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Daniel Craig Builds His 'Dream House'

Daniel Craig Builds His 'Dream House'

James Bond star Daniel Craig is in early talks to star in the psychological thriller Dream House, reports THR.

The flick will be helmed by Jim Sheridan, who directed 50 Cent in 2005′s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Daniel Day-Lewis in 1997′s The Boxer.

Craig, 41, would play a man who moves his family to an idyllic small town, only to find his house haunted by its former inhabitants, who were murdered there.

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899 Responses to “Daniel Craig Builds His 'Dream House'”

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  1. 1
    age Says:

    JJ, how stupid are you? you can’t even get his age right???????
    Says a lot about the validity of your “news”.

  2. 2
    Laura Says:

    Really? Another movie about a family moving into a house they love and such and it’s haunted by past owners or just ghosts terrorizing the owners? Do we need another movie about this?

  3. 3
    BABY BABS Says:


  4. 4
    so what Says:

    do we need another movie about love?
    do we need another movie about hate?
    do we need another movie about war?
    do we need another movie about villians trying to rule the world?
    do we need another movie about aliens?

    YES to all of the above if the are made good!

  5. 5
    BABY BABS Says:


  6. 6
    test Says:

    Jared! ROTFLMAO @ the Barbie pic!!!! hahaha!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    cari Says:

    uuummmmm……..did anyone ever see Amityville Horror??

    a remake is a remake no matter how you dress it up.


  8. 8
    Whatsup Says:

    Once again, a new thread with no Sats pictures, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the haters who keep wishing that JJ would not post pictures of her, which JJ is apparently honoring, will STILL CONTINUE to post long winded posts that are ONLY about Sats and how much they hate her, making Sats the star and not Daniel, who these threads are about. They must actually love Sats since they continue to give her all the attention, instead of Daniel.
    Such lonely pathetic losers, their low IQs are so obvious. Only people with below average intelligence repeat the same garabe for over 1,700 posts lol lol lol
    So sad and pathetic, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised that after two weeks of not coming onto JJ that all I saw was the same garbage repeated for the millionth time lol lol lol
    I truly feel deep sympathy for the “haters” Such lonely and sad human beings, can anything possibly more be depressing than seeing how lonely people are that all they have is JJ in their lives !!!! Too sad and depressing. In fact, it’s a little too depressing so I will say my final farewell, as I have no place in my life, mind or heart for people who hate so deeply someone they have never met simply because they are jealous.
    One day these women will wake up wondering what happened to their lives, asking, “where has my life gone” and all they will have to do is come to JJ and see that they wasted their short precious life which is a gift from God, on doing nothing but hating, and they will know then that God and Karma awarded their behavior with loneliness and and a life void of any friends or love. It’s just too sad and depressing, but it’s something more, because I get the major creeps everytime I come here and read all t he hate.
    This overly obsessive hate is beyond creepy.

  9. 9
    IcKe Says:

    brand-new story… |-(…
    this film sounds very uninteresting. REDUNDANT

  10. 10
    age Says:

    What are you talking about. JJ says DC is 41. Born 3-2-68. It’s now June 2009. That does add up to 41. Right?
    + + + + + + +
    I love horror flicks. Good ones at least. Not crap, like Saw, but really scary intense psychological stuff, like 28 Days later or the Shining, which interestingly, this plot sounds reminiscent of. Hope not, hope there’s a unique twist. novel, not rehashed. Otherwise he should just suck it up and do a romantic comedy. Worked for Gerald Butler. Oscar winners Ralph Feinnes, and Tom Hanks did them. Love Sleepless in Seattle. He should pick a good script…while he’s still young enough….

  11. 11
    Horror films Says:

    Horros and Thrillers is Satsuki’s area of expertise. Maybe she is getting him into it.

  12. 12
    to whatsup birdbrain Says:

    You brought up the gf first. You opened the door. Of course it’s coming, now, because of you. What are they supposed to do? Ignore your taunt. Idiot sh*tstirrer. Your post is so full of hate, I sometimes wonder if you are the psycho American woman who follows him everywhere, and is the reason he had to get “doubles” to go with him to premieres, designed to keep you running the wrong direction…
    You keep promising to leave…I think your final farewell will only happen when JJ finally figures out how to ban you and your multiple identities once and for all…
    One day, you will wake up wondering where has my life gone? Since you’ve never had a life, it never went anywhere. Get a life. It’s about time to leave the nest and stop pecking at all the other birds on here.

  13. 13
    to 10 Says:

    JJ has changed the post. When I made this comment 3 hours ago there was written Daniel Craig, 39….

  14. 14
    Regurgitatedcreativism Says:

    No imagination in HW anymore. Same old, same old!

  15. 15
    mendelandguinnesstobroadway Says:

    Yes, the storyline has definitely been done and dusted many a times. However, this is just a rumour, so nothing might come out of it. Or maybe the plot will be very different. I just hope he gets a good script soon. Bond 23 still seems so far away…

  16. 16
    lizzie Says:

    very handsome daniel !!

  17. 17
    Jayasree Says:

    Daniel Craig is my sex god!

  18. 18
    Chili Pepper Says:

    “play a man who moves his family to an idyllic small town, only to find his house haunted by its former inhabitants, who were murdered there.’

    What an original idea (read sarcasm).
    Daniel looks older than 41.

  19. 19
    mary Says:

    this is a remake of some film or another. but it’s directed by jim sheridan so it might end up being very good.

  20. 20
    athena Says:

    This doesn’t sound original, but we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

  21. 21
    to the board Says:

    Whatsup @ 06/24/2009 at 1:33 given us the benefit of one her famous diatribes early in the game. here’s hoping she puts an end to it. then again, maybe not. she does like to rant on and on and on.

  22. 22
    Killroy Says:

    Add some slapstick and humor and it might be worth watching..

  23. 23
    lola Says:

    Um, hasn’t this movie already been done before? Amityville Horror, The Others, The Messengers, The Haunting, 13 Ghosts.. blah blah boring.

  24. 24
    Lulu Says:

    Love the house pic-it looks so scary and original.

    To 12 Now that would be a real horror movie-starring whatsup and the scary looking gf. Two hideous things that will never leave!!!

  25. 25
    Not true. Says:

    This is a false story.

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