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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Team Cameron Diaz!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Team Cameron Diaz!

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes (in J Brand “912 zombie” ripped pencil leg jeans) come out to support their pal Cameron Diaz, who is being honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (June 22) in Hollywood.

FYI: Tom co-starred alongside Cameron in 2001′s Vanilla Sky.

The day before, Tom took his son Connor to watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350 at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif.

10+ pictures inside of Team Cameron Diaz members Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 01
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 02
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 03
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 04
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 05
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 06
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 07
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tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 09
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 10
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 11
tom cruise katie holmes cameron diaz 12
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Photos: Kristian Dowling/Christian Petersen/Getty, Steve Granitz/Wireimage
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  • audrey


  • dr phil

    tiny tom and his bimbo robowife


  • Don’t They Look Happy!

    Wow! They can’t even pretend anymore.

  • Pandora

    Katie looks worse in each pic I see of her. I certainly wouldn’t want to tower over my man. Nothing seems to suit her, starting w/ her hairstyle for one. She such a gangly girl trying to be a sophistocated woman. Fashion faux pas all the time, every time.

  • audrey
  • S

    wow katie looks like a giant next to midget tom in the main picture. tom looks like a mini me next to her. haha

  • Don’t They Look Happy!

    Wow! They can’t even pretend anymore. Sad.

  • bambi

    Katie looks beautiful, very simple and sweet. Nice to see Connor w/his dad. I read that the girls (Katie, Bella, and Suri)were there too.

  • dr phil

    # 8- bimbo…oh, I mean…bambi…

    beautiful and sweet? OMG…if you only knew!

    no class, no taste, no talent bimbo

  • you know..

    Everyone knows that Katie is taller. Why does she draw attention to this fact by slouching down when they are together. It makes her look silly. Lots of men are with taller women. Deal and make the most of it.

    My problem with Katie (I know Tom likes her to be called Kate) is what is she going to be…. dancer, actress,designer, please pick one and do it well.

  • CC

    get Tom a ladder

  • The Odd Couple

    That last photo is the second worst picture of them ever. Here’s number one:

  • to #10

    it’s basic passive-agressive anger acting-out behaviour. they need couple’s therapy. angry shoes are a BAD sign.

  • lol #11

    it’s like they are in different time zones!

  • Brad pitt fan

    nice moobs, tom. he’s so phony.

  • bambi

    #10, I don’t think Katie is slouching because of Tom. If she wanted to minimize the height difference, she wouldn’t wear such high heels.

  • The Teeth? Seriously

    Mrs. Cruise teeth are dark yellow! They look chipped too. What’s up with that? Tom’s look gorgeous.

  • Conner is SO HANDSOME!

    like his dad ;-)


    It is nice to see Tom with his son Conner a lot these days. But not
    Suri… Getting ready for the low budget horror flick that Katie is doing
    playing a daughter visiting her father and step mom only to have the
    house be haunted…WOW WAY TO GO KATE

  • Lalique

    Get Katie’s ripped, stained pants now! Available at! Only $599.99!! Also available in clean for $299.99 and in no-rips for $199.99!!!


    from the first time i ever saw this girl (kissing tom for the paps in italy) and everytime since, only two words come to mind, DESPERATE & AWKWARD.

  • adam

    @you know..: Everyone knows that Katie is taller OOOOO plz she is not that tall to me katie towers tom here,Why The Hell she insists on wearing heels without it she will be great.tom looks so Ridiculous beside her.

  • pop

    akward couple. i hope she just wore flats instead. tom looked so tiny beside her.

  • Tom & Kate Plus 8…

    inch heels

  • ck

    On a recruiting trip for Scientology?

  • TWPumpkin

    She always wears high heels around him. Whats up with that. She looks like shit and he looks like he is very unhappy.

  • TWPumpkin

    She looks so bad! Who dresses this chick! What the hell is that sticking out of her belly? Perhaps it is the plug in for when Tom recharges his robowife?

  • sarah

    this man is really sick,he dresses her high heels to make a fool of himself ,guess what tome she is not tall and she is not NK

    pic of katie wearing flatswith tom and she is same high as he or even less

  • coni (:

    She is pregnant?

  • jenna

    I’ll take him if she’s “done” with him.

  • Peter Parker

    Just an actress and designer, #10. Where is she slouching? If he cared, wouldn’t he have said something about her heels?

    Exactly, #16.

    It’s not a low budget film and it’s a horror movie based on an acclaimed TV film made by some very talented people, #19.

    You’re an idiot, #28.

    She’s not, #29.

