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Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head

Drew Barrymore wears a funny shark hat to watch the Florida Marlin face off against the New York Yankees at Land Shark Stadium on Sunday (June 21) in Miami, Fla.

The 34-year-old actress also decked out in bright blue tie-dye leggings, purple high-tops and silver face paint. Drew was accompanied by on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Long, who both happily wore their support for the Marlins on their shirts.

The Marlins held off the Yankees 6-5.

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Credit: Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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424 Responses to “Drew Barrymore is a Shark Head”

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  1. 151
    J Says:

    I’m sorry for the families of anyone who got hurt and I’m sorry for your losses.

    It’s one of the reasons I’ve hung on as long as I have. I realized quite awhile ago that showbusiness wasn’t right for me, so it was a pretty huge thing that I would have been willing to do it even for a while, b/c you all know better than anyone else, that it can be brutal even when it’s what you want.

    I just can’t do this anymore. I suspect I really have lost my mind. You don’t act the way I have if you’re in your right head. That doesn’t excuse anything I’ve done wrong, but if it matters at all (and I know it probably doesn’t) it was nothing I would have intentionally chose. If I’d known how much tragedy was going to come of it, to say I never would have written to her, is an understatement.

  2. 152
    kika Says:

    our you write songs for her?

  3. 153
    jlo Says:

    J have you ever talked to Drew face to face? Do you really know her personally? I’m just wondering that’s all…
    You’re getting obsessed with her,your love has turned into a pure obsession.
    And Justin is literally DRUNK with love that he does need someone to throw some COLD water on his face to get him sober! Wake up,Justin,wake up from that coma ,called DREW and embrace again the life you used to have before! Dump that poison snake and don’t f*ck up your beautiful life and bright career! You know,I even think his ex-girlfriend Kaitlin Doubleday was so much better for him,she’s such a sweetheart and very nice lady!
    Do you know Drew and Justin’s upcoming movie together “Going the Distance” will be nothing but CRAP! ! I already checked out the plot story and I felt sick .This will be the only crappy movie starring Justin,and it’s HER FAULT! Witch!
    And you said “I hope he gets you pregnant” and “Marry him” ? NEVER J! N..E..V..E..R ! God can’t hate Justin that much to let him marry some trash! :))) Why do you think she hasn’t married him yet huh? Because she herself knows what’s going to happen after that – a DIVORCE of course :)) She needs to marry someone who wouldn’t let her be so bossy over him ,someone to slam her face when she deserves it,cause she just has one of those faces that’s begging to be slammed!
    And you mentioned the ascot,that silly ascot – again another Drew bullshit. See what I’m talking about? Where the hell did that cute and endearing boy go? Drew’s been such a bad influence in his life. 31 year old man wearing an ascot?? WTF? This is ridiculous. But let me guess why he had to wear that ascot..yeah I remembered ,cause two days before the Drag Me To Hell premiere Miss Drew MARRYmore had left a huge disgusting purple hickey on his neck and he had to hide it somehow.What a startling idea!That hickey was more like a taunt than “a love mark left by miss Drew” ;) I bet she was giggling in her mind and thinking “Oh look at him poor baby,I dumped him and now he’s ready to let me give him a hickey,paint his face like a clown,or even dress him like a pirate and take him to Disneyland making him look like a total looney toon and he doesn’t mind that lol Do you still want to be in his place J??
    Come on Drew! Is that all you can? So childish and cheesy! Show us something fresher and more interesting ;) And on top of it she still dares to consider herself a real lady ,did you watch her when she was on David Letterman show two months ago ? Well..I must say,her black dress was really glamorous,I got her little idea of looking like a lady,but too bad it didn’t work. Her laughter is so irritating and so NOT LADYLIKE! Reminds me of the way those drunk old men laugh in the pubs in those western movies :))) with manners like that I guess she will never become a true lady!
    Justin and Drew are still together now,only because Drew is on her “happy phase” . So,I hope Justin comes to sense soon and gets back to NORMAL before it’s too late and she switches to her “I-wanna-be-free-phase” and he ends up crying like a baby!

  4. 154
    kika Says:

    Jlo ——- You do not know anything about Drew, it maintained lasting relationships in your life, one was with the musician Fabrizio Moretti 5 years, one with Luke Wilson was almost 3 years, you find some? You think every woman has to have only a stable relationship throughout your life?
    If you think that, probably not with you it will happen, I tell you.
    you can not say which is better or worse for Justin, he is smart enough to know if someone is or is not doing it mal.Se not like Drew, please respect the heart of J and Justin.

