Justin is literally DRUNK with love that he does need someone to throw some COLD water on his face to get him sober! Wake up,Justin,wake up from that coma ,called DREW and embrace again the life you used to have before! Dump that poison snake and don’t f*ck up your beautiful life and bright career! You know,I even think his ex-girlfriend Kaitlin Doubleday was so much better for him,she’s such a sweetheart and very nice lady!
    Do you know Drew and Justin’s upcoming movie together “Going the Distance” will be nothing but CRAP! ! I already checked out the plot story and I felt sick .This will be the only crappy movie starring Justin,and it’s HER FAULT! Witch!
    And you said “I hope he gets you pregnant” and “Marry him” ? NEVER J! N..E..V..E..R ! God can’t hate Justin that much to let him marry some trash! :))) Why do you think she hasn’t married him yet huh? Because she herself knows what’s going to happen after that – a DIVORCE of course :)) She needs to marry someone who wouldn’t let her be so bossy over him ,someone to slam her face when she deserves it,cause she just has one of those faces that’s begging to be slammed!
    And you mentioned the ascot,that silly ascot – again another Drew bullshit. See what I’m talking about? Where the hell did that cute and endearing boy go? Drew’s been such a bad influence in his life. 31 year old man wearing an ascot?? WTF? This is ridiculous. But let me guess why he had to wear that ascot..yeah I remembered ,cause two days before the Drag Me To Hell premiere Miss Drew MARRYmore had left a huge disgusting purple hickey on his neck and he had to hide it somehow.What a startling idea!That hickey was more like a taunt than “a love mark left by miss Drew” ;) I bet she was giggling in her mind and thinking “Oh look at him poor baby,I dumped him and now he’s ready to let me give him a hickey,paint his face like a clown,or even dress him like a pirate and take him to Disneyland making him look like a total looney toon and he doesn’t mind that lol Do you still want to be in his place J??
    Come on Drew! Is that all you can? So childish and cheesy! Show us something fresher and more interesting ;) And on top of it she still dares to consider herself a real lady ,did you watch her when she was on David Letterman show two months ago ? Well..I must say,her black dress was really glamorous,I got her little idea of looking like a lady,but too bad it didn’t work. Her laughter is so irritating and so NOT LADYLIKE! Reminds me of the way those drunk old men laugh in the pubs in those western movies :))) with manners like that I guess she will never become a true lady!
    Justin and Drew are still together now,only because Drew is on her “happy phase” . So,I hope Justin comes to sense soon and gets back to NORMAL before it’s too late and she switches to her “I-wanna-be-free-phase” and he ends up crying like a baby!

  154. 154
    kika Says:

    Jlo ——- You do not know anything about Drew, it maintained lasting relationships in your life, one was with the musician Fabrizio Moretti 5 years, one with Luke Wilson was almost 3 years, you find some? You think every woman has to have only a stable relationship throughout your life?
    If you think that, probably not with you it will happen, I tell you.
    you can not say which is better or worse for Justin, he is smart enough to know if someone is or is not doing it mal.Se not like Drew, please respect the heart of J and Justin.

  155. 155
    jlo Says:

    Kika honey,how old did you say you were? 19? Oh..believe me you have a loooot more to learn in this life. ;) Just wait and you’ll see what I’m talking about :) You’re still living in your sweet fairytales from your childhood where everything is so pure ,annoyingly naively beautiful and always has a happy ending :) And there’s nothing wrong of course! But seems like you haven’t mastered yet the art of being a tricky fake woman like Drew. She definitely has! ;) I’m not saying I’m like her,but I don’t need to be like her to recognize that kind of women from kilometers away ! FOXY Drew ;) I know much more about her than you and J probably do,although I don’t know her personally,I have my sources ok? so believe me I know what kind of woman she is ;) You’re just too young , naive and believe every smiled face you see around.
    And who told you I don’t respect the heart of Justin? If I didn’t respect and love him as a person and an actor would I have been so concerned on first place?That’s why I’m saying those things ,because I do care about him and I DAMN KNOW he can do waaaay better than that! He deserves so much more.They’re just incompatible ,that’s it! And when they break up (200%) I WILL come back on this site and I only hope that I can still find you on here to have a good laugh with you and we’ll see who was right? ;)

    P.S. As for J’s heart…Well,I don’t know him personally,but I told him he wouldn’t do any good with posting his lovesick stories of a broken heart .He gets absolutely nothing from that.He would only look ridiculous and funny in Drew’s eyes (when and IF she reads this at all,lol ) And let me refreshify your memory a little bit – J himself said a lot of bad stuff about her and I’m sure many many people have a lot of bad stuff to say about her,but they just don’t want to waste their time.
    I know a friend of Justin’s ( but I won’t say his name here ) Even he said Drew and Justin won’t last long :)

  156. 156
    J Says:

    Somebody please have mercy
    ‘Cause I just can’t take it
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Make me wanna scream
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Make you just wanna scream

    Tired of you tellin’ the story your way
    It’s causin’ confusion
    You think it’s okay

    You Keep changin’ the rules
    While I keep playin’ the game
    I can’t take it much longer
    I think I might go insane

  157. 157
    J Says:

    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Make me wanna scream
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop *?!@#!in’ with me
    Make me wanna scream


    Sorry I know I’m late
    Guess I lost all track of time
    Started walking and couldn’t stop
    Turning it over in my mind
    Trying to make some sense of it
    Trying to make the pieces fit
    I thought I covered my tracks so well
    But now he says he knew about it from the start
    Yeah he knew about us all along, , ,

    If there was any other way love
    Don’t you think I’ve tried to find it
    Don’t you think I want to stay
    If there was any other way love
    There’s no way out of this
    There just ain’t any other way, , ,

    Maybe I’d better be leaving now
    But there’s something I want you to understand before I go
    Sometimes we don’t have a choice when we play and break the rules
    I just had to see you darlin’, one more time
    If only just to say good-bye
    ‘Cos he knew about us all the time

    Give your ego a rest. I don’t want you anymore. He’s welcome to you. I think ‘jlo’ up there has you down pretty acurately.

  158. 158
    J Says:

    This is what happens when you stay in show business too long:

  159. 159
    J Says:

    Like a prize fighter who’s taken one too many blows to the head and heart. I think that’s what show business is.

  160. 160
    J Says:

    I’m not leaving b/c you went with him…I’m leaving b/c of stuff like this:
    You’re a complete twat and then you throw in there guilt trips about Tom Cruise for God sake. What in Christ is wrong with you. None of these people would have gotten hurt if it wasn’t for your mistake and going too damn far. None of them would even know who I was, let alone dislike or hate me. If you’re going to screw me over, then I’m not coming for you. If you don’t like that, you can suck it. This isn’t about us as a couple, but I’m not putting up with your shi+ anymore.
    Not that it matters, but I don’t want to be with you anymore, so you should be with him.
    Miracles by Jefferson Starship

    Oh baby, baby, baby, love is a magic word, yeah
    Few ever find in a lifetime
    But from that very first look in your eyes
    I knew you and I had but one heart
    Only our bodies were apart
    That was so easy, so easy
    I had a taste of the real world
    When I went down on you, girl.

    I can hear windmills and rainbows
    Whenever you’re talkin’ to me
    I feel like swirling and dancin’
    Whenever you’re walking with me
    You ripple like a river when I touch you
    When I pluck your body like a string
    When I start dancin’ inside ya
    Oh baby, you make me wanna sing
    Yeah, baby, baby, baby, baby
    Oh yeah, all right
    Baby, we’re sure doin’ it tonight
    Everytime you come by, let me try
    Pretty, please sugar on it
    That’s how I like it
    I can’t even believe it, with you
    It’s like having every dream I ever wanted
    Come true
    I picked up your vibes
    You know it opened my eyes
    But I’m still dreamin’ yeah
    And you’re right where I found ya
    With my arms around ya.

  161. 161
    J Says:

    Just go away.

  162. 162
    J Says:

    You know why I wanted to try to be your friend as opposed to lover? B/c friends have an easier time accepting each other’s peccadilos. God knows I’ve got enough of my own. Friends don’t try and run these kind of heart games on each other. You never woud have had try and manipulate me, I’d have just been there. You could have made ‘Miracles’ with whoever you wanted and you probably wouldn’t have been trying to torment me with it either. That’s why. But seriously, what’s the point in any of it, when we can’t go two seconds without trying to hurt each other? You can’t leave it alone, fine, but I’m not participating anymore.

    There are some people who may have it in them to be artists, but they’re too sensitive, or not strong enough b/c they aren’t prize fighters. I’m one of them. If the likes of you, could drive me to drink, that life would for sure.

    I personally think MJ was not a prize fighter either. I don’t kid myself that I’d ever have his talent, but I think that’s part of what killed him
    - that he couldn’t take the blows. There are few who can.

  163. 163
    J Says:

    You need to find something else to do with yourself than harassing me.

  164. 164
    J Says:

    I’m shaking my head and coxis at you and your ‘Miracles’ song.

  165. 165
    jlo Says:

    Way to go J… way to go!!!

  166. 166
    kika Says:

    Our meeting this seems a crazy line, for God’s sake, forget them, if they finish a day you still will not have any chance.

    Jlo guy, I have 19 years, yes, I did most of the first years of my life many choices, I see the world as a fairy tale on the contrary, I think the life very difficult, believe me most people in this world is perfect? You want to date a woman Justin perfect, lady of the family?
    Get the real, life is not like us either.

  167. 167
    J Says:

    I know you’re just full of lovey-dovey songs, when I finally get up on my hind legs and am ready to walk. Why all the horseshite in the first place? Don’t need lovey-dovey sentiments that you don’t feel. In any case, what good is love if you can’t walk through the world together? You just went TGF. True love is being there for each other no matter what. You’re right…but not at just any cost.

    I didn’t mind whatever unpleasantness I was going to find…I didn’t mind sacrificing a comfortable life that was something closer to the heart even if it meant the likely possibility you were going off with someone else and that it wasn’t going to be a career or even a good time I would find on the other end….but you just go TGF.

