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Jennifer Aniston Takes Action For Healthy Kids

Jennifer Aniston Takes Action For Healthy Kids

Smartwater and its spokesperson Jennifer Aniston just launched a limited-edition smartwater bottle, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the non-profit organization Action For Healthy Kids, a group that gets kids moving, eating well, staying hydrated and educated on what it takes to live healthy lives.

5 cents of each bottle sold will go directly to Action for Healthy Kids, with a minimum donation of $1 million. The bottle’s label was inspired by a mural Jennifer and a group of 20 kids from the AFHK program in Los Angeles did this past fall.

Jennifer shared, “I really learned so much from these kids during the art session and am grateful to be able to partner with smartwater to help such an amazing organization, one that makes an enormous difference in kids’ lives every day.”

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  • Liloletta

    good cause!

  • Kim

    yes, good cause but Aniston would never share her money with these kids….

  • http://JUSTJARED Ellen

    She is so fake !

  • blah

    I can totally tell that comment was from her heart. Scripted and boring and lame

  • happynoww

    It only took 2 posts for somebody to be nasty when Jen is trying to help a great cause.

  • jupi3




  • jupi3

    Let her donate a million to a cause. Then we’ll think better of her.

    How much does she get per bottle sold…..10 cents?

  • lara

    Thought she does charity in private.hypocrite b i t c h!

  • Maggie

    Because if she does any thing work…they can’t b*&ch about that.

  • aka

    If she has at least a kid of her own then I would believe her cause. But I think she is a selfish woman who only care about her hair, tan, body…

    Such a faker.

  • You/Me

    I really like the fact that Jen is subtle in her charity. She has always been a private person and she sticks to that in all aspects of her life.
    #2 Kim, if you go to looktothestars. org it lists what charities most celebrities are involved in and Jen is involved in quiet a number of them.
    Charities supported
    Jennifer Aniston has supported the following charities:

    Clothes Off Our Back
    EB Medical Research Foundation
    Friends of El Faro
    Habitat For Humanity
    Lili Claire Foundation
    Luke Neuhedel Foundation
    Project A.L.S.
    Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    US Campaign for Burma

    And she is involved in these causes:
    Causes supported
    Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, Cancer, Children, Disaster Relief, Education, Family/Parent Support, Gay/Lesbian Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Mental Challenges, Peace, Rape/Sexual Abuse

    I don’t think it’s fair to knock any celebrity, not just Jen, by saying they don’t give back because many of them do give but they are just low key about it.

  • Maggie

    You guys can’t have it both ways. Bitch when you think she doesn’t do any charity and bitch when she does. It’s funny how you all spin spin spin

  • mich

    @Ellen: how?

  • Sally

    As I said before, Jen does a lot of charity (this is only a tiny example), she just don’t need to prove it for anybody just because some of you staying comparing her to Angelina all the time, even so many years had past now. You can’t forget her.

    Jen is not only a beautiful woman. She has a beautiful heart. That’s the reason I really love her, more even than by her talent, that it’s also great. She’s a wonderful person and deserves all the best.

  • stevie

    thought she does charity in private! she is a hypocrite like her fans.all of a sudden she donates 1 million to charity.a question to jenfans: why did she announce it if she is a private person??????????????

  • mich

    @Kim: im guessing you know her well to make that assumption? ……………..yeah i thought so. please do not be so naive to believe the propaganda the media is feeding you

  • karen

    And how much goes into her pocket. Kids in school do not need expensive water..she could be helping to fund reading programs, tutoriing programs. at risk programs art programs since many school are forced to cut them because of budgets being sliced. I would have more respect for her efforts if she was talking about diet and exercise. She loves yoga then fund a yoga program.

    For every bottle that is sold another is thrown into the environment. Where are all the eco supporters.. I am so tired of hearing about her helping children.. She is such a phony.. Can’t stand her more and more.. I am sure her fans will rush here to claim what a great thing she is doing.

    Yeah right..

  • Janethedoe

    stevie, no offense just read the article carefully,

    “5 cents of each bottle sold will go directly to Action for Healthy Kids, with a minimum donation of $1 million. The bottleā€™s label was inspired by a mural Jennifer and a group of 20 kids from the AFHK program in Los Angeles did this past fall.”

