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Kate Gosselin Bottles It Up

Kate Gosselin Bottles It Up

A barefoot Kate Gosselin steps outside to meet the delivery man for their shipment of bottled water on Wednesday (June 24) in Reading, Penn.

TMZ was able to get a hold of the divorce documents that the 34-year-old registered nurse filed on Monday. Part of the document states that the “plaintiff and defendant have been unable to agree as to the equitable distribution” of their respective property.

As for what to expect for the show, a “carefully placed” source tells the Daily News that Jon Gosselin‘s reported girlfriend, Deanna Hummel, will join the show when original episodes return on Aug. 3. “Because she’s part of Jon‘s life, she’ll be filmed.”

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  • Lido

    Sad. Sad. Sad. They should not divorce. I believe their marriage can be saved. They need to see a family psychologist, that’s all. Everyone can complain about her, but the fact remains that she is mother to a whole lot of children and that is extremely difficult to do, let alone have patience and desire to make your husband feel good about himself too. Her husband is an easy guy. He’s just overwhelmed and is probably missiing fun times. They need time together as a couple. I really wish they would do it. Divorce will be bad for their children.

  • deea

    agree with lido

  • aimeea

    Poor John!!! Kate is totally going for the juggler vein. Kate would like nothing more then to bleed him dry. What a B*TCH!!! And these interviews and covers she keeps granting. Nothing more then a ploy to poor on the
    ” POOR ME ” act. Not buying it!!
    Hang in there John, for yourself and those beautiful kids!!!!

  • makeme

    People who have paid attention know that Jon is a vicious person, but the camera doesn’t catch that often. Does anyone remember the scene where the cameras were following one of the kids who ran towards their parents, and Jon was shouting “I JUST TOLD YOU THE POST OFFICE WAS CLOSED.” Kate was silently taking it. I think Jon treats Kate just as bad as Kate treats him, or even worse. He is just too shy in front of the cameras.

  • baby doll

    Kate saying that this show is ” for her kids” is all BS. Kate is ALL ABOUT the MONEY, the FAME and KATE!!!! She is just pissed that Jon finally got the balls to step up to her and not take her SH*T anymore. He has moved on with his life and you know Kate will stop at nothing to protect her gravy train wreck of a TVshow. Prancing her children around in front of the cameras keeps her in her million dollar house and trashy hairdos!!

  • makeme

    I have noticed that the people who use the degrading, chauvinistic word bitch are women themselves. Women hate themselves more than anything. At least the worst examples do like aimeea. You have to keep a look out for this type, they are the type to create havoc in other womens’ relationships (for example, Deanna Hummel).

  • justine

    No way was Jon ever as mean spirited as the HORRIBLE KATE. Kate’s behavior is documented through out the entire years of filming AND by crew members of the show AND by her own family members!!!!
    Get real. Kate is a ranting and raving, full of herself bi_ch.

  • Ashley

    Baby Doll ^^^^^^^

    What is wrong with Kate trying to make a buck? If I had 8 kids, I would try hard too. It’s going to take BIG BUCKS to raise all those kids and send them to college. There is nothing wrong with what she’s doing. She’s looking out for their futures. I think she is a great mom. But she got stuck in “Mommy Mode” and her husband is not in Daddy Mode. He’s more immature. He really didn’t want so many kids in the first place and he’s acting like a typical man. I can easily see that he resents her somewhat for strapping him down with 8 kids.

  • sunshine moma

    Hear she goes again. Another interview throwing her entire family under the bus and acting like the victim. Kate is working so hard to get the fans to take her side. Yeah right, Kate. Kate needs to take a very long look in the mirror. She is the reason this family is being torn apart.

  • justine is a bitch

    justine is a b*tch. Cuz that is how she comes off as. Seriously, any woman who calls another woman a bitch just come off as a bitch herself.

