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Rihanna & Chris Brown Clock in at Court

Rihanna & Chris Brown Clock in at Court

Rihanna and ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown appear somber in their black dress and gray suit at a preliminary hearing at Superior Court of Los Angeles County on Monday (June 22).

As previously reported, Chris escaped without jail time and was sentenced to 5 years probation and 180 days of community service in Virginia in connection with his alleged assault on Rihanna back in February.

Moments after the plea bargain was reached, Chris was seen back in the music studio. The Backstreet Boys tweeted, “Just ran into Chris Brown at the studio….”

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Chris Brown clocking in at court…

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80 Responses to “Rihanna & Chris Brown Clock in at Court”

  1. 1
    black beauty Says:

    he got a slap on the wrist. at least this sh*t is over now. and she looks great

  2. 2
    wtf Says:

    this jerk is such a phoney. pretend all u want u low class mother-effer. only person u care about is urself. the injustice is unbelievable! throw his stinkin’ a s s in jail.

  3. 3
    Irish Girl Says:

    He got much less than he deserved. I hate that a lot of young men think there was nothing wrong with this. t disgusts me. Rhianna was classy throughout the whole ordeal.
    I pray his sales go down and he disappears.

  4. 4
    just say no Says:

    Rihanna is the reason he got a slap on the wrist. She did not want him to go to jail. Not classy at all.

  5. 5
    just say no Says:

    Rihanna is the reason he got a slap on the wrist. She did not want him to go to jail. Not classy at all..

  6. 6
    Rogger Says:

    Rihannas look fabulous!

    I HATE Chris Brown :@:@

  7. 7
    LA Says:

    What a ***** joke that this guy got no jail time, but the girl didn’t even want a protective order against him so no surprise.

  8. 8
    oseary Says:

    Brown is a douche. Throw his woman beating ass in jail, please.
    Rihanna looks like a dude in a wig.

  9. 9
    marissa Says:

    muthaf**** shoulda went to jail!!

  10. 10
    yoda Says:

    In six months, these two will be publicly back together.

  11. 11
    ct Says:

    very classy, she looks good.
    chris.. good luck. mhm.

  12. 12
    harper Says:

    I believe they’re still together but just sneaking around everyone’s back. The fact that her lawyer tried to push for them to be allowed in the same place at the same time is fishy.

  13. 13
    susan Says:

    She looks stunning. love her. chris is a punk and I hope he soon gets whats coming to him.

  14. 14
    bird Says:

    Rihanna actually looks older with less makeup. Usually it’s the opposite with younger women. She looks like a 45 year old woman there.

  15. 15
    AOZ Says:

    She looks like an old lady tranny.
    This guy will not get what’s coming to him cause she’s still protecting him.

  16. 16
    taylorswiftfan Says:

    I was physically and sexually abused by an ex. Although I left him I never reported it out of fear.
    It’s something I still struggle with. Living in silence and shrouded by secrets isn’t a sign of strength. It’s weak and I urge ANYONE who is being abused to learn from my mistakes and speak out no matter what people tell you. They may threaten your life, your family may disown you, your friends may break ties but you are not worthless and you don’t deserve to be victimized while predators go free.
    Stand up for yourself!

  17. 17
    Sade Says:

    she looks like she’s going to a funeral. Something tells me that these two will NOT stay away from eachother not if through the law

  18. 18
    WTF Says:

    “Brown also was ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna – except at industry events, when it’s 10 yards – despite a request from Rihanna’s camp that the pair be allowed to be together.”

    Why would she want to be with him?

  19. 19
    Irish Girl Says:

    @taylorswiftfan: Well stated.

  20. 20
    Cisco Says:

    Sadly, this girl did not stand up for herself.
    Hope this guy does stay away from her for good.

  21. 21
    Smith Says:

    Rihanna looks like a grandma trollop. Can’t believe CB isn’t going to jail. That’s so wack!

  22. 22
    Nas Says:

    That’s just not right. To beat someone like that and not get jail time and actually have the victim try to protect her abuser. They both need counseling.

  23. 23
    K.V.B. Says:

    No more shrouding of domestic abuse…this is the 21st Century and nobody should be a participant of psychological, verbal, or sexual abuse. She looks beautiful and one can only hope she never involves herself with him or attracts another violent and cheating abuser into her life in the future.

  24. 24
    McLovin Says:

    I’ve never found her attractive but nobody should be abused.
    She looks like a 40 yr old guy in a dress and a wig.

