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Jonas Brothers Cover Rolling Stone -- Again!

Jonas Brothers Cover Rolling Stone -- Again!


The Jonas Brothers take the latest cover of Rolling Stone, the July 6 – 23rd issue.

Kevin, Joe and Nick last took the cover of Rolling Stone back in July 2008.

The Jonas Brothers are currently on a world concert tour with their next stop being tomorrow (July 24) at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

For more pics and behind-the-scenes videos, you can check Hot solo shots below!

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Credit: dss1984, CUF; Photos: Matthew Rolston/Rolling Stone
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  • maggie

    they look hottttt!!

  • jobros

    wow kevin looks surpsingly hot…
    they all look hot… ahhh they’ve grown so much

  • intellsmart

    here is a beautiful girl for Jonas in blogs:

  • jaye

    Why???? I remember when being on Rolling Stone meant something. Now’s it’s almost the same as being on Tiger Beat Magazine.

  • mariana a. jonas

    they look SMOKIN’ HAWT !!
    omggg !! need 2 buy when
    it comes out!!

  • TWPumpkin

    Gay boys for a Gay magazine.

  • Forever Kenny

    They aren’t the best. I don’t understand why people love them so much?
    I don’t like their music, but I guess they’re cool. Whatever.

  • April

    Rolling Stone has lost all credibility…

  • Anonymous

    My god, you adults need to stop being pedos & putting down kids.

    You don’t have jobs to do, you insist on coming here & telling teens & kids what’s good & bad.

    Get out of here & go to CNN or do something useful, like your JOBS!

    Jonas Brothers are doing fine, they are successful & clean. You guys can’t handle that fact, that you are all washed up & can’t get girls falling at your feet like in your YOUTH!

    They deserve the same treatment like all the other artist out there & who came before them. At least they WRITE their OWN music.

    Like to see some of the adults in the industry get half the decent music churned out by these boys with their hectic scheduel!

    Get off these teen sites & get a life! You pathetic bunch of washed up old hags!

  • pAIGE

    Gotta Typo there, JJ.

    We’re still in the month of JUNE, not July.

  • megan

    Hmm . . . . Rolling Stone has gone to hell.

  • TWPumpkin

    #9 at least we use a name you idiot.

  • Aileen

    I don’t like the Jonas Bros. because they refuse to admit they are Jewish. They should be ashamed of themselves. They claim to be Cherokee and German, but my father was once a business partner of their dad and the Jonas Bros. are Jewish.

  • jane

    Rolling Stone has sure gone downhill!! Those boys have minimal talent at best.

  • lori

    okay jared

    put the disney stars where they shopuld be jjr..out damn miley cyrus on hteir to
    im annoyed at her being on here to

    no talent disney frekas are over their!

  • kiwi

    @jaye: Exactly..

  • helen

    Ok im a 16 year old girl who has every JoBro album and their song on my MySpace but WHY ARE THEY ON THIS COVER?
    I mean I understand last year because they kind of literally BLEW UP on the scene but now?
    It sort of seems like theyre declining so again I ask why are thery there?

  • Miss Crawford

    Hot damn!
    Joe Jonas looks so manly, I love it :D

  • Jennifer

    Why are these guys famous? They are not hot and untalented.

  • momo

    jeez, more times dem jus look damn fool. n mi nah bash dem but dem caan too too sing. (see – all mek mi have to say it in patois-(patwa). im jamaican n is not thjat i dont rate them but dem dont deserve dat much. *dgh!* all mek mi haffi a gwan X

  • Coffee Mug

    They are becoming a big thing

  • jillm

    they all look good. they’ve grown up so much.

  • nurit

    That’s pathetic! The only reason Nick got back with Miley..AND…Jo did the “ALL THE SINGLE LADIES” dance, and they are attacking Taylor Swift at EVERY CONCERT is because they are FADING AWAY. They are losing fans daily…they aren’t talented enough to draw more in…so, more are leaving than staying and this means LESS MONEY and LESS FAME which means and END TO THEIR CAREER. LOL, happens everyday to NO TALENT boy bands who relied on their looks to get them by…the older one Kevin should have never been in the group..he’s got more female hormones than male..he has chubby fat legs and a feminine look to him that’s just gross…THANK GOD people are coming to their sences and the JONAS BROTHERs are becoming a thing of the past!!! THANK GOD!

  • Jennifer

    @momo: What?

  • Amy

    @nurit: And what makes you think Taylor Swift has any talent. She bashed him first on Ellen and he just retaliated.

  • diane

    Rolling Stone has fallen to new lows. Its embarrassing. Terrible, terrible music. Hurts my ears.

  • Courtney

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!