  • Ashley

    Also, a mother with 8 kids can’t be prissy, pleasant and cute all the time. If Kate did that, her kids would walk all over her. There are too many kids to be smiley and happy all the time. Kate has to be firm to discipline her kids, as Jon is kind of floating around. Jon is passive. One of them has to be strong and do it, right, or the kids will end up wild.

  • Lissa brutta

    What a cute outfit. Kate is a pretty woman. I know some women (like my relatives) are jealous of her, but I think she is stunning and a good mom. She will get through this.

  • Claria

    Are you for real Ashley!!!!! You are buying into Kates BS??? WOW
    From the start Kate has used and paraded her family around like show ponies. All to make a buck, not for the kids, but for Kate. And Kate is the WORST excuse for a mother. The kids have always been better off with their dad!!!

  • wi

    2 months ago I had NO clue who these people where……… good times…

  • ~m~

    who gets bottled water shipped to their house? that is such a ridiculous waste!
    what is wrong with tap water? serriously?

  • Nanea

    How about – the money is kept in a fund for all G kids, as they have been exploited by their parents, and both adults go back to work and disappear out of the public eye forever?

    The Gosselins opted for IVF, it’s not that they had so many kids the natural way, so they knew what they were in for. If those hypocrites are complaining now about being in the public eye: they didn’t want it any other way.

    And to people who say it’s difficult raising so many kids: there are actually people out there who manage just fine, on real jobs, without the “donations” by all kinds of companies, and without the huge sums those two eventually felt entitled to.

  • jain

    it seems americans can walk into any place and get information that has absolutely nothing to do with nobody but thoses who are involved and then proceed to publicise it to the whole world. Boy! as a country you have some strange morals!

  • Ashley

    Claria, all I’m saying is that Kate is probably doing what she can do to keep herself sane. She’s run ragged. So is Jon. She’s not a terrible mother. R U kidding me? I don’t watch their show all the time, but I know that she’s the stronger person in that marriage and it’s a hard job that most of us have no idea about. It’s probably harder because Jon is kind of weak.

    Husbands often get to be the good guy. If Jon were stronger and was the head in the household, the kids would probably be better behaved. Stong men can often get the kids in better order than their wives. Jon sits back and lets Kate take charge. It’s partly his fault too.

  • jenniferwho

    Boy, there is alot of name calling going on here today. First off this is just a sad sad situation. And to go through this in public must be so horrible. I do feel so sorry for the kids. They are the ones that will be messed up for life, if their parents keep slinging dirty laundry at each other. I’m not happy with the way either parent has conducted themselves in this situation.

  • jaye

    This marriage is BROKEN, can’t be saved. Jon does NOT want to be saddled with Kate any longer nor should he have to be for the sake of the kids. People keep saying that like bickering parents make a happy home life. The kids will be fine. He is THROUGH trying to talk to Kate and she is majorly p*issed off because of that.
    Of course SHE wants the marriage to continue, she has a punching bag, she calls the shots, she does exactly what she wants, when she wants. She has lost CONTROL, that’s not an easy thing for a control freak to deal with. Her PRIDE has also suffered and she feels publicly humiliated. Jon has moved ON. Jon CAN move on, she can’t. She has eight kids, she’s likely to be ALONE with them for a VERY LONG TIME. That has to burn. She thought Jon would be around forever for her to vent her frustrations on. She has a reality check now. I do believe that Jon, when he’s alone with the kids, have a better time than Kate does. He let’s the kids be kids. No he’s not a perfect parent, but none of us had perfect parents. Kate on the other hand tries to control everything they do.

    She can’t make Jon do anything any longer; that’s one of the reasons she makes even more snide remarks about him on the show. That’s a way to vent her frustrations with the situation. Not very mature, but that’s Kate for you. I don’t envy her the challenges she is going to have once the divorce is finalized. That’s when the real reality sets in.

  • Ashley

    Nanea, oh please. How many people have 6 or 8 kids all the same age? Parents go crazy raising just two kids. It is a tough job! Their kids aren’t like Angelina Jolie’s quiet kids. Their kids are noisy and busy.

