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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Halts Production

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Halts Production


Following Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s big divorce announcement, Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be going on production hiatus.

The LA Times reports that Monday will be a clip package with some new footage. The next all-new episode would be on Aug. 3. The decision for a hiatus reportedly came from the network, not the family.

Kate tearfully declared on Monday’s show, “The show must go on!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jon & Kate taking a break from the show?

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  • Theresa

    There is no way I’m ever supporting this train wreck of show again. They really blew it this time. I am no longer a fan of this show ever again. It’s just amazing what the damage they are doing to their kids.

  • N.

    Frankly, they should have halted production before when all the cracks of their marriage became available for public scrutiny four or five months ago. They should have worked on their marriage more instead of falling prey to gossip and paparazzi. It’s just sad to watch the show now- yes Kate was always hard on Jon but you could see in the earlier seasons that they were parents together and that they loved each other. It’s painful knowing that those kids can now have a permanent reminder of their parent’s divorce in box DVD set form

  • moi

    They should have halted the show a LONG TIME AGO.

  • Meepzy

    This show should have never existed to begin with.

  • ohmygod

    “The decision for a hiatus reportedly came from the network, not the family.”

    This is so backwards. You know that it has gotten incredibly, horribly, terribly bad when TLC is the one that has to stop the show. I mean, it’s so sad when the network that is making millions off of this family is the ones that have to pull the plugs. This really says something about the sickening greed in Kate Gosselin.

  • Jane

    That’s sad (the divorce). I think they should take time off sort out family matter.

  • Anne

    I am disappointed that they so hastily jumped into a divorce without counseling or an extended separation. I would love to know the facts behind kate’s statement that after jon’s actions, behaviour last weekend she felt it best for the kids and herself to immediately file for divorce.

  • natalie

    the show in my opinion is the reason their marriage is ruined, how can u possibly have a good relationship when not only are you taking care of 8 kids, but theres cameras filimg your life almost 24/7. to me they should stop the show and go to therapy

  • lalalaa

    they really need this hiatus…they need to figure out everything and the show is just intefering with all of this.

  • zzzz

    Having that many kids at once could easily ruin a marriage, but it also doesn’t help that Kate is so verbally abusive of Jon.


    tengo las pelotas llenas de escuchar de estos pelotudos!!

    A quien le importa??

    Son tan buenos padres que a costa de sus hijos ganan plata..

    Los odio..

  • jaye

    They need more than a break, they need to be gone. The kids are cute as can be , but this REAL drama isn’t helping them. They are on the hook (signed contract) for this year, but they should just fade away after they finish their legal obligations.

    Kate is playing her usual game of ‘blame Jon for everything’. I’m sure it pinches that Jon won’t talk to her; she can’t VENT if he won’t talk to her. I guess she’s about to blow up soon. But she is taking it out on him in what she says. She always make it sound like her concern for the kids is more than his. When she made the announcement about filing for divorce she said it was because of Jon’s actions of the past weekend that she is having to do this to protect herself and her children. What the h*ell was THAT. She talks like he is physically abusing her and the kids. She also made come comment about if she has to do this ALONE she will. Rejection is a b*itch Kate; he wants the kids, it’s just YOU he doesn’t want. She’s a seething pot of rage.

    Jon isn’t without blame. Whatever his marriage has become, he has LET it become. The other part of the equation is that these two never had TIME to be a couple. They immediately started trying to have kids after they married. So it’s no surprise that their marriage didn’t survive, even given the divorce rate of couples who are parents of multiples. Kate for her part, may be the planner and take charge person, but she does things with little concern for other people’s feelings. I’m sure she’s very unhappy that she won’t have Jon as a constant punching bag. Life goes on. For the kids sake I hope they can maintain some civility.

  • ashi JIJI


  • rocky

    @WHY? I DON’T CARE!:

    What are you saying? Do you not speak or write English?

  • Wendy

    Kate got fired!!! OMG will she be able to feed her kids and pay for her new SUV? Hopefully she’s already paid off her boob job and has put enough money aside to make sure she can shop/pay for her boyfriend/bodyguard, shop, go tanning, shop,write books, shop. I bet when TLC found out she filled for divorce they decided to pull the plug. Jon better get himself a good lawyer. You think shes mean and hateful when he gave into her all these years, think what she’ll be like know that she’s mad.