  25. 25
    fusion Says:

    He should be in jail for domestic abuse and she should be arrrested by the fashion police.

  26. 26
    JJJ Says:

    They are BOTH to blame. You can’t hit somebody. She hit him first, she should be punished also. He took it way too far, he should be punished. Theres a double standard.

    He didn’t get a slap on the wrist. She offered NOTHING, what do you expect, a life sentence?

  27. 27
    sarah Says:

    Rihanna looks beautiful! It’s a shame she’s looking her best at a court hearing.

  28. 28
    true blood Says:

    I figured they’d give him a slap on the wrist since she didn’t seem to want to press charges. I like her outfit but agree, she looks old and not so good. She reminds me of Tara’s mom from True Blood.

  29. 29
    kae Says:

    Rihanna isn’t innocent in this incident. He just got judged before the entire truth could come out, which by the way, never did. Yes he pleaded guilty but who wouldn’t? We sick of them, I know he is………. By the way, she didn’t want the “stay away” order. Ruining her lil plans of getting back with him. Rihanna’s true identity will come out one day. She know she popped that dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30
    kel Says:

    Celebrity!! If it were Joe Blow off the street, he’d see 5+ yrs.. ass.. He should be hung by his feet… He’s probably not going to last entertainment wise, neither is Rihanna.. too trendy, too young, too spoiled… but no one deserves abuse..

  31. 31
    kris Says:

    They BOTH need to grow up and learn the real world.. he gets a slap on the ass and sent on his way and she is all not wanting to press charges..

    I really don’t feel sorry for her, they both have a lot to learn, BUT good she is not with him!!!

  32. 32
    anthony Says:

    Awful situation so many young people that looked up to these two learned that there’s not much wrong with beating the hell out of your girlfriend it’s disgusting

  33. 33
    Jada_Ms Chris Brown_forever Says:

    I so glad that was all he got. But I feel that he shouldn’t have even got that . Because watever that girl was lying about everything. If this really happened and she is such a victim then why was she still with him after he beat her. And her so called father didn’t do anything I know if sum guy beat my daughter he would have a price on his head. But I think that she is just trying to blow his career. Aw and remeber she clearly stated after she reported the incident
    that funny looking witch.

  34. 34
    maryf Says:

    I have been following this story like everyone else, and i think that no one should judge Chris or Rihanna , because no one really knows what really happened that night but those two !!!!! Were you on this car ???
    Why do you always point your fingers on Chris Brown ?? Yes he was wrong for hitting her, but Rihanna from the very beginning refused to speak up on the whole truth about this altercation, not to mention she agreed to this plea deal and refused the stay order that the judge offered to her….
    Sorry but there are two victims here. But finally this is over, i hope they get the help that they need, both need to seek counseling for the future.

  35. 35
    carolina Says:

    i dont know why you guys are all saying that Chris should go to jail. What is jail going to do??? NOTHING!!! Jail isn’t going to help him one bit for what he did. What he does need to go to is anger management classes. you cant see Chris as the horrible monster and Rihanna the sweet and innocent little angel!!! they both messed up that night and evryone needs to just get over it!!!! Both Rihanna and Chris have clearly gotten over this, so why cant any of you!!! If Rihanna and Chris get back together its none of your business!! Both Rihanna and Chris can make their own decisions and they dont need the input of you guys!!!

  36. 36
    L Says:

    hahaha #25, I totally agree with you. Rihanna is dressed like some rich white widow that appears only in movies, what is she thinking? She’s going way over the top with her imaginative fashionista status. She makes high fashion look really cheap

  37. 37
    boo rihanna Says:

    hate rihanna love chris brown..

    rihanna is pretender…

  38. 38
    roro Says:

    yes he was wrong for hitting rihanna but that ***** hit him first. im glad he’s not going to jail plus it’s his first offence. just hope he stays away from her cuz that will land him in prison. BTW CHRIS CAN’T GO NEAR HER FOR 5 YEARS AND HE LOST HIS RIGHT TO VOTE IN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. UGHH THAT ***** CLOTHES LOOKS UGLY

  39. 39
    FOXY BROWN Says:

    I think the picture that was released after the altercation was misleading. It looked worse than it was. She had welts and a slightly busted lip. Anyway, Rihanna and Chris were both involved and they are both young–so hopefully this little scare will be enough to prevent futher misbehavior. Everything happens for a reason…

  40. 40
    Jolie hot chin not Says:

    he should be in jail. jerk.

