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Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore wears a funny shark hat to watch the Florida Marlin face off against the New York Yankees at Land Shark Stadium on Sunday (June 21) in Miami, Fla.

The 34-year-old actress also decked out in bright blue tie-dye leggings, purple high-tops and silver face paint. Drew was accompanied by on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long, who both happily wore their support for the Marlins on their shirts.

The Marlins held off the Yankees 6-5.

10+ pictures inside of shark head Drew Barrymore

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424 Responses to “Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head”

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  1. 51
    Freakin A Says:

    Love you Drew. You’re someone who’s not afraid to be different. And I love how you are into the quirky alternative stuff. Not afraid to venture out. This world can be a freaky place and ya gotta roll with the punches I guess.

  2. 52
    becca Says:

    i LOVE drew barrymore. she’s so adorable and always looks so young and fresh.

    she can do no wrong, imo.

  3. 53
    J Says:

    You should so be with him, it’s not even funny. I’m glad you are and that’s not why I’m getting out of this.

    I never begrudged you a bit of happiness, but you didn’t have to be a **** rag about it.

  4. 54
    J Says:

    “You got a lotta nerve
    To say you are my friend
    When I was down
    You just stood there grinning

    You got a lotta nerve
    To say you got a helping hand to lend
    You just want to be on
    The side that’s winning”
    Guess what? It’d be a drag to see you too, except that outfit and most of the ones you’ve been sporting lately make me smile.

    You’re right, we’re not friends. I was just hoping to make a bit of peace with the character who feels she’s entitled to torture me constantly, so I offered it. If you don’t want it, I don’t mind it at all.

  5. 55
    J Says:

    Your sloppy efforts have become very transparent too
    You try too hard and then resent the effort you’ve put in.
    That’s your problem.

    When you ‘sell’ your love (with him or otherwise), you cheapen it, you know. I’m not missing being the one on the other end of that.
    You’re trying to sell me something every other minute, but you’re not the salesman you used to be.

  6. 56
    J Says:

    Merci, mais je ne suis pas ton homme, ni ton ami comme tu as dit madame.

  7. 57
    J Says:

    Yes, you took away my innocence and naïveté and that has made me jaded. Perhaps the love of a good woman who isn’t looking to rob me of these things or torture me will make me less so.

    I doubt I will find her in the Los Angeles area.

  8. 58
    J Says:

    I’m glad I never went there.

  9. 59
    J Says:

    I seriously think you’ve gone mental. You’re not the woman you used to be are you?

  10. 60
    J Says:

    Where did she go? Wherever the person I used to be is?

  11. 61
    J Says:

    Whether we’re friends, lovers or anything else or not, we’d both be better off trying to meet in the middle, rather than opposing each other.

    I’m sorry I hurt you and I’m sorry I was a shi++y friend. I can’t feel too terrible for being a shi++y lover, b/c we never were and you knew going in that I knew nothing about these things, so you could have been a tad gentler and I could have done everything better.

  12. 62
    J Says:

    What does that ‘Trust Yourself’ thing mean? I’m not supposed to believe gossip on the internets or I’m not supposed to believe whatever nonsense you’re trying to tell me? It’s usually one thing in the morning and the opposite at night.

  13. 63
    J Says:

    Sometimes I think I would like to forget about you, mainly b/c it’s painful and like you say, a drag and I never got the chance to know you when it wasn’t a drag. It’s also bad news when you can’t seem to stop hurting each other and it goes too deep for that.

    If it wasn’t that way, I wouldn’t forget you and you wouldn’t have to remind me not to. It’s a defence mechanism, when I want to not care or forget, but in any case I won’t. I’ll probably just wind up vomiting in my mouth a few more times and work my naglas off while you continue to try to torture me and give the best of yourself to someone else.

  14. 64
    J Says:

    That always bothered me more than any loss of opportunity or anything else. I know I don’t belong out there, b/c if you’re to make a go of something, it should probably be the other way around.

    They would have made mince meat of me in no time at all.

  15. 65
    J Says:

    Then you’d probably just say “Buck up Chester. You gotta be tougher than that.” on your way down the road. :)

    Wait, you did say that on your way out. hahaha

  16. 66
    J Says:

    I didn’t know Devo did a version of ‘Working In The Coalmine’.

    Is it true that Mark Mothersborough was trying to give you static and you sent his packing? That’s hot. You were there all being the boss and he had a poor attitude so he got served. :)

    Seriously, it’s hot. I don’t care what kind of funky outfits you put on it, it is. You were like, “Don’t get pissy with me Mothersborough.” :)


  17. 67
    J Says:

    spelled his name wrong…Mothersbaugh

  18. 68
    J Says:


    I want to run to you too but instead I will likely run away, but before I do, I will talk and talk and refuse to shut up…and then you’ll put duct tape over my mouth…romance. :)

    Then you’ll keep on loving someone else while torturing me and I will have brought it all on myself because I can’t STFU.

  19. 69
    J Says:

    CLOSE TO YOU (THEY LONG TO BE) – CARPENTERS …You’re making me verklempt…I’ve got snot coming out of my face. Would give you a hug if I could.

  20. 70
    J Says:

    You’ve given me some good things to think about for inspiration…also like Madonna says…”You can dance …for inspiration” and persperation and desperation. Perhaps the more you dance, the less the desperation. If nothing else, your ass jiggles less….

    You know that line from ‘Candle In The Wind’: “All the papers had to say Was that Marilyn was found in the nud@” I think I would like to be found in the nud@ someplace. Not necessarily when I’ve passed along, but perhaps next Thursday…and I will say to you, I’m to be found next Thursday on Elm St. and you’ll know me because aside from pictures you may have seen of me, I’ll be the one dancing naked and when you find me my ass will be jiggling because I’ll be dancing, but it will be jiggling less than it used to.

  21. 71
    J Says:

    I don’t take anything for granted senorita. Only wanted to try to make you smile. That is apparently tougher than I thought.

  22. 72
    J Says:

    You know that I know what you’re doing right?

    You’re trying to keep me emotionally engaged, but be non-committal so you can go off with your movie making “very dear friend” and do whatever you want with him, but still trying to string me along. That Bob Dylan song you got them to play this morning was meant to justify why you’ve never spoken to me either.

    That’s all OK with me, but I you shouldn’t take me for granted either. I won’t be going to LA and I’ll still be doing whatever I feel like doing in my life and career, just as you do.

    There’s no way, I’d be going there when it’s not what I want to do, especially without even a phone call. But the sentiments were lovely all the same and you’ve given me some inspiration to work with.

  23. 73
    J Says:

    You know I put the offer out there before, that there would be certain things that I would have to do as your significant other that would involve trying to make peace or smooth something over (whether I was able to or not) that I don’t have to be your partner to do.

    I owe it to you to offer that, if how you really feel is not that you want to be with me, but you’re just so desperate to fix things, you’re implying I’m supposed to try to win you over with a song. I can feel some bubbling up in me. But there’s more than one way to fix things.

    I really don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want me, so it’s unecessary.

  24. 74
    J Says:

    Jesus…tell me this isn’t something you were responsible for using my name. For Chist’s sake tell me you didn’t.

    “The reviews are in for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and not only do most people say that it’s not even a mildly amusing or slightly entertaining action film, it’s also confusing, cumbersome, and way too long at well over two hours. Veteran critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times has some choice words for this epically bad movie, and other reviews are similarly scathing.”

  25. 75
    J Says:

    No matter what the deal is, hopefully it’ll still do well….but please no more.

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