  • Alyssa

    Seriously, they should have done this earlier to stop the show. Jon and Kate need their privacy and I think all this publicity is just making the situation worse. The finale of the recent season, you can just see how Jon didn’t want to do this anymore. Then there is Kate who just wants to keep the show going, I’m just like, “WOMAN! Do you know what’s happening to you and the man you loved? Does this money and publicity matter more than the children God has blessed you with?” I wish that they wouldn’t divorce :( What about the children? I hope the children will be okay in the future.

  • rocky

    They need to get away from the cameras and spotlight and get their adult lives down to their children’s level. The parents need to have alone time with the children away from the damn cameras and papps! They need to try and explain to the children why Mommy and Daddy are not going to live in the same house. No matter what any of us think of either parent, they love their children and want the best for them. Wishing them all well, as divorce is such an ‘ugly’ thing for children — as well as adults.

  • j2114

    I think Kate is very self centered. All she cares about is the fame and money instead of thinking about all the RIGHT things. This show should be cancelled cause no one can stand her.

  • coza

    This people is making my day really sad .. they need to keep the family drama for them self… please stop the show.

  • rocky


    You are so right. Jon wants his privacy, Kate wants to be out there. I hope when she’s alone with her thoughts she reevaluates what should be important in her life.

    Jon was alwas the timid one. The man has grown up and he’s not taking any crap from anyone. Good for him! It’s about time!

  • shelby

    I highly doubt the network pulled the plug. WHY would they when the ratings were so high? I think there’s more to the story. Don’t believe everything you read.

    I hope Jon grows up and understands that he has a responsibility to his wife and children. Bailing on them just because he’s unhappy is not the mature thing to do. It’s not all about you anymore. You are a husband and father. It’s called RESPONSIBILITY!

    To those that think she is controlling… someone has to be. With 8 kids, it’s a requirement. His laid back approach wasn’t doing anything to support 8 children.

  • mime

    its good that they are taking a break from the show. maybe taking a break will help the family figure somethings out.

  • Cheri

    They are only going on “HIATUS” so that the Gosselins can work with their attorneys. Just another ploy to bring in viewers come August. I won’t believe any of this new BS until I hear a written statement from TLC themselves saying they fired Kate Gosselin and her greedy self.

    Enough already. Is destroying 8 innocent children’s lives worth the money you made? REALLY?

  • Jessica

    I love this show. The kids are so cute… **Tears**… guess they really need a break from all this media crap.

  • Jessica

    I love this show. The kids are so cute… **Tears**… guess they really need a break from all this media crap.

  • Jacsamic

    The hiatus should have happened months ago when all of this really started…the only reason we, The Viewing Public, are seeing this now is because Kate and Jon failed at keeping the facts secret.

    We are being manipulated, simply put, to keep the gravy train speeding down the track.

    If anything, do not put production on hiatus: STOP PRODUCTION. Forever.

    Kate is seriously in need of professional mental health guidance- she will never seek.

    Jon just might grow up and be a somewhat responsible parent.

    TLC should be shut down.

    Eight innocent angels will grow up with problems I cannot fathom.

    All for a television company’s, and parental, financial greed.

    We, The Vewing Public, actually do have power here to stop this fraudulent exploitation of eight innocent children: STOP WATCHING.

  • shelby

    Just remember, those 8 kids need money for support. WHERE would they have gotten it? Yeah, divorce stinks… and I put that solely on selfish Jon… but I don’t blame the show or Kate. It provided for those children.

  • nicolleeeee

    Jon wants his privacy? Yeah thats why he puts on a show when the paparazzi is around and signs autographs and talks to the paps. oh yeah, he defintely wants his privacy. I just hope the kids are okay….

  • sweetness

    I don’t even watch this show but these two must be screaming in horror.
    they have 8 kids and their money train came to a stop. A divorce is one of the most expensive and horrible way to throw away your money. And now these two will be fighting it out and the money they both have will go to LAWYERS..not them. This is not the economy for them to lose their show and to be divorcing …What were they thinking.
    And the network was smart to cut them because their lawyers probably warned them they could be sued for causing this stress.

  • nikki-lynn

    i think that the decision is great idea.
    they can say that the tv show and publicity did not
    do anything to their relationship but that is a lie.
    theres to much stress in that relationship and the show
    they need a break to talk things over without all these cameras
    cathching the worst time in their life.
    i feel terrible for them and hope that they can end up working things
    out i wish they did this a very long time ago.
    team jon and kate forever man!

  • winter

    “the show must go on”….? It’s always nice when people choose fame over family….