  168. 168
    jlo Says:

    Kika ,I do respect your experience in life. I didn’t say you didn’t have any. What I said was that you sill have a lot more to learn in life and from life :) get it? I was your age,too and I know how I used to think. Seems like you’re too trustful.You trust people very easy.Don’t be so naive! You think every person smiling around always has a good intentions?!? Open your eyes,don’t be so naive and like I said,I know more things about Drew than you do.So,I wouldn’t talk anything if I was not sure of that.
    And YES,life is difficult and that’s why I don’t want Drew to make Justin’s life even MORE difficult :)) Cause she’s a TROUBLE maker and too fake for such a true person like Justin. And finally YES again – Justin does deserve a true lady ,cause real gentlemen deserve real ladies! ;) Take care,girl!

    P.S. Oh and I’m not a guy,I’m a girl :) But I’m assuming that was maybe a typo :P

  169. 169
    J Says:

    ‘LET ME LOVE YOU TONIGHT’ by PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE and ‘EVIL WOMAN by ELO were this morning’s fare. You’re right. I don’t love you like he does. :)

    But then, since we never even had a date or spent any time together, it doesn’t make sense that I would, especially when you take such delight in being a prat to me. When I’m about to walk finally, you think calling me blue eyes and trying to capitalize on us being like family or whatever feeling I might still have for you is enough? Stop being a twat. That’s all you’d have to do.

  170. 170
    J Says:

    You want to know why? b/c strangers being mean is one thing…you can shake it off, b/c who cares about them and their opinions? but if somebody’s in your heart and they know just where you’re vulnerable, they can do real damage. I know I don’t have to tell you this, it’s the same in reverse.

  171. 171
    kika Says:

    I know you are a girl, sorry for the mistake, my language is Portuguese.

  172. 172
    kika Says:

    Another thing Jlo, Drew is not what you are saying no, she has so many flaws, their qualities are more.

  173. 173
    kika Says:

    Now you J.
    Find a woman who is totally different from Drew, a woman closer to you, if I lived near you we encounter a terrier, I want to meet you.

  174. 174
    J Says:

    To kika: ?
    I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

    Give it to me in Portuguese.

  175. 175
    J Says:

    I don’t care that you’re not always America’s Sweetheart. How the hell could you stand being around that (in any capacity)? I like that you curse like a trooper and all the things that you are, but you also literally drive me bonkers, then laugh me when you’ve kicked me enough that I’m down and torment me with your love talk about someone else. :)

    If you don’t like something, don’t bring it home, but especially don’t bring it home, then punish it b/c it’s not what you want.

    How am I supposed to get there like that?
    How am I supposed to live like that?

    Are you trying to toughen me up (Like a piece of overcooked steak)?

    I can’t change for the better like this…as your friend over time maybe, but the dynamic of this disfunctional thing has to change and that’s the only way I can think of. If not, I’ll probably be abusive and not what you need or want. You need to be practical and logical.

  176. 176
    J Says:

    If not practical and logical, then at least reasonable.

  177. 177
    kika Says:

    OK j
    Disse que se você estevesse perto de mim, eu mesma marcaria um encontro com você.
    Gosto da sua inteligência.
    Também disse pra você procurar uma mulher totalmente diferente da Drew.

  178. 178
    J Says:

    Procurar uma mulher totalmente diferente da Drew?
    Vou pensar nisso.

  179. 179
    kika Says:

    Já era pra ter pensado não é mesmo?
    Nossa eu quase pensei agora que você é o Fab ex da Drew, mais acho que ele não perderia tempo com isso.

  180. 180
    jlo Says:

    Hey J hehe Watch out ;) Kika is coming your way :P and one more thing – she IS a fan of Drew! lol that says it all,doesn’t it ;)
    Kika babe, I see you like Drew and that’s your choice! Go ahead,like her,love her as much as you want whatever I don’t really care ,but don’t like her only because you simply decide to do so and only because she’s a “smiled” and “funny” person and looking sweet.Yes,she is sweet I admit.But too much of sweetness can kill ya.Look behind her mask! And I’m telling you this again ,I know much more about her than you do.I know people who know her personally.I hear a lot of “interesting” things about her you wouldn’t wanna know them,so just face it – you don’t know a sh*t about her! She’s a good and successful actress ,I can’t ignore this,but as a person she’s full of crap! have you seen her face without the make-up? Let me guess,she always wears those shades so you can’t really see.I recently saw her in a bar,she was not too close but I could see she looked so haggard,just so ordinary..She’s losing her charms.She’s not what she used to be and she’s 34,I mean she’s getting old but not that old right? she’s the average type of girl,nothing special.She looks like she slept on the streets in midwinter! Isn’t she a big partyer? Too big I’d say ,so I think her way of living is her biggest punishment !

  181. 181
    J Says:

    You know what? Just speaking for myself, I think I’ve had enough wank time on the internet. :)

    Probably the real Drew lies somewhere between what the two of you think of her. You both have pretty extreme opinions when you don’t actually know her. Real experience is probably all that matters and even that’s subjective.

    I’d say, I wouldn’t like to ruin nice thoughts and feelings that kika is having watching Drew’s movies or making her little website there. It’s not hurting anyone is it?

    ‘jlo’: I’d love to know how you know the things you think you know about her. People love to talk don’t they? Just like we’re doing, with nothing real to base it on or who the frig knows. I’d still say it only makes sense to go by real experiences you’ve had yourself and leave it at that. It’s easy to say, “I know someone who knows both of them and she’s actually a real tool.”, but you yourself don’t know her.

  182. 182
    kika Says:

    Drew is not the perfection in person, I know that, do not worry, if I were her friend she would take me several of dodgy scams.

  183. 183
    kika Says:

    Drew Must be an incredible person, even with its faults, just look at the amount of friends she has.

  184. 184
    J Says:

    ‘she looked so haggard…,just so ordinary..She’s losing her charms’?

    Come on, that’s a bit catty, isn’t it? I’m glad I’m not in the pubic eye and having people say these things about me. They say plenty of other shi+ anyway. :)

  185. 185
    J Says:

    Sometimes they even kick people in the balls, wishing it was me. :)

  186. 186
    C. Says:

    JLO, you’re no one to say those things about her. I respect you’ve your opinion, but the things you are saying is just too stupid. You’re being very ignorant. If Justin is with her, it’s because he LIKES her, ok? It’s so obvious. So, go live your life and get off.

  187. 187
    k. Says:


  188. 188
    k. Says:


  189. 189
    J Says:

    Hey ‘jlo’: Who are you? I want to know how you know them.

  190. 190
    k. Says:

    If I told you it would be disrespectful to those people who tell me a lot of “interesting” stuff about Drew.Like I said they really know Drew very well,so I just know I can trust them.As for Justin,I personally met him couple years ago,before he hooked up with Drew.He was so nice,the sweetest guy I’ve ever met,so considerate,so delicate and gentle.We talked for a long time.I’ll never forget the things he said.He always speaks so eloquently and sweet. I personally know one of the guys Justin often used to hang out with.He also told me a lot of things in regards to Justin’s private life.He also said Justin has changed so much since his relationship,especially after they broke up with Drew last summer ,and that she’s a really bad influence ..pretty much things one can easily agree on. Almost all of Justin’s friends think he should leave her and find much better and worthy girl!
    I pitty Drew Barrymore! I really do! I don’t even hate her.She is not worth even the hating.

  191. 191
    J Says:


  192. 192
    P. Says:


  193. 193
    J Says:

    DREW! forgive me for everything stupid and cruel i said about you! you’ll always be my queen! i love you sooooooo much Drew! But I know you are with him now.So I’ll let you be happy together! Please drew forgive me!

  194. 194
    kika Says:

    Justin I want you to take me away! Please make love to me !

  195. 195
    J Says:

    JUSTIN AND DREW,be very very happy guys! I love you both! :)

  196. 196
    Me Says:

    Drew is going schitzo ballistic.

  197. 197
    Me Says:

    You’re losing it honey.

  198. 198
    Me Says:

    I think all of these comments were made by Drew. She’s trying to screw with me.

    ‘jlo’ was probably her too. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    What is this – some lame ass test? What’s the point? We don’t belong together anyway..but love will take me far…almost to where you are.

  199. 199
    Me Says:

    Watch me sweat and work hard for you ‘maneater’ lady….b/c you say you’ll love me love me longtime and b/c it’s just what has to be done…and b/c you put on a pretty dress and in a movie got up and sang and pierced your tongue and did a million zillion other things I can’t possibly live up to.

    I won’t stop again even if you tell me about doing the hibbity jibbity with your bf again. Doctor my eyes and ears, but I won’t stop again.

    OK homelips?

  200. 200
    Me Says:

    You are my angel looking out for me even when you act like the devil and even if we never get together as a couple.

  201. 201
    Me Says:

    You are still trying to lay their deaths on me, aren’t you? This is what I’ll find over there. You don’t think I knew this? You don’t think that’s why the bloom was off the rose and hearing about your sex life was more than I could take.

    If I manage to do something it will be despite your best efforts to mess with me. When you put that kind of stuff on me, I can’t think about love I might have felt, let alone a dream I don’t really want anymore and haven’t wanted for some time. It just makes me want to go to sleep and not wake up.

  202. 202
    Me Says:

    But “marry me….you better say you want to marry me in a song that I think is good enough…or I’m going to tell you all about the loving I’ll be making with someone else and torture you into the ground some more…it’s not enought that you try to lose weight, become a better musician or write songs for me…it’s not enough that you’d put yourself in harm’s way for me…not expecting anything…you have to be alone and prove yourself to me and then I might tease you with the prospect of love some more…you won’t actually EVER get any …but I’ll tease you about it some more…and then guilt trip you about stuff you can’t change just in case you might ever feel good for five seconds.”

  203. 203
    The real Drew Says:


  204. 204
    Me Says:

    I really hate you sometimes.

  205. 205
    Me Says:

    Oh my god, can I really?

    I’d be happy to…leave me alone and we won’t be having anymore problems.

  206. 206
    The real Drew Says:


  207. 207
    Me Says:

    Hey pot, “You’re black!”