  • Maggie

    I thought doing anything for charity is good thing. Loons spin it into a bad thing…I thought that was a big complaint of you guys…just keep spinning away…maybe you will start believing your own delusions..wait you do. Idiots grow up.

  • mich

    I normally do not comment but out of the hateful commenets i have heard i felt the need to comment. why do you feel the need to be so spiteful towards someone you have never met in your life and will probably never meet? your only information about her comes from tabloid magazines who run on fabricated stories 99% of the time. so please can someone please answer my question as to why you really dislike her and really think about your answer.

  • Clarice

    Whatever she did, does or will do, you, Angelina fans, will be nasty with her, because you just can’t let go this sick angry of you. So sad for you, live like that!
    Jen, great action, one more of many. We, whose know you a little better, know that you do a lot and is an amazing woman.

  • happynoww

    At least she isn’t like those celebs who sell their kids pictures to give the money to charity instead of using money from their own paychecks. Your children should always be private and should never be used to give money to charity. That is just sick and creepy to allow people to gawk at your kids like that for money. Who would want to walk by a newsstand and see your own child’s picture on the cover of a magazine unless your ego loves it. Hey look at how much money my kid is worth. My kid is worth more than your kid. Sick.

  • Maggie


    It’s funny every tabloid about Angie and Brad is a lie but the absolute truth when it comes to Jen. The hypocriscy on this board is mind boggling

  • dd

    Do not waste your money on expensive Smartwater, stupidwater or other bottled water. They are wasteful.

    Boil your tap water, let it cool, put in a reusable bottle and use it whenever you want.

  • Anna

    Come on, this is getting funny. Everything about this adorable lady gets so polemic. Even when we talking about a good act, pure and simple like that. This sick and cruel guys here need doctor’s help, for sure. My Gosh, where the world will be with people like these? While you are wasting your time in the internet trying to hurt her, she is working, living, and being brave and lovely. It’s not just about how she is richer than you, or prettier than most of you, I’m sure, but it’s about make some real difference. No matter if a small or a big one, but try to do your best to be honest, strong and happy. She’s not but awesome.

  • elsa

    LOL . . . she’ll do kid charity work as long as it’s in an art classes where does not get dirty, as long she does not get her feet on dirty grounds, as long as she does not mingle with smelly abandoned children, dirty dafur kids, etc. What a faker.

  • Mick

    Well done Jennifer,she has a heart of gold.

  • elsa

    . . . low key charity? Or you mean “low money charity contribution’ If Anniston contributes a $1million dollars to any charity, it would make the news. But . . . nothing. Sure she’s part of the charities mentioned here, but only because she was approached and forced to donate/give, not that she volunteers to give . . .

  • Peter Parker

    Right, #5. I wonder when the comparisons to Angelina Jolie will come in and her fans will trash Aniston’s praise-worthy efforts to help children’s lives.

    She shouldn’t have to, #7. When some donates to charity anything at all when they don’t have to, they should be respected. Who are you to judge?

    Do you have any idea how moronic that sounds, #10.

    Correct, #12 and #14.

    She could be doing that…bust she doesn’t want to, #17! An organization that helps promote good health in kids is just fine. It’s not to get water sent to schools!

    You’re slamming the fact that she promotes an item that’s contained in a plastic bottle? Are you insane?

    How you think this is not a great thing she’s doing is beyond me.

    True #19 and #20.

  • str8up

    I’m no Angelina, Brad or linabrad fan, but what the heck is smartwater? Pure stupidness. Just engage in straight up charity work without endorsing commercial products for publicity and financial gain.

  • fresh

    good cause but whenever she does anything it sounds so forced –not entirely genuine. But like i said–good cause.

  • Peter Parker

    Right, #23.

    Or just recycle the bottle, #24.

    Correct, #25.

    So what, #26? There’s no scale out there by which you measure admiration and respect of a person’s charity by how much hard work they put into it.

