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Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore wears a funny shark hat to watch the Florida Marlin face off against the New York Yankees at Land Shark Stadium on Sunday (June 21) in Miami, Fla.

The 34-year-old actress also decked out in bright blue tie-dye leggings, purple high-tops and silver face paint. Drew was accompanied by on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long, who both happily wore their support for the Marlins on their shirts.

The Marlins held off the Yankees 6-5.

10+ pictures inside of shark head Drew Barrymore

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424 Responses to “Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head”

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  1. 101
    J Says:

    Help me understand the logic of plopping me in the middle of your self-created nightmare and then trying to mess with any effort I made to get you out of it.

    I want to be an artist, but I don’t want your showbusiness lifestyle, so don’t make any assumptions about what I WANT, to the contrary…

    Btw, if you insist on wearing those terrible outfits, that’s on your head honey. I prefer you in your normal clothes. Not fancy Grace Kelly dresses, but the kind of stuff you usually wear. If I thought you were dressing like that just for your own amusement, that would be one thing, but then you wouldn’t get him looking like that, so it’s fu@ked as far as I’m concerned.

  2. 102
    kika Says:

    Yes it is fools for my Fotolog.

  3. 103
    kika Says:

    Drew And Justin Forever

  4. 104
    J Says:

    Ah…the lovely kika has returned. :)

  5. 105
    kika Says:

    You do not love Drew J, you are obsessed by it is different, if you love it does not say certain things to Drew.

  6. 106
    J Says:

    hahaha….You’re a funny girl. :)

    I hope you’re right.

  7. 107
    kika Says:

    to see you j

  8. 108
    J Says:

    When you’re not making websites, do you moonlight as a therapist?

  9. 109
    kika Says:

    J Yes, I’m crazy, and I understand very well and even the heads of people.

  10. 110
    kika Says:

    J What is your age?

  11. 111
    J Says:

    Well kika, before I agree to take you on as my therapist and start answering personal questions, quais são as suas qualificações?

  12. 112
    kika Says:

    No, life gave me more experience, more to life gave me a lot.
    Of course if you want to hear my advice.

  13. 113
    kika Says:

    I want to be your friend J.

  14. 114
    jlo Says:

    Think of me as a friend J.Or a soul mate..or whatever you like ,just someone who once used to be like you and feeling like you. I know what it is to be used and unappreciated. I also know that hole Drew has left inside of you.I know your feeling of emptiness that still can’t be filled with anything,but thousands of questions…Time heals all wounds,yeah this is like the biggest cliche in the world,but you know it’s true.It worked for me and it will for you,soon! I have been carefully reading all your comments for the last couple weeks and I was not quite sure whether to post a reply or not ,but I do care about you,although I don’t even know who you are.It’s weird but sometimes a stranger on the internet could understand you even better than your friends in real life.I like the way you express your feelings of love,contempt and pain all at the same time.Your words are true,intense and straight to the target! You sound so much like me and what a coincidence I too am a musician.So I know a man like you just can’t be a bad person.Although your love now is standing on the edge, you see the vast expanse of possibilities, the ecstasy,the romance, the sorrows, yet life is empty without it. The possibilities for love are endless..Is there in the world anything more painful and torturing than unshared love? Your love feels right but Drew doesn’t deserve it. Take all the time you need,open your heart for a new love and start a new page of your life,even tho it will be hard for you ,at least make an effort. :) I’m sure your love for Drew has already passed through all stages – infinite passion,anger,madness,despair ,even desire for revenge .Don’t worry,life will take “GOOD CARE” of her sooner or later and I’d be the first one to enjoy that! Drew is dishonest,she depredates,she manipulates.I liked how you called her “angel of death”. Could have not said it any better.The problem is that I DO NOT WANT Justin to be a part of her sick crazy circus! I’m so truly in love with him and no,I’m not telling you all this stuff about Drew out of jealousy ,but because I know I’m right and she’s gonna hurt his heart badly.I love him,even tho I know he’ll never be with me and I know he deserves TRUE happiness,and now he’s been happy with her on a borrowed time..You get it? I despise her for that!
    Have you seen Drew’s movies “Poison Ivy” and “Doppleganger” ? If you haven’t, you should. You will see how autobiographically they could be referred to Drew.I’ve seen each movie she’s ever been in and I been thinking what kind of a woman exactly she is? A “Firestarter”? “A Charlie’s Angel?” Poison ivy? Or maybe someone who’s been through “50 dates” and always forgets everything so easy the next morning,or maybe all that in one!
    Like I said,be happy J ! Life is too short to waste it for someone so degraded and poor such as Drew!

