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Jen & Bradley: IT'S ON!

Jen & Bradley: IT'S ON!

Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper are on, on, on (according to Star)!

Jen, 40, and Bradley, 34, shared a romantic date last Thursday (June 18) at Il Cantinori in New York City and ever since there’s been sparks!

Jen is really excited,” says an insider. “She feels a connection to Bradley.”

A spywitness at their date added, “I went over to say hi to them, and I noticed they were holding hands under the table because they let go to shake my hand!”

DO YOU THINK Jen and Brad(ley) are going to last – YAY or NAY?

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  • Jessica

    Good for Jennifer, but I’m pretty sure she’s not 30.

  • ck

    “According to The Star,” Brad & Angie are on their 451st “split,” and Katie Holmes is pregnant again for the 820th time.

  • Andrea Marrama

    isn’t Jen 40-something?

  • Life_is_the_Pitts

    jen 30? is this 2009 still?…..lololololo

  • karenina

    @ck: LOL

  • T

    Hope it works out for her

  • http://Justjared Marie

    I hope so; they are cute together.

  • Nadia

    Jen is not 30, isn’t she like 44 or something? She looks great for her age, but she is not 30. And good luck to her in finding love with the Hangover guy.

  • aa


  • Life_is_the_Pitts

    she needs another brad in her life,,,,,,,,,,lol

  • eden

    i’m starting to feel really bad for her….but i thought that guy just had a few kids with someone???!

  • Winter

    I’m so glad but Jen’s 40 Jared.

  • Life_is_the_Pitts

    everyone knows the whole world knows jennifer is 40.were all shcked

  • aly

    JEN IS 40!

  • tina

    There are rumors about Bradley Cooper beating his ex-wife.
    Does anyone know more?

  • insider

    CAA arranged the whole thing………….he will leave after the production ends…………again……………….watch and see…………….

  • Jen

    “Jen, 30, and Bradley, 34″

  • umm

    Like all things in her life…this will not last long.
    Boy does this woman get around.

  • flaxine

    Jared, check Maniston’s birth date was February 11, 1969,
    that makes her 40 yrs old, 6 yrs older than Bradley Cooper,
    who’s born in 1975.

    This relationship won’t last.

  • makes sense

    “CAA arranged the whole thing”
    They arranged Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal fauxmance, too.

  • Jen

    I think he is too good for that sorry excuse of a woman. He needs to leave now while his celebrity status is rising otherwise he will be just another star caught in the drama that is Jennifer Aniston. I hope he leaves her to save his career.

  • jen

    He needs to leave this sorry excuse for a woman. His celebrity status is rising and he is becoming a popular actor. The last thing he needs is to be tainted by the drama that is Jennifer Aniston. For his sake, I hope her leaves her to save his career. Otherwise he’ll end up just another one of her flings.

  • jane

    Cute couple!!!!

  • insider

    here is the real news : SHE FAKES ROMANCES FOR ATTENTION/ CAREER WHILE KEEPING HER REAL PERSONAL LIFE SECRET……………ok ? it is for cash…………it isn’t real…………same as Mayer/Vaughn/Sculfor etc…. all were hired by CAA……………. Bradley Cooper was seen with a mystery woman at Shutters On The Beach in Santa Monica, CA today (June 22). Upon their depature, the canoodling couple quickly dispersed once they saw the awaiting paparazzi but there is no question they were together. So where is the alleged apple of Bradley’s eye? Jen is in New Jersey filming her first ever action flick alongside mega hunk Gerard Butler. Not a bad specimen of a man to seek revenge with, if we do say so ourselves.

  • lisa

    Ewww!!! Why Jennifer????Why????

  • anon

    It’s almost like watching Groundhog’s Day. It’s the same story over and over again. Simply insert another man’s name in the subject line and it’s the same story. At some point, even her most ardent fans are going to have to recognize the PR games being played by Aniston. She really has turned into a pathetic creature.

  • amy

    she always has to date other famous people ….. what a famewhore

  • trent

    She is 40yrs old and why do I feel like she still has to grow up?

  • jaye

    Doesn’t this happen 2 or 3 times a year??? Everyone should be OVER the roll out of the new boyfriend and the accompanying:

    Jen is so happy
    Jen has a connection with ………
    Jen deserves to be happy
    They look so good together
    She’s over… Brad Pitt
    Jen is a strong woman
    and when she’s NOT dating
    Jen doesn’t need a man
    Jen is an independent woman
    he wasn’t the right person for her
    Jen can do better
    Jen has a great body, any man would want her
    Jen looks happy without him
    Jen is a survivor.

