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Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore wears a funny shark hat to watch the Florida Marlin face off against the New York Yankees at Land Shark Stadium on Sunday (June 21) in Miami, Fla.

The 34-year-old actress also decked out in bright blue tie-dye leggings, purple high-tops and silver face paint. Drew was accompanied by on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long, who both happily wore their support for the Marlins on their shirts.

The Marlins held off the Yankees 6-5.

10+ pictures inside of shark head Drew Barrymore

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Credit: Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  1. 76
    J Says:

    We’re never done disappointing each other are we? All you can do is throw stuff at me telling me how sublime things are with him…what I’m wondering is, if that’s true, why aren’t you just living with him? I never said once that you shouldn’t, or that it would have anything to do with anything as far as I was concerned. If you’re keeping things under wraps, that’s your own choice completely stupid and unecessary – just as breaking up with him was.

    If you love him so much, I have no idea what you’re still trying to jerk me around for….except of course that some part of this nonsense is just that and I’m going to assume the nonsense is when you tell me you love me. You never discriminate all that much anyway and in the morning it’s ‘Why do birds suddenly appear?” and by afternoon it’s some dig about Justin. (shaking my head)

  2. 77
    J Says:

    I think you imply that you love me so you can say ‘When a man loves a woman…he’d give up all his comforts..” sleep in the rain and let her torture him to death…whilst writing songs for her.

    And you don’t want that messed with by me chasing other women around, ’cause I might lose interest in you and start getting interested in spending my time and energy on a woman who made me feel happy. Just like he is good for you I could find a woman who’s good for me (since see ‘American Woman’ lyrics), but that would be counter to your purposes, so you guilt trip me and everything else you can think of.

  3. 78
    J Says:

    And when we find ourselves at this impass, and you’ve tried to jerk me around for the umpteenth time it’s bloody tiring and I just want to get off with someone who actually might care and heal myself from this negativity, since the truth is, you obviously don’t really care or want to be with me.

  4. 79
    J Says:

    You’re just trying to use me and you don’t even have the decency to be straight with me or do it without sucking up even more of my energy for nothing.

  5. 80
    J Says:

    More important than caring right now is, easy and positive.

  6. 81
    J Says:

    …”SHe want it easy…SHe want it relaxed.”

  7. 82
    J Says:

    The only thing your heart is broken about is you’re not getting your way.
    Five year olds experience the same sort of disappointment that feels like heartbreak when they don’t get what they want, only you bring a magnifying effect of the ‘I’ve made a mess of everyone I know’ thing too.

    I never forget that it’s about that. Why do you insist on complicating things? You’ll never change my mind or heart. Not like this and you certainly aren’t going to change your tactics now are you?
    So round and round we go, getting nowhere and on you go just digging us all deeper.

    Heartbreak, but over that and that alone.
    Maybe we’ll know each other if you ever mature enough to stop this and just get on with your life. Otherwise I don’t see it happening.

    ‘Too Little Too Late’ already happened a while ago as far as I’m concerned.
    Dark clouds are blowing in the wind
    He’s crossing your mind again
    You got that sad sad feeling
    From a broken heart
    Feeling so close to the edge

    Let me love you tonight
    There’s a million stars in the sky
    Let me love you tonight
    I’ll make everything all right

    When you find out how good love can be
    You’re so lost when it’s such a free
    They say once in your life
    You find someone who’s right
    Someone who loves you like me

  8. 83
    J Says:

    You want to wake me? Someone needs to wake you. You’re asleep at the switch.

  9. 84
    J Says:

    These things you do are useless and just get in the way.
    God, I wish you’d stop it.

  10. 85
    J Says:

    Look. I’m not going into show business. You or somebody you know doesn’t like that? Don’t care anymore.

    ‘Karma Chameleon’? You were never my lover honey. I’m so sick of this I could puke (in my mouth).

  11. 86
    J Says:

    Better yet, come here and I’ll puke in your mouth. Then you can go and puke in Justin’s mouth. I hope it sets off a chain reaction.

  12. 87
    J Says:


    You’re an airhead.

  13. 88
    J Says:

    Look, I’m going to do you a gigantic favor….let’s cut to the part of the movie whether it’s written or not, where without a doubt you end up with ‘Damon’ your fellow teacher. The guy’s not the least bit villainous and you’d be crazy not to end up with him.

    I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore, so just stop going there. It won’t bring out any songs, so it’s pointless.

    I don’t have anymore steam to keep dicking around with this.
    Just stop.

