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Britney Spears Is A Super Shopper

Britney Spears Is A Super Shopper

Britney Spears visits the posh Sky Boutique to shop, and leaves wearing a new black dress on Monday (June 22) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 27-year-old pop princess took a short break from her world tour, also making a stop at Target to pick up a Michael Jackson Number Ones CD to listen to while she drove back home.

Britney has reportedly been offered a role a new film called The Yellow Star of Sophia and Eton, which is set during World War II. Her character would be Sophia LaMont, who creates a time machine and travels back to World War II where she meets a Jewish man called Eton at a concentration camp.

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears as a super shopper…

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britney spears super shopper 01
britney spears super shopper 02
britney spears super shopper 03
britney spears super shopper 04
britney spears super shopper 05
britney spears super shopper 06
britney spears super shopper 07
britney spears super shopper 08
britney spears super shopper 09
britney spears super shopper 10
britney spears super shopper 11

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    I surprisingly like the 3rd pic.

  • LOL

    She bought Mickael Jackson’s DVD (last pic). Love you Babe XXX

  • Me!

    OK, couple of things: Time to invest in a bra to give those puppies a lift.
    Also, would invest in bangs or something to cover that ugly hairline, which I am sure was created by constant pulling and yanking to attach hair extensions!

  • Thay

    I love you <3

  • deea

    she looks like she is 35 …honestly

  • LOVE

    She’s not a perfect machine, she’s not a classy diva, she’s a simple sweet girl from Louisiana who makes mistakes and who’s just being herself. Love her outfit and love her.

  • Billie

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!
    Britney’s a pig!

  • Ckayed

    Who cares — TRAILER TRASH — in fact, she is the pinnacle of TRAILER TRASH. Can’t believe people pay top dollar to go to her LIP SYNC-ING concerts. She is such a twit/twat gross hog. Yea, her actions really deserve respect — NOT.

  • Ckayed

    Complete pig sty hog. How did this gross bitch get so popular? Lip-sunc-ing gross trailer trash. Can’t even sing live at her hyped up shitty concerts — what a waste of a human life. She’s right up there with Carmen Electra, Denise Richards and Kim Kardashian — a big waste of space on the planet.

  • Christa

    why would anyone offer her a role in a movie, let alone one about the holocaust?

  • Noticias de famosos

    It seems that things will go better, I’m glad for it, it looks good.

  • LOVE

    Only Mediocrity doesn’t have haters, and it’s a good thing that there are so many haters:-) There are so many people with superiority complex who hate her so much that can’t help but spend so many own time on commenting her photos, getting orgasmic pleasure in calling her trash and feeling better themselves afterward… it is really pathetic…

  • haha

    Sorry but she cannot sing nor dance, she was just an illusion.

  • Sweet babe

    Say what you want about her, she’s LIGHTYEARS ahead of you as far as success goes and all you’re known for is being a bitch.

  • sweet babe

    #9, say what you want about her, she’s LIGHTYEARS ahead of you as far as success goes and all you’re known for is being a bitch.

  • Pandora

    Christa # 10 — I was thinking the exact same thing. I doubt she even knows what the Holocaust is/was.

    That said, she is looking better (for her!) these days and it’s good she’s found a man who thinks he’s ready to plunge into marriage w/ her!

  • sunny

    She is so pretty. love her very much. I just found her private profile on.
    _ million aire cha ts C/o m__ she is very hot and attractive there.

  • sunny

    She is so pretty. love her very much. I just found her private profile on.
    _ million aire cha ts C/o m__ she is very hot and attractive there.I read her blog and know more about here. She is very sincere

  • kate

    Queen Britney is back bitchies!!

  • Mr. Smit

    @LOVE: I guess this little sweetie from Louisiana loves to flash it and get it more than most other sweet southern gals, heh?

  • karenina

    she looks slimer, but she ahs huge calves or legs.

  • Felicity

    glad to see her back on her feet. she looks cute :)
    but the idea for the movie sounds terrible. honestly, with or without britney – that’s a flop.

  • LOVE

    Mr. Smit, she is just a vulnerable human who made mistakes, so what?