  15. 115
    J Says:

    Wow. That’s intense. I don’t know what to say, except that, it’s always heart warming whenever someone reaches out to you and tries to be kind to you.

    I will say, that whatever feelings of anger, frustration or hostility I was expressing, lie with me and aren’t Drew’s fault.

    She’s just a lady who happens to do a job in the public eye and it’s not her fault if someone out in the world becomes obsessed with her or even thinks they love her. I actually think kika hit it spot on when she said if you really love someone, you aren’t saying bad things about them, b/c you wouldn’t want them to feel bad.

    Ironically enough, hearing you say some of the things you did about her…I don’t agree with what you were saying. Although, I think you have a good heart that you were trying to make another human being feel better.

    My own gut instinct about her is she’s basically a good woman, but b/c she didn’t have a childhood, struggles with not behaving like a bad kid sometimes. I can only imagine, though what it would be like if I were in her position and people were talking about me that way or dealing with the kind of pressures she does. You don’t really know the full extent of what those might be.

    The reality is (and I’m the first one to say that reality can suck but…) neither of us will likely ever know either one of them let alone go out with either of them, so it’s a moot point.

    I think in the end it’s the best thing to watch her or Justin’s films (if you like or love him) and enjoy them and not get into such negative stuff.

    You were definitely right about trying to be happy too. It’s the thing that’s most important to take away.

  16. 116
    J Says:

    btw…that’s funny what you were saying about her films…like ‘Have you watched Doppleganger?’ :)

    Everybody has to start somewhere. :)

    Remember she was a former child actor just wanting to work and build a career for herself at the time. She could have wound up on crack like Todd Bridges or one of those guys and working at the dairy queen. Imagine you’ve got no money, but all the disadvantages of fame.

    As for her ‘sick crazy circus’, I think showbusiness can be that, so I don’t know that it’s her particularly. I don’t think so, but in any case deep down, I’ve always thought that she’s lovely.

    All that said, I think she’s better off with someone like Justin who’s successful and seems like a kind and stable sort of guy.

    Remember he’s a grown man who can think for himself. It’s not for anyone else to say who is right for him in his life. You have to respect that they pick each other.

    When it comes down to it, it’s not our business, especially if we aren’t friends of theirs.

  17. 117
    J Says:

    But it’s sweet that you were trying to reach out to me and make me feel better. I appreciate it, to you and kika. Thank you.

  18. 118
    J Says:

    The sun is shining and I think I’m going to go outside and enjoy the day. Blow the stink off me.

    My grandmother used to say that. “Go outside and blow the stink off you”…I guess people in the old days didn’t bathe a lot, so that’s what they used to do. Just stood outside in the wind and hope it made them smell better.

    I think I’ll have a bath too. :)

  19. 119
    kika Says:

    J Oh you are a lovely person, although not agree with many things you say about Drew, I think you’re a guy who is trying to find yet.

  20. 120
    kika Says:

    Deserves to have a real love:]

  21. 121
    kika Says:

    I know very well, I can tell you that your only problem is the lack of security in itself.
    Drew is a strong person, intelligent and that like most women in today’s world have problems in your relationship. She is very real, not like the other celebrities who try to hide in masks of iron, trust me it is very true.

  22. 122
    J Says:

    Yes, I’ve been insecure. It’s true and Drew’s a very strong woman. She wouldn’t be putting up with that. Even if you were a great kisser or wrote lovely songs for her, it’s not enough over the long haul. :)

    masks of iron…hmm…let me think about that one for a while.

    But yes, everybody deserves love and one day I will find mine. I guess I’ll just have to seek solace in what I can until then.

    Hope you also find love ‘kika’ and you too ‘jlo’.

  23. 123
    kika Says:

    You have Messenger?

  24. 124
    J Says:

    Nope. But what are you wearing? ;)

    Sorry…couldn’t resist.

  25. 125
    J Says:

    Actually, how old are you? If you’re not over 18 don’t even answer.

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