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Jennifer Aniston: Bounty Hunter Hottie

Jennifer Aniston: Bounty Hunter Hottie

Jennifer Aniston plays with her hair while on the set of her new movie, Bounty Hunter in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Monday morning (June 22).

The 40-year-old actress is starring in the action flick with Scottish stud Gerard Butler and SNL funnyman Jason Sudeikis.

Jen and Gerard play a divorced couple named Cass and Milo,” a source has told Life & Style. “They’re together in almost every scene, bantering and belittling each other as the elaborate action caper unfolds.”

Jennifer is rumored to be dating The Hangover star Bradley Cooper.

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Credit: Daniel/Mauceri; Photos: INFdaily
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  • victoria

    i think she is in great shape for her age!

  • Jennifer

    Does she do any Charity work.

  • a total fan

    Same look in every movie she makes.

  • yes

    Why her face is so fat and her body is not? Of course, she is playing with her hair because Rachel is also playing with her hair. She always hiding behind her face behind her hair. Same movie, same hair and same Rachel. Is she ever going to change because how long are you going to play the same movie with Rachel mannerism?

  • jenn

    I hope this Bradley guy knows what he’s getting into, Jen is to selfish to love anyone but herself.

  • Joe

    She’s like an ad for Fillers like Restalyn & BOTOX
    and all that crap they pump in your face.


    She looks fantastic,as you Jennifer.

  • kc

    Bounty Hunter sounds like the cheap version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and this time Mrs. Smith is played by Rachel Green.

  • Passby

    Same movie, same hair, and same Rachel mannerism. Is she ever going to change because how long can you do this same movie – just different day/month/year? Why her face is so fat (big) and her body is not? Why is she always hiding her face behind her hair?

  • Catnip

    her face is fat because she has these fat injections.
    They remove it from your butt or your knees

  • sim

    She’s only 40, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t look good. I’ve yet to watch any of her films… they all seem a bit pathetic and I haven’t got money to waste. I was never a fan of Friends…. too unfunny for words. All of know and see of her is a desperate need to be love and attention, which many will find irritating.

  • aka 1

    This woman needs to take a break and have a baby or something. She is in too many films. She is getting very boring.

    Has anyone seen her movie “Management”.

  • Emma.

    ROFL @ all the people calling her ugly and selfish.
    As if you know her or something.
    Jen’s gorgeous, always has been and always will be.

  • Mine

    She does not have any babies coming out of you know what.

    So she has a lot of times to have a tan, get in shape…

    She is expected to look good people.

  • Mick

    I think she looks great,she is a very hard working woman.

  • Sally

    My gosh, I still keeping surprise myself about how Jen can be more beautiful every day. Stunning! And this lovely girl don’t stop to work, thanks God, cause I love to see her acting. She is THE woman!

  • lisa

    According to the New York Post Bradley was getting cozy with Lake Bell @the BCGB Max Aria event.

  • kelly

    “I think she is in great shape for her age” – I see this posted all the time by her so called fans. You do know this is a back handed compliment, don’t you? Why can’t you just say she looks good?

  • Rachel Green again…

    Boy does this actress know how to stretch, More blond highlights for this picture? Ponytail or down? She is boring as an actress and can’t carry a movie. I just feel sorry for anyone trying to make a name in the movies that gets stuck with her movie. She needs to take some time off and take some acting lessons. The only thing she can play is Rachel Green. It is so sad.

  • jmo don’t get pissed

    I am not a fan, but I have to agree that she is in good shape.. Not the beauty her fans love to say she is.. but also I do agree as well she is becoming overexposed. too many films.. If the roles were different then fine, but the characters she is playing seem to interchangable. So why is she making 3 or 4 films per year.. Too much..

    She I guess feels she is on a roll, but I have not seen paid to see any of her films so I don’t know about her acting. I have just seen pictures. And if I switch the pictures of her characters around each could work in any film. Same look, same dress, same expression..

    But hey like I said, I am not a fan.. so don’t shoot me.

  • imo

    She’s young, beautiful, and talented. She can do whatever she wants. You don’t need a baby for happiness. I hope those of you who condemn her for not living up to your standards start paying attention to your own lives, because you are spending far too much of time paying attention to hers.

    And if you hate her so much, why are you posting on every site about her?

    I think you really love her and are jealous.

  • heather

    The people on here making their snide remarks about Jennifer is “fat “and talking shit like that, let’s see what you look like! This woman looks incredible, jealousy is a bitch isn’t it?