  • nikki

    Always shopping. She makes expensive clothes look cheap.

  • Victoria

    Britney is looking really good lately – I hope she is truly happy :-)

  • LL


  • mary

    what they don’t show in these pictures is her father and/or body guards hired by him. this poor girl cannot go anywhere unless she is “supervised”. her father controls everything; access to money, where she lives, who she can have as friends, who she can talk to, where she can go etc. etc. it’s nice she’s been offered a role in a film but the girl can’t accept unless her father gives his permission. i only hope one day she is able to free herself of this man’s control.

  • julia


  • Tt


    and jared the photos of her in the car with the hair down (21 june) please post them , she was really hot on that ones!!!


  • Britney former fan

    She flashed herself more than once, it isn’t a mistake when it happens again and again. She would still be doing it if her father didn’t come in to run her life. It is sad that she still has naive fans who look up to her after all her ‘mistakes’. Girls can be so blinded when it comes to someone who used to be pretty. Yeah, you liked her because you thought she was pretty and sweet- she’s aged horribly she’s ugly inside and out. She’s crossed the line a long time ago and she never had talent to begin with so we won’t have a Michael Jackson or a Robert Downey Jr comeback on our hands. Her tour and album is a commercial success, but not a critical success. She should just disappear and live off her millions without being judged against hollywood standards (skinny, perfect, smart, talented, everything she is not). She hasn’t grown as an artist at all after ten years in the business.

  • Paranel

    Love Britney. Enjoy your time out from your sold out Circus.

  • LOVE

    For Britney former fan:
    She was mentally ill and probably she still is… yet she tries to get her life back with her father’s help. Yes, she was beautiful and she was ugly, she was perfect and she was horrible…her strong and weak sides made me love her even more.

  • Meream

    She looks great. I’m happy that she’s back on her own two feet again.

  • to 32

    i’m bi-polar, same diagnosis as britney. yes, she was, for a time, mentally ill. however, with proper therapy and medication, people like britney and myself lead our lives and run our own affairs. to suggest that any one with bi-polar properly medicated is still mentally ill is down right irriating. i, being properly medicated, am not now mentally ill.

  • Jbo


    Buy a bra, get a hair stylist w/talent and stop buying your extensions from the swap meet…

  • http://lidora1666@YANDEX.RU lida


  • irish girl

    @Mr. Smit: Get over yourself.
    Part of her condition, being bi-polar, has extremes in behaviour. She is probably on medication which levels out her highs and lows.
    Not that I think or know if she’s had many sex partners, what does it matter? This is 2009, and she is not in the extremist middle east where virginity and honour are demanded of women. (Ridiculous in my estimations) Women are allowed to be who and what they want. If she has too many partners for your taste, I’m sure there’s some 12 year old out there somewhere who’d put up with your misogynistic BS.

  • christy

    Congrats on the marriage , u rock!

  • TWPumpkin


  • lakers fan in boston

    that movie has a good plot but i just see an epic fail with her in it
    lmao, she’s so beat
    she use 2 be hot but all that hard partying makes her look 30+

  • Shila

    She’s great, great to see this wonderful woman has a very good taste in music, MJ and Britney should duet!!!

  • Britney former fan

    To Love: But the point is all her good points are a thing of the past. I can’t see her as anything but selfish and with an ugly personality now. Ppl only like Britney because of what she used to be. She is just so self destructive and dumb now. She’s nothing special to look at, and beauty reflects personality, and her’s are ugly

    With her on medication, shouldn’t she be able to show the judge that she is now in control of herself ?Shouldn’t she be the ‘old Britney’ back? She can’t do that! She has a fricking tour to worry about even without custody of her kids and under conservatorship because she can”t even handle being a legal adult. She loves her sons but that is also selfish because they are hers and will be her legacy when she passes on.

  • stophating

    i dont know what it is-but girlfriend is looking gooooood

    her hair, her skin, the way she is dressing…everything is working for her! she just needs to tone up her body a bit more…after all, shes on tour!

    but overall a huge improvement–awesome britbrit!

  • Suppress your appetite

    She looks great

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