    I LOVE JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • jamie

    the joans brothers suck donkey a**. they are just a bunch deuchbag f***ots and that is a fact to all the creepy pedophiles who like them. I have to admit that ever since Hilary duff and Raven-symone left disney, disney has really sucked too! rolling stone used to be cool, with real rockstars liek the beatles. And no the jonas brothers are not the next beatles because:
    1. True rockstars f**k girls not guys
    2. Rockstars don’t try to pretend to be “pure” with purity rings hat mean nothing to any of us normal people.
    3. About the purity rings, it did not work for britney spears so we all know that the jonas brothers are F**king (guys) on the side.

    in conclusion the jonas brothers are not rockstars but only cookie cutter pop stars that will be washed up in about 5 yrs so soak it in now because the clock is ticking.

  • omggg

    aww last year was better

  • nurit

    what makes me think Taylor Swift has talent? Maybe because she has more #1′s than the Jonas Brothers ever had and that’s if you timed theirs by 10, Taylor would still have more! She writes her own songs…when that FAG Joe broke up with her, she vented for about 2 to 3 weeks…then it was over..she said NOTHING..Now he is bringing it up a YEAR AFTER THE FACT! Like I said it’s PATHETIC that they have to resort to such girl tactics to take jabs at Taylor in concert when everyone has gotten over it almost a year ago and now he’s bringing it up..isn’t he supposed to be dating someone? I would be pissed if the guy I was dating was CONSTANTLY making reference to the OTHER girl. If there was EVER A DIRTY SMELLING DOUCHE it’s these boys! I think it’s hilarious how Joe says he’s 6ft..he was being towered over by 5ft 6 Miley Cyrus just over the weekend in Dallas.. They are liars and they suck. Have you ever listened to Joe sing? He cracks and sqweaks and sounds worse than a bird hitting a window…he’s a NO TALENT and they are going to be the NOTHINGS they are in a few more short months…. :)

  • NICK

    Hi everyone..this is Nick. I just want to clear up a few things. First of all we are NOT Jewish and we do not have any Jewish family members. We are part Cherokee Indian and the tribe that we are conncected to are from North Carolina. Our other heritage is German with some Irish.

    Second.. I am honestly really hurt by all that I’ve read on here. I am currently in Washington DC and I’m trying to help people..I sign on and read some of your comments and I’m really surprised that some people can be so mean to my brothers and I when none of you even know us. I wish all nothing but the best in livfe and you throw the hate out of your hearts.

    Peace to all.

  • me

    The last cover was so sexy. This one is good, but not as sexy.


    Kevin and Nick are fine, but not Hot. JOE IS THE HOT FUNNY SWEET AMAZING ONE!!!!!!!!!

  • lEElEE

    Joe’s arms are sexy. Wow.

  • winter

    @nurit- is that you taylor…….shame.

  • yeah right

    ha. yeah right, men??
    they better watch out i hear hanson want’s their look back.
    disney tools

  • karenina

    i dont like them anymore

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    extremely gay photo.

  • Melly


  • Jazmin

    They Suck!!

  • LoveLeeR


  • sarah

    sooooooooo hot….

  • B

    @winter – Joe is that you. . . . . shameful.

  • Natalia Kambe

    wow this is such an amazing cover!
    All the pictures are amazing! like im inlove!!!
    I love them soo much! i am a HUGE fan!! and i will do anything for them till the day I die !!

  • emele

    lol #23 your so right! Kevin looks so feminine and like a girl. ahaha i laughed when i saw the cover because kevin is trying so hard to look hot…the result is a rather gay looking pose. Nicks the only decent looking one in the photo, Joe and Kevin are trying waay to hard. Plus i think Nick is the only really talented one, the other 2 wouldn’t be successful without Nick and i’d say that Nick will have a good career after the band is done with. Nick should go solo.

  • black

    DonĀ“t the other two guys ever get angry at always flanking the middlebrother?

  • noodle

    ewwewww shudders.
    Esp at Kevin

  • :)

    i`m not a huge fan of the jonas brothers. but i wouldn`t go around saying how much i hate them. it`s bad enough we hate people, now don`t go on wasting your time telling it to the world. imagine if they read all these sht. if you were them, you`d feel bad. and if you say that you don`t care, you don`t have a heart which is impossible. i think people are wasting time typing comments if they`re just going to say how much they hate a certain actor or singer. it`s either you`re all jealous, you don`t have a life or both. not like it`s any of my business how you people make do with your time..

  • rawr.

    joe just sucks because he kinda compared taylor to camilla. it’s not taylor’s fault if she’s pissed. all she did was say that she felt bad but she hardly said anything that joe was a really bad guy. she didn’t even specify that he was a jonas brother, a celebrity or joe, himself. that’s how much nicer she is. in “much better”, it was so obvious it was about taylor – teardrops on her guitaaar…

  • juls

    when will this be over???? GO AWAY CURLY HAIRED OBNOXIOUS CREATURES!!

  • bAGEL bOYS