  5. 155
    jlo Says:

    Kika honey,how old did you say you were? 19? Oh..believe me you have a loooot more to learn in this life. ;) Just wait and you’ll see what I’m talking about :) You’re still living in your sweet fairytales from your childhood where everything is so pure ,annoyingly naively beautiful and always has a happy ending :) And there’s nothing wrong of course! But seems like you haven’t mastered yet the art of being a tricky fake woman like Drew. She definitely has! ;) I’m not saying I’m like her,but I don’t need to be like her to recognize that kind of women from kilometers away ! FOXY Drew ;) I know much more about her than you and J probably do,although I don’t know her personally,I have my sources ok? so believe me I know what kind of woman she is ;) You’re just too young , naive and believe every smiled face you see around.
    And who told you I don’t respect the heart of Justin? If I didn’t respect and love him as a person and an actor would I have been so concerned on first place?That’s why I’m saying those things ,because I do care about him and I DAMN KNOW he can do waaaay better than that! He deserves so much more.They’re just incompatible ,that’s it! And when they break up (200%) I WILL come back on this site and I only hope that I can still find you on here to have a good laugh with you and we’ll see who was right? ;)

    P.S. As for J’s heart…Well,I don’t know him personally,but I told him he wouldn’t do any good with posting his lovesick stories of a broken heart .He gets absolutely nothing from that.He would only look ridiculous and funny in Drew’s eyes (when and IF she reads this at all,lol ) And let me refreshify your memory a little bit – J himself said a lot of bad stuff about her and I’m sure many many people have a lot of bad stuff to say about her,but they just don’t want to waste their time.
    I know a friend of Justin’s ( but I won’t say his name here ) Even he said Drew and Justin won’t last long :)

  6. 156
    J Says:

    Somebody please have mercy
    ‘Cause I just can’t take it
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Make me wanna scream
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Make you just wanna scream

    Tired of you tellin’ the story your way
    It’s causin’ confusion
    You think it’s okay

    You Keep changin’ the rules
    While I keep playin’ the game
    I can’t take it much longer
    I think I might go insane

  7. 157
    J Says:

    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Make me wanna scream
    Stop pressurin’ me
    Just stop pressurin’ me
    Stop *?!@#!in’ with me
    Make me wanna scream


    Sorry I know I’m late
    Guess I lost all track of time
    Started walking and couldn’t stop
    Turning it over in my mind
    Trying to make some sense of it
    Trying to make the pieces fit
    I thought I covered my tracks so well
    But now he says he knew about it from the start
    Yeah he knew about us all along, , ,

    If there was any other way love
    Don’t you think I’ve tried to find it
    Don’t you think I want to stay
    If there was any other way love
    There’s no way out of this
    There just ain’t any other way, , ,

    Maybe I’d better be leaving now
    But there’s something I want you to understand before I go
    Sometimes we don’t have a choice when we play and break the rules
    I just had to see you darlin’, one more time
    If only just to say good-bye
    ‘Cos he knew about us all the time

    Give your ego a rest. I don’t want you anymore. He’s welcome to you. I think ‘jlo’ up there has you down pretty acurately.

  8. 158
    J Says:

    This is what happens when you stay in show business too long:

  9. 159
    J Says:

    Like a prize fighter who’s taken one too many blows to the head and heart. I think that’s what show business is.

  10. 160
    J Says:

    I’m not leaving b/c you went with him…I’m leaving b/c of stuff like this:
    You’re a complete twat and then you throw in there guilt trips about Tom Cruise for God sake. What in Christ is wrong with you. None of these people would have gotten hurt if it wasn’t for your mistake and going too damn far. None of them would even know who I was, let alone dislike or hate me. If you’re going to screw me over, then I’m not coming for you. If you don’t like that, you can suck it. This isn’t about us as a couple, but I’m not putting up with your shi+ anymore.
    Not that it matters, but I don’t want to be with you anymore, so you should be with him.
    Miracles by Jefferson Starship

    Oh baby, baby, baby, love is a magic word, yeah
    Few ever find in a lifetime
    But from that very first look in your eyes
    I knew you and I had but one heart
    Only our bodies were apart
    That was so easy, so easy
    I had a taste of the real world
    When I went down on you, girl.

    I can hear windmills and rainbows
    Whenever you’re talkin’ to me
    I feel like swirling and dancin’
    Whenever you’re walking with me
    You ripple like a river when I touch you
    When I pluck your body like a string
    When I start dancin’ inside ya
    Oh baby, you make me wanna sing
    Yeah, baby, baby, baby, baby
    Oh yeah, all right
    Baby, we’re sure doin’ it tonight
    Everytime you come by, let me try
    Pretty, please sugar on it
    That’s how I like it
    I can’t even believe it, with you
    It’s like having every dream I ever wanted
    Come true
    I picked up your vibes
    You know it opened my eyes
    But I’m still dreamin’ yeah
    And you’re right where I found ya
    With my arms around ya.

  11. 161
    J Says:

    Just go away.