  • noelle

    sounds like a good movie. i would definitely see it. Jen’s a good comedienne and i especially like gerard’s performance in P.S I love you. Cant wait

  • Passby

    Let’s be honest – Jenn is not gorgeous but cute. She could never be gorgeous or goddess or any other adjectives to describe this woman. Therefore, stop being delusional when you describe her…at best she is cute. Men don’t fantasize her because she does not have that sex appeal because sexy is a state of mind and she does not have it. A person can be fully dressed and men still want them – IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FACE and her face could never be sexy. Why do you think she always hiding her face behind her face – she knows her face is okay and she needs her hai for security?

  • Rachel Green again…

    She is a one note song. She can only play Rachel Green. She can’t carry a movie no matter how pretty people might think she is. Her last movie tanked (Management) and her next movie is getting horrendous reviews (Love Happens). She really should take time off not for a tan or exercise, but for acting classes. Another bomb or two and Hollywood won’t finance another movie and then she will be done.

  • who cares

    I can’t stand her! I don’t care how much Huvain pays this site she’s still a nasty self centered beotch.

  • Rachel Green again…

    Talented. NOT.

  • wanna be porn star

    She doesn’t need a child-EVER. Couldn’t imagine her putting a baby first or last for that matter. I doubt she can lay off drugs for nine months to ensure the child would be healthy. But then again Jenna Jameson had a healthy kid so maybe thiers hope. Poor child being in Jens care would be sad. Could you see Jen putting blue contacts on the child and hair dye? I can.

  • Rachel Green again…

    I’m saving my money for Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderland. I think it is hilarious that there is this great pic of him as the Mad Hatter right on this page. Not that is an actor.

  • jen fan

    She looks grreat. Sounds like a fun movie.

  • Sally

    And guys, just a thing: why you take so much of your time thinking and talking about a person you don’t like? It’s insane.

    I don’t understand, really, why every time Jared talks about Jen, the comments, wow, go up to 300, or more! And always saying the same thing, like you pretend to convince us that your opinion is the right one.

    This, of course, doesn’t exist. These are just opinions.

    In the same way that you dislike her, a lot of us really love her. And we feel and wish so good things to her that I guess we can stop the bad energy of your words here and there. It’s a kind of sick wish to somebody you don’t even know bad things like you say here.

    The fact is: while you’re here saying all these bullshit, Jen is getting another million, and another, and get a lot of love from her fans and friends, and she is getting more and more beautiful, with this amazing, perfect body, and all her light and kindness.

    So… lucky for her, sorry for you.

    Go girl, you’re awesome, Jen!

    Oh, and yes, she does a lot of charity, for you who asked. But… do you do the same, by the way? It’s so easy to talk and judge. Get a life.

  • Mick

    All the haters just cant keep away.I think they all secretly love her really.

  • joy

    Oh, I see JA changed her hair colour and style for this movie too, *snort*. Wow, what range she has..not! She’s the most boring actress, she has no range, plays Rachel always and can’t even be bothered to change her looks for a role (even Kate Hudson who is stuck in a romcom rut, changes her hair and looks more).

    I LOVE how Sandra Bulloch opened a comedy at #1 this weekend, yet JA can’t open a movie without a bigger costar (Management anyone? Ouch a bomb). You know that just got to JA that SB hit it big! Sandra B. is much more likeable and talented, she deserves the title of America’s sweetheart, not JA (who does way too many movies, all the same).

    JA’s face is superbloated (drinker maybe?) or way too many fillers.

  • Sade

    Passby @ 06/22/2009 at 11:48 am

    Same movie, same hair, and same Rachel mannerism. Is she ever going to change because how long can you do this same movie – just different day/month/year? Why her face is so fat (big) and her body is not? Why is she always hiding her face behind her hair?

    She is only six years older than Angelina Jolie… AND she has done a variety of films such as the Good Girl, Derailed, Bruce Almighty that were not RomComs…unlike a certain actress who can only get attention doing action films which require virtually NO acting skills.

  • Andy

    OMG, she is just so gorgeous and has a killer body! Can’t wait to see her and Gerard together. They will be smokin’!!!! I would love to have the chance to take her out just once. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  • noelle

    That’s probably true Mick hahaha. With all the effort and energy they exert just to bash Jen, it’s probably love. I also agree with you Sally, I don’t understand why they waste their time and visit articles about Jen if they don’t like her. When I see updates about stars I hate, I usually just skip it.