  • jo

    Please tell me Cameron Diaz is not a Scientologist or even close to being one!

  • eliza

    I don’t like Tom’s hair combed forward. He looks like Napoleon that way.

  • me

    Cameron is so much prettier than Katie, seems so livelier and younger, even though she’s 6 years older.

  • Irish Girl

    @dr phil: Shut up. She’s entitled to her opinion. Loser.
    I think they look great too. Katie looks tall with her shoes, but they are a very attractive couple.
    Connor is so handsome. Tom seems like a really great dad. As much as I love Nicole, you never see her with the kids. :(

  • Realme2008

    Kate isn’t that tall. She’s 5’9″, which is tall for a woman but it isn’t a giant.
    Tom probably didn’t wear his shoe lifts this day. I think there is a one inch difference or two max between them normally, which isn’t a big deal. When she wears super high heels of course she will tower over him. Who cares… it’s not that big of a deal. Shoot, if Christiana Ricci can date someone who is 17 or 18 inches taller than her, than why can’t Tom be with someone an inch or two taller? That to me is ridiculous!

  • regi

    Katie looks great I like what she is wearing, Tom always looks good.

  • heu

    And whata hell has Cameron Diaz done to deserve a star on the Walk of Fame? She hasn’t done one memorial role in my opinion

  • amy

    On the first pic kate looks so tall than tom that is a kind of scary, other than that they look ok to me.

  • Chrissy

    UGH! I can’t believe anybody cares about these fame wh*ores anymore. Katie looks miserable, sickly, and pale with yellow teeth, messy hair and a ridiculous outfit AS USUAL. Now she’s doing reality TV. Home of the D listers!

    Cruise is just a has been at this point. All he’s known for anymore is being crazy. I think they would show up at the opening of an envelope just to get the attention. I’m surprised they didn’t have Suri sit in the middle of the star in front of Cameron. LOL!

    Oh….one more thing! Peter Parker, or whatever you are calling yourself today, you’re the IDIOT. I’m so sick of you calling everyone names cause they have a different opinion that you. You don’t know crap about TomKat so STFU and stop being so obnoxious. Every hates your guts around here. Even the fans.

  • Katie’s Plastic Surgery

    After 2+ years of speculation about whether or not Katie’s round tummy with an outie belly button means she’s pregnant, I am convinced that she got a “second trimester implant” just for attention. In the future boring women will walk into plastic surgeons’ offices and say, “Give me a Katie.”

  • Annie

    How many times have we seen pics of people who are in love? Tons. You can SEE the love in their eyes, tall or short, they just fit. These two?? No way in hell. Quit acting Tiny and Cankle and move on.

  • Tee-Hee

    He’s a pocket person!! Ha-Ha,Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha!!!! What a joke these two are. Only trying to promote Cameron because they are going to do a movie together. Their last movie sucked, so good luck Tiny Gay Man, with your big elephant cow wife!

  • Lydia

    Awwww. Look at little lunatic Tommy with his high heels on!! Isn’t that cute!! Even with his high heels giant, rat toothed, robo wife towers over him. He does look like Napoleon, and he acts like him too.

    I wish the space ship Tom beleives in would come down and take these two back to their home planet. I’m sick of both of them. I lost all respect for Cruise when he attacked women with PPD, and an entire medical profession (Psychiatry). He needs that medical profession worse than anybody I ever saw. GET SOME HELP CRUISE and buy your wife new teeth and a stylist. She needs both.

  • dabu

    Blech and FUG

  • pr person

    Wow! Couldn’t Crazies wife have even made an effort to look somewhat decent for this event? Ripped jeans? Uber thin tshirt with a cardigan? Yuck!Yuck! Yuck!!!!
    Hmmmmm….. Wonder if Crazy has heard about how his buddy, best man and “religious” leader is a psychopath who likes to beat people up?

  • Respect

    Sure was nice of Mrs. Cruise to get all dressed up in ripped jeans, a t-shirt, a sloppy truck stop waitress pony tail, yellow teeth and no make-up for close friend Cameron’s special occassion. I’m sure she drank coffee from a paper cup and smoked a Camel during the ceramony, then headed back to he trailer.

  • Chaz

    She’s even too big for me! Or maybe he is just really tiny. Bet I could take him. Little F*ck.

  • Karon

    She has NO style!!!!!! These two are a Hollywood joke that just needs to go away. And maybe, Tom is trying to tune into Xenu who is flying into grab Cameron because she is an SP. That would really suck for their hideous movie that is coming up. Cruise and Cankle just GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Realme2008

    I’m convinced it’s really 12-year-old’s leaving all these comments or a troll.