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Jon & Kate's Divorce Episode: Record Ratings!

Jon & Kate's Divorce Episode: Record Ratings!

Jon & Kate Gosselin‘s divorce announcement attracted a record 10.6 million viewers for TLC’s June 22 episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The previous record was it’s season 5 premiere on Memorial Day, which pulled in 9.8 million watchers.

Next week’s episode will be a retrospective look at the Gosselin family, accompanied by some new footage. After a brief hiatus, new episodes of the hit reality show will return on Aug. 3.

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  • Neil

    The end is in sight. Hope the kids’ trust fund is in good shape otherwise we’ll be revisiting this family in the tabloids in another 20 years if and when the adult children find out that they endured all the burden that comes with celebrity with little of the financial reward. As a FORMER fan I wish the children well but I stopped watching the show because of the parents so…..we’ll see.

  • scam

    -With every new revelation Kate looks worse,though I’m sure it doesn’t bother her mentally challenged fans……….

  • stephanie

    so much for ” mommy and daddy will be together for the next 90 years ”

    ugh, i hate jon, love kate and the kids

  • Jean

    The woman is whacked right out of her skull lying to the public while she milks money from dullards at the expense of her children. . She’s certifiable.

  • dvd

    Thanks Neil #51. Well,with 10million watching,TLCis100% picking up the show.Corporations like MON$EY damn ethnics,money is all important.Kate and Jon want to100% cont, as well.

    Did anyone ask the kids if they want to this moneymaking nightmare?That is a rhetorical question.
    Onthe bright side,Jon and Kates’ divorce will be easy with no money,property to divide.The kids are the moneymakers and will cont.racking in the money as long as people watch and Jon and Kate will split that 50-50.That is,their kids,their source income.

  • Mike

    Party Jon, you’re free from that Brownshirt Kate. You only live once> do your best for your kids and meet a decent women of your own class, not crazy trailer trash. Hope you learned your lesson about picking a mate.Peace.

  • Jill

    Kate was Jon’s boss from day one. Why all of sudden does this guy takes offense? He isn’t doing those kids any favors by bailing now. Especially when there is enough $$$ to keep everyone giggling.

  • dumbj

    Good, bout time he wised up and ditched that bitch. There aint a jury in the world that would ever convict him for punching her in her big fat mouth either.

  • ratings ploy

    Wow…these two are smooth. What an obvious ploy for ratings grab. Well, it works anyway so who are the chumps afterall – us! hahahaahaa.

  • amber

    Neither of them will win any beauty contests. They should stay together cause there is no one else out there interested.

  • Nisa

    I think it was for the best. She was very verbally abusive and that is bad for him and for the kids to have to witness. He shouldn’t have cheated, should have asked for the divorce before it got to that point. Hopefully they can be better coparents divorced than they were when married. Sad for the kids, but what can you do when the adults (one or both) won’t make the effort to work on the relationship properly. I can’t freakin’ believe they had all those kids in the first place.

  • Courtney

    they’re divorcing for publicity’s sake….go get a job and stop exploiting your children

  • Shakirakitten

    I do not watch the show but have seen a few minutes here and there while channel surfing. I think it is terrible and should never exist. I think there should be such a think as a private life and divorce is a private matter as well. This is just sick and the parents who perpetrate it are also. The other reality shows are not such a major invasion of privacy as this one and they are only short term. This is just awful.

  • Lisa too

    Well, I have lots to say, but I will keep it short and straight to the point.

    First of all, it’s no secret that Kate is controlling and it shouldn’t have taken Jon 10 years to figure that out. If Jon had a problem with it, he should have spoken up much sooner, like BEFORE they ever got married. Kate knows that she can be difficult and is the first one to admit it. They should have gone to counseling on how they were going to deal with 8 kids and how they would even have quality time for the two of them. It seems like everything was always about the kids and not how they deal with the changes in their relationship.

