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GLAAD to Perez Hilton: Shame On You!

GLAAD to Perez Hilton: Shame On You!

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is speaking out against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton after he admittedly used an anti-gay slur (f—ot) in an altercation with of the Black Eyed Peas.

Rashad Robinson, Senior Director of Media Programs at GLAAD: “These are vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community. For someone in our own community to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, quote, ‘The worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,’ is incredibly dangerous. It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting anti-gay attitudes. We have reached out to Hilton and asked him to apologize for promoting this anti-gay slur and we would ask media outlets to avoid repetition of the slur in their coverage of this story.”

Perez responded, saying, “I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me.”

Pop culture chronicler Rich Juzwiak adds his two cents about Perez: “I just kind of want to throw up my hands (or in my hands) and call out this character, this persona, this online half-person for what it is: bad for the Internet, bad for gay people, bad for the world. I can’t help but feel like everything would be better off without him… I racked my brain and I’ve still come up with absolutely nothing positive or pro-social that he has brought to the world.”

Check out the full piece at FourFour.

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  • sayuri

    some day All the damage that these doing goes go in your against , expect that this was very prompt !!

  • catty

    Kudos to Jared for posting that horrible picture of Perez. This is exactly what Perez would have done in this situation. It’s good to give him some of his own medicine.

  • hannah

    EW that picture is disgusting.
    I think perez is taking this WAY too seriously i mean so what he got punched! People get punched all the time he doesnt have to go on his blog and twitter and write about it 24/7. NO ONE CARES!!!!!!
    God he needs to grow up and be a man.

  • hannah

    EW that picture is disgusting.
    I think perez is taking this WAY too seriously i mean so what he got punched! People get punched all the time he doesnt have to go on his blog and twitter and write about it 24/7. NO ONE CARES!!!!!!
    God he needs to grow up and be a man.

  • Diana

    I can’t stand him. I was at his dumb site 1x and never again. Saying Jonathan Knight is gay. Oh Perez only wishes.

  • Jan

    Perez should not be allowed to be a part of award shows or beauty pageants. He causes acute drama and gives the events he attends a bad rep. Perez is hateful and has hurt the gay community. He needs to understand he is not the only sole on earth that deserves rights and opinions. He does not understand this.

  • g-girl

    Thanks for using the “Fugly” picture of him. ranted and raved about I. Washington saying the Faggot word. For whatever rhyme or reason he is now giving himself permission to use it. He is full of shit. It won’t work. He has never been attacked physically?! But let understand… he beats people down daily verbally. That’s okay? No repercussions? I don’t think so. Life is rubbery like that. It comes back. He hates on YOUNG people for crying out loud. I’m surprised Demi Moore didn’t put her foot in his ass a long time ago for hating on her daughter. He’s a nuisance! Walks around like an authority. He is everything I don’t want my children to be. He is a hateful man, living in hateful skin with a hateful spirit. That’s a triple negative. I hope he enjoys the fame and the money but remembers how he got it. What we are witnessing is all the hate he dished out coming right back at him. I imagine he is feeling a bit uncomfortable right about now. He can’t handle it. Oh yeah, he’ll handle it by continuing to shit on everyone and their kid. It’s self hatred 101. I hope his eye heals nice and slow. Better, I hope he hits himself in the other eye for being such an ass.

  • Jan

    @Fabienne: Perez usually calls women horrible names.This happened at a party after the event and PEREZ and the hitter were probably tired a little drunk. Perez should not be allowed out of his house.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    then he ties up the 911 lines in toronto by having everyone on twitter call the cops AFTER he was the one who called Will the “F” word and on his ranting video response calls Fergie fugly again and calls Will the “F” word. What if there were sick people trying to get thru the 911 line Perez? I guess this diva vile of a person thinks it is all about him. Gross. Karma.

  • ehnso


    i think everybody picked up on that ;) but good points.