    You can’t be forced to donate anything, #28. It’s always going to be voluntary. Motivations may range from good PR to genuine care but it’s always voluntary,

  • lei

    Jennifer Anniston has as much substance as Paris Hilton; but at least she’s not as dumb as Paris Hilton.
    Brad Pitt leaving her for Angelina Jolie sorta opened her eyes to things other than beaches, beauty salons, spas, etc. Good for her.

  • Lucy

    Jen is definitly a hit. Look at this! No matter what she does, people make a carnival here!!! Don’t you ever listen the history that says that hate and love are just two faces of the same feeling? I think you like her more than you think, bad guys.

    About my opinion, I just want to say: keep going, babe. You are the best. Love you, gorgeous Jen!

  • Mick

    These stupid people who keep saying she was forced to do something.Forced….did she tell you that herself.You haters are pathetic.Just dont keep giving your negative comments on something that is good..jeez..Jennifer Aniston could give her entire wealth away to charity and it would still be not enough to some people.
    leave her alone and stop bitchin.

  • Peter Parker

    Why, #30? Where’s the harm?

    Because you look for reason to find fault, #31.

    Right, #35.

  • Dread not

    @ You/Me

    Good job on the list. This one, right here: Rape, Abuse & INCEST National Network. Must be why Brangie Moonies dislike Jen so much. It ALL makes sense, now! How could Ange keep kissin’ her bro, and lovin’ on him, if people like, Jen want to stop it! Bwahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahahaha!


    @ happynoww

    A certain, jutting toothed, bug eyed, lip swollen, chicken legged freak sold photos of her kids to a magazine awhile back. Yeah, She did! Real humanitarian. The megalomaniacal, saint Angie!!


    Helping people on the downlow, Jenny Ani. Good on you. There’s just as much dignity, doing it that way, than “using your celebrity” to bring attention to yourself… I mean, your cause, right, Angie Jolie? Have at it, Brangie Moonies. I know you gotta scratch that itch. LOL.

  • Besane

    If you care about our kids’ future, please stop promoting the harmful PLASTIC BOTTLES! She doesn’t care any bit about kids nor charity. This is for her PR.

  • Ms. Marla

    still the lovely “golden one”….

  • Noticias de famosos

    I very much like to work with good causes.

  • roja


  • val

    wow brangie does it for pr toooooo!!! hahahahahaha! this is a joke!

  • Peter Parker

    So what if’s it for PR, #38? The poor kids benefiting from charity sure as hell don’t care why anyone wants to help them.

    Last time I checked, there was a little something called recycling…

  • LuckyL

    Haha, the best she can do: action through someone else.

  • Jane

    #11..You are lying,. Aniston does not give to those charity’s you mentioned.

  • val

    @lei: how about you compare yourself to angie do you measure up since shes on such a high pedistal in your eyes !!! you probably dont even measure yourself in cm centimeters!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    dd…#24…you don’t have to boil water, it is safe to drink, from the tap.

  • Sally

    What make me sad is that any of this angry things said here is really about Jen.

    Before the divorce, she was the American Sweetheart. Vogue told in large fonts: “everybody loves Jen” with stunning pics. People mag choosed her like the most beautiful person of the world. Jen was working hard, getting awards for this, living her life without do anything to hurt anyone, being a really good person. Of course, she is human, she is not perfect, but who is?

    My point is: the sad thing is the guys that say here all cruel and absurd things about her, they don’t even think when they read or see something about Jen. They just disagree. No matter what. If Angelina say or do the same thing, wonderful, but Jen… not Jen.

    This is the ridiculous point where we are.

    Nobody has the balls to say it, but Jen was never hated before. Some guys could not like her very much, but the most of us really like her. A lot. All these angry comments of Angelina fans became obsessive with Jen of a very sick way.

    They are always afraid of the meaning she had in Brad’s life, and still has, will have forever. You can’t erase it and you don’t need it. Just let go.

    Jen is a good person and don’t deserve any of these negative energy here. Go get a job, or something, guys, but don’t you see it’s getting ridiculous to you act like that?

  • deana

    When will this ugly funny looking woman, Rachel Green, going away. She is unattractive, botoxed to the hilt, and shallow as a child. And she can’t act.

  • Jen

    It’s a good cause.. good for her