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Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Split

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Split

Former boybander Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have called it quits, Us Weekly is reporting.

“It was an amicable break-up,” sources say. “They walk away from it still friends…They still care about each other very much. This is what’s best for both of them.”

Just last week, the couple was last seen together parting at Hollywood’s MyHouse Nightclub last week (June 17, pictured here). A solo Vanessa attended the Los Angeles premiere of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen on Monday (June 22, pictured below).

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Photos: Todd Williamson/WireImage
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  • nicole

    they’re cute

  • hello

    lol maybe she kept pressuring him to marry her but he didn’t want to

  • Realme2008

    It’s not like we all didn’t see that coming.

  • ELLe

    she’s too pretty for him.

  • ELLe

    she’s too pretty for him.

  • MMM

    i don’t know why i knew this! lol

  • amy

    First Jon and Kate split, now Nick and Vanessa have to. Is this day cursed?

  • Miss Sixty

    Nick should get back with jessica if they both want their career back..they have been with each other all their life.

  • meh

    hmm i’ll wait till people confirms this. us weekly isn’t all that reliable.

  • Nisa

    Sometimes splitting up is the best thing for both people. I am sure they know their personal situation best. He may never want to get married again or maybe not for a very long time. It seemed as though she was pressuring him on that. Wish them both luck in the future, they are both fun people.

  • fan

    @ELLe: So sad, she is beautiful for him anyway, she will be fine.

  • Shyen

    Awwww… I really love Nick and Vanessa together. She’s pretty, funny and hilarious and he’s just those boy next door that you want to be tied down to!! kekekeke…

    Tis so sad!!

  • Jolie hot chin not

    She is veery pretty but no butt. Yes, I said it.

  • eddie

    i think nick should go back with jessica simpson they make a great couple i knew this relationship wasnt going to last

  • jj

    Who gives a damn about these Dlist “celebs”

  • jj

    LOL yeah this chick has no curves or butt hahahahaha

  • Melisa

    He never looked like he really was in love with her the way he did with Jess.

    Shame when such a long relationship ends like that.

  • Lisa too

    Melisa, I agree with you. He use to just light up when he was around Jessica. You could see how much he loved her, even when she was being ditsy he still looked at her in a loving way.

  • KJ

    I used to like her but she is horrible when hosting TV shows…I didn’t like her in Entertainment Tonight and that one model reality show, she is horrible.

  • Lalique

    Who gives a da*n one way or another. Two nobodies, one a has-been.

  • Nisa

    @Lisa too: I agree. So maybe that is for the best. I use to have a husband that would tell me all the time he never loved me as much as he loved his ex wife. He would say it like he was sorry about it, but it was the truth. From experience, I know you can’t be with a man that is still in love with his X or feels you can’t hold a candle to his X. It’s just cruel. Maybe he felt that way about Jess and Vanessa. So it’s better it ended.

  • blah

    *cough* z-listers *cough*

  • tom

    she looks really old in these pictures.

  • MiHay

    I think she wanted a ring and he said “no way!”

    It doesn’t really matter though, they are both talentless twits.

  • Hanert

    Minnillo wanted to get married quickly but Lachey was too clever to fall for that one! No easy money for you Minnillo!

  • skaur

    eww she is gross jessica was better u can do better nick!

  • lollipop

    I feel bad for Vanessa. She seemed bright and sunny in spirit BEFORE getting with Nick. Now she looks like a vacuum sucked the most beautiful part of her soul out. I bet you he’s verbally abusive if not physically. The twinkle in her eye is gone while he looks as smug as a pig. She’s better off without him! And what did that girl do to her lips?? They look swollen and not proportionate to her face. Sad!

  • lizzie

    well im not gonna cry, he made a better couple with simpson ahaah

  • slj

    she is to good for him anyway

  • AH OH!!





    it’s always a sad thing when people break-up. Whether they are A-list or D-list. True love is a beautiful thing. I wish everyone get to experience real love.

  • bee

    now nick and jess can get back together dont care what anyone says they are and always will be soul mates

  • Jen

    i knew this would happen, never thought they would end up together

  • Jessica is the queen

    She is a slut and stole Nick from Jessica so what goes around comes around. Vanessa has issues and always will. Her mom was a hooker in the Philippines who purposely got knocked up so the American G.I would marry her and bring her to America. When she moved here her mother deserted Jessica’s father who supposedly has mafia connections, and left Jessica behind. Jessica hasn’t seen her biological mother since she was three years old. Ordinarily I would feel bad for a girl who was abandoned by her mother but in this case I don’t because Vanessa went after Nick when he was already married.

  • Jessica is the queen

    I meant Vanessa, am I bad for calling her Jessica. Anyway HOORAY for Jessica Simpson.

  • Chau

    It took her that long to realize he was a douche from some boy band. Good job, Vanessa. Now, go find another guy you can live off of. Haha.

  • jaye

    OMG I can’t believe they broke up! Uh, who are these people? lol

  • Jen

    Nick and Jess! Nick and Jess!

  • bella

    at least they were not married.

  • Ashley

    Nick seemed better with Jessica. Jessica just needed to grow up. She was so immature and not ready for married life. Maybe in five years? I think Jessica will always hold a special place in Nick’s heart. She was a virgin and he had very strong feelings for her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol finally
    she’s not popular but she has some potential imo
    much more than nick has
    obvious he wasnt gonna marry her a long time ago
    she just wasted her time w8ing for him

  • team NickLachey

    Vannessa and Nick were a good quiet couple. Good luck to Vanessa because she has a Jessica Simpson attitude but she has no career basis for that attitude. Vanessa is D-List easy.

    Nick ‘s managers should have found Broadway projects for him and/or a tsinging for a movie soundtrack. Nick is C list.

    JESSICA SIMPSON and JOE SIMPSON ARE THRILLED and you bet will say things about him because ,anything to show him up and get her name out in the news is all important.
    Then,her camp willgo on to say howJESSICAand TONy are celebrating their 3rd anniversasry now(no marriage)but she is pushing..

  • All is fair in love and war

    she’s too pretty for him.

  • bina

    why are people still linking nick and jessica simpson together? they broke up almost FOUR YEARS AGO, they’re ancient history, never gonna re-happen.

  • road trip

    @bina: Yeah who cares. In fact I can’t imagine why I come to these blogs so much because I actually don’t care about 99% of it. Pure silliness. Yet I’m still here, can’t figure out why.

  • Micky

    aww thats sad. they wouldve made a nice couple..


    Ive never heard of a Jessica in Nick’s Life…
    h mmm must be some Dliseterzzz

  • meme

    will nick never in love with vanessa in the first place, he just feel sorry for her couse she is a home roker.there you go vanessa go’s around come’s around

  • Suppress your appetite

    She’s sooo sexy!!!!!!!! :)

  • Esther

    Nick knows he LOVES Jess regardless