  • T-bone


  • boycott this mess

    T-bone #161 is right on. Maybe then whoever this perez is will get a real job.

  • Amanda

    I’ve stopped visiting his site too. I just hate him so much. He just keeps on doing these things, some of the recent things that made me really dislike him: The whole Miss California thing that he wrote WAY to much about, the way he treated Adam Lambert, what he did to Dustin Lance Black (nothing to be ashamed over for Dusin but so f-ing stupid of Perez to post those private picture of someone who doesn’t want to be Paris Hilton or LiLo), and now this.

    I can not for the life of me understand why he called Will.I.Am the F word. I mean, we all know what he said about the whole Isaiah Washington scandal, and now he basically says the exact same things. What is the difference? Yeah, there is none. I do not support violence, but my God Perez got what he deserved. He should not have said that. I hope everyone stops going to his site so that it once and for all can die and ppl can forget about PH.

    He was funny and entertaining once, but that was a long time ago and now it seems like he is just mean. Like rly, rly mean w/o it being meant as funny or you know.It’s a different tone and I don’t like that he constantly wants to bring ppl down. That is not entertainment in my eyes. So f-k Perez. Let’s make 2009 the year where Perez disapperas and becomes a memory. He doesn’t desvere to have this much power when he abuses it.

  • Dee

    It’s OK for one man to beat up on another. I can’t wait to some of your a$$e$ get kicked. Nobody deserve to be hit. May be Chris Brown should be let off because a lot of people don’t like her. This is Pr rubbish to help get Black Eye peas people off the hook. Who ever through the punch should go threw the same trail Chris Brown went through rather you like Perez are not you bunch of hypocrites.

  • fuggs

    Piggerez fat fuc*k is fuc*king disgusting example of a human being. He is beyond thrash. He steals money and other stuff. You can read about it on Perez Revenge.He is a know racist. You just have to go to his site to see how he is always presenting black/Asian celebs in a negative portrayal.

    This piece of fat blob is calling Fergie of Balck Eyed Peas repulsive names when he used to be her friend. What a backstabbing cun*t.
    That fugly tranny GAGA better watch out when her so called friend piggerez attacks her.

    Let’s hope he goes away for good this year. Everybody should boycott this mega cun*t’s website.

  • Pascall

    @Katie: I completely agree with you. I am officially boycotting his website.

  • Nisa

    @Pascall: I’m boycotting it too. And like someone else said, I disagree with physical violence in any way. But by gosh he was hit 3 times and it doesn’t look like he was bleeding. I had an abusive X that beat me bloody numerously and that is when you call and make a big deal of things. I don’t condone it, but I don’t understand his hissy about something that doesn’t look like it even left a mark on him?

  • faith

    I can think of something positive.

    He’s a brutally honest and cruel guy, yes.

    But he keeps the stars and their egos in check. Sometimes all of us just need to come back down to reality

  • Nisa

    @faith: Yes but he has to do it in a fair way. Perhaps by only picking on things that the stars actually do or say themselves. I haven’t been on his site in a very long time but someone said he was posting pictures of people having sex and whatnot. Gross and crossing the line if you ask me.

  • blah

    Perez is a freaking hypocrite. He can sure dish it out but can’t take it!

  • Holly

    This guy is so gross.
    He is a loud mouth, phony, suck-up, greedy and full of bullshi$
    guy. I don’t care if he’s gay or straight. He’s obnoxious.

  • Lisa


    I agree with the other comments. Physical abuse is not cool, but verbal abuse is just as bad. I think the fact that anyone on this site or elsewhere who compares this situation to Chris,/Rhianna or any other abusive situation is offensive. Perez is using the same argument to gain sympathy and all he is doing is minimizing real physical abuse and doing a disservice. To me, that makes Perez an even a bigger scumbag.

  • Clay


    I’m curious why the reader thinks it is stupid to put the picture of perez on the article. That’s what Perez looks like. I wonder if that same commenter also goes to the Perez site and asks him to stop posting pictures as well.