  208. 208
    Me Says:

    kiss my culo

  209. 209
    The real Drew Says:


  210. 210
    Me Says:

    You are sooooo good looking. ;)

  211. 211
    Me Says:

    You two do make a lovely couple.

  212. 212
    Me Says:

    By the way, my posting her doesn’t bother anybody else.

    What’s your problem?

    Are you having a bad day darling? :)

  213. 213
    Me Says:

    Does it make you feel very powerful to try to screw with me? I bet it does…like Maude Lebowski as God…saying ****** every other sentence. Do you sometimes paint naked in a harness too. :)

  214. 214
    Me Says:

    that word is ‘bagina’

  215. 215
    Me Says:

    If it bothers you that much I’ll stop. OK?

  216. 216
    kika Says:

    I wish it were the REAL Drew.

  217. 217
    kika Says:

    I wish it were the REAL Drew.

  218. 218
    kika Says:

    I wish it were the REAL Drew.

  219. 219
    Me Says:

    who else? I think it was her.

  220. 220
    J Says:

    She used to listen to her gut and heart and run a successful production company. She pulled herself up by her bootstraps from former child actordom to A-list movie star and producer and now directrix….

    What happen Drew? You going to give us the goods again…or forget all your hard work and let it slip past your pitbull determination and missile-like focus?

  221. 221
    J Says:

    … just program small town radio stations all day long.

    How do you find the time?
    (when you also have homelips to be kissing and milagros to be making)

  222. 222
    J Says:

    You know what’s funny? I never begrudged you love with him or anybody else you fancied…especially when you didn’t want me. After a while, I didn’t want you either.

    But if it’s all as lovely and wonderful as you say…why do you feel the need to talk it to death? Perhaps b/c happiness just wouldn’t be happiness if you weren’t attempting to torment me with it.

    You gawk at my every move and assume if I shed a tear while your gawking it’s you I’m crying for, b/c I love you still. You’d be wrong.

    The really sad thing is, this has degraded to the point of, you hope I still care, not b/c you care about me, but b/c you’re hoping it’s a way in so you can rope me in to use me. You think I don’t know you’re full of crap? You are…I’d say things aren’t quite as wonderful with him as you say…and that it’s another lie when you imply you care for me too.

    I think you lie all the time, b/c you’re so desperate, it’s all you can do.
    Sad really. Didn’t have to be. If you see me wanting to work for you with no expectations, instead of trying to bring me down, why not just be accepting and stop trying to push? Something is better than nada, even if you can’t control everything or have it just the way you want it.

    Don’t take it for granted that you won’t lose here. You still could very easily. I might forget that long-term spiritually and maybe otherwise it’d be in my best interests and do something foolish. I could very easily decide just to do art, but not make a career of it. If that’s fine with you, let me know and I’ll do just what I want and leave you alone.

  223. 223
    kika Says:

    If Drew is the same:
    You were even on an island with Justin?

  224. 224
    J Says:

    kika? in portuguese please.

  225. 225
    J Says:

    Let’s hope you smarten up and nobody is singing ‘Elusive Butterfly’ for you later.

    Whatever happens keep your eye on the ball. You can still have a lifelong career if that’s what you want. I’ll say to you what you’ve been flogging me with for ages – I believe in you.

  226. 226
    kika Says:

    J não é pra você a pergunta, se for a Drew mesmo ela vai entender ok?

  227. 227
    J Says:

    Are you still monitoring my emails too.
    You’re one to be calling me sick.

    You just go TGF.

  228. 228
    J Says:

    When was the last time you talked to your mother? Have you asked her lately what her dreams are and if she’s fullfilled them? Have you tried to help her have any or make more sense to be comsumed with the life and dreams of a stranger?

  229. 229
    J Says:

    I think I’m not the only one with unresolved issues.

  230. 230
    J Says:

    You need me to be your friend and come for you. I will no matter what nonsense you throw, but I can’t go there with that love stuff anymore. Not love with you anyway. I genuinely wanted to try to build something with you, but I can’t like this.

    It’s too much…

  231. 231
    J Says:

    kika: entender

  232. 232
    kika Says:

    Ah J deixa uma Drew em Paz, vai ser feliz cara.
    Já cansou sabia?

  233. 233
    J Says:

    kika: in answer to your question – yes she was on an island with him and then had her publicist drop a note to the NY post about their bliss, b/c happiness isn’t happiness without a violin-playing goat or a public word about it.

  234. 234
    kika Says:

    J deixe ela em paz, para de ser chato e maluco. ]Tem muitas mulheres nesse mundo.

  235. 235
    J Says:

    oh pardon me: ‘a pubic word in the pubic eye’ where I am very happy not to be. Don’t care if there might be millions, and you’re a star so you think you’ve made it. I think it sucks to be famous.

  236. 236
    kika Says:

    Se você sabia o que eu estava dizendo então porque deu uma de doido novamente?

  237. 237
    kika Says:

    Se você sabia o que eu estava dizendo então porque deu uma de doido novamente?

  238. 238
    J Says:

    Tell her in Portuguese and in english she should LEAVE ME ALONE and I’d be happy to.

  239. 239
    J Says:

    That’s like asking a black cat ‘Why are you black?’ It just is.

  240. 240
    J Says:

    And she drives me crazy, like no one else…

  241. 241
    kika Says:

    I think our search for a doctor tomorrow even’m going crazy ..

  242. 242
    kika Says:

    I think our search for a doctor tomorrow even’m going crazy ..

  243. 243
    kika Says:

    Em “Everybody’s Fine” Drew é mesmo Lesbica?
    Me responda J, você sabe de tudo.

  244. 244
    J Says:

    I’d say she’s a lesbian in some circles until she finds a peen she likes better…in between peens let’s say.

  245. 245
    J Says:

    She’s sometimes a lesbian…just the way the letter ‘y’ is sometimes a vowel…and sometimes a tomato is a fruit.

    hahaha :)

  246. 246
    J Says:

    She has a heart that loves many different directions. She’s a lover of all creatures great and small…peen and bagina.

  247. 247
    J Says:

    Two things you know for sure, no matter who she is loving, Robert DeNiro is her daddy and she’ll be very sexyful and beautiful.

  248. 248
    J Says:

    But she will have issues with her daddy which will likely afraid to commit or ever be happy longterm.

  249. 249
    J Says:

    Until she resolves these issues with her daddy.

  250. 250
    J Says:

    Lots of promises in the dark
    Don’t you open your heart

    Cause it don’t mean nothing
    The words that they say
    No it don’t mean nothing
    These games that people play
    No it don’t mean nothing
    No victim no crime
    No it don’t mean nothing
    Till you sign it on the dotted line

    Don’t mean nothing
    Don’t mean nothing at all

    You were saying lots of stuff that never materialized either homelips. Never had one kiss from you, but if it’s convenient to your agenda, you act like we were married if you figure you can maybe obligate me.

  251. 251
    J Says:

    I mean it when I say it, but soon after you’re getting them to play a song about how he’s fu@king you….what do you expect?

    How am I supposed to know which end is up when you’re never done fu@king with me?

  252. 252
    The real Drew Says:


  253. 253
    J Says:

    Hey Drew:

    When are you gonna get married? When you gonna have a baby?

    I should have a backwards baseball cap on when I say that. Then Hugh Grant, who is very handy with his boot can come and kick me in my old cobblers again. Wasn’t me, but I felt it all the same Hugh. Good one.

  254. 254
    J Says:

    OK. Fine by me….homelips. :)

  255. 255
    J Says:

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  256. 256
    J Says:

    How about kiss my bum.

  257. 257
    J Says:

    Anyone who was only ever nice to me, I’ll write a song and perform it for you…the rest of you who decided to be twats including Queen Noor up there, can kiss my culo.

  258. 258
    J Says:

    And Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy and Eva Mendes…and all the others…you’re all beautiful people with lovely hearts.

    You had a wonderful hairpiece in the Angels and Demons movie Tom and you’re a lovely man to say you liked Star Trek as a youngster and memorize names of the episodes. I hate to break it to you, but I’m not actually that into Star Trek. :) But it was awesome that you did that. You’re a lovely man, so it’s not surprising you’re married to a lovely woman.

    There’s a song that will express that I wish I could say things like that to each one of you. It’s elusive, but I will try hard to find it.

  259. 259
    J Says:

    See…I’m not cut out for show business, b/c you can’t say things like I say regularly and hope to have a career.

  260. 260
    J Says:

    Please help me understand your logic though D…you do me the favor to go off with someone you’re actually happy with since I wasn’t the one for you and then torture me with it incecently. You don’t want me, so what is going on with you?

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t understand you and I don’t understand women.

  261. 261
    J Says:

    If you think I’m nuts and you’re obviously right and you make me feel more crazy than I would without you.

    Why not leave me to someone else? You’re gone off with someone else and you obviously don’t want me, so what’s the deal?

  262. 262
    J Says:

    If I can find someone else to date, I will. If not, I’ll just leave you to it and go somewhere I can. Accomplish two aims at once.

  263. 263
    J Says:

    Although for the longest time, you were the only person I wanted to love, there’s lots of other women in the world. It’s about time, I set out to find one…and if I’m a musician perhaps I’ll find more than one!

    Thanks for water torturing me into submission. I see now you were absolutely right…you were right all along!

  264. 264
    kika Says:

    I doubt that is the same DREW.

  265. 265
    Darryl Says:

    I can’t believe there can be so stupid people like J . :(

  266. 266
    J Says:

    You’re so right Darryl.

  267. 267
    J Says:

    You’re calling yourself Darryl now are you Drew?

    (9:25 AM J was Drew too).
    Add that to your other list of aliases.

    Kiss my culo baby. ;)

  268. 268
    J Says:

    You’re going to be easy to forget. Especially once you’re gone. When the heartache is over…I know I won’t be missing you….Won’t look over my shoulder…cause I know that I can live without you

    Thank you for making it easier for me.

