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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Detained After Airport Brawl

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Detained After Airport Brawl

The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers got into a confrontation with French police in Paris’ Charles DeGaulle airport while reportedly in a drunken state.

According to AFP, a bartender at the café area “Le Quotidien” refused to serve the 31-year-old actor, who appeared drunk. Another bar employee stepped in but JRM swung and punched the intervening waiter.

According to The Sun, JRM is quoted as saying, “You wanna hit me? Hit me!”

JRM was previously arrested in November 2007 for public drunkenness and breach of the peace at Dublin Airport.

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  • Chili Pepper

    What a tool!

  • nicole

    Who cares?
    I don’t.

  • Pining for Chris

    He’s a good-looking man with a lot of talent. But his attitude is annoying, i’ve read/watched some of his interviews; let’s just say he doesn’t come off well.
    Anyway I thought he was in Ireland shooting ‘The Tudors’? Hmm, I hope he recovers and fights whatever demons he has. Because the guy has a lot of potential.

  • mims

    This poor guy has a serious drink problem. He’s real cute but his looks will begin to fade pretty quickly if he continues like this.

  • mims

    Not forgetting the damage to his liver. I shouldn’t be so shallow and just focus on how drink will affect his looks.

  • Kar

    hasn’t he been to rehab twice? doesnt seem to be working

  • nisa

    Oh, yeah, nothing more fun than dealing with drunk people. Peeling drunk girls off the men’s bathroom urinals, breaking up fights, arguing with cutting people off, the pinching grabbing… Reconsidering going back to bartending.

    And what is WITH all the fighting lately with the celebs? Don’t these people have better things to do, like purchase small islands or cars that cost the same as small islands or…yeah I don’t get it.

  • Jules

    Crazy bastard!

  • Julie

    Scary looking dude. Drugs perhaps?

  • stellartes

    It is too bad….he is a great looking man, a very good actor and looks like a sweetheart deep down but alcohol will ruin his life if he does not start to love himself.
    I am sad to see him like this. JRM get help!

  • zulu

    He needs to or start drinking less, or start flying less, cause the last time he got into a similair mess was at the airport as well.

  • Jessicax

    This is so out of character for Jonny, he’s such a gentleman at heart, and so hard working. The only explanation I can come up with, is that he’s had a tremendous amount of loss recently. His mother’s unexpected death at age 50, the end of a relationship with a girl he’d been with for five years, changes in management. Many stressful difficulties. I don’t think playing Henry has been good for him, either. Henry is such a dark unstable character, and Jonny submerses himself so deeply in his roles. I adore JRM and hope to follow his career for many years to come. Prayers.

  • gaeljet

    +1 just losing his mother is one of the worst thing that can happen …

  • Angaothin

    He’s at a beautiful event with Reena in London last week, looking great. Then he goes out with a northern Irish girl for a drink (photos look like nothing is going on between them), then within 24 hours is drunk and smashing things up. Maybe Reena “hammered” him for being photo’d in public with a new squeeze, and now he’s feeling guilty and needs to be drunk? These drunken rages always seem to follow a few days after he spends time with Reena in public.

  • dundies

    Don’t these people have better things to do, like purchase small islands


  • Naima

    He looks like he does more than drink, he hardly smiles in photos and always looks unhappy. He either pops pills or powders his nose with his eyes bugged out all the time.

  • Regurgitatedcreativism

    Throw the book at him. Fed up with the loutish, ugly behaviour of so called celebrities who think that they can get away with it coz they’re famous. They have more of a duty to behave respectfully to people coz other dumb people look up to them and might copy their skanky, low down behaviour. Lock him up coz he doesn’t deserve no respect from anyone for behaving like that.

  • LuckyL

    Rehab has failed/ he may be getting the ineffective kind just for celebrities and is looking worse and worse all the time. Compare this Jonathan to his hot former self. And that p*rn stache and dear-in-headlights stare aren’t helping.

  • jazz

    He always look like he is high on something. He is also arrogant in his interviews.

  • Anne


    I completely agree. Rhys is a beautiful person and it’s truly a shame he’s had to go through such tough stuff lately. I hope his heart heals soon and that he will be able to move on and live happyily.

  • sharifa>>kuwait

    oh no i hope nothing happens 2 him.. stress is showing on him i hope he gets better with time.. its a shame actors go through things only god would know about but no one gives them a slack.. its not up 2 us 2 judge them no one can control his behaviour while they’re drunk.. drugs and alcohol are a disease people need treatment 4 it.. maybe the guy drinks b4 a flight 2 loosen up maybe he’s scared of flying.. if the airports don’t want anyone 2 get drunk then they should remove all bars.. i love him 2 death he’s very talented get well soon

  • donna

    ahhhhhhhhh…. another uneducated actors! who bloody cares! that all they ever do, drink, drug, cheap girls and what an stupid excuse to say that he behaves that way because he just lost his mum? hes been druggy looking even before his mum died! Another idiot cannot handle fame! with all the $$ go get yourself educated, we are just not interested any more with this type of behaviour! pls go away and disapear!

  • dirty

    he’s a twat

  • yvonne

    oh poor poor JRM…what about the waiter?!

  • irish claire

    Theres something not quite right about this story. He was papped with a gang of people on Friday night (not just Katie Larmour as her PR would like to suggest). They were partying until four or five in Dublin and JRM looked relatively sober. How the f*$k did he make it to Paris and be on a returning flight by the afternoon?

    I smell a publicity stunt…or else a total meltdown…

    Hope he gets his act together….

    Just waiting for the story from Katie Larmour next week talking about how they are only friends…should get her another few column inches in some rags…

  • Layla

    He and Megan Fox could be twins. Unfortunate.


    I read that he also threw wads of cash at the cops and bragged that he could buy himself out of any trouble. Bad move. The courts are more likely to be harsh after that arrogant display. I feel bad for him seeing as he’s obviously a raging alcoholic and slightly nuts but WHY THE HELL are people making excuses for his terrible behavior?! This annoys me because everybody suffers bereavements, break-ups etc, but most of us don’t go around behaving like spoilt brats, being rude, abusive and obnoxious and punching people who don’t deserve it. And if we did, we’d have to face the consequences. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve any sympathy if he’s going through rough times, just that he doesn’t deserve special treatment. He behaved like an absolute moron, and I for one will only respect him if he takes full responsibility, admits his fault and apologizes. And I’ll be totally disgusted if the charges just get “dropped” like last time. He’s got to face the consequences of his actions this time, and grow the hell up. I really hope this is the wake up call he needs.

  • Suppress your appetite

    @dundies: :DDDD