  • anonymous

    I think the comments on this site defending Perez are actually written from Perez. I can’t imagine anyone with a brain and common sense who thinks Perez is in the right here.

  • anonymous

    I filled out the petition to make sure that Perez does not present on the Teen Awards. Talk about a terrible role model and undeserving of being on any show or site.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    I filled out the petition too!

  • Regurgitatedcreativism

    The acne queen strikes again!

  • emmaa

    Perez is an absolute idiot. Not visiting his site anymore. I’m over all the bullshit. He’s a disgrace. And a bully.

  • mykamicks

    Pity of him!

    He needs to be cure because of his unstoppable untoward thrown words always.

    Psychiatrict session with be more comforting to his everly high tempered character. One maybe free & fierce in giving opinion but should limit his words to any type of gender especially in dealing hollywood world.

    PR , SENSIBILITY & CREDIBILTIY should be the character of a media person which unfortunately, he doesnt have any of those.

  • melanie

    guess you choose this photo to hurt him ha? ;-)
    well, perez is just the mirror of our society. If there were no people like him, his webside would no one know. 10 million clicks says it all!
    his webside is fun, you dont need to take him too serious, hes gay, and thats how a lot of gay people speaks, i know a lot and they are all little divas inside. perez is famous and have a lot of readers, these are numbers of readers who other websides or magazines would dream of! but he also have enough critiques readers, the readers good knows how to handle with his storys. But, i do agree if they say, you dont need to use this word f….t. i mean, greys anatomy actors looses his job, an perez was one of the loudest haters against this actor. And now he uses this word because HE thinks HE can use this word because HE is gay?? i dont think so!!!!!

  • melanie

    And if he wanted to hurt will i am with words or defend himself, why he say fa..t?? you cant hurt a hetero with a gay slur!! he could have say you are an ugly idiot or something else, but this is stupid.

  • Big Stella

    I can not stand Perez. I do not visit his website nor do I ever wish to. He is a total jerk and attention whore. He makes me sick.

    He got what he deserved. I just wished they had knocked his ugly fat ass out. He is a total no talent loser…

  • melanie

    to Big Stella

    and you must be poor and uneducated, cause only poor and uneducated people defend violence!
    i read a lot of comments on different websites, and the comments of the most people are more hateful and disgusting then perez ever wrote!!!! so like i said, perez is just the mirror of our society. look at the most magazines, they are hating on all celebs around, how fat or how thin they are, how many celulites, how many children, how ugly hair and so on…….
    in which way is he more disgusting then “INTOUCH” or “Star” or “National Enquire” Magazine??? in no way!!! hes maybe a diva and likes to trash, but he doesnt spread fairy tales and created storys to get more readers like the named magazines! these magazines are disgusting an need to be boycott, not perez. These magazines are realy hurting, cause a lot of stupid people let this magazines, with their created hateful storys, form an opinoin about celebritys.

  • nicca

    this is what I don’t get from reading all the reports is that. Why would he instead of calling for help and I mean physically to people around him once who ever hit him, he chooses to go on his tweeter and let everyone know what was up and to call the police?! I mean come on that’s stupid it obviously was the only way to make the news for himself sounds like.

    He chose to tweeter first instead of calling for help that is rich


    i don’t like Perez and his website, because it’s only about judging the others…

    JARED you’re the best!!!!!

  • devon

    Here are t-shirts to commemorate the day that Perez got wacked.

  • donna


  • devon
  • My2¢

    Hey…KARMA comes back 2 bite you on the a$$, but in his case…it PUNCHED him in the eye! Ironically, a black eyed pea did it…LOL!

    Calling him a f****t was WEAK!

  • yuck

    hear, hear! what perez doesn’t seem to get is that there are many types of abuse. words can be violent. verbal abuse.

