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Jon & Kate Gosselin's Big Announcement: Divorce!

Jon & Kate Gosselin's Big Announcement: Divorce!

Jon & Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce after ten years of marriage, according to sources close to People.

Documents were filed at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown, Penn., on Monday afternoon.

This announcement appeared to be a long time coming after their contentious relationship continued to be filled with more and more tension.

Kate made a statement, saying, “”Over the course of this weekend, Jon‘s activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children. While there are reasons why it was appropriate and necessary for me to initiate this proceeding, I do not wish to discuss those reasons at this time, in the hope that all issues will be resolved amicably between Jon and myself. As always, my first priority remains our children.”

Jon released his own statement, saying, “”This afternoon, Kate filed for divorce. Our kids are still my number one priority. I love them and want to make sure they stay happy, healthy and safe. My job is being the best, most supportive and loving father that I can be to my kids, and not being married to Kate doesn’t change that.”

We wish the best for Jon & Kate and their eight adorable children during this difficult time.

Tune into Jon & Kate Plus 8 tonight @ 9PM ET/PT for all of the details.

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  • TWPumpkin

    Wow…big shock here. Very sad for the kids. I am happy for Jon though. He can have some peace from the media whore Kate.

  • clAudinha

    oh no! and now whats going on with the kids? they’re going to be with kate?

  • callie

    aww sh!t I hate divorce

  • M

    Oops. : O

  • jo

    oh no, poor kids. their mom is a greedy bitch

  • Laura

    Not surprised, their marriage seemed to be becoming more and more pressurised.

  • melissa

    what a s*umb*g for abandoning your wife and 8 small children.
    i hope you sit when you have quiet time to yourself and reflect on what a moron you are for choosing your pants over your kids.

  • Alyn

    I believe Kate has been planning this for quite some time. Once she realized she could make it without Jon she turned into a major biatch in order to push him away. She probably was the one that leaked the story about his affair.

  • Halli

    Not surprised.

    Kate is Type-A, irrational and angry.

    Jon’s a major loser who’s been p*ssy-whipped for 10 years. The guy is buying an apartment at Trump Place in New York thats only 700 sq-feet.
    What that hell is a grown-ass man with 8 kids and two dogs doing with a NYC bachelor pad? Get over yourself Jon. You’re new earrings, motorcycle, smoking and Ed Hardy gear isn’t going to help you re-live your youth. Just make it even more evident that you’re a major douche-nozzle!

  • Whowhatwhen


  • you know..

    Sad and now they are going to continue the show. I guess it will make great TV to see 8 kids deal with the destruction of their family.. lots of crying and where is Mommy and where is Daddy.. Yeah TLC..the rating will be through the roof..

    I think it is time to shut the cameras down. I’m sure they will spin it and say that the kids will be their first thought and that the kids will not see much of a difference. Jon will be there as always and Kate will continue her “job” of promoting… But what about the “job’ of PARENTS..

    Such a sad thing .. I for one am not going to watch. Somebody has to say enough is enough. Won’t make a difference, but at least I will know.

  • Jared

    Jon and Kate live in BERKS County, Pa…NOT BUCKS. Is this even true?

  • HA!

    I’m not as shocked as I would have been if they’d backed out of the show for the sake of their children. Those poor kids.

  • Saudia

    OMG .. wow I hope they are able to get through this and just be happy for the kids!! Oh man this is sad. I’ve been watching J&K+8 for a while now and really fell in love with the kids. Sigh .. hope they work through the divorce properly and not make things difficult. Think of the children!!

  • jaxon

    This is so sad and selfish. I should not judge as I haven’t walked in their shoes but it seems to me with eight kids they should be trying counceling before shattering this family.

  • ali

    very sad… but im not surprised!

  • OH MY

    I am shocked, just shocked. No one saw this coming, no one. *rolls eyes*

  • E

    Hope Kate doesn’t abuse the children since she won’t have the slapping bag around anymore. Kate needs to get help for her narcissism, it is getting progressively worse. Shame on Jon for not getting help for his children, both of them for exploiting.

  • jerri

    I don’t think we should feel sorry for the kids…I think that Jon especially, is a better dad when he’s by himself. He seems to be 100% hands on, lets them get dirty, spill stuff, walk in the rain without raingear, let them keep messes while they go. THAT IS HEALTHY…regarless of divorce. Kate will always be Kate. I feel more sorry for the kids as she will for sure get more handy helpers to nanny her kids…she hates being all alone with those kids. She complains every dam second.
    Divorce is not good. But niether is two unhealthy, unhappy parents. Espeically ones who bicker and put down the other.
    I’d really like to see this show get cancelled. It’s not even fun to watch anymore. Good luck.
    Wonder what happens to the house????

  • hag

    so telling. the jenhags have parked their double-wide a$$es on JJ PRAYING for brad and angie to break up and not giving a rat’s azz about THEIR children. but are so sorry for the reality wh*re’s kids.