  • angeleyes

    To # 16 Nanea:
    Thank you very much. I agree whole heartedly with everything you posted!!

  • ASD

    Nanea @ 06/24/2009 at 2:54 pm —— She didn’t have IVF, this isn’t the case of an octo-mom lady trying to have as many kids as she can at once… She had IUI – you don’t pick a number of embryos, it’s a completely different method of infertility treatment

  • Jill

    There was a poster from her church who said Jon has been cheating on Kate FOR YEARS.

  • Ashley

    Jon is no “punching bag.” He’s just too weak. He needs a little testosterone shot. He should stand up to Kate when she is too overbearing and earn respect. Weak men lose the affection of their women. Jon can’t afford to act like a youngster. He has to step up to the plate and Kate would probably back down and love him more.

  • Wut wut

    So what if she was aggressive and yelled a lot? If she was being unfair to him it was his place to speak up and defend himself. I see he instead chose to hook up with some skank and rub it in his wife’s face. Thats what kind of person he is: he’d rather show up in the tabloids leaving a club looking greasy and bloated with some slut than privately tell his wife he is unhappy.
    I saw the last episode and she stated that he won’t even talk to her. He wasn’t even willing to tell her why he wanted a divorce! I don’t understand how anyone could feel sympathy for that immature, mean-spirited piece of crap.
    It’s a shame that someone like that has 8 children to begin with. That kind of depraved, juvenile mentality is the last thing children need to be exposed to. I wonder what kind of effect it will have on his children, all of the sudden having mom and dad broken up and dad immediately introducing his new girlfriend. And she’s apparently an elementary school teacher–I wouldn’t want someone like that teaching my child!

  • samantha & danny

    Could not have said it better myself Jaye #20 !!!!!
    From the start Jon has been the punching bag for Kate. It kind of was OK at first until you realized this behavior of Kate’s was actually hurtful, NOT playful. Kate is pissed and who knows how far she will take her revenge!!

  • Ashley

    Disagree Samantha & Danny. You must be young. You don’t understand adult relationships. Sorry.

  • read this
  • read this
  • jen

    Face the facts people, Kate is not that nice of a person and she is not that great of a mom. Yeah yeah she has 8 kids. Well there alot of large families out there. And she chose to have these kids and to put her family on TV. So I do not feel sorry for Kate in any way. I do feel bad for those children. They will suffer for years to come.

  • anonymous

    I don’t understand why people are so hard on Kate. Their marriage could have been saved. I can’t believe that his “rumoured girlfriend” is going to be filmed as well. How will that affect the children? I think Jon has been making a lot of poor decisions.

  • Cathey


  • Ashley

    The problem is that Kate is the aggressor in the relationship. Jon must’ve wanted that at one point. That is their relationship. He must like a take-charge woman or he wouldn’t have married her. Now they have so many kids and it’s not what they expected. Well, that’s life, ya know? It’s not perfect, but you don’t throw in the towel unless you are a wimp. They could get help for their problems. These kids don’t need a broken home. They need mommy and daddy together. Jon and Kate should try everything possible to fix this before they get a divorce. I think like other here. These kids are a strong bond. It won’t be easy to divorce.

  • anonymous

    We cannot judge people by what we see on television.

  • Rhonda

    Congratulations Jon for escaping Kate! I’m glad he found someone who treats him and the children well (guessing since she is a teacher and is going to be on the show) This show is really gonna get weird. Where’s Steve, did he run for his life?

  • callerID

    To #7 and #10;

    I do not agree with the name-calling.
    But I do agree that Kate’s behavior towards Jon has always been mean. Jon is the laid-back parent and Kate is always nagging and spiteful and just nasty. No amount of poor me interviews will change that for Kate.