  269. 269
    J Says:

    You can kiss my bum bum. :)

  270. 270
    J Says:

    Talk about dramatic….one minute you’re spouting your love talk about him…next minute it’s ‘THATS WHERE I WENT WRONG – POPPY FAMILY’

    She’s on a bus, alone on a bus to nowhere, wearing a wedding ring, deleriously talking to a stranger

    When the reality is you’ve just come from a vacation on a private island with your bf…about to make your next big hit of a movie….in Miami….ay Papi! :)

    You don’t think I’m really buying any of this do you? I don’t.

    If it’s babies you want, just get him to take the comdom off next time….and baby you got. Doesn’t interest me with you anymore.

  271. 271
    J Says:

    If I never saw your face again, it would be too soon.

  272. 272
    J Says:

    If you’d like to know the reason…

    I just don’t like you anymore and since the feeling is obviously mutual, you only have your huge elephant of an agenda to explain all of the bull you’ve been spewing my way.

    Oh well. So much for that much, huh?

  273. 273
    J Says:

    I don’t wish you good luck or anything else…just fu*k off, fuc*face

  274. 274
    J Says:

    1234 “…you’re changing your heart..”

    Actually…you’ve changed it already. :)

  275. 275
    kika Says:

    J enough, you lost the grace, the story is very dark.

  276. 276
    J Says:

    I’m gonna get you. :)

    I don’t have to do much to do it either…in fact all I have to do is nothing.

  277. 277
    J Says:

    This is real. You should get used to it

    You can keep doing what you’ve been doing if it makes you feel better.

    It only bothered me b/c it made it harder to accomplish something in your world and I was worried I’d have to see you at some point.

    I can feel myself getting farther away from you now. You’re words and actions won’t reach me anymore.

  278. 278
    J Says:

    I really don’t care whether you thought he is to you…you should do whatever or whoever in whatever capacity honey. Makes no difference to me….and he probably likes you b/c you’re not a @unt to him and you fu@k him and don’t regularly humiliate him.

    I just really dislike you. I used to love everything about you. See how things can change when you’ve been an affection withholding @unt long enough? I sincerely hope you wind up in a marriage of convenience with this guy and have DIVORCE number 3 with him too.

  279. 279
    J Says:

    I really don’t care whether you thought he was just a temporary piece/fu@k buddy or whatever to you or not…you should do whatever or whoever in whatever capacity honey. Makes no difference to me….and he probably likes you b/c you’re not a @unt to him and you fu@k him and don’t regularly humiliate him.

    I just really dislike you. I used to love everything about you. See how things can change when you’ve been an affection withholding @unt long enough? I sincerely hope you wind up in a marriage of convenience with this guy and have DIVORCE number 3 with him too.

  280. 280
    J Says:

    when u look into his eyes it comes to you as no surprise
    its always the same
    EVERY TIME HE’S OUT WITH YOU?!, he tries to tell you what to do
    you dont need it that way
    some times you think your playin’ the fool,hes runnin’
    around breaking all the rules, somehow that dont seem fair
    theres got to be a better way, get it what im tryin to say
    cause deep, deep down inside, your livin your life a total lie
    what did he ever do for you, whats he tryin to put you through
    i just dont understand, you showed him love and tenderness
    touched you with his sweet caress, now hes leavin’ you
    so whats the point of working it out, tell me what its all about
    thats why i say it
    i hope your with me, i hope your with me when its over
    i hope your with me, i hope your with me when its over
    you wont be lonely, you wont be lonely when its over
    you wont be lonely
    you… when its over
    its over, its over, its over
    its over, its over, its over

    and in the morning when hes gone, please dont sing this sad sad song
    i dont wanna hear it
    forget about him let him go, it wont hurt what he dont know
    whats he tryin to say to you, whats he tryin to tell you
    he dont really care
    face the truth and realize, you dont need his alibis no more

  281. 281
    J Says:

    I hope he’s with you too. Stay the hell away from me you psychohosebiaaatch or I really will come and beat the good holy crap out of you and then you’ll have a real reason to be playing ‘Birmingham’ all the time.

  282. 282
    J Says:

    Do you think I’m fu@king going into show business now? Kiss my as@.

  283. 283
    J Says:

    You only break my heart b/c you never leave, but you don’t love me either. You’ve trapped me in no-love land where you’re the evil seductress and tormenter extrodinaire. :)

    I’m done with you.

  284. 284
    J Says:

    That song up there is just a sample of the shite you’ve been torturing me with for ages.

    You sooo don’t have a clue do you? ‘You’re falling for somebody new’? Oh, I hope so. And I would hope that and the fu@king holiday you just took would make you happier, but you’re still acting like a total bi+ch. You even seem to be making a winner of a film for a change. What the godly hell is your problem?!

  285. 285
    J Says:

    I don’t need an excuse. I sincerely would be happier if I never had anything to do with you again, which is what I would have happily left as the most plausible thing, once I had SAVED YOUR ASS.

    Do you think I’m going to now? FUC# YOU.

  286. 286
    J Says:

    LINDA RONSTADT When Will I Be Loved?

    You have someone to love you and you’re a cruel hearted wank to keep me from having the same thing.

    Do you really think I’m unreasonable to hate you? Actually, I don’t hate you…I dislike you. I hate what you do to me. The impossible, no-win situation you stick me in. That’s what I hate. Not long after I’m out of it, I won’t hate or even dislike you. I won’t feel anything for you. It’ll be like you were never in my heart at all. You’ll just be erased. I’m determined not to let you wreck me entirely. I don’t care what right you think you have here. You pissed away all your rights when it comes to me.

    Now vanish.

  287. 287
    J Says:

    Please pay attention to this….you’re with him. Stay with him. I won’t ever love you the way he does. Under a different set of circumstances, or if we had ever had some time together before all of this terrible stuff, things might have been different, but my heart won’t ever be the same as it was.

    I honestly don’t think I’ll ever again feel the way I did.

    For God’s sake stop this. Don’t torment me anymore. That’s all I ask. There’s still some kind of feeling there, but it’s obviously not positive. Can you not just take what I have to offer in the GD way I have to offer it.

    If you do it again…there won’t be any internet blogs or anything else telling you. You’ll get the shock of your life when you realize I actually have places to go other than here and anywhere you are.

    I won’t warn you, I’ll just go. You go TGDF.

  288. 288
    kika Says:

    Stop it J, you will not be able to hurt her, this is not love, you know very well that it is not.

  289. 289
    kika Says:

    Stop it J, you will not be able to hurt her, this is not love, you know very well that it is not.

  290. 290
    J Says:

    You know it’s not love Drew…still just trying to use me. Only you can’t even be decent about the way you do it.

    I don’t give a crap if you’re meeting up with the git. Do whatever you want.

    But you don’t have to be a jerk about it. If you continue it…one day you’ll look up and I’ll be gone. I don’t give a crap if you follow me. How do you think you’re going to bother me when you don’t have the ability to get to me through the media or the computer anymore?

    It’ll be done. You’re very close to it right now. Not a threat. Just a fact.

    Actually, I won’t be coming to the US anyway. The best you could hope for now is that I change my mind and become a professional, but I’ll stay in Canada at least to live if I do.

    It’s up to you. It’ll be based on what you do. If you keep pulling the same shi+, it’ll be more than enough.

    You won’t be controlling anything in any case so you might as well face it. The only thing you’ll control is making me walk. My guess is you’ll do just that. I don’t think either one of us can rise above this and right now, I don’t care.

  291. 291
    J Says:

    What am I going to do when you’re gone?

    I know exactly what I’ll do. I’ll feel a pang for a short time. Because feeling bad about something to do with you has become a bad habit and kind of an addiction.

    But after a while and I don’t think it’ll be a long while, I’ll start to enjoy not feeling bad all the time. I’ll feel empty without this crap for a short time too. Then, I’ll start to fill up the space in my heart and in my life with positivity and real things and people and I won’t miss you at all, mainly b/c this was so bad and I never really knew you anyway.

    That’s what I’ll do when you’re gone.

  292. 292
    J Says:

    I don’t feel I have anything to gain by being anywhere near you. Quite the reverse. I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you. I don’t think you have good motives.

  293. 293
    J Says:

    Your sex talk does nothing for me anymore. It’s just talk anyway and the price is way too high honey.

    Besides, I’ve written enough songs about you. I want to write about something or someone else now. I’m done with that chapter in my life and want to move on.

    One day, I’ll get past this and I’ll be happy if I hear something good has happened for you or that you’re happy. I’m just not there yet.

  294. 294
    J Says:

    Were you ‘jlo’ Drew? That’s my guess. You were staying up late pretending and coming up with all this smack talk about yourself in the 3rd person. You’ve got a lot of imagination don’t you? :)

    Are you any farther ahead or did you just expend more energy por nada?

  295. 295
    J Says:

    Looks like Drew’s mouldy cheese is still in her pocket….nothing like ‘Run To You’ by Bryan Adams to stink up the joint. No offence to Bryan, it’s just the way you use it.

    I don’t care what you do with him or why. I don’t know why you still bother and hope it will. Sad.

  296. 296
    J Says:

    I really hope it is Romeo and Juliet for you and him. I really hope it is….I knew you were lying.

    Don’t know why you couldn’t have just been honest from the start.

    We’re not lovers, we won’t be and we’re not friends either. I’m nothing to you and you’re nothing to me and that will never change. You’re just a thorn in my paw.

  297. 297
    J Says:

    The thought that makes me happy is I could have wound up dealing with you being v. high maintenance and making me sweat away for you and being unappreciative as you are and then going off on a vacation or two with someone else b/c of same lame bull you’ve decided to rationalize your behavior….and you’ve spared me that.

    Thank you darling and thank God for small mercys.

  298. 298
    J Says:

    I should say you’ve spared me of it finally. You really had me screwed there for a while didn’t you? You must feel proud of yourself.

  299. 299
    J Says:

    I hope you’re having sex with him right now. :)

    I hope you keep up all the crap you send my way…Please keep it up.

    I hope it gives you hell later and that it already has. I call you on your lies. You’re a big fat liar and a big fat **** and incidentally, I suspect you’re a crappy partner too. Ask anyone who’s tried to be your partner and it’s how you were, whether they’ll tell you or not. It’s really pathetic that you try to lay your inadequacies in your job or personal life on me. You suck. Just remember that b/c it’s the GD truth. You suck in general. Not just the nads you keep in your purse.