  14. 89
    J Says:

    What I was hoping to do and was starting to be inspired to do was write from a place of appreciation. Not try to woo you away from this man who obviously loves you very much, in a way that maybe I never would be able to. I don’t have it in me.

    So please stop all of it. It really does just get in the way.

  15. 90
    jlo Says:

    Hey J It really hurts me to read all your comments. It’s really humiliating.And I’m not trying to offend you not at all I just want to talk to you and try to help you.Why don’t you act like a real man and say “Go to hell Drew,I deserve waaaaay better than you!” The way I see it you are really intelligent and smart and maybe a good hearted person.Tell me is it worth it all your whining and crying like a baby over someone who doesn’t deserve this? Or maybe you hate yourself so much that you enjoy humiliating yourself.Why don’t you just hold it together and be a man ,get over that and just walk on! And please ,don’t think I’m Drew.No I’m not and I’m glad I’m not.I’m just a big fan of Justin and love and respect him really much and I think he deserves much much better than her,cause she’s just playing with all the men in her life.And it hurts me to see Justin is on her long loooong list of lovers.I’m afraid he’s gonna be hurt again.And I just hate that cause I can’t really do anything to prevent him from another heartbreak and that’s what eats me most! And I dont wanna know when that moment comes and she dumps him again. I just want to tell you I understand you completely and really wish I could help you somehow.But you’re the only one who can help himself.Take it as an advice, don’t show your weakness to her cause this means she’ve won!

  16. 91
    jlo Says:

    And one more thing – what are you really expecting from a person, who has never had a stable family ,to do in life?She’s doing the same ,cause that’s the only thing she’s seen in her life.It’s not her fault actually and honestly I don’t care. But what I do care about and what makes me so sad is that she’s corrupting Justin.And he used to be such an innocent human being.Now he’s been slowly turning into a mini Drew,dressing like her,acting like her,always doing as she pleases,now he’s Drew boy toy and is going to end up as ONE MORE trophy on her wall of lovers.the question is WHEN!? How can he not see that? Wish he could open his eyes for her true personality and see her OTHER side.He’s so blind to see she’s so fake and what lies beneath her always smiled and happy face is in fact her corrupted,tainted and unhappy soul.She may think she’s happy when she’s free but she can’t realize she’s prisoned forever.She’ll never be happy.She’s lonely and maybe that’s what attract men to her.
    I’m sure now love and hate are fighting in you,but you just need time to realize Drew’s not worth being a part of your life,not even the smallest part of it. Be happy and take care! And if you ever feel like you want to share this with someone ,just make sure you do it with the right person and not posting comments on here or wherever else cause what’s the point? Actually I think me and you would get along great,cause I completely understand you ,believe me.And no,I don’t pitty you and I’m not trying to be the one to wipe away your tears ,I can see you’re strong and smart enough to get over this and just move on with your life ,in which I am sure there must be far more worthy things than some Drew Barrymore…so dont ruin it just for her!!!

  17. 92
    J Says:

    Thanks for that ‘jlo’. I’m going to seriously take what you said to heart.

    Amazing that a stranger on an internet blog cares more about me than the one I was putting so much time and energy into. That says a lot doesn’t it?

    Let’s face it, when love is right it doesn’t humiliate you or make you feel bad and I’ve been wasting my time. I should put my energy into something real and positive instead.

  18. 93
    J Says:

    Who are you ‘jlo’?

  19. 94
    kika Says:

    Two Fools hahahahahaha

  20. 95
    kika Says:

    Two Fools hahahahahaha

  21. 96
    J Says:


    Will you dedicate a website to all the fools in the world? :)

  22. 97
    J Says:

    Who says I’m in bad shape homefry? Power of suggestion, you were hoping?

    Yes, darlings…I’m in very bad shape living here without you and your naggings to keep me warm. ‘Cause before I ‘lost you’, you were totally giving all your love to somebody else anyway. What did I lose again? You’re still hanging around to nag me, so what’s the change?

  23. 98
    J Says:

    ‘Cause you still want paydirt. Don’t you baby?

    Come on, admit it.
    It’s the pay dirt you’re after.

    Like 80% PD(without the A) and 20%love, if that.

  24. 99
    J Says:

    She wants paydirt and she’s willing to take it from wherever she can get it, including my heart, soul, sanity or hyde and it doesn’t concern her a bit if it kills what might have been good in me in the first place.

    I hope your road to paydirt ‘gives you hell’. Looks like you’ve made certain it gives everyone you love hell. Doesn’t seem to bother you much though.

  25. 100
    J Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’m still saying it. You could just be honest. You don’t actually have to kill every good feeling I ever had for you.

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