  • http://aol susan

    Yuck. Does he have Herpes on is face or what? He is a malicious, nasty person and deserves all the heat he gets.

  • Tata

    i dont feel sorry for him at all!!! he is an a**hole!!!

  • brita

    @melanie: Melanie, I don’t think it’s fair for you to generalize. Not only poor and uneducated people condone violence. A lot of rich people can become violent, and not see a problem with it too. Also, you are calling someone uneducated when in a previous comment you spelled website “webside” and you capitalized magazine, which is not a proper noun. You made another mistake as well. Perez Hilton is FAMOUS for making stuff up! Just ask Chelsea Handler. He started posting on his website that she had plastic surgery on her vagina. Now how on earth would he know that? He didn’t, he just made it up. You can also look into the lawsuit between Samantha Ronson and Perez Hilton in which she sued him for making completely false statements about her. So I suggest that before you post comments: 1. don’t generalize because that’s truly ignorant, 2. spell check, and 3. learn your facts about the topic in this case Perez Hilton who is nothing but scum of the earth. It is because of people like you who defend him that he will continue to be a snotty, talentless bully.

  • lyla

    how about calling a black man a thug, nobody is talking about that.
    he wouldn’t use that word to say…brad pitt…?
    i think he’s racist and he probably wanted to say something racist but the only thing he can get away with is thug.
    obviously he’s lying about the whole manager beating him thing
    because i saw the video and i couldn’t see will or anyone else standing there yelling at him
    how can he use faggot, and justify it

  • jess

    Oh people, c’mon, cut perez some slack. He must have been terrified at the time, thus the ‘word’ came out. I mean, a lot of people are saying nasti things to perez because he makes such a joke out of people. But you know what, deep down they’re a bit of hypocritical. The only reason perez is famous is because actually people enjoy what he has to say, that is, he’s entertaining millions of people every single day. Yeah, I’m gonna say that he’s nasty and bitchy and everything, but in the end, celebrities choose their lives. If they want to be famous, that’s the consequence.

  • no to ph, yay to justjared

    Yet another reason for me to boycott the PH blog & check in with JUSTJARED. The guy is such an idiot & takes it upon himself to contantly be an authority on most matters. A jerk!

  • Perez got popped!

    I hate to see someone get hit, but this guy makes a living provoking the most violent hatred. What is surprising to me is that he is acting so put-upon. I guess when you are a bully and you get called out, sh*t happens. Even his own community is calling him out. The best thing for Perez is to drop the whole thing and use it as a life lesson. He seems somewhat intelligent and I can’t believe that he didn’t think all the cr*p-spewing he did wouldn’t have a consequence. I hope this is a lesson learned…

  • Susanna

    Perez disgusts me. He has since I first heard of him. I have gone to his website maybe twice, but I never will again because it’s filth and slander. I told my room mate, who is gay and is out of town right now, about what happened. He said Perez got what he deserved for saying what he said, and he’s surprised something like this hasn’t happened sooner. SHAME on Perez for saying that, and SHAME on him for playing the victim. He never seems to care about how the people he trashes feels, so why should anyone feel sorry for him? He’s a parasite and hopefully, someone will find a can of Raid and we can be rid of him.

  • boo PH

    Good for him and he deserves it. This guy is an attention seeking a**hole! He needs to disappear and go to hell!

  • auntymags

    @melanie and Jess: me thinks you’re Perez’s trolls sent here to try and justify his bad behaviour.tell me how a 2 year old ASKED to be called ugly by him? deserved it..oh he was joking right? i guess a lot of his jokes are in very poor taste which is why there is so much vitrol against him. having all those web hits doesn’t mean everyone agrees with what he is saying or likes him. i have been on his site and CRINGED at what he was saying and drawing and empathize with those he has hurt with his violent and abusive words. i join the group who say he deserve what he got.BEP have my support!they spoke for everyone else that Perez has bullied all these years and i hope that he does go away.its time we cleaned up the net.