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Kate Gosselin Feels Like A Failure

Kate Gosselin Feels Like A Failure

Kate Gosselin once again takes the latest cover of People for an exclusive interview.

The 34-year-old reality mom shares why she filed for divorce and how she and Jon told the kids about the split.

In her first interview since the divorce papers were filed, Kate reveals that it was Jon who wanted out.

“He does not want to be married to me anymore,” Kate said. “No questions asked, he went and hired a lawyer and said you better get one. So I did. I never would have made that step; I never would have done it.”

When Kate and Jon told their kids about the news, they never used the words “separation” or “divorce.”

“I’m not naïve,” she said. “I know that my kids will come out of this, to a degree, with some sort of dysfunction. I’m not stupid.”

Speaking about how she feels about the whole situation, the mother-of-eight shared, “On a good day, I feel relief. On a bad day, I feel failure.”

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  • sharah

    I think she might mean,. . .she feels she failed making a big money deposit this week. She is crying all the way to the bank.

  • Abby

    Why is she making this all about her? She says “Jon left me no choice”. WTH? It’s a two-way street. Don’t put all the blame on Jon. Didn’t he want to quit the show? Didn’t you want to stay on? You chose money over marriage….bottom line.

  • jerri

    I’m so sick of this whiney bitchh complaining the victim card. I suggest she go back and look at past shows that she’s banking on….Shes a contolling crazy ass bi polar woman who has an illness called anxiety!!!! Jon came to his sences,and she’s no one to blame but herself……
    Oh, and this dumb asss keeps complaining about all the media attention,but she’ll sit down for people magazine every other week,

  • Bethy

    Yeah its the divorce that will permenantly scar her children emotionally. Not the fact that they each have 7 brothers and sisters and their parents essentially sold them on tv. Nope, it will be the divorce.

  • bABY MAMA stinks

    Why does she keep blaming Jon, come on Kate, you are to blame too. She is such a liar. She sold her kids and marriage out for fake boobs, tanning, Ann Taylor, cars and a house — now she is whining passing the blame. Get real!

  • Jane

    Has she seen any of the episodes? She must know what a nut she is… I’d probably want a lawyer too; even if she was trying to act amicable with Jon, I doubt he trusts her to stay that way throughout the divorce proceedings.

    Those two are both messed up beyond belief…. They are going to be so lucky if even just one of their kids doesn’t grow up to hate them.

  • boo

    i woman who implants herself with 6 embryos is not an emptional stable person. kate is a control freak that truly believes she is superior to all the people around her. i’ve watched numerous episodes where she belittles, slaps and humilates the ones who love her. constantly second guessing her husband, she reduced him to nothing. she is a victim of herself and will be alone or become a mommie dearest.

    she was never looking for a partner in jon, just a sperm donor/ slave.

  • taylorswiftfan

    Do test tube babies ever work out? kidding…
    I agree with Kate. John is pathetic. Then again, so is she.

  • philipa



  • Lillianne

    There’s always two sides to a story. Sometimes three sides.

  • Alyn

    Any fool that watches the show and has for years would say Run Jon Run! I don’t blame him. I stopped watching the show because of Kate. I would never have taken what she dished out.

  • ifelicious

    As much as I want to move away from this story, it’s hard not to keep wanting to get the play by play especially since they announced the divorce. Interesting that Jon wanted the divorce but not surprising either. I don’t know how you tell your kids you’re getting a divorce without saying it.

  • Lillianne

    People Magazine got smart and toned down that wanky haircut for the cover.

  • Jan

    I could see all along that FAMILY was more important to Kate. Jon said it all Monday night, “I am only 32 yrs old and I am EXCITED about this next step”. He is ready to bolt. He has been behaving like a single teen for months now. His behavior this weekend at their home showed loser Jon playing like a kid more with his toys (ATV) than a father really playing with his children.. Kate had to be a leader to run the household. JON HAS NO LEADERSHIP SKILLS. He is destroying the REAL family and home that Kate built. If Jon really loved his children, he would move back into the house they moved out of. It is still up for sale. He would have room for his children to come visit him.No, Jon has to get a bachelor pad in NYC and come to the new house to PLAY on his ATV and flirt with girls outside the guard gate like a movie star with fan. Jon is a true JERK!!!

  • samantha

    Dear Kate…
    Your kids will ALREADY be dysfunctional because of the way you’ve been treating thier dad all these years…Not to mention how obsesive compulsive you are with them….Quit playing the victim..I’m so sick of this crab ass.

  • Rhonda

    It is always Jon’s fault. You can’t treat your husband like Kate treated Jon, berating him over every little thing (they move into a mansion and Kate gives him grief over a receipt and not using a coupon) and have a decent relationship. Like all of you, I have heard that Jon cheated on Kate (wouldn’t blame him) but Jon seems to be the angry and hurt party. Kate says she “melted down” for half a day and had to get back up. Don’t know the real story, but I’m sure its not being told. Kate is a cold hearted bitch. Run Jon and take the kids with you!

  • Jacsamic

    Well, the Kate is a victim campaign is off and running. Sometimes I am awed by the degree to which she thinks she can manipulate reality to continue exploiting her children for personal financial gain. Kate is not a victim, but, she is truly a delusional, disgusting, dangerous, decietful dingbat.