  • qwerty

    @shelby: The thing is, the ratings were not high. Since the premiere, they’ve taken a 7 million viewer plunge, and more and more people are not watching J&K+8 or TLC.

  • Saudia

    I don’t think they should continue the show. It’s really sad to see this happen to them. Hopefully they can find some peace in the future.. for the kids.

  • SA

    Cancel that crappy show and cut off their funding that enables them to whorrrre out their children.

  • udontcare

    @WHY? I DON’T CARE!:

    jajajajaj MUY BUENO

  • origaMIb

    Someone asked why the network would halt the show when it was getting such high ratings. I can tell you why–think a few years ahead when the Gosselin Eight sue the pants off of the executives in charge for aiding in the exploitation and emotional distress of eight children for YEARS and YEARS and the cumulative effect of that stress on their lives, past and future. Big money to be saved by being able to say–”but WE ,TLC, (not the parents) put a stop to the show when their parents’ marraige ended.” Too little, too late…but…Good luck TLC. I’ll never watch anything on your network again and neither will many of my friends. To heck with Jon andKate. The kids didn’t deserve this.

  • Charlene

    I’m going to miss the show for a diffenrent reason > just watching Kate throw fits and create turmoil in her house made myself and my girlfriends feel a whole lot better about ourselves and our families.

  • lauren whittaker

    who cares.

  • jess

    I smell European Vacation for Steve and Kate…no damn kids either, not-a- nannies can all handle that mess

  • mina

    Yet another example of GREED at the expense of the innocent (in this case 8 of them). I hope it stays on “hiatus” forever.

  • sharah

    I think the production was halted due to legalities and who gets the monies. As of now, they will no longer be a production unit but separate entities, both wanting the gravy.
    Poor Jon, Mr. Peter Pan, didn’t grow up until he was 32, wah wah wah, and to mention the boys in Irag and why there is any interest in his little life, please. Leave the brave ones out of this.
    And Kate, shit she is just as angry as Jon right now, she needs a bouncing bag now that Jon isn’t around, though I have to give her props for being able to have 8 kids sitting down in a restaurant and pretty much behaving well.

  • paula marie

    What is sad is that it took TLC to pull the plug, not Jon & Kate…if your marriage is in shambles, I would think sacrificing the show would be worth it to try to fix your problems off air…BUT, oh wait- that’s right, this show is their cash cow…if Jon & Kate’s income disappeared, they may have to actually work for a living instead of milking their kids for their yearly income…

    I feel no pity for these two…the episode last night revealed no personal responsibility from either one of them…they blamed everyone from each other to the media to the cameras…after all, how can you complain about all the media attention when you CHOSE to put yourself on a reality show and reveal your entire personal life?? Jon & Kate need to realize that both had a hand in the demise of their marriage and that they have sacrificed their entire family for MONEY!!

    The only people we should feel sympathy for are their darling children who have been used at the expense of their parents for a buck…these two disgust me!!

  • concerned

    - all my E-Mails and letter writing paid off . Thank You ,TLC

  • Evangeline

    I hope when those kids turn 18 or become emanciapated they sue the pants of TLC! They need to cancel it now. I am sure Crooked Houses must love having their product being so closely associated with the show last night “Jon and Kate the implosion of an American family” really makes me want one of those Crooked Houses, good times.

  • odear

    “the next all-new episode would be on Aug.”

    kate bodyguard plus 8??????????????????????????????????


  • Marcella

    This show was cute maybe the first two seasons when they were dealing with potty training and puking. Now it’s just ridiculous and they should’ve stopped a lllooonnnggg time ago. There is nothing “real” about this show at all. Most people with 8 children can’t afford a 1.2 million dollar house and go on vacation after vacation and spas and skiing and crooked houses and top of the line appliances and two puppies and tummy tucks and hair plugs and days at the spa….get my drift. And and and…..gimme more – that is what these people are about. Money grubbing hounds.

  • Kate Gosselin

    - don’t worry all my supporters and fans
    “freebies will keep us together”

  • dabu

    PLEASE take a PERMANENT break and put your focus on your kids where it should be.

  • m

    If anyone should be sued it should be Jon and Kate, not TLC. This is not their fault. It is the job of the parents to watch out for the best for their children, not TLC.

  • Kate G.

    Sale on Family Photos people- what was $20/pic —-now $10 /pic—going fast people…new cookbook— straight to the Dollar Store —pick one up today