  300. 300
    J Says:

    Go s|ut yourself around some more. Diseased tongue ring and breath that tastes like an ashtray. Oh please that combined with the charm that is you…sign me up!

    Can I work toward that? Will you let me? Can I beg you via a song I’ve recorded?

  301. 301
    J Says:

    You don’t give a shi+ about my future. Go sell it someplace else.

    I’m sooo compassionate. I totally work with African orphans and care about the world and everyone in it. I’m the rom-com queen and am sweet as apple pie….. bull.

    Go fu#king sell it down the road.

  302. 302
    J Says:

    Kiss my ******* you fu@king ******.

  303. 303
    J Says:

    You’re genius…and I have to give the devil her due…isn’t on screen, but off. You fool them all, don’t you? They buy your image, don’t they? You are the ultimate sales woman. Sell ice to the eskimos lately?

  304. 304
    J Says:

    You’ve said this before. When are you going to go finally?
    You were never here.
    Would I lie to you?
    Would I lie to you honey?
    Now would I say something that wasnt true?
    Im asking you sugar
    Would I lie to you?

    My friends – know whats in store.
    I wont be here anymore.
    Ive packed my bags
    Ive cleaned the floor.
    Watch me walkin.
    Walkin out the door.

    (believe me – Ill make it make it)

    Tell you straight – no intervention.
    To your face – no deception.
    Youre the biggest fake.
    That much is true.
    Had all I can take.
    Now Im leaving you

    (believe me – Ill make it make it)

  305. 305
    J Says:

    I don’t want you anymore honey. Embrace that notion.

  306. 306
    J Says:

    Why would I want to spend my time with someone who disliked me and I disliked them?

    Don’t understand you.

  307. 307
    J Says:

    Oh yeah…you’re just trying to tell me some shi+ so you can use me.

  308. 308
    J Says:

    Unbelievable by EMF…I think you’re unbelievable too, that you put your family in harm’s way for no good reason.

  309. 309
    J Says:

    ELTON JOHN I’m Still Standing

    You always attempt to gloat about that one. While everyone around you fades…that’s a real accomplishment too. You should feel very proud of that.

  310. 310
    J Says:

    You’re recycling the same old nonsense and it’s gettin old.

  311. 311
    J Says:

    All Along You Knew by HONEYMOON SUITE…more mouldy cheese.

    Never cared about your boyfriends/’dear friends’ you sleep with or whatever they are. It was you that was the problem.

  312. 312
    J Says:

    Where’s ‘jlo’? Do her again…she was entertaining at least. Come on darling one.

    I once danced naked to Private Dancer for you in my living room, just in an effort to make you laugh. Did I manage it? There were no strings attached. Just wanted to make you feel happy. You see that, good will completely destroyed.

    Nothing to do with your bf’s. You were already dating him again when I did it…I was making films and playing music and working out while working at a hard job all week long and you don’t appreciate. You just torment and critcize. So now I’m done with you.

  313. 313
    J Says:

    See that. The songs change with what I write…now it’s:
    BLUE RODEO Rain Down On Me

    I used to think I knew..what I was fighting for…I don’t think that anymore.

    I don’t know why either.

    It is real though isn’t it? But no concrete proof, since you never bothered to come see me or speak to me.

    On a hunch I’m supposed to make changes that maybe might make strangers happy…but even in the context of this delusion, you don’t appreciate and torture me about even when I move in the right direction (the one you want anyway). I think I have a certain self-loathing that you promote and stir in me and unless I truly want to be lost, unhappy and crazy my whole life, I need to leave this thing with you behind.

    I think you don’t really care that everyone including me are fading away while you’re ‘Still Standing’. I think if my welfare and your agenda happen to coincide it would be by luck, not b/c you really cared what happened to me or your family.

    Things never needed to get this out of hand, but I wonder how you ever thought you could control another human being with manipulations and cruelty. You had me on your side. You didn’t need to. But for the record, that is what made me give up finally. I hung in for a long time, but I can’t anymore.

  314. 314
    J Says:

    I don’t need to repeat that it isn’t about your boyfriend, I know you heard me the first time I said it.

    ANY OTHER WAY (IF) – CELINE DION would not be on the still isn’t, but it wouldn’t even occur to you without stuff like:

    I can hear windmills and rainbows
    Whenever you’re talkin’ to me
    I feel like swirling and dancin’
    Whenever you’re walking with me
    You ripple like a river when I touch you
    When I pluck your body like a string
    When I start dancin’ inside ya
    Oh baby, you make me wanna sing
    Yeah, baby, baby, baby, baby
    Oh yeah, all right
    Baby, we’re sure doin’ it tonight
    Everytime you come by, let me try
    Pretty, please sugar on it
    That’s how I like it
    I can’t even believe it, with you
    It’s like having every dream I ever wanted
    Come true
    I picked up your vibes
    You know it opened my eyes
    But I’m still dreamin’ yeah
    And you’re right where I found ya
    With my arms around ya.
    You couldn’t help it could you? You had to try to torture the animal and I can’t stop doing the destructive things I do. We’re just bad for each other. That’s it. That’s all.

  315. 315
    J Says:

    Drew Barrymore’s tender touch might have done a number on her rocker ex’s love life.

    Earlier this year, Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for the Strokes and Barrymore’s on-and-off boyfriend of nearly five years, was dating Kirsten Dunst. But in mid-March, the Spiderman actress abruptly split with Moretti and took up with Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell.

    While trading up from a drummer to a frontman might seem like an obvious move, a source who discussed the breakup with Dunst says there was another factor: Despite repeated entreaties, Dunst couldn’t persuade Moretti to have sex with her. When pressed to consummate the relationship, says the source, Moretti told her he wasn’t over Barrymore.

    Asked about that account, Dunst’s spokesman says only, “Kirsten is and has always been friends with Fabrizio.”
    You did the same number on me only it wasn’t that I wanted to be with you after awhile…but you shut me down even more than I already was.
    It’s my fault for letting you though. My life is mine and I need to take steps to make it happy again.

  316. 316
    J Says:

    I don’t want love with you anymore. Don’t you see? Don’t want you. Want anyone but you, b/c I think you might really be…the devil. :)

  317. 317
    J Says:

    You’re an evil seductress. :)

  318. 318
    J Says:

    I know you think you’re not letting me go, but you’d be wrong.

  319. 319
    J Says:

    I’m taking steps Drew. :)

  320. 320
    J Says:

    Tell your inner pitbull to “Heel girl. Heel.”

  321. 321
    jlo Says:

    Hey J ! :) I’m still here.But I’m not Drew! I know I can’t prove u in any way that I’m NOT DREW,but I am glad you at least find my posts entertaining,if not helpful.That was a compliment :)
    It’s really disappointing tho,that you think I’m Drew. Your biggest problem is that you think everybody here is DREW! You’re getting paranoic about all that,you feel it? ! A big mistake.Sooner you’ll be seeing Drew everywhere.I feel sorry for you,cause you’re so intelligent BUT you’re going crazy,completely ! I’ve stopped posting here.coz it’s useless.You’re a hopeless case.One day you say u love her and even defend her when I say something bad about her,and the next day you say you hate her.What exactly DO YOU WANT?? You’re turning into a mini Drew,just like poor Justin.What’s wrong with you men? You’re head over heels in love with a rubbish ,a wacko girl! And I really lost interest in posting here.Besides,I think there are people who take advantage of your desperate situation and pretend being Drew and even pretend being me,kika and yourself.I’m me.The real me.The real jlo who is a Justin fan forever and a true Drew ANTI-FAN forever! Whoever posts here using others nicks are just some bored to death people who laugh at all of us and at YOU mostly.Do you really think the real Drew would sit at the PC and start posting stupid messages here for you,instead of having fun with her numerous lovers?? No way! Believe what you want to.You’re so hopeless ! I thought you could do better and get out of the situation like a cool dude,the smarter one.But you’re only showing how weak you are.

  322. 322
    J Says:

    I know you’re right with my brain…just the rest of me that winds up making a fool of me, but you’re right. I know you are.

    ‘Do you really think the real Drew would sit at the PC and start posting stupid messages here for you,instead of having fun with her numerous lovers?? No way! ‘ That says it all, doesn’t it?

    I’m not hopeless though. I’ve got a plan to get myself out of this. It includes a lobatomy and some tights. :)

    I’m taking steps! God damn you Drew. Shaking fist in the air. :)

  323. 323
    J Says:

    Who are you ‘jlo’? Where do you live? LA?

  324. 324
    J Says:

    You’re too bossy Drew and too much of everything else. Go boss him around. He at least has a reason (which you never gave me) to let you.

  325. 325
    J Says:

    You know there’s something wrong, when you only bring out the worst in each other.

    What I’m wondering is, if you really are my friend, why do you try to break me? I don’t think you are.

  326. 326
    J Says:

    I’m really close to a breakthrough. I’m gonna break through and on past you.

  327. 327
    J Says:

    Had this weird feeling last night
    Like I just wanted to be near you
    It was a loving thing
    Just near you

    But then I remembered you’d torture me into the ground if I tried
    You torture me into the ground when I try
    Even if I’m not trying to win you back
    It’s not enough
    It’s never enough

    Who can breathe living with a dictator?
    Only you’re not living with her
    She’s living and breathing with someone else
    And she won’t let you forget it for some sex
    And she never leaves it alone
    Long enough to pick up the phone
    So you’re lost and alone

    She won’t stop picking away at you
    So you can’t find your way home

    All roads don’t lead to Rome
    Now the way is filled with sunshowers
    Beautiful faraway places
    I’ll look at from my burning bush
    Not only strangers can give disease
    Of tail, heart and brain

    I will never be the same
    That doesn’t have to be a bad thing
    Off on wild wings
    Never to feel you again

    I can feel you now
    But it’s a burning, aching thing
    You can throw out that ring
    I wish I had have got to kiss you
    That’s the regret
    Should be thinking of bigger things
    But it’s that thought that made me sing

    There’s one of my songs that you’d likely have pissed on if
    you’d had the chance.

