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Megan Fox Looks Toga Terrific

Megan Fox Looks Toga Terrific

Megan Fox looks drop-dead gorgeous in a white jersey side cowl gown by Kaufman Franco at the premiere of Dreamworks’ Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen held at Mann Village Theatre in on Monday (June 22) night in Westwood, Calif.

The 23-year-old recently responded to the infamous picture of her walking right by a young fan offering her a rose.

In an interview with, she said, ” I feel so sad for him. That kills me. It breaks my heart. And if you know his name, I’ll send him a personal apology. I’m horrified—I would never do that. I’m sorry, sweet boy. I would never do that to you, and I would gladly accept your rose!”

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox looking toga terrific…

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120 Responses to “Megan Fox Looks Toga Terrific”

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  1. 26
    Jokergurl Says:

    Where IS Shia? She looks nice, but she’s posing like Angelina, the arms are out away from her hips, Angelina can get away with that pose because she’s lanky Megan Fox is not lanky. She’s even got the Angelina pout, and the seductive eyes, just be yourself girl!

  2. 27
    irish girl Says:

    Absolutely beautiful.
    As an aside, I thought her apology to the young guy was sweet and sincere. She didn’t have to mention it at all, but she seemed genuinely concerned that she hurt his feelings.
    She seems truly sweet.

  3. 28
    mel Says:

    SHE LOOKS DIRTY! LIKE SHE HASN’T SHOWERED IN WEEKS. ANd her face is totally plastic (as in SURGERY).

  4. 29
    Frenchy Says:

    Dang she’s the American version of Katie Price.

    Hey jared where is the star of this movie cuz you didn’t post pictures of him

  5. 30
    Auntie Says:

    Eww, What the hell? Her arm looks so long. Looks like she had an extension added to it !

  6. 31
    lilme Says:

    yawn…she tries to hard. And that’s an awful tat….almost as bad and as Amy Winehouse’s ones.

  7. 32
    Hannah Says:

    Her foundation is horrible! I looks like I could peel it off!

  8. 33
    Crawl Space Says:

    She is so so pretty

  9. 34
    Mia Says:

    She is GORGEOUS!

  10. 35
    moving on Says:

    umm….yeah… we saw this look on Angelina Jolie in “Alexander” I swear I think she has a photo of Angelina’s every public appearance and owns all of movies and then she goes to her make up artist, stylist and plastic surgeon and says “Make me look like this today!”

  11. 36
    Nisa Says:

    Well, there is a market for the Angelina type. And Angelina is getting older. Just a fact. I think she’s smart even if she’s being a biter. Someone has to do it right? At least she pulls it off pretty convincingly, even if it is a tad obvious.

  12. 37
    celebrityobsessed. Says:


    Acne Scars.
    Drawn on eyebrows.
    Fake nose.
    Fake Chin.
    Fake Lips.
    Fake eye contacts.
    Too much make up!!

    Ugly, cannot act, woeful personality. Please die Megan.

  13. 38
    Australia Grace Says:

    Where’s Shia? Please add his L.A. premiere photos! :)

  14. 39
    wha? Says:

    There is no “market” for the Angelina Jolie “type”. Angelina is a person.

  15. 40
    laura Says:

    shes gorgeous

    i cant stand how she always poses with her arm at that angle though!

  16. 41
    donna Says:

    Megan, can you please stop copy-cating angelina? tatoo, dress and that wave, it is so lame! even the way you signing the autograph……get your own damn style!

    Cannot stand unoriginal twat!

  17. 42
    mickey Von Dutch Says:

    Something about this girl seems artificial and the tramp stamps are not doing her any favours.

  18. 43
    nisa Says:

    @wha?: She wants to be a younger Angie and steal her parts when she gets deemed too old to play them anymore. However Girlfriend better watch it. The OP was right about the thick foundation and drawn on brows. She gonna look like the chick on Operation Repo if she don’t watch it. Bwahh haaaa! Actually I love that woman :~)

  19. 44
    JJJ Says:

    @celebrityobsessed.: For someone apparantly celebrity obsessed you know nothing. She is not wearing contacts. She does not have a fake chin. And she wears less makeup than most celebrities. She has this chiseled face that looks like it took layers of contouring makeup but thats not the case. She wears foudation, something on her lips and mascara, maybe light eyeshadow here and there.

    I agree with the skin thing, they look like pox scars. But everyone has flaws..

  20. 45
    Marieme Says:

    Did anyone catch her “before” pic in one of the tabs? I think it was in “In Touch.” There’s an older photo of her and it barely resembles the woman we see now. It’s a little shocking!

  21. 46
    nisa Says:

    @Marieme: That just tells you what a good cosmetologist can do for you. She’s really not so different. They just made her hair color and makeup more striking and told her the best way to dress to show off what she has. Before she was just sort of girl next door, and they vamped her up. Anyone can be vamped up with the help of someone who knows what they are doing.

  22. 47
    joy Says:

    still trying to be AJ

  23. 48
    celebrityobsessed. Says:


    For your information:

    She’s fakeeeee.

  24. 49
    celebrityobsessed. Says:


    She wears contacts! She really has dark eyes.
    She has definately had her chin done.
    And she has the make up absolutely packed on compared to other celebrities.
    Its funny that you don’t deny that she’s had her breasts (or lack thereof), nose and lips done though! Ha…

  25. 50
    snoozefest Says:

    I like Megan and her dumb a$$ comments and thinks she’s really hot but her skin is terrible. Girl needs to start washing her face more. Why doesn’t she inject some collagen into those acne scars? She’ll never replace AJ with skin that bad.

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