  41. 41
    ejd Says:

    We are all forgetting something here. This guy was only a kid, 19 years old. What he did was reprehensible but at 19 with so much fortune, fame and stress what more can we expect of the kid. Many adults with less to cope with, react even worse when faced with challenges in their love lves.

  42. 42
    mif Says:

    Can anyone tell me where Rihanna’s dress came from?

    She really rocked it in court today and I’d really like to get it, both to wear myself and as reminder of the day Chris Brown went down.


  43. 43
    jess Says:

    It’s amazing how our legal system works sometimes.

    Honestly, if Rihanna takes him back I won’t be able to support her as a fan.
    It will be a mistake.

  44. 44
    Ben Says:

    Wow this is what a celebrity and having money is all about a slap on the wrist and keep it moving. This chump should of went to jail. What a scrub I will never look at himthe same.

  45. 45
    anne Says:

    @just say no: true that, the DA asked her what she wanted and they just followed her lead. (it happened to me) this was over before it began, let’s just see who violates the contact order first.

  46. 46
    anne Says:

    @WTF: denial. that’s why, she’s in full on because he’s probably calling her making empty promises. it’s the honeymoon phase where everything is love love love, then she does one tiny thing to get him pissed off and its another beat down. regardless if she strikes first, a real man just walks away.

  47. 47
    anne Says:

    @kel: where i live it’s 90 day minimum in jail (and a $1000 fine for violation of a protection order), no matter how many times. i got the da to get my abuser 120 because my testimony was very strong.

  48. 48
    Jennifer Says:

    @anne: A real woman would never hit a man either.

  49. 49
    midgetf0x Says:

    wow..chris brown is soo fine..

    thank gawd he didnt get jail time….

    team chrsi brown..:)..

    where can ya find ou wha was said in the case …?….

  50. 50
    g.i.joe Says:

    I guess he got no jail time since he’s a celebrity. That’s a shame cause he’s a human being just like everybody else and should therefore be convicted like everybody else.

  51. 51
    gülcin Says:

    i love chris brown i rihanna goes back to chris

    chris brown is sooooo cute

  52. 52
    Saywhat? Says:

    He’ll end up doing jail time. No way is this mofo going to keep his hands from beating down on a woman for the duration of his probation, five whole years! I am not sure about hardcore jail time for a first offence but he did get off lightly. He should have got a few days in the pen, for sure, and indefinite probation. Regardless of what Rihanna may or may not have done, no man should beat up a woman. Men are physically a lot stronger than women, even if they are the same size and when a man hits a woman with intent, he will do damage. I know there are people here who are saying she hit him first but he had no bruises whatsoever, whereas her faced looked like it was really given a pounding. I know there are people who think Chris is hot but he is very blah to me. And I agree, Rihanna is looking frumpy here.

  53. 53
    lizzie Says:


  54. 54
    Eliza Says:

    is anyone going to post rihanna said in court???

  55. 55
    Jennifer Says:

    @Saywhat?: The argument men are physically stronger than women is a Feminist Double Standard.

    I know a lot of physically strong women and a lot of physically weak men.

  56. 56
    enoughalready Says:

    @#5 Thank you, it was because of her and her knowing the truth about their situation that made her except the plea deal.. Chris did not deserve what he got. He got that much for saying the words of “I’m going to kill you” that did it..

    I will be glad when this chicks luck run out and let’s see how she will be able to handle it.. Rihanna is trouble and not in a good way…She did not want to go to court and neither did he..

    She up there looking like some old lady, she should’ve dressed like she usually do (hooker style) Chris looks mad because he took a plea deal. This is on her record also (mind, heart if she has one)..She is still not the poster child for abuse and he is not one for domestic violence, still says he defended himself.

  57. 57
    Rhianna threw the first punch Says:

    Rhianna threw the first punch. Chris Brown did not do anything wrong.
    That beaten image of hers is photo shopped.
    This is all just a Femnazi propaganda to demean men.