  12. 162
    J Says:

    You know why I wanted to try to be your friend as opposed to lover? B/c friends have an easier time accepting each other’s peccadilos. God knows I’ve got enough of my own. Friends don’t try and run these kind of heart games on each other. You never woud have had try and manipulate me, I’d have just been there. You could have made ‘Miracles’ with whoever you wanted and you probably wouldn’t have been trying to torment me with it either. That’s why. But seriously, what’s the point in any of it, when we can’t go two seconds without trying to hurt each other? You can’t leave it alone, fine, but I’m not participating anymore.

    There are some people who may have it in them to be artists, but they’re too sensitive, or not strong enough b/c they aren’t prize fighters. I’m one of them. If the likes of you, could drive me to drink, that life would for sure.

    I personally think MJ was not a prize fighter either. I don’t kid myself that I’d ever have his talent, but I think that’s part of what killed him
    - that he couldn’t take the blows. There are few who can.

  13. 163
    J Says:

    You need to find something else to do with yourself than harassing me.

  14. 164
    J Says:

    I’m shaking my head and coxis at you and your ‘Miracles’ song.

  15. 165
    jlo Says:

    Way to go J… way to go!!!

  16. 166
    kika Says:

    Our meeting this seems a crazy line, for God’s sake, forget them, if they finish a day you still will not have any chance.

    Jlo guy, I have 19 years, yes, I did most of the first years of my life many choices, I see the world as a fairy tale on the contrary, I think the life very difficult, believe me most people in this world is perfect? You want to date a woman Justin perfect, lady of the family?
    Get the real, life is not like us either.

  17. 167
    J Says:

    I know you’re just full of lovey-dovey songs, when I finally get up on my hind legs and am ready to walk. Why all the horseshite in the first place? Don’t need lovey-dovey sentiments that you don’t feel. In any case, what good is love if you can’t walk through the world together? You just went TGF. True love is being there for each other no matter what. You’re right…but not at just any cost.

    I didn’t mind whatever unpleasantness I was going to find…I didn’t mind sacrificing a comfortable life that was something closer to the heart even if it meant the likely possibility you were going off with someone else and that it wasn’t going to be a career or even a good time I would find on the other end….but you just go TGF.

  18. 168
    jlo Says:

    Kika ,I do respect your experience in life. I didn’t say you didn’t have any. What I said was that you sill have a lot more to learn in life and from life :) get it? I was your age,too and I know how I used to think. Seems like you’re too trustful.You trust people very easy.Don’t be so naive! You think every person smiling around always has a good intentions?!? Open your eyes,don’t be so naive and like I said,I know more things about Drew than you do.So,I wouldn’t talk anything if I was not sure of that.
    And YES,life is difficult and that’s why I don’t want Drew to make Justin’s life even MORE difficult :)) Cause she’s a TROUBLE maker and too fake for such a true person like Justin. And finally YES again – Justin does deserve a true lady ,cause real gentlemen deserve real ladies! ;) Take care,girl!

    P.S. Oh and I’m not a guy,I’m a girl :) But I’m assuming that was maybe a typo :P

  19. 169
    J Says:

    ‘LET ME LOVE YOU TONIGHT’ by PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE and ‘EVIL WOMAN by ELO were this morning’s fare. You’re right. I don’t love you like he does. :)

    But then, since we never even had a date or spent any time together, it doesn’t make sense that I would, especially when you take such delight in being a prat to me. When I’m about to walk finally, you think calling me blue eyes and trying to capitalize on us being like family or whatever feeling I might still have for you is enough? Stop being a twat. That’s all you’d have to do.

  20. 170
    J Says:

    You want to know why? b/c strangers being mean is one thing…you can shake it off, b/c who cares about them and their opinions? but if somebody’s in your heart and they know just where you’re vulnerable, they can do real damage. I know I don’t have to tell you this, it’s the same in reverse.

  21. 171
    kika Says:

    I know you are a girl, sorry for the mistake, my language is Portuguese.

  22. 172
    kika Says:

    Another thing Jlo, Drew is not what you are saying no, she has so many flaws, their qualities are more.

  23. 173
    kika Says:

    Now you J.
    Find a woman who is totally different from Drew, a woman closer to you, if I lived near you we encounter a terrier, I want to meet you.

  24. 174
    J Says:

    To kika: ?
    I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

    Give it to me in Portuguese.

  25. 175
    J Says:

    I don’t care that you’re not always America’s Sweetheart. How the hell could you stand being around that (in any capacity)? I like that you curse like a trooper and all the things that you are, but you also literally drive me bonkers, then laugh me when you’ve kicked me enough that I’m down and torment me with your love talk about someone else. :)

    If you don’t like something, don’t bring it home, but especially don’t bring it home, then punish it b/c it’s not what you want.

    How am I supposed to get there like that?
    How am I supposed to live like that?

    Are you trying to toughen me up (Like a piece of overcooked steak)?

    I can’t change for the better like this…as your friend over time maybe, but the dynamic of this disfunctional thing has to change and that’s the only way I can think of. If not, I’ll probably be abusive and not what you need or want. You need to be practical and logical.

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