  • Ashley

    #26 Wut Wut,

    Yes, immature, irresponsible men go out and have an affair. There is no excuse for cheating — ever!!! If you want out, get out, but don’t go behind your wife’s back. I don’t care how unhappy you are. Split up or get the divorce first. Jon is not a horrible man, but he is kind of childish and probably a little selfish too.

  • mrod

    Jon and Kate never mention getting any kind of counseling . most people do that prior to filing for
    divorce. I completely agree w/ Lido, Ashley and I
    double makeme’s sentiments about Jon! also Deanna if Jon can cheat on his wife he has 8 kids with he could do to you ! not to mention what kind of person you must be .

  • samantha

    It’s all about the money for Kate. Her latest cover story is that she “feel like a failure”. No kidding. Well Kate should have thought about that before constantly berating her husband daily on TV. It’s just her nature.

  • debwiz

    I cannot believe that Jon has an actual girlfriend. Is Kate easy? No. Is it easy being the father of eight? No. Agree with someone earlier that Jon has been have a really difficult time handling the ‘celebrity’ of a popular show. They talked about that. But instead of stepping away and giving Jon private time Kate insisted that they show go forward. Jon melted and who knows what’s going on. Cheating…I hope not. Hopefully the end result will be a reconciliation. But I don’t think Jon can do that right now.

  • 2beano

    Dear Ashley “Making a buck” for your family.
    Kate choose this for her family because it made HER a reality star. It gave HER the big bucks, new cars, vacations. This show gave Kate a million dollar home, contracts and massive amounts of PR.
    This is so NOT about the kids future. It is about Kate.

  • Ashley

    Rhonda @ 06/24/2009 at 3:25 pm Congratulations Jon for escaping Kate! I’m glad he found someone who treats him and the children well (guessing since she is a teacher and is going to be on the show) This show is really gonna get weird. Where’s Steve, did he run for his life?
    How convenient? Is that for me or my kin?

    Pretty coincidental huh?

  • zippy

    Had Jon knocked Kate around a little he would have nipped Kates’ bad behavior in the bud….and then throw a shoe at her every once in a while just to keep her on her toes…

  • Jon gos and family

    I love getting buzzed, stoned, and whatever comes my way. After all I’m just Jon, not Jon and Kate plus 8. Que cera cera, what ever will be will be. I love my family but can’t stand being with them 24/7. Maybe an hour a day is enough. Don’t get me wrong I love my family, but I’m only 32 and life goes on. This all has to do with genetics. My parents split and so will I, and see a greener pasture out there, cause I know what I am now.

  • Two2tango

    The ToysRUs episode where she screams and berates him in public was the beginning of the end. No man wants to be emasculated like that. She treated him like another child and it was just a matter of time before he had enough. If she had spent time nurturing her relationship with her husband, showing him a tiny flicker of love (remember Valentine’s Day…he brought flowers, jewelry and was so sweet with her…she got him a gift certificate for a cup of coffee!) their relationship would have grown. So many men voice their concern that once a woman has a child he no longer matters. How true this is in the Gosselin case. She never showed him respect or love and he now will find it elsewhere.

  • Ashley

    #42 Who cares? why are ppl so judgmental when other people make a lot of money? People get so jealous. There are so many reality stars on TV. You have Denise Richards, the Kardashians, etc. Kate is just another one, but she happens to have a house full of little kids. She needs the money and she probably thought it would be fun to be a reality star. I don’t care about that. I hope they pay her A LOT of money. I sure wouldn’t be on TV.

    People just hate strong women, most of all. I don’t. I love strong women. Kids need strong women. That’s what’s wrong with society now. Too many women are wimps and they don’t take care of their kids. Kids need protection.

  • PP

    give white trash money and this is what you get

  • Water Delivery Man

    I pee’d in her water.

  • giselle

    So Ashley thinks it is okay for ADULT RELATIONSHIPS to include constant brow beatings and putdowns. WOW !!!And then she calls out Samantha and Danny for being young and not understanding????
    What the H*LL???
    Kate is mean and it shows. Period. And it is not okay.