  58. 58
    Saywhat? Says:

    @Jennifer: A feminist double standard? It’s a fact! Pound for pound, men have more muscle mass than women and less body fat. I don’t know where you live to know ‘a lot’ of people who fall into the categories that you describe but on the whole, two adults, one male, one female who weigh exactly the same will be made up differently. The man will have more muscle mass (that’s a fact) and therefore more strength. Again, that’s a fact. I agree there are physically strong women and weak men but that is hardly the rule and to suggest it is, is to trivialise Rihanna’s injuries to those inflicted in a brawl that got out of hand! I don’t know about you but I was raised to believe that men do not hit women. I certainly do not see Rihanna as a brawler nor does she look particularly brawny and strong to me! Only weak men beat up on women. Therefore Chris Brown is a weak man.

  59. 59
    Fiona Says:

    i hate Chris 4 that.

  60. 60
    So what Says:

    I felt the sentence was fair, and good he is taking Domestic Violence classes.

    Rihanna looks like a widower

  61. 61
    Rhianna threw the first punch Says:

    I don’t think anyone should be hitting anyone. Violence begets violence.
    But you are saying it is OK for a woman to hit a man but if a man hits a woman suddenly he is the bad one. This argument makes you despicable human being a hypocrite and a reverse sexist.
    She should not initiated the fight in the first place. She hit him first and you cant expect the man to be all Jesus like and turn the other cheek. In a perfect world Yes but in reality not gonna happen.
    Rhianna should have been sent to jail. This is grave injustice to Chris Brown and all men.
    Just because women are physically weak does not mean they are victims.
    Femnazi CUN*S run the legal system.

  62. 62
    lalalove Says:

    You guys are being a bit hard on the kid! T.I was arrested on gun charges and barely got a sentence. It’s his first offence and he got 5 years probation. I knew he wouldn’t get jail time. Look at all the people out there that have done so much worse and got off scot-free. I’m almost certain that kid has learnt his lesson. Give him a break.

    He for damn sure had no right to hit her! But she had none hitting him either. Now, get these two f-ers out of my face and off this site. They aren’t worthy!

  63. 63
    lalalove Says:

    You guys are being a bit hard on the kid! T.I was arrested on gun charges and barely got a sentence. It’s his first offence and he got 5 years probation. I knew he wouldn’t get jail time. Look at all the people out there that have done so much worse and got off scot-free. I’m almost certain that kids has learnt his lesson. Give him a break.

    He for damn sure had no right to hit her! But she had none hitting him either. Now, get these two out of my face and off this site. They aren’t worthy!!

  64. 64
    Jennifer Says:

    @Saywhat?: Domestic abuse goes both ways. Women are not angels or saints. There are a lot of women out there who abuse men physically and emotionally.
    Stop watching Oprah and Tyra or The View, these shows are biased and bigoted.
    Take a look around, the world is a big place.

  65. 65
    Khristi Says:

    Just because the outcome didn’t result in jail time, it doesn’t mean that it was just a slap on the wrist. For those that are saying that she didn’t stand up for herself, I think that’s bullshit because at least she got the cops involved. I know of a few people that have been victims of abuse and they never said anything so good for her

  66. 66
    Saywhat? Says:

    #61 & #64: “But you are saying it is OK for a woman to hit a man but if a man hits a woman suddenly he is the bad one. This argument makes you despicable human being a hypocrite and a reverse sexist.” Actually, I am not saying that at all and if you had both READ what I said properly, you would realise that. You are both so quick with your ridiculous comments but did you actually read the entire thread before commenting? Because there are people posting here who keep saying that Rihanna threw the first punch (and therefore deserved the beating she got). What I am saying is REGARDLESS OF WHAT WAS GOING ON, no matter how provoked he might feel, a man should not be beating up on a woman because he has a strength advantage (most of the time). How the hell does that translate to “women can hit men but men cannot retaliate?”. The two of you need to get an education! Incidentally, if I was going to say it was okay for women to beat on men, I would say it. Plainly.

  67. 67
    Izzy Says:

    @harper, LA, Just Say No, Yoda – Well said

    An insecure girl with no self esteem – a sad tale

  68. 68
    Izzy Says:

    @enoughalready: true that, totally agree with you

  69. 69
    Rhianna threw the first punch Says:

    @Saywhat?:But you implied that it is OK for a women to hit men. You have to be more open minded and stop being a Drama Queen. And women should stop pulling out the victim card every time things don’t go their way, its life deal with it. You Feminists are wrapped up in your own little world that you forget about men’s rights. If you read my post properly you would not have made those idiotic comments. I don’t think anyone should be hitting anyone. Violence begets violence.

  70. 70
    Rhianna threw the first punch Says:

    @Saywhat?: Women who claim to be victims are nothing but insecure, bitter and lazy.