  • jillyro

    She needs to go away for awhile, sick of her. Please JJ, don’t want to see every little breathe she takes on this movie too. You could just swap the pics from the Baster and pretend it’s this movie because her hair and clothes are always the same no matter what movie she is in, she’s interchangeble. Actually JJ you could just show pics from her acting days on Friends, no diff, the pics would look the same, she always looks the same, she’s so boring, I can only imagine how boring she was to be married to as well. If the gal can’t change her hair (not even the color????) she’s likely is the exact same in every other aspect of her life too. So JJ please don’t OD on this movie too. She can’t act and I for one, I can’t wait until she hits over-40 and her romcom days are over, she won’t get many parts after that, she has no oomph to her acting.

  • adventuress

    She looks in excellent shape, for any age. It’s nice to see her out having fun with Brad, Gerry, whoever catches her fancy. Nice to see her happy again after her divorce. It seemed like she was really heartbroken over it but if it was meant to be and true then it wouldn’t have fallen apart. It was a 2 dollar bill no matter what she felt. Hopefully she will now meet the one if she is patient and smart. I would love to have her dating life. Hey, I would love to have her professional life!

  • sal

    Does this s.l.u.t ever wear a bra?

  • Andy

    Yes Sandra had the number film this weekend but her name was not alone above the title, it was also Ryan Reynolds. Lest everyone forget, Marley and Me opened at number 1 with Jen and Owen’s name above title just like The Proposal. The Break Up, Along Came Polly and He’s Just Not That Into You also opened at number 1. And for those who say she looks the same in every film, it’s not her choice how she looks but the the hairsstylist and make up person. She looked very drab with dark brown hair in Management , so there. And she was great in it.

  • Jane

    Ol’ b*tch!

  • Mick

    Thanks noelle for agreeing,and Sally,that is a great comment,agree with you 100%

  • bobjustbob

    She looks just like she does in The Baster, Love Happens, He’s Just Not that Into You, Bruce Almighty, ect. ect. I swear she could cash a paycheque and and show an old movie poster from one of her ALWAYS THE SAME flics and the public wouldn’t be able to spot he difference. She looks and act exactly the same in every film, none of us would notice the difference. These pictures look just like the ones on the set of the Marinator, oops I mean the Baster. YAWN.


  • anne marie

    I wish the haters would stop saying Jen is always Rachel Green. If the haters take the time to watch The Good Girl, Along Came Polly, The Break Up, Friends with Money, Derailed, Marley and Me and Management, they will see that each one of those characters are different and none of them are like Rachel Green.

  • Besane

    Nobody rants about Meryl Streep looking old, and she is 60. Because she doesn’t sell her youth, she sells her talent. On the other hand, when you see a picture like these of Miss Aniston, you just have to shake your head, give a polite smile and say, “Oh how wonderfully PRESERVED she is for a 40-yr old!”. Congratulations, whatever that’s worth, Miss Aniston. You are working hard for it.

  • Rachel Green again…

    @Sade: You need to wake up. How many Oscars has Jen been nominated for or won? You made a big mistake bringing Angelinba into it. Angelina has played varied roles and been nominated and has won an Oscar. She has played a journalist in One Mighty Heart (Golden Globe nom), mentally ill in Girl Interrupted (Oscar), driven mother fighting for her son in Changeling (another Oscar nom), assassin in Wanted (great box office), etc. Don’t even try to compare, you will come up short.
    As for Jen, she has a track record for her movies that stinks. Marley and Me did well but it took an adorable DOG to get anyone to the theater, again the book was better. Good Girl was forever ago and was Rachel Green with a southern accent (Jake G carried that movie). As far as talent, Jen won an Emmy for Friends how many decades ago? Even her peers don’t recognize she has talent. The biggest slap in the face is that Angie replaced Jen in a Mighty Heart. Don’t go there. You will be without foundation to defend her talent.

  • adventuress

    I wish she would grow her hair longer. I understand why she always wears it the same. Hair takes a long time to grow out. But if she is going to wear it the same way I think she should go ultra long the way she did in friends and the movie The Office. At least it would stand out more as being unique.

  • mark

    Same hair, same role. She doesn’t seem to be growing very much in her life, her ‘acting’, etc.

  • Jane

    wanna be p*rn star @ 06/22/2009 at 12:11 pm #28
    Poor child being in Jens care would be sad. Could you see Jen putting blue contacts on the child and hair dye? I can.
    bwahahahahahahaa…so true, Aniston would definitely put blue contacts in the child’s eyes, and dye the child’s hair blond, like she does herself.

  • Diana

    Rachel Green is doing another movie. Why does Hollywood keep putting this unattractive, loser, in movie after movie after movie? Why? She plays Rachel Green in every movie. The only thing that changes is the title of other movie, and the actors who are in the movie with her.