  328. 328
    J Says:

    What’s the point, when all you can do is piss on each other?

  329. 329
    J Says:

    What is this in aid of?
    If you feel that way about him, why are you bothering me about it?
    Here we are
    Face to face
    We forget, time and place
    Hold me now
    Don’t let go
    Though it hurts and we both know
    The time we spend together’s gonna fly
    And everything you do to me
    Is gonna feel so right
    Baby when you’re loving me
    I feel like I could cry
    ‘Cause there’s nothing I can do
    To keep from loving you
    Here we are
    All alone
    Trembling hearts, beating strong
    Reaching out, a breathless kiss
    I never thought could feel like this
    I want to stop the time from passing by
    I wanna close my eyes and feel your lips are touching mine
    Baby when you’re close to me
    I want you more each time
    And there’s nothing I can do, to keep from loving you
    There’s nothing I can do
    I’m helpless in your arms
    Oh baby what you do
    I’m in love, this is it
    There’s no turning back this time
    No no no
    Here we are
    Once again
    But this time we’re only friends
    Funny world
    Sometimes lies
    Become the game, when love’s the prize
    And though no one knows what’s going on inside
    And all the love I feel for you
    Is something I should hide
    When I have you close to me
    The feeling’s so sublime
    That there’s nothing I can do
    To keep from loving you
    No, no, no, Can’t keep from loving you baby no, no, no

  330. 330
    jlo Says:

    Hey! ” What is this in aid of?
    If you feel that way about him, why are you bothering me about it?”

    You mean Drew and JUSTIN?? Oh well..see what I was talking about..Are they already pissing on each other? lol YESSSS!! Some good news finally! It’s getting interesting ..don’t miss the show J! Drew’s doin it again! Yeaaah she’s doin it again!

  331. 331
    jlo Says:

    Sorry J ! But I can’t tell you who I am,not becoz I want to make myself interesting or something but because there are other important people involved in all this and I dont want to make them feel uncomfortable! I hope you understand. I also respect your feelings for Drew,no matter how confusing and kind of insane they are ,but…you really need to HEAL yourself,and I don’t mean it literally.You’re not mentally ill ,but you’re going crazy ,you get the difference right? You need to purify yourself.I’m telling you this from my point of view,and I’m sure even everybody else who care at least A LITTLE about you,would tell you the exact same thing.
    And the way you’re talking and describing all that it looks like Drew is everywhere around you,but have you thought that maybe she’s everywhere in your mind and imagination only? I think this is it. But aqain,I respect your hurt feelings yet you do need to go on.You don’t have Drew,you can’t have Drew,you won’t have Drew,you lost Drew,you never actually had Drew ,but at least don’t lose yourself ,cause obviously that’s what you’re going to do,if you don’t stop with this self-torturing and wasting time in attempts to hurt Drew by words (which is useless) Words can’t touch her heart,my friend believe me! I’ve always had and will always have my reasons to believe she’s evil hiding behind a sweet face.

  332. 332
    J Says:

    How do you think trying to torture me with your love for him will help anything?

  333. 333
    J Says:

    ‘jlo’: If you won’t tell me who you are…say what you’re basing your opinions on. You can speak in general terms to protect the people in question. Without that, it just sounds like jealousy to me.

    I’m not defending her, but if you can’t even say why you feel the way you do about her and you have no personal experience, I just think you’re jealous of her b/c she’s going out with your other boyfriend. :)

    And remember, he’s not your bf anymore than she’s my gf. :)

  334. 334
    J Says:

    Do you want me to be jealous that you’re with someone else?

    Was trying to be happy for you, if you were happy b/c I didn’t make you happy and I’m not what you need that way.

    If you really feel like that Gloria Estefan song for him, then what are you doing?

  335. 335
    jlo Says:

    I’ve never gone crazy about Justin the way you are going crazy about Drew :) And I don’t want Justin as my boyfriend.I’m only a true Justin devotee.And no,I’m not jealous,not even a BIT. I have a boyfriend ,who I truly love and even he likes Justin and his movies so much! And in our lives there’s no place for degrading feelings such as jealousy or hate.Justin has always been my idol,since I first met him back in 2001 and this will never change.And I do care about him,cause to me he’s special and I want to see him happy,this goes without saying.Don’t make me have to repeat this again :) Looks like our definitions of love and admiration (yours and mine) differ a lot :)

  336. 336
    J Says:

    Fair enough ‘jlo’.

    I have the feeling they are planning to have kids shortly though. Next year she has no committments. She’s probably planning to get pregnant soon. Then they’ll be partners for life, at least in being parents even if the romance doesn’t last…but I’m sure they’ll ‘stay friends’ (barf) :)

  337. 337
    J Says:

    Funny thing is, I really think I do love her, but I don’t want her as my gf either. I’m going nuts already. I think being in the public eye and whatever it is she does that drives me crazy would drive me all the way there.

    I’d develop a left eye twitch and probably go out with no pants on and wind up with pictures of my ass on the internet.

  338. 338
    J Says:

    I don’t want to talk about it Drew. You and me together is off the table. I don’t think you really want me anyway. I think you’re just desperate for me not to go and you think telling me some bull is the way to stop me.

  339. 339
    J Says:

    …and he probably loves you b/c you’re not a jerk to him and you fu@k him and don’t regularly humiliate him….he’s always just gotten to enjoy the best of you….and all he has to do is show up and be good time Charlie….or do his job. A career he already had when he met you and everybody loves him.

    He has a more stable personality and grew up with a loving family, so he doesn’t have to try, it just comes second nature to him.

    Instead of trying to hassle me b/c I’m not him and may never be the way he is with you, the smart woman would have accepted me as I am and shown me through friendship a better way to be.

  340. 340
    J Says:

    I think you are very savy and when you’re on your game and listening to your heart, gut instincts and your friends and hopefully have a positive loving relationship, you are like no one I’ve ever seen.

    You are a very smart woman. I’d never have liked you if you weren’t, but you have no clue on how to get what you want from me, even when I sincerely want to give it to you and try to.

    Loving acceptance without so much pressure about everything is the way. Not nit picking everything I do and everything I am and then giving me gooey sentiments about love while you make time with someone else. It’s feeling loved and accepted for who you are that helps a person improve themselves.

    If I’m not fitting the bill you should be with someone else until I do. If you won’t even consider this and you won’t communicate either or try to really build a relationship with me (even a platonic one) how can you even imply a marriage or kids?

    That’s why I think it’s bull.

  341. 341
    J Says:

    I’m inundating you?

    What do you think you’ve been doing to me all this time?

    Which represents how you were hoping to bombard me into submission. Some of which was really bloody brutal.

  342. 342
    J Says:

    btw…I know ‘jlo’ is you.

    Want to know how I know? b/c you were talking about being weak.

    You don’t like that do you? You want me to be a rock. She loves me like a rock.

  343. 343
    J Says:

    I see right through you….I know right through you….you took a long hard look at my ass and didn’t hear a damn word I said.

    It’s true too. You were only looking at my ass. :)

  344. 344
    J Says:

    You’re fool of bologna and stuffed with nonsense.

  345. 345
    J Says:

    you could fall in love with a rock and be very lovely dovey with that rock too…you’d talk about it’s soul and then one day…you’d tire of your love with the rock and punish it for just being a rock b/c it was cold to you and then you’d move along to the next warm body…and make it feel less than because there wasn’t two of them…

    I think it’s a defence mechanism b/c you’re afraid they will leave you. I have my own, so I know what I’m talking about.

    You control things and then you push them away when you get bored.

    You’ll be fantasizing about me when you’re with him b/c he’s not enough on his own, no matter how great he is.

    You’d do the same if it was reversed. It’s just how you’re made and who you are.

  346. 346
    J Says:

    Tell me you don’t try to control everything.

    You lead him by the nose and he follows you all around like a little puppy, but it works b/c he was basically going in the same direction as you anyway.

    What I want to know is: Why do you try to hassle me about it?

    b/c you hope there’s still feeling there so you can use me, that’s why.

  347. 347
    J Says:

    Go ahead…try and guilt trip me some more…but give me something better than the same old no-win situation if you insist on this b/c I won’t be sucked that again.

  348. 348
    J Says:

    It only rains when you don’t get your way chichita. Only then.

  349. 349
    J Says:

    There was a hint I was trying to give you in that song I wrote you know. Were you paying attention? Or do we go round in circles a bit more til I finally go for good?

    Deep down I hope that’s not how it ends, but if you give me no other choice, that is how it’ll be.

    I’m creating other options for myself even now. I know you know that too. You monitor my emails don’t you? (ick by the way)

    Soon after I’ll create the personal other options too.

  350. 350
    J Says:

    and to that BELIEVE by Cher song…I will be strong enough ‘for life after love’.

    If you really want to try to test me, you’ll be seeing that for yourself.

  351. 351
    J Says:

    ‘FALLING IN LOVE WITH LOVE’ isn’t a bad thing…but it is a bad thing to fall in love with someone who wants nothing to do with you and is just trying to use you.

  352. 352
    J Says:

    You won’t leave him lonely tonight or any other night honey. You’re going to be standing and delivering on that one whether you like it or not. No more playing both sides of the fence.

    You don’t get a say about me anymore. Cause when I tried to not make you pick, you just made me pay. No more of that. We turn the page. Just a question now of if the whole thing is going to go to shi+. Up to you ‘jlo’.

  353. 353
    J Says:

    See that, not complicated. I’ve simplified it for you now.

  354. 354
    J Says:

    Don’t force me Dee. Please don’t.

  355. 355
    J Says:

    Why didn’t you like my song? Did it really suck or by your standards I wasn’t working fast enough?

    It wasn’t finished yet, that’s why I was still working on it. I can hear the bass, drum and piano parts in my head, but I’m not Ray Charles.

    Apart from being blind and the heroin thing…I wish I was. I’d take that over being less talented, tasked with saving everybody’s day all by myself and being nuts anyday.