  • cece

    kate can do better than this push over of a man….hes fat, balding and has a face you just want to punch. kate needs a man that will challenge her. plus i would never want a man with 8 kids sorry


    I just want to pray for Mady and Cara and the sextuplets as they have to hear everything tht goes on at the household….you are in my prayers

  • http://deleted val

    Couldn’t they at leasl try counseling, or was this just a scam of a marriage all along?

  • jennifer

    Is it really that much of a shocker to anybody? SURPRISE SURPRISE!

  • Jane

    I was really hoping that it would be that they were ending the show, but I’m not exactly surprised. I feel bad for the kids. Not gonna lie, I think Kate will fight tooth and nail for primary custody, just to stick it to John, and I can’t see John fighting that hard against Kate because he seems like he just wants all the drama over as soon as possible.

    I wish they had ended the show and at least given counseling a shot, but oh well. They really should quit the show now though, instead of dragging those poor kids through the mud for the sake of money.

  • victoria

    sometimes divorce is the best choice. BUT NOT WHEN YOU HAVE 8 KINDS!!!!!!
    it would be alright if they were older, it could be easier . but seriously?
    i can’t imagine how hard their life is gonna get…

  • Lucille

    Another CHRISTIAN marriage down the tubes. Poor gays, with role models like these to show the value of a hetero marriage.

  • jo

    I wish the kids all the best and now can we all move on and focus on celebrities who have real talent.

  • jo

    Let’s not start the blame game…it takes two to make a relationship and two to break it. Both parties have ownership. Period.

  • L

    The show allowed this divorce. No way would Jon be able to get out of it if they didn’t have $.

  • marisa

    that’s so sad. i had a feeling it was coming but didn’t want it to actually happen. poor kids. : (

  • NoSurpise


    Divorce seems like a goodidea..Both people can get healthy and be a good parent. Next,TLC should drop these people.
    It would be a human thing to do. Of course,business care about .Of course,,JON and KATE volunteered to make this experience.. They enjoyed the fame game.Only thing is with the fame game, fame is hard to deal with.It islike a gift from the devil.

    Jon, Trump Tower???Do you all know how much that cost?
    Howmuch is it going to keep Do they sing?Make movies?Write books? Are trust fund babies?Whatdothey do?
    It is sinful!

  • thebeard

    all reality tv marriages are cursed!

  • Jill

    I’m glad the farce is over. Seeing the outright antipathy Jon has for Kate has really scared me lately, and I feel she should never be around him without a lawyer.

  • Kelly

    Doylestown is in Bucks County and hold the court house for BUCKS County–they live in Berks County.

  • evalynn

    poor kids
    jon will get some peace
    kate will continue to get any media attention while she can

  • audry

    Geez! whatever happened to FOR BETTER FOR WORST, TIL DEATH DO US PART…it’s so sad they were sucked in by the web of fame…I was
    hoping they will rethink this but I guess Kate changed, not Jon…really.
    Kate love her newfound fame but Jon still wanted his normal life back.

  • meh

    Ooh Big Shocker there… but very sad for the family, hope the kids will be OK

  • aep

    Big deal. I was hoping they would say they were going to discontinue the show and stop exploiting the kids.

  • Chloe

    With all the stress of the show and rumors it was probably very stressful for the family. With 8 kids it would be hard to find time to keep up a relationship… Hopefully they might get to a marriage counselor and work out problems. This will be soo sad and hard for the kids..

  • Chloe


    ME TOOO ):

  • audry

    Money speaks…money always wins…money conquers all… has the power to split a married couple. Sad for the kids to grow up in a
    broken family.

  • voe

    Well, the parents think they’ve got tons of money now and the money will keep rolling in so all parties will be happy divorced. Wait until the money stop coming the kids will be returned to the growing-up environment their mother was in, and we tax payers will be footing their bills. I feel for the kids but unfortunately children’s comfort is always the product of parents’ decisions.

  • Lsav

    So sad. But Jon turned into such a jerk. Kate can do better. Maybe it’s for the best.

  • jess

    I can’t believe they are going to subject their kids to the media about a divorce! It’s already humiliating as it is to get a divorce but put your kids through this ordeal? They need some serious counseling!!!!

  • Anon

    Don’t watch the show! Ratings = $$$ to feed these 2 idiots!

  • Olivia

    The new show will be called Jon & Kate Separ-eight.

  • nina

    Wow. What a shock. /sarcasm

    Maybe the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT should have been, “We’re quitting the show and getting counseling, for the sake of our children and our marriage.”

    Nah, too narcissistic and greedy. Pray for those kids.

  • beachgirl1011

    its NOT bucks county in doylestown it is BERKS county in reading.
    however, this whole thing makes me really sad.

  • jc

    So now we call all sleep better know this breaking news. What will we live for now? I wouldnt be surprised if a so-called, well coordinated tell all (publicity) interview with Oprah this fall is in the works. Ms. O can use her influence to win over all the critics and sell the books which will then sell millions of copies and set both her and Jon for life. The money can pay for the therapy these kids will need as they get older. Or maybe go the Dr Phil route and get a win-win for PR and ratings boost?? Choices, choices.