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Hilary Duff in Bikini Bliss

Hilary Duff in Bikini Bliss

Hillary Duff shows off her curves in a black bikini on a beach in Hawaii on Tuesday (June 23).

Looks like Hil got swept up in one of the waves. Mike, go save her!

The 21-year-old Lizzie McGuire actress is vacationing with her hockey player boyfriend Mike Comrie.

The pair enjoyed lunch at Boa Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon.

10+ pictures inside of Hilary Duff in bikini bliss…

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hilary duff in bikini bliss 01
hilary duff in bikini bliss 02
hilary duff in bikini bliss 03
hilary duff in bikini bliss 04
hilary duff in bikini bliss 05
hilary duff in bikini bliss 06
hilary duff in bikini bliss 07
hilary duff in bikini bliss 08
hilary duff in bikini bliss 09
hilary duff in bikini bliss 10

Credit: Starsurf; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • WOW

    She’s been 21 for like, 10 years now! And that is a hideously squre body she’s got going on there…

  • alex

    fat ass! she is fat and ugly

  • Anna

    Wow, although she isn’t the skinny type (she also doesn’t have to be), she looks very fit and in shape. Look at her tummy and thighs, no signs of cellulite, quite toned. I’m glad she doesn’t hide and shows, especially to young girls, that you don’t have to look like the average “The Hills”- star to be respected, recognized and successful. Good for her!

  • inthwild

    those saying she is fat need a serious reality check. as a guy she looks hot. not be desentized by the media people.

  • deraj tsuj

    man shoulders

  • michelle

    She’s back to her normal self!!! Remember when she lost a lot of weight and looked scary? This body shape and size fits her best!!!

  • Lena

    I think she looks …

  • hollywood101

    OMGOSH! she is NOT FAT she is in shape. Just because she’s not a stick doesn’t mean u guys have to say shes fat. U see her coming out of Pilates class all the time. Shes HEALTHY. Hilary dont listen to all the HATERS!

  • rebekah

    sorry but they arnt curves her body doesnt go in at the waist, she wouldnt be able to balance a kid on those hips lol

  • meh

    dayum, she looks hot! like a real woman should: with boobs, hips and thighs.

  • Luciilockett


    This is refreshing to look at. She is a great example of how healthy girls should look like! Not like those other disgustingly skinny fake looking bitches in Hollywood.

  • kiraaa

    Yikes, everyone’s so harsh to poor Hils. Shes still at a healthy weight. Its probably her natural size, and with a face like hers who cares about the rest :)

  • k1037

    I wouldn’t say she looks “fat” in these images. I also wouldn’t say she looks good. She has no curves to speak of. I’m male and I think my hip-to-waist ratio has her beat. Her shoulders are blocky, and either she has no ass or her thighs are just so big that you can’t see it.

    I’m sorry, but while this isn’t to the point of being an unhealthy weight for her, it’s definitely an unattractive one.

    Also.. let’s stop blaming the media for people liking skinny people, alright? The media show what people want to see or else they would go out of business. Claiming we like skinny people because that’s all the media show is like saying we would all love cow feces if that’s all fast food restaurants served. That’s not how it works.. they show what we want to see because that’s the only way they make money. Third-world countries (where food is scarce) show nothing but plump men and women because that’s what the people there want to see.

    Angelina Jolie weighed over 130 lbs most of her career, and Jessica Alba was over 120 even before she had her child. Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand – the poster girl of “thick” women and about the same height as those two, weighed 115 lbs and had a 22 inch waist! She was skinnier than most actresses are now. Women in the media nowadays aren’t skin and bones like some people want to believe. They’re HEALTHY, and healthy is beautiful.

  • SOphie


  • Xeon

    Hillary Duff is NOT FAT!! she is the right size everyone should be xD and why would people care if she is getting fat or skinnier? anyways … no matter what size she would be in we would still support her through her journey of self discovering by acting and singing her way in hollywood and everywhere she decides… Chick u ROCK! …

    im happy for her with mike .. cute couple :D

  • noodle

    She has her fats back.
    So now she’s no aneroxic looking freak.
    <3 her.

  • lily

    She looks amazing!

  • grx

    I think her body is ok, its not bad, but it does still need a little bit of toning…but other than that i think she looks great… and besides as long
    as your healthy I think its ok! =)
    the only thing that bothers me is why do some people like to swim
    wearing all their accessories? Isn’t that a bother????

  • whizzer


  • Like_it

    Excellent. She’s back to her right beauty. I didn’t like her at all when she looked like an anorectic monster. She’s is a lot more sexy this way. I love her <3

  • Birgit

    She has a weird body… no real waistline.

  • whizzer

    She’ll probably look like Kelly Clarkson in 2 years time

  • istar

    O.M.G.. she isnt even FAT. its great to c someone in hollywood who isnt very skinny. :)

  • Andy

    She looks pretty damn good to me :D

  • a_word_of_advice

    Dear Hillary:

    Please Please Please QUIT on wearing a bikini (and getting it papped out).
    It really doesnt suits you. Just take a dive on your private pool perhaps.


  • anonmymous

    thick waist, definately not an hourglass and even if she lost weight she will never get an hourglass shape bec. that’s how she is naturally.

  • M

    i didn’t know she’s that fat… looks pretty healthy though.

  • Anna

    Either she’s fat or healthy. Probably it’s the same to you. By the way, what is your size? This question goes out to everyone who made rude comments. Seriously!

  • Josh

    She is not fat stfu people!

    She looks freaking amazing here, very sexy rock that body hilary!

  • {hillmarty

    She’s amazing…beautiful, Hilary I love u <3

  • plez

    She is 21? Why are all these young girls always trying to look and act like they are 30.

  • lulu

    She doesn’t have a great shape
    very square
    her size though is okay, i guess if you are in to plump girls

  • cbcb

    Her sister is million times better looking..

  • Pma

    she’s shaped like an inverted triangle

  • Pma

    she’s shaped like an inverted triangle

  • magalie

    she looks so good!

  • brenda

    Sorry, but she is not a very attractive girl. For someone who spends most of her time working out, I would like to know why she is not getting any better of a result at the gym. And WTF happened to her lips.

  • anonymous

    what does the tattoo on her right ribcage say?

  • lizzie

    she got fatter and it is very pretty just this way. i think she is very very beautiful.

  • red boyz

    This girl will be AMAZING in bed. Man! thats a perfect booty call physique…..

  • OLya

    Оня выглядит нормально, помню когда она была ужасно худой, это было кошмарно, сейчас ей не 17 лет, а 21, так что вполне нормально)) ну может ей нужно чуточку сбросить, совсем чуть чуть)))

  • betty

    no neck
    man’s shoulder
    short arm
    no waiste
    narrow hip…

  • Noticias de famosos

    It’s very pretty and good body, with forms, not how other skeletal.

  • Jessica


    People, she’s normal. She’s not anorexic or bulemic like half of hollywood is.

  • TS

    She’s not fat, she just has a square body. She’s fit, she’s healthy, but she has a square body. End of story.

  • Jayasree

    She looks amazing. Everyone that says she’s fat, hah! I bet you’re obese! Jealousy isn’t pretty.

  • amy

    am I the only one who thinks she looks better now, than when she was really skinny, cause she looked like an anorexic before!!!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    damn she got fat. her body looks horrible. really man frame, and no ass.

  • cain

    watch out for your figure…you don’t wanna be the next jessica simpson.

  • Jen

    This girl is not curvy at all but she is by no means fat. She has a very square body. Pretty face but no hourglass shape and she could get really really skinny and that will not change. But she does look fit.