  356. 356
    J Says:

    You’re going to hit a home run with your movie you’re making. I can feel it. I just got a premonition.

  357. 357
    J Says:

    Next time you think of trying to mess with my heart…I hope you remember there’s MORE THAN JUST THE TWO OF US.

    Like telling me about how you’re having the sex with your bf…I don’t need thoughts like that. It doesn’t make me want to run right over there and pull you out of his bed. It just makes me want to die and then go find someone (anyone) else…and go nowhere near show business.

  358. 358
    J Says:

    Oh yes ‘jlo’ I’m going nuts…not I am nuts.

    She’s making me go crazy. She drives me crazy..woo…hoo…like no one else…hoo…hoo…she drives miss daisy….and she can’t help herself…

  359. 359
    J Says:

    Actually since you’re Miss Daisy…you’d be in the back telling me where and how to go and I’d be your chauffeur. That sound about right?

    Then don’t tell me about your ass-to-ass extra-curricular activities. I don’t want to know.

  360. 360
    J Says:

    I still think you were just looking at my ass too.

  361. 361
    jlo Says:

    You are crazy ,funny and so desperate ! I AM NOT DREW! Where’s the logic in Drew humiliating herself?? I said some PRETTY bad and humiliating stuff addressed to her.And knowing how much Drew is in love with herself I’m sure she would NEVER say such things about herself! Gosh I thought you could think more logically,but seems like I was wrong. Think whatever you like.I am NOT Drew! Is she the only one who can talk about weak men? Well..I think this is maybe the only thing I agree on with Drew – YOUR WEAKNESS! I don’t like Drew,but if she really thinks you’re weak then she’s so right! This is really my last post here.Cause I don’t want to waste my time.I just tried to help you J. And you’re a total stranger to me. Keep on living in your lonely crazy twisted Drew Barrymore shrine!

  362. 362
    J Says:



    She will not get the best of me anymore!

    I’m about to write a great song and you know what it’s called?
    It’s called ‘Drew Can Suck It!’ :)

  363. 363
    J Says:

    But yeah, she told me I was desperate too. That’s obvious enough, isn’t it?

    Well, no more. Damn you Barrymore. Shaking fist at the air once more. Anh…what’s the point? She ain’t worth the fist shake.

  364. 364
    J Says:

    ‘SWEET MUSIC MAN’ by Dolly Parton?

    Uh oh…trying to scare me with doomsday scenarios again. Nice to see you’re still full of stuff and nonsense.

  365. 365
    J Says:

    ‘jlo’: I’m going to miss you cholita. I’m assuming you’re a cholita.

    In my heart you’re going to be a cholita. :)

  366. 366
    J Says:

    Drew: You’re desperate these days, aren’t you?

    You are if you think I care about whatever you say or do now?
    You’re selling ‘your love’ with him pretty hard now, yeah?
    Why can’t she just live and be happy? That’s what I wonder.

    I’ve never wavered from my position and I won’t. I don’t want you anymore, so go for it.

    Later chichita. ;)

  367. 367
    J Says:

    You’re really deep by the way – with all those songs you throw, that you didn’t write…. . :) Justin Timberlake ‘Like I Love You’…well, good to dance to anyway. That’s all that matters.

    I wanna know what you did write. If you wrote something, why didn’t you put your name on it?

  368. 368
    J Says:

    I think you’re going to break his heart again…I can picture him crying now. It won’t be because of me though and I don’t think it’ll be all that long before you do it either. Business as usual I think. Fill your boots honey and more power to both of you.

  369. 369
    J Says:

    ‘I’m still standing’ by Elton John – More mouldy cheese.

    Same old same old….you keep on standing. Do you suppose it’s worth trying to keep alive a relationship that involves trying to find the other person’s weakness and then rubbing your hands together and going “Aha. Now I’ve got them.”

    I don’t think it is. But you carry on.

  370. 370
    J Says:

    Did it ever occur to you that all this effort you put in is most of the reason you wind up resenting? Why do you do it?

    You would have been much closer to getting what you wanted if you’d just messed out of it and got on with your life, like I asked you to.

    But of course, you wouldn’t and then instead of doing something helpful, all you did was kept resenting me and trying to make me pay. Woman scorned took presendence over woman winning. If he’s so great, you’ll have him anyway, but you could have won in every sense of the word. You wouldn’t have to tell anybody you were still standing b/c it would be obvious. It wouldn’t be about just you standing either.

    What are we doing here? Is this a contest? I always thought it was about both of us doing well. I guess how you saw it was, we can both do well so long as you do what I want you to in the way I want you too, or else you’ll feel my wrath. The wrath of Drew.

    I liked you much better before you started using your bf’s as weapons and were doing all that wrath business. You’re intolerable like this.

  371. 371
    J Says:

    Do you not think at a certain point if you’re not able to make each other happy, that you should just wish each other well and that you be with whoever does make you happy?

    That’s what I tried to do for a long time. It wasn’t easy, b/c whether I knew how to make you happy or not, or even when you were making me miserable, I always cared about you.

    You don’t look or act like a woman who’s really in trouble. Are you? Do you really need me? Now’s not the time to fool around.

    Do you not get, I never begrudged you having love or if you could have your dreams with this man, but I won’t be putting up with your torturing anymore while my life passes me by and you do whatever you want for nothing.

    Maybe you didn’t believe me, but it’s true that I never cared that much about show business. I can relate to the creative part of it, but you can’t have one without the other and obviously I don’t have the passion for it that you and your friends do.

  372. 372
    J Says:

    There’s a certain something that is not in me that you need to have to make a career of it.

    But right now, I feel like mainly I just need a real change. I feel like we need a break from all this negativity.

  373. 373
    jlo Says:

    ” ‘jlo’: I’m going to miss you cholita. I’m assuming you’re a cholita.
    In my heart you’re going to be a cholita. :) ”

    Hehe cholita ,I liked that! :D So..I’m already in your heart! ;)

    I know I said I won’t be posting here anymore,but I’m afraid I already got addicted to J and his messages ;) Yes,I don’t know you…but for some reason I’m concerned.
    Take care J ! I hope you find your true happiness very soon! :)

  374. 374
    J Says:

    Drew: I really do love you, which is why since I obviously can’t make you happy in a romantic sense, I’m going to leave you with someone who can. I’m not going to try to win you over that way anymore. I’ll do my best not to leave you in the lurch either…which is why I’m not letting whatever chit you say effect me.

    “…Ju got it all over heeem.” by the Jets….I love it. :)

  375. 375
    J Says:

    Rock on cholita b/c not just anyone would learn to rollerskate and then promptly take regular hits from trannys. I can’t compare with the stuff you get up to, b/c you’re obviously completely out of your mind.

    Really, you’re nuts and bought the farm.

    And then you drove me nuts…this is how you roll. :) …on rollerskates.

  376. 376
    J Says:

    And btw…I also learned to rollerskate and took regular hits from trannys too and not just anybody would I do that for.

  377. 377
    J Says:

    Shelly DuVall turns 60 today.
    Makes you think…life….she flies by so quickly.

  378. 378
    J Says:

    The picture you see is no portrait of me
    It’s too real to be shown to someone I don’t know
    And it’s driving me wild
    It makes me act like a child

    You’re xexy. :)

  379. 379
    J Says:

    “I just can’t help thinking
    What you’ve done to me
    You built a wall of love and tore it right down
    In front of me
    And you think you know what’s going on
    You keep telling me that I am wrong
    I don’t care about what you do
    ‘Cause if you mess with me I’ll get rid of you”

    xexy xexy….:)

  380. 380
    J Says:

    sorry…can’t resist.

  381. 381
    J Says:

    Yes, sunshine. Put on a happy face and me too. Let’s be merry again. Life is too short for feeling gloomy.

  382. 382
    J Says:

    MICHAEL BOLTON When A Man Loves A Woman…that is priceless. :)

    He’d give up his easy chair and sleep out in the rain, if she said that’s the way, it ought to be.

    Look at this Drew:

  383. 383
    J Says:

    One of the reasons I love you is…you’ll be 85 and still have a boyfriend wanting to marry you….and you may say no to him and when you’re there in your wheelchair…but you’ll have had 8 or 9 marriages before that, so it’ll be like been there done that.

    If you have a marriage or relationship that ends, some might say that’s a failure, but you must have done something right if you had someone love you in the first place let alone want to marry you. If you can say to yourself with the lockets you wear or a song someone wrote for me…someone’s heart said ‘I love you so much.’, you know you did something right.

  384. 384
    J Says:

    If you can say to yourself with the lockets you wear or a song someone wrote for YOU…someone’s heart said ‘I love you so much.’, you know you did something right.

  385. 385
    J Says:

    ‘Never gonna fall in love again’

    I still believe in love…I’ll welcome it into my heart in whatever form it comes. I need love. Don’t you?

  386. 386
    J Says:

    This among many other reasons is why we were foolish to ever think about getting together (if you were ever sincere).

    I wasn’t making fun. To me it’s a beautiful thing that that woman has had so much love in her life. That’s what I meant…but of course, you’re going to take it wrong and give me a hard time, like you always do.

    No kisses and a hard time…and she wonders why I find that ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ stuff hard to swallow. There’s never been good times or any kisses. My god, it’s not like we used to have those things and lost them. We never had them and obviously it wasn’t even worth picking up the phone for. A phone call would have beat out the 50 movies and a cup of your bitterness anyday.

  387. 387
    J Says:

    I have to ask you with all sincerity…why would you do anything you were going to resent and make me pay for? Let alone so much?

    Is this love? I can’t believe it.

  388. 388
    J Says:

    Look honey, if all you want from me is some music, just mess out of it and there’s a lot better chance you’ll get it.

    Go on then…keep loving him up, like I know you will. I can’t believe you can honestly be still pulling this nonsense. If you didn’t expect me to change my whole life around for you, I could see it….never had a date but you want one? Why not, make me earn your time and affection. But you’re not even doing that.

    If we had already been a couple and chit just didn’t work out…or we had a fight, but I had good times with you and a love I didn’t want to lose…then right on again. But we never had any of that…it was a might have been long shot and obviously you’re with who you really want so quit leading me on.