    You are saying that men are insensitive and cant feel pain or hurt. That men don’t have any feelings. Spoken like a typical feminist. Only thinking about yourselves. Come out of you shell and smell the roses.

    The Feminist movement was to empower women to be strong and equal to men in every aspect but when it comes to the courtroom women turn into weak delicate little flower and men’s rights get thrown right out the window.

  71. 71
    Saywhat? Says:

    #69: “But you implied that it is OK for a women to hit men.” No I didn’t. I didn’t say Rihanna was right to hit Chris and I didn’t say her hitting him was okay either (if she did). What I said is it is wrong for a man to hit a woman even if it is in retaliation for some action on her part. If she hit him, Chris should have walked away. Instead he beat the living crap out of her! How can that be right or justified? I didn’t think I needed to say that Rihanna shouldn’t have hit him – that went without saying. But if she did, he had a choice – retaliate (which is wrong and which is my point) or walk away. If he had walked away, he would have been the bigger person. Instead, he is now perceived as a weak, woman beating loser. And that is HIS fault.

    #70 – I cannot believe you said that. There are millions of women around the world who are living with violent and abusive partners. Domestic violence is a reality for those women every day. They are not weak or pathetic or lazy. They are TERRIFIED and often feel TRAPPED, particularly if there are children (which may or may not increase their dependence on their partners). Getting out of such situations isn’t always straightforward and even the strongest women can get trapped in a cycle of abuse. See my response above. This is not a feminist issue. It is about what is right and wrong and it’s very black and white to me. Regardless of men’s rights, no court is going to condone a man kicking the crap out of a woman just because (it is said that) she threw the first punch. Courts do not condone violence PERIOD. Believe me, if Rihanna had kicked the tar out of Chris and charges were pressed against her, she would have been the one with the record. And don’t tell me that never happens because we all know it does.

  72. 72
    Saywhat? Says:

    By the way, domestic violence is a reality for men too but women are, by far, the biggest victims of violence (and, sometimes, murder, at the hands of an abusive husband or partner. The thing that really disturbs me about this is Chris is only 19 and already has so much rage against women. This isn’t the first time he has beat Rihanna and he beat up another girlfriend before her. This man is headed for trouble. No way will he stay out of trouble for five years.

  73. 73
    babes Says:

    i think his punishment is a little too harsh considering its a one sided story. i wish him the best and cant wait for the new album! :)

  74. 74
    cb Says:

    Shut up all you haterz!!!! The only one that can judge anyone in this world is God not none of you. People make mistakes its life nobody is perfect. Rihanna didnt deserve that but that doesnt make Chris a bad person. it was just a wrong choice he made and he will move on and learn from it. thats all. Stop judging and talking S***. Be mature dont be so childish although i think you all are! PEACE!

  75. 75
    Rhianna threw the first punch Says:

    @Saywhat?: “Courts do not condone violence PERIOD. Believe me, if Rihanna had kicked the tar out of Chris and charges were pressed against her, she would have been the one with the record”

    You have got to be kidding me, right. I was in an abusive relationship with my ex-wife, and the courts did not do crap. The courts just let her off with a warning, no jail time or probation.
    All i am asking for is equality but there is no such thing i believe.

    Most of the judges in courts today are feminist women who are biased and bigoted in their opinion when it comes to violence against men. They believe just because women can give birth they are superior . They don’t care about the man.

    There is no consistency. There is no justice.

  76. 76
    newbie Says:

    5 years probation is not a slap on the wrist. I am disgusted with what Chris Brown did but for a first time offender it’s not a light sentence. Check out some of the other celebs and even non celebs who have been sentenced. I think he’ll learn from this and hopefully he’ll focus on making something better of himself. Move on people!

  77. 77
    chouchou Says:

    il mérite la mort j deteste un mec agressif

  78. 78
    karen Says:

    well she probably still cares for him that part is the one thing that is the hardest to get over but once a man hits know matter what the law says he will do it again and he mite be on probation and a no contact order but it would realy suprise me if he done it again if he would get any jail time at all …..but if she was smart and if he was smart they would stay away from each other cause if they try to be around one another it will happen again and it just mit be a whole lot worse and i do beleave everyone should stop buying his music

  79. 79
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    she looks amazing :)

  80. 80
    holumeday Says:

    i love rihanna…but i know chris is sorry,cant you see his looks????he knew he made the greatest mistake

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