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Kate Gosselin is Toyota Tempted

Kate Gosselin is Toyota Tempted

Kate Gosselin, with a bodyguard in tow, stops by a Toyota car dealership near her home on Tuesday morning (June 23) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mom Kate hid behind a pair of sunglasses and a floppy hat while checking iPhone.

On Thursday, Kate was seen picking up her brand new Toyota Land Cruiser. Maybe the car needed a few adjustments?

Meanwhile, her soon-to-be-ex-husband Jon Gosselin was seen playing on the lawn with daughters Hannah and Alexis (pictured below).

Just last night, Jon & Kate announced that they will be getting a divorce.

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Credit: Swarbrick/Donnelly, Meinelt/Winslow; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Angelheart

    Do these people work??? Where does she get all this money to buy all these things AND support 8 kids????

  • Kris

    Kate is a great woman! However i see y people say hat they say about her, but in the end shes the one thats with her kids ALL the time, for money or not for money. The way i see it is that those kids dont kno abt the money all they want is their parents around and kate is around, JOHN IS AN ASSHOLE that thinks he is young with no responsibilities…SO GLAD SHE GOT RID OF HIM!

  • nicki

    Um angelheart, dear sweet person. They get paid for the show – moron. I’m actually glad about this not for the kids but for Kate. Maybe now she will get herself a REAL MAN not a little boy who is scared of responsibilities.

  • truth seeker

    Very sad to be all alone and raising 8 children. One foot in front of the other……………….

  • kelly

    She and Jon get like $50,000-75,000 an episode. It was reported in like People Magazine.

  • stellartes

    television and money ruined this family…so so sad

  • anon

    They paid about $75,000 per episode (mult. by about 26 per year), plus royalties for reruns, plus thousands for paid statements, interviews and pictures that run on air and in magazine. They get a lot of services and goods for free in trade for advertising (using on the show, wearing it, driving it, trips to places etc)- it’s called product placement. As long as the name of the product, service, or person is mentioned on TV or in print with them it’s considered a trade. Dont be surprised if the new car is a freebie in trade for allowing pics to be taken of herself at the dealership and making it clear it’s Toyota. Did you notice she was able to disappear when she WANTED to for a entire 4 days? It takes two to make a relationship and two to break it – there is always ownership on both sides.

  • Steph

    If Kate wasn’t such a bitch maybe her husband would still be a round… there’s only so much a person can take.

    I’m glad they are seperating it wasnt a healthy relationship for them and also for their children to witness.

  • anon

    BTW forgot the probaly multi-million dollar, multi-book deal she signed which after publishing expenses are paid they will start to get earn royalties on. Fame is the gift that keeps on giving as long as you are willing to keep putting your face out there and keep people talking about you.

  • Susie q

    What a mess. From what I saw last night, Jon checked out long ago. He wants his freedom while he’s still “young”. He didn’t seem the least bit upset, nor did her wish to try and fix things. What? Does he think all of a sudden he’s going to grow some balls? Come on. You can’t blame a woman who carried six children for 9 months and delivered and cared for them. That man needs to be led around like a dog on a leash to know what to do. And that’s Kate’s fault why???????? Yes, she may be a nag, but some men require that and from what it looked like on TV, that was exactly the case.

  • ashi JIJI


  • nicole

    i agree completely with stellartes…in addition to that i think jon and kate have become so obsessed with the money and fame its pathetic. they both say that they hate the paps following them all the time and that its ridiculous because they’re just normal people…well maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to do a reality show!!! and if you really hated it that much then you would have cancelled the show and worked on your relationship for the sake of your children and yourselves.

  • Us mag

    US MAG is reporting that TLC has canceled the show, Best move ever.

  • citmyway

    Anyone who watch the show last night should see who’s at fault. Kate was extremely upset about the “separation” however he seem freaking EXCITED about it. I always liked Jon until I saw that last night and it hurt my feelings for Kate and the kids!

  • angel

    @Us mag:

    I completely agree! I also agree with citmyway. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Kate didn’t treat Jon well, but it appears that Jon is going through some type of mid-life crisis. Not one, but both ears pierced and all the Ed Hardy apparel – it is obvious it he is trying to be 23 again for the sake of his homewrecker. I find the kids to be adorable, and hate to see this happen to them. Their lives will be forever damaged from the divorce AND the cameras in their faces for five years.

  • cute as a bug

    Does she really need a body guard? She’s not that famous

  • Kate Gosselin

    Thanks for the SUV kids !!! It’s for you.

  • interested

    Jon needs to grow up. Eight kids require a lo of commitment. What is he thinking. Once a wimp always a wimp. He has a problem!!!!!!!!! And it is not Kate. That is just a lame excuse!!!!!!!!

  • Kate Gosselin

    I’m so broken up about being alone, booooohoo, I had to drown my sorrows in a brand new car….. and GOD help those little money makers if anything spills in my new ride….I’ll show them who and what is most important.

  • Kate Gosselin

    I’m so broken up about being alone, booooohoo, I had to drown my sorrows in a brand new car….. and GOD help those little money makers if anything spills in my new ride….I’ll show them who and what is most important.


    By EXCITED he meant that he can enjoy his life . Most divorced husbands SAY THAT AGAIN WE SEE KATE OUT AND ABOUT WHILE

  • red Spoon

    Can I go for a ride Kate? huh? huh?..please.!….. put me in the glove box for when the kids make too much noise when you are on the hands-free.



  • jean

    - She’s so upset she’s going out to blow $50,000 on herself ,poor girl. Heated seats ought to ease the pain of divorce.