  389. 389
    J Says:

    Call me if you ever want to know me. Come to a show. If you don’t, or until you do, I won’t be stopping living life and I know you won’t either. You made it perfectly clear to me that I’m far from irreplaceable.

  390. 390
    J Says:

    I’m not putting up with the control freak chit either. You don’t like something I’m doing…you can suck it.

  391. 391
    J Says:

    I’ve been looking at people
    And how they change with the times
    And lately all I’ve been seeing are people
    Throwing love away and losing their minds

    Maybe it’s me who’s gone crazy
    But I can’t understand why
    All these lovers keep hurting each other
    When good love is so hard to come by

    So what’s the glory in living
    Doesn’t anybody ever stay together anymore
    And if love never lasts forever
    Tell me what’s forever for

    And I see love hungry people
    Tryin’ their best to survive
    When right there in their hands
    Is a dying romance
    And they’re not even trying to keep it alive

    So, what’s the glory in living
    Doesn’t anybody ever stay together anymore
    And if love never lasts forever
    Tell me what’s forever for

    So what’s the glory in living
    Doesn’t anybody ever stay together anymore
    And if love never lasts forever
    Tell me what’s forever for

  392. 392
    J Says:

    The love won’t die. I’ll love you for the rest of my life…but the possibility of a romance is. It is unless we meet up face to face at some point and you’re truly free. I want a woman who’ll be mine. I don’t want someone else touching her. So if that’s how it is…then I don’t want it. If all you can do is mess with me even when I’m working for you, I don’t understand you at all. I don’t need tests right now. If anything I need somebody to make me feel better…and even some love and support. You take that for granted that you’ve had tons of that, but never given much of it…at least not in a way that didn’t include some sort of string attached. Do you think anybody else would have put up with that for no love and not even any good times with you?

    See I’m the mug. I realize that. You made me into a crazy fool and laughed at my vulnerability and complained that I was weak. Who cares about love, when you can’t consistently find a way to like each other.

  393. 393
    J Says:

    I don’t want you invading me or my life anymore. It’s a violation and unwelcome and so are you.

  394. 394
    J Says:

    If I wanted a meal ticket or some stupid show biz career, I wouldn’t be saying those things. I could honestly give a fu@k.

  395. 395
    J Says:

    I could so care less, who you’re spreading your legs for lately. The fact that you’re being a @unt, makes me miss you a lot less, but I know you WISH I did enough to be doing your bidding. You’re with him, so quit trying to play me, sucka.

    Keep on with it.
    Child, touch my soul with your cries
    And the music
    Will know what we’ve found
    I’ll hear a hundred goodbyes,
    But today I hear only one sound
    The moment we’re livin’ is now
    Na, na, na, na

    Young bird flyin’
    And a soft wind blowin’
    Cools the sweat inside my palms
    Close my eyes
    And hear the flowers growin’
    As you lay sleeping in my arms
    And the time will be our time,
    And the grass won’t pay no mind
    No, the grass won’t pay no mind

  396. 396
    J Says:

    I just start to miss you and then you cure me of it.

    I think I missed the fantasy I used to have of you, not the real you.

  397. 397
    J Says:

    Do I sound like I’m holding on? We’ll both be happier when you’re gone. Go on and go.
    We said we’d try again but tryin’s not enough
    Actin’ like strangers ain’t no way of making love
    It’s never gonna work, its time we stopped pretending
    Time to turn the page, all stories need an ending
    It makes no sense to stay
    Living my life in yesterday
    I’m leaving, I’m leaving,
    And I’m begging you
    Heart don’t change my mind
    Oh heart be strong this time
    And try to help me tell him goodbye
    It’ll only bring pain for us to stay
    Oh heart, it’s hard for you I know
    Let me let him go

    Don’t let me think about how good it was before
    I know you’d try anything to keep me from that door
    Its hard to leave him when you’ve loved him for so long now
    How can I walk away if he’s still holding on now
    I’ve found the strength today
    Look at me I can finally say
    It’s over, It’s over
    So I’m begging you

  398. 398
    J Says:

    And we never made love b/c you were more concerned with exacting your price from my hide than making love. That’s why we never did.

    The tease quite literally makes me want to vomit .

  399. 399
    J Says:

    You’ll be easy to forget.

  400. 400
    J Says:

    You know what’s funny? The more you try so hard to sell your bliss, the less I believe it. There’s something missing and you know it.

  401. 401
    J Says:

    I think we’re done here now.

  402. 402
    J Says:

    Wanna know which finger I’m holding up for you darling? You can come sit on it anytime you like…but apart from that, don’t bother.

  403. 403
    J Says:

    Applauza… :)

    Drew can kiss my bum…kiss my bum. Sooo over you.

  404. 404
    J Says:

    You’re funny. I love it. You really are.

  405. 405
    J Says:

    I’d still like to kiss your lady bits….but I won’t die if I don’t. :)

  406. 406
    J Says:

    What’s that one you were giving me yesterday?

    ‘Eyes without a face…you got no human grace…”? I’ve got plenty of human grace. You just bring out the animal in me.

  407. 407
    J Says:

    If we made love, it would be hot and it would be making love, not just sex….but the problem is, what happens after that? I don’t want you claiming some nonsense about how you’re leaving him for me…You know you’re going home with him tonight and probably every night for at least the duration of your film and probably longer than that.

    Don’t want anymore teases.

    You’ve been recycling most of those same old corny songs for so long it’s ridiculous. I’ll express the desire and love I feel for you with someone else. It’s about time I did and you’ve been doing that for ages. Haven’t you darling? You’ve always given the most important parts of yourself to him. He’s had more of you in the last month than I ever got. You see why he finds it easy to be good to you and to envision a life with you. Now turn it on it’s head and imagine the reverse. I’m teasing you with love and in turn going home with my ex who is my dear friend who I work with and I’ve tortured you and you’ve been alone for as long as I have. You probably can’t fathom it. You have no idea.

  408. 408
    J Says:

    I don’t have time for this anymore. You’re just trying to waste more of it.

  409. 409
    J Says:

    If you want us to be friends, that’s the most logical thing I’ve heard you say in ages.

    I hope you really will be my friend and I’ll try to be yours…but seriously, what are we doing here?

  410. 410
    J Says:

    Have you got something to tell me
    Please come up and tell it to me
    Please come up and tell me
    Baby Blue

    Have you got a tear or two
    Well come on up and tell me do now
    You can tell it all now
    Baby Blue

    Really baby don’t be shy
    It’s all right for me to talk to you
    So let it all come out and let it all come through
    Baby Blue

    Someone has been cruel to you
    Someone had been unkind to you
    How about you tell me
    Tell me who

    Who would want to treat you that way
    Who could stand to see you that way
    Who could make you cry now
    Baby Blue

    Let it all come out and let it all come through
    Baby Blue

    Someone hurt you bad
    You don’t have to take it so bad

    Have you got a tear or two, well
    Come on up and tell me do now
    You can tell it all now Baby Blue
    All you gotta do is tell me
    All you gotta do is tell me
    Please come up and tell me Baby Blue

    Let it all come out and let it all come through
    Baby Blue

  411. 411
    J Says:

    Like you haven’t been cruel to me…but I’m sure my lady friend(s) will tell me the same things as your ‘dear friend’ tells you right before you jump into the sac together. hahaha

    Who the hell do you think you’re kidding?

    You’re something else.

  412. 412
    J Says:

    As long as he needs me…
    Oh, yes, he does need me…
    In spite of what you see…
    …I’m sure that he needs me.

    Who else would love him still
    When they’ve been used so ill?
    He knows I always will…
    As long as he needs me.

    I miss him so much when he is gone,
    But when he’s near me
    I don’t let on…

    …The way I feel inside.
    The love, I have to hide…
    The hell! I’ve gone my pride
    As long as he needs me.

    He doesn’t say the things he should.
    He acts the way he thinks he should.
    But all the same,
    I’ll play
    This game
    His way.

    As long as he needs me…
    I know where I must be.
    I’ll cling on steadfastly…
    As long as he needs me.

    As long as life is long…
    I’ll love him right or wrong,
    And somehow, I’ll be strong…
    As long as he needs me.

    If you are lonely
    Then you will know…

    When someone needs you,
    You love them so.

    I won’t betray his trust…
    Though people say I must.

    I’ve got to stay true, just
    As long as he needs me.

  413. 413
    J Says:

    Bollucks and boobie traps. That’s what you’ve got.

  414. 414
    J Says:

    Bollucks and boobie traps. That’s what you’ve got.

  415. 415
    J Says:

    AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME – BACKSTREET BOYS…that’s actually true.

    I don’t care what you did…I only care that you do whatever you want with whoever, just so long as you don’t torture me about it. But you’ll never be able to stop. Anymore than I can freaking stop writing on these stupid internet blogs.

  416. 416
    J Says:

    But I loves you anyway Miss Daisy.

  417. 417
    J Says:

    When are you getting married and when are you going to have a baby?

    I like the idea of you with your little ones. :)

  418. 418
    J Says:

    Guess what honey?

    …I don’t want to hear about it anymore….la la la…can’t hear anything.

  419. 419
    J Says:

    Talking In Your Sleep by Crystal Gayle….

    So you’re up at night listening to me…Is this true?
    So you like do it with him and then stay up listening to me?
    Is that how it goes?

    That must be odd…but yeah it probably was you I was dreaming about.

  420. 420
    J Says:

    You want to know something?

    I know that you don’t really care what happens to me. I know you don’t.

  421. 421
    J Says:

    You’re eyes are hard….I’ve seen the hard eyes and I believe those much more than frilly words that mean nothing. You resented after you did…that’s what those hard eyes mean. Why did you do it then? Why do you still?

    There’s your hard eyes…

  422. 422
    J Says:

    Why do you do things that make your eyes hard, his boo?
    His boo…don’t like it when you’re eyes are hard.

  423. 423
    J Says:

    Just get the hell away from me and stay away.

  424. 424
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    @J: =]=]=]

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