    Can we just put that on tape and run it all 2-3 times a year?

  • maribeth

    she is so boring & plain.
    also, she is 40, not 30!

  • JEN IS 30!!!naw…

    NO f-ing WAY!!! Shes more like 40!!!

  • insider

    the EXACT same story ……….and EXACT same contracts……….. are on rinse repeat……..except inserted with different men’s names : it is all done for cash. SHE ACTS WHAT YOU SEE AS HER PERSONAL LIFE. SHE ISNT STUPID. SHE IS GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE BECAUSE IT IS HER CAREER……………that is what none of the showmances worked out and everyone is on great terms at the end……… was acted. The real question is : WHY ?

  • s


    Bradley Cooper why would you date her?!? God he is way too hot for her! All the guys she dates are way above her league (i.e Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, John Mayer, Gerald Butler (if that was true), etc)

  • http://JUSTJARED Ellen

    ALREADY !!!

  • http://JUSTJARED Ellen

    ALREADY !!!


  • waad

    jen is getting lower and lower in her choices

  • TJ

    Bradley seems like a nice guy.
    I loved him in ‘Alias’.

    I like him and Jen. They seem like a nice couple.

  • Júlia e lara

    God, you haters are soo idioot.
    he’s lucky ok? Jennifer Aniston is a goddess, and just because you guys like angie, you are saying this.

  • Whatever

    Nay! All fake like her. These agencies do set up romances because they look at these stars as an investment. Studios have been doing this for years especially when the guy is gay. They’ll even arrange fake marriages/relationships. Anyone who believes this relationship is real is a sucker and as we know, theres a sucker born every minute.

  • MagMile

    Maniston looks much better with this guy, I always thought Brad was WAAAY to good-looking for her.

  • duh!

    “Jen is in New Jersey filming her first ever action flick alongside mega hunk Gerard Butler. Not a bad specimen of a man to seek revenge with, if we do say so ourselves.”
    Gerard is gay.

  • deena

    These two people match to a T, just look at their chin. it is identical, even their ugly smile match. If they marry and are lucky to have a baby, that baby will have the longest chin in the world and it will be one ugly baby.

  • deena

    These two people match to a T, just look at their chin. it is identical, even their ugly smiles match. If they marry and are lucky to have a baby, that baby will have the longest chin in the world and it will be one ugly baby.

  • anon

    Jennifer Aniston’s representative told The Guardian that there is no benefit in working with such publications and that stars who cooperate with a magazine are then attacked by their competitors.

    Huvane said: “These weeklies no longer have any interest in actual reporting. I don’t think lies and complete fabrications serve any positive result. All they do is distort and damage the dignity of the private lives of actors.

    An anonymous celebrity weekly editor reportedly said: “You build the story around an emotion. What’s happening with poor Jen this week? Well, John Mayer’s seeing someone else, and for a woman of her age, that must be awful.

    “So you construct a narrative of what a woman her age may be feeling. The question is: ‘How can we construct a story around a set of emotions that our readers are going to relate to?’ It can come from a genuine tip, or a photo. Or it can come out of our a**.

  • jesa

    Stop spreading these stupid CAA story, you are obsessed with her on every website you tell the same story over and over and over

    First you came with a story that she has a secrect lover for years (a director, she met him at year 2005) then people asked questions about it and then you change your story and you do it every time when people ask you questions

    Nobody believes you and now you come to a website that is more pro brangie so they will believe you more but all the other people on the other websites going crazy with your story

    repeat repeat take your meds

  • nicole

    Jen is 40 not 30.

  • MagMile

    @deena: LMAO! You are so right!

  • gisele

    i thought jen was like 40-something….

  • andamentothat

    Isnt this a surprise?? Who would have thought that we would have another showmance so soon.. Everything abt this story is fake.. Jen 30 (whatever), reported by STAR (whatever) and Bradley Cooper (whatever).. she is probably trying to recreate another golden era.. Is she this gullible to fall for the CAA story everytime?

  • Anlgsp

    Well hope HE’S THE ONE for Jen! =) She only deserves the best! ;)