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Zac Efron To Star in 'Sexy Thriller'

Zac Efron To Star in 'Sexy Thriller'

Zac Efron is set to star in new movie being described as a “sexy thriller.”

The 21-year-old actor, who shot to stardom in the High School Musical franchise, will also serve as executive producer with Mandate Pictures’ Nathan Kahane.

Penning the flick is Leslie Dixon, who has a few hits under her belt: Hairspray, Freaking Friday, The Thomas Crown Affair and Mrs. Doubtfire.

The sexy movie news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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Photos: Matthew Rolston/Rolling Stone
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  • lol

    sexy thriller? lol

  • irish girl

    I wonder what his ab routine is? Wow.

  • go sox

    Interesting news for Zac!! Definitely a step in the right direction for him, and I’m glad to see he is producing too. Will be a great experience for him!!

  • pam

    there is nothing sexy about this child

  • winter

    a sexy thriller by the writer of mrs. doubtfire ….

  • Malia

    Hope it’s true. Is it going to be a SEX thriller, a SEXY thriller or just a good old-fashioned gut wrenching THRILLER?

    Leslie Dixon has a lot of screen plays under her belt–funny and serious. So that is a definite plus.

  • belinda

    sounds better than footloose remake.

  • hahahah

    a sexy thriller by the writer of mrs. doubtfire ….


    LOL dont make me laugh too hard

  • victoria


  • steffi

    He is sooooo hot!!!

  • Summer time

    I guess teenagers must be on vacation as the blogs have been taken over by them.

  • tori

    There’s is def something thrilling about him!

  • Daniela

    Hey Just Jared! what happened!! I actually know about your page because of Vanessa.. pics of Vanessa is what we want!

  • intellsmart

    here is one beautiful woman of the world for Zac…..

  • sjk

    Excellent! The writing for all of those movies was quite well done, so there’s a plus and I love the fact that Zac is executive producing! And Zac Efron = sexy anything… shirt, cologne, documentary, comedy, commercial, sales pitch, reading from the dictionary……….Yayaah!!!!!

  • romp

    Love it and love him. This is an amazing opportunity for him.

  • Tiptoes

    Looking forward to this next movie of Zac. A sexy thriller plus an executive producer…..Yeah!

  • Bradley B

    This great news for Zac.

  • april

    OOhhhh, Jared – thanks for digging up that cover photo !! Just what I needed to see today !!! Great news for Zac….love him.

  • mary

    that’s probably one of the best pictures he’s ever taken.

  • tree

    Great news for Zac, I hope this movie is something challenging for him. Plus to be an executive producer! WOW

  • Soni hannigan

    Finally he is on JJ

  • Jen

    good for him.. he is hot

  • joey

    Zac is so cute. I hope he does a basic instinct type of movie.Something more edgy and risky to shred his goody goody good image. That would expand his fan base as well.

  • joey

    PEREZ FOR A KIDS CHOICE AWARD? @ 06/23/2009 at 5:21 pm

    Yeah that guy is just full of hate. I saw his video in which he says he was attacked by And all the time he was constantly saying the f word and calling fergie horrible names.You can tell that he probably called the N word around his friends.He is not a nice person and he uses celebs to his own advantage. 10 millions hits a day he wishes ugly pig face.

  • karenina

    i already did it!!=)

    zac is hot and he deserves a sexy thriller

  • birdie

    Great move, very smart. Congrats!

  • whirry

    What a sexy man. Can’t wait to see him in this sexy thriller.

  • Nisa

    @joey: The whole thing is just so flippin’ insane. It’s obvious Mario has never had a real beat down. I mean I don’t condone physical violence in anyway but he was hit a few times. Call me when you’re on the floor and can’t get up bleeding with the wind knocked out of it with someone standing over you brandishing a knife or a busted off glass beer bottle. Now that is a little more of an emergency. Been there. Anything else is not worth mass tweeting about.

  • Nisa

    Zac is cute and he’s got a very nice body but for some reason there is just zero magnetism I feel for him. Strange no? He’d make a good friend I guess.


    Since he is executive producer, I hope he doesn’t lose a lot of money if this goes bust.

  • susan

    heh!! he has a sexcy body he deserves this movie.
    Congrats zac if this news is true.

  • LoveLeeR

    omg i thought for a second that sexy thriller was the name of the movie!!!

  • Boji

    Yay, am glad for Zac. Something he can sink his teeth into and producing is one of them.

    Now to Perez. His site does incite racial discrimination through his slurs and trash talk, he should not be allowed anywhere near youngsters in case he contaminates them just like H1N1. A real disgrace to whom he represents.

  • yets

    zanessa is so busy ha!
    Good i love them

  • muffin top

    Boji @ 06/24/2009 at 4:53 am
    I agree with you.Perez is a racist.He hates minorities.I think he personally hates gays as well.I mean why would you call someone name that when you know it is offensive.

  • bell

    Not feeling the Disney kid in a sexy thriller. I’m thinking he’s gonna be washed up soon writing his own movies to star in instead of just helping produce them. Bye-bye Efron.

  • athena

    Well, the Thomas Crown Affair was a bit of a sensual thriller…other than that, nothing is sexy about the other movies she’s scripted…Can’t wait to hear more about it. Long as Zac’s career doesn’t lead him into doing pornos…lol…he can do all the sexy movies he wants….

  • athena

    @bell: Hopefully he’s seen a read many scripts and movies to know what not to do…I think he’d be a great producer and don’t think he’ll be washed up…don’t follow his career to prove yoursefl right or wrong…When Zac was coming a name in Hollywood, he’d mentioned in previous interviews that he was going to go to school for directing, so, for him to go in these footsteps isn’t necessarily a bad thing…he’s got a long career ahead of him and can finance his own projects cause he can afford it.

  • nisa

    @LoveLeeR: LOL yeah he’s sexy but he doesn’t thrill me. But it WOULD be a good title :D I’m sure he thrills a lot of girls.

  • zanessa4life

    @LoveLeeR: Yeah me too :D

    Wow I freaked when I finally saw this post with himm on JJ.
    Thanks so much for posting this.
    I hope this movie will be as good as it sounds, I menan it cant get that bad, if Zacs in it it will be a great film anyways so…


  • LEXI

    LOVE HIM!!!!!! Love him and his gf they look so good together

  • trev

    He is such old news now. It’s all about Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner now.

    Team Robristen

  • Trina

    Wow!!!! I am SO proud of Zac. This dude has his head on straight and knows where he’s going.

    Executive producer!!!!

    Keep it up, Zac. You will be the Paul Newman of your generation.

  • ashlee

    zac is mapping out a long term career. flavor-of-the-month actors will come and go, but zac will still be around. kudos to zac for being such a level headed guy. more power to him.

  • cubur

    great news :))


    “Sexy Thriller” – does this involve Michael Jackson and a naked Efron?

  • ayo

    i loooooooooooooooooooooove zac he’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i think that he and shia labeouf should be close frinds!

  • ayo

    i loooooooooooooooooooooove zac he’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i think that he and shia labeouf should be close frinds!