  • Steve Neilds

    I call shotgun Kate.!!!! but can I drive every once in a while or do I have to duck under the dashboard as usual.

  • cindy

    What a horrible parent she is unashamedly pimping out her children and then showing her bling on the streets, as all good pimps do for street cred.

  • shane

    Steve and Kate will have that Land Cruiser rockin’ in no time.

  • Nexus

    Right, Jon is the bad guy when he is the one who is always shown with the kids when the TLC camera isn’t there and Kate only interact with the kids when the camera is rolling. Like Aunt Jodi said, kate drew up a contract stating it was over and that he can see other women, 6 MONTHS AGO.

  • Kayla

    no need to rattle your tin cup on the bars with the hang-dog look anymore Jon. You bees a free man……..seps for the 8 kids.

  • Dee

    How does she have a tan. I live in PA. How does anyone with 8 kids have time to shop, work out at the gym, have their hair, nails, and Tan?
    All for the kids, right!

    Maybe they should put some money away for college, or are they just assuming they can have that for free too.

  • Kate needs a life….

    All you complainers are the very people making the Gosselin’s rich. If you don’t buy her silly books and stop watching their TV show the interest will die down and the show cancelled. Their “Christian” values are a sham. It’s all about the money, fame, freebies and lifestyle now. Who in their right mind wants to continue watching this show showing the pain, misery of a dysfunctional family. The children will pay the ultimate price in emotional distress. Enough is enough…TLC should cancel the show for the sake of the kids.

  • Charlotte

    Why is Jon at the house on a weekday? He’s only supposed to be there weekends, right? I think it’s all a bunch of hooey. That same bodyguard was with Jon yesterday getting groceries. I call BS

  • jessie

    it’s reported that they make 25k-75k per episode.

  • jessie

    Kate isn’t with her kids all the time. Either last month or the month before, she was gone 21 days out of the month. She’s always doing book signings..

  • cece

    @cute as a bug:

    if octomom needs one…im sure kate needs one.

  • lee

    @Angelheart: its called the network pays them… books she writes!! speaking… are you lost?????

  • Zoe

    She already bought the car weeks ago you idiots. It probably needed something done to it. She’s already had it for awhile.

    And Jon is the loser. I’m sure now the paps will be showing pics of the 23 year old coming and going at all hours from the new bachelor pad.

    And Jon reminds me of the Pillsbury Dough boy for some reason. He was excited about getting a divorce because in his dilluted brain he thinks all the young chicks WANT HIM . Hilarious !!

  • Lynne

    This SUV only seats 8 people. Since children are not allowed under age 12 to ride in the front seat, that leaves seating for six of the kids. So she can never take all eight. Maybe Jon will take Cara and Maddie to live with him. Maddie once said, “I like Daddy better. You’re MEAN !”

  • Laura

    Kate looks ridiculous in that hat. She’s on her fourth hat and she just never gets it right. First it was the dirty black baseball cap, then it was the ill-fitting “J-Lo” cap, third came the bright pink Underarmour cap and now this floppy number, which is clearly too small for her oversized head.

    It’s so ridiculous to walk around in your hometown trying to be icognito. Even REAL celebrities don’t try this amatuerish nonsense. Give it up Kate.

    Who are you trying to hide from Kate? Nobody was suprised by the “big news” that was your desperate last-minute ratings grab. The paps have you covered and FYI wearing an ill-fitting hat won’t help you hide.

  • joan

    Well if the children ever ask why did you get divorced mommy they can watch the show and see it happen. Kate wanted the divorce first, she told him months ago that it was over. Jon did not cheat on her he just didn’t expect anyone to notice. Don’t be surprised if Kate is seen around with Steve( who is also divorced) soon.

  • Joanne

    She looks ridiculous. LOL. People are LAUGHING at her, but in her delusion, she thinks she is a celebrity.

  • abbie

    I love her. She’s great.

  • bella

    @stellartes: I completely agree with you. These kids need to live life wihout a camera in there face. I hate to think how they are going to act out when there is not one there. They have always had cameras around them, and always had the attention. It is sad and proves that both parents made a mistake and are now paying for them.

  • Some People


    What is your deal with Kate and the new car thing? You do know Jon just got a new motorcycle….and not just any new motorcycle….an Orange County Chopper. And back in March, Jon went out and bought himself a BRAND new 2-seater Nissan sports car. That’s the car he was caught with the “other woman” in. If you’re going to make comments….at least know the facts!

  • Crystal Ball

    I am a person who always sat on neutral ground with these two. I actually used to enjoy watching this show. Like many, I hope that their “big announcement” was the cancellation of the show to work on their family. But, when they announced a “seperation” and that the show “must go on,” I was in shock. I guess this goes to show that they ARE money hungry people. Money is first, then family. I never would have agreed with all the people that used to say this, but as of now, I do. I agree that they love $$$$ more than family </3. Sad.

  • tammy

    She still looks great!

  • hello

    Kate is a greedy shrew. Anyone who has watched the series from day one knows this to be true. She had zero respect for Jon the entire time they were married. He’s acting out, but it’s been a long time coming. There are plenty of pictures out there showing him interacting with his children in a loving way. The only one i’ve seen of the shrew was whacking the backside of her child.

  • joan

    Just read that they have been living apart for TWO years!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beachmama

    I so agree!

  • kimberly Cannady

    Hey # 23 Did you happen to see the new two seater sports car Jon drove up in at the Kid’s Birthday party ? As for a motor cycle , I believe OCC took care of that. Maybe he paid for it , maybe he didn’t , but he got one .At least Kate picked out something that can fit more than one car seat in it.