    I believe Kate when she says that she is doing all this for the children and their future. There is no way they they would have been able to live as a middle class family with the income that they were making together when they had real jobs. I can’t even imagine expenses that they would spend each week with just the day to day living. They should be greatful of the opportunlty they were given which, I really think deep down both know.

    As far as Jon, it’s almost like he is going through a mid life crises? He really need to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Kate has even said that she has asked him and he tells her he doesn’t know? In the meantime, he does nothing and then gets upset when she is fulfilling her dreams. She has done nothing wrong, and if she waited for Jon to do something, it would never get done.

    Watching last nights show, Jon was really making me angry, he says he doesn’t hate Kate, yet he won’t even talk to her? They can’t even talk face to face about where the crooked houses should be. Jon just wanted to win an arguement, when Kate was 100% right that they didn’t need to be in the woods where they were too far away from the house. The kids are too young and also too famous to ever be able to be away from an adult. The paps are always around and they need to be watched at all times.

    Kate must have been really mad about something Jon did over the weekend with the kids that triggered her to file divorce papers. Maybe the kids told Kate something? Maybe Kate saw something? Maybe they had a fight about something that was the final straw?

    I do think the show will go on. It will be a whole new show on how she has to deal with the kids on her own? I do think that it is a good idea for the kids that they stopped taping for the kids to start to adjust to what is going to happen. Depending on how the kids react, I would hope that Kate will think about stopping the show if the kids are having a hard time with the divorce. I think they are quite young that I don’t think it will affect them as much as it would if they were older. Also, they have had the same crew tape the show all these years so they are use to these people in their home.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see……..

  • dadshouse

    It’s sad their marriage has come to this. I’m a divorced dad, so I know the pain they are enduring. Jon and Kate have no idea what divorced parenting is like. They’ll have a ton of single parent, coparenting, and multi-home issues to deal with, not the least of which is how to spend birthdays (8!) and holidays together:

  • 10doll

    #7- “A terrible burden on the mother?” Are you talking about Kate? When has she EVER had those 8 kids full time? You can rest assured that Kate Gosselin will never be full time with her kids & that she’ll make d*mn sure to have time for herself.

  • rachel

    omg if the show does come back to tv it’ll be lame. who the hell wants to watch a dysfunctional family!!!!

  • ******

    Why the heck do people flock to watch this program? I didn’t watch it before and I could care less about it now!

  • http://aol susan

    I’ll admit I have NEVER seen the show, but after reading a bit of ALL the publicity around them lately, I can’t imagine those two together. He is quite unattractive and she seems like a nasty person.

  • LuckyL

    They got what they wanted–ratings-wise. People let themselves be manipulated so easily.

  • skillet

    poor kids :(

  • WHO knows?

    Um. Well I don’t think both of them tried hard enough to save their marriage, I think before the show, they LOVED each other, but the show tore them apart and filmed every aspect of their lives. I just hope the best for them, and may God Bless them through this difficult time. SHOULD HAVE HAD COUNSELING!

  • angel hair

    wow, this is a poignant picture. almost brought tears to my eyes.

  • http://none vollyball35

    jon is stupid for that move he has children to take care of not himself but kate is not the best of mothers but she also has to be crazy somtime she has 8 kids i bet you he doesnt even care as much as kate that the kids are gone for awhile time they are both not the best of parents but nobody is he should of thought more before he made his BIG MOVE

  • Jo

    I think brother and sister and sister-in-law should stick together and keep you private thoughts between the family. Blood is thicker than water, when everyone else is gone family is still there. Jon is scum in my book and a man that is doing the things he’s doing and don’t care, who shows no shame. Kate has worked her behind off and she needs family support. This family is torn apart and Kate is the one that hurts not Jon. All married couples says things that hurt each other so Jon should quit whining he’s had a free ride long enough. I will always support Kate she has her hands full and to top it off her own brother throws in his two cents worth.

  • Suppress your appetite

    Great pictures.