    Shame on People magazine for printing such a skewed presentation of what is going on within the Gosselin family…..there is just too much taped, written, verbal truth of events to justify the article. I will never purchase the magazine again.

  • Beatrice

    Jan are you blind? I wouldn’t live with Kate either.

  • Michelle

    JAN #14 – I completely agree with you. Any douchebag who is ‘excited’ about leaving his family to party it up in New York, with his lame as ear piercings and Ed Hardy gear, deserves a swift kick in the junk. Sure, it was both Kate and Jon’s fault for the fall out, but it’s difficult to remedy the situation when one side refuses to communicate with the other. And that’s where Jon dropped the ball.

  • boo

    anyone in a healthy happy relationship knows that you just don’t speak to your partner like schit, EVER.
    you let the petty stuff go cuz no one is perfect. kate lets nothing go and when people have called her out for being wrong she dismisses it.
    what can you expect from a woman who had never been on a plane until she was 24yr?

  • boo

    anyone in a healthy happy relationship knows that you just don’t speak to your partner like schit, EVER.
    you let the petty stuff go cuz no one is perfect. kate lets nothing go and when people have called her out for being wrong she dismisses it.
    what can you expect from a woman who had never been on a plane until she was 24yr?

  • lori

    for those people that keep calling jon a douche bag….you must not watch the show, and I mean the earlier years. Kate conformed jon into what she wanted him to be….a housekeeper, the breadwinner, the full time father, and the child….just like she likes it. It’s called obsesive compulsive disorder. She had made jon one of her children. She talked for him, made fun of him, belittled him and made sure she had control over every move he made.
    Jon is not a bad father. I think he came to his senses, and is now making choices on knee jerk reactions, his heart and instinct. I don’t think he’s had a chance to really think long term, and that’s why he’s looking like a frat boy rather than the married man he once was. People,when you are in an abusive relationship, yes, she was emotionally abusive to him, you tend to bolt when you see the light at the end of the tunnel. You tend not to want to endulge in therapy,because you feel you’ve been done wrong and can escape with all that is left of you.
    So for all those who hate Jon, wisen up. He’s man who lost his sole, and is finding out how to breathe again.

  • -Anonymous-

    You are a failure, b^tch. Now go have some more babies with your clown car vajajay.

  • Jenn

    She’s a real piece of work. All the lies her and Jon told (the “renewal of wedding vows”, the trips, the spas, the fake “look at us….we’re in this together” crap). Jon isn’t perfect, but she seems to be a manipulative control freak who only cares about herself. Her line of “doing this for the children” is so twisted. No she’s not. She’s doing it for the $$$. I’d have more respect (I doubt it, but anyway) for her if she said, “hey, we’re doing it for the $$$ and the freebies”…If TLC actually has any shred of dignity left, they will make sure this show doesn’t come back on in August. Their story was told — and it’s done. They are done.

  • express

    The show will go on, she’ll turn it into a single mom dating show.

  • elle

    first of all, jon married kate fully aware of her personality – even in the earlier episodes she was still the same woman. if jon had a problem being “bullied” as so many have been putting it, then he should have done something about it earlier (he even said it himself), but no, instead he decides that he is young and still doesn’t know what he wants, and is excited for the next step.

    and i don’t see kate as a bad person and one that is doing the show for the wrong reasons; they have both stated they are doing this show for their kids and to give them things that they wouldn’t have been able to give them – they wouldn’t have been able to fully support them otherwise. kate HAS to be strong and take charge. jon knew kate’s personality from the beginning so if he had a problem then, he should have done something about it. during the last show i saw little to no remorse on his face or in his voice.

  • coza

    I so agree with # 14.. i dont blame jon for wanting the divorce because of the way she was all this years, but that is one thing and there is other when he act like he cant wait to do it because he is only 32 or 34 years old and he feels that all the girls want him or that he could have some better out there, come on if you really want all the best for your kids.. try and try hard to fix your marriage … no body is perfect.. kate said it last night.. she try to talk to him and he dont want to talk to her.. that shows us how much he want to fix the marriage and how much he cares about the kids and what is best for them.. he also said last night i want what is best for ME and then the kids… come on he need to get real and want what is best for the kids first and then worry about his needs… but there is man that they will never grow up and he is one of them… he want the single life better then a marriage life and if that is what he really wants then he will feel really sorry when he is got to find him self a real job and he only see the kids for 1 or 2 days because he has no more time to see them… and then when he find out that the young girls dont like him… and see how miserable he will be with his nice single appartment and sport car and no family … boo for him.

  • Baby Mama

    You guys should leave Kate alone. She is a wonderful mom. I want to be just like her. I am her #1 fan because I am so unhappy with my life I look up to her. I want to belittle my husband just like her and see how long it takes him to leave me too.

  • HA!

    Yeah, because your children watching you and your husband HATE each other and seeing that as their example of what marriage is and should be is worse than subjecting them to that while BEING WATCHED ON TELEVISION BY MILLIONS. End the show. Period.

  • shelly

    Last night, I watched a “behind the scenes” with jon and kate (back in the happy days) on demand. I would suggest people watch it. TLC has a great role in this horrible train wreck. From the looks of it to me, the Gosselins and the production crew are just like family. They’ve been working together, day in and day out since 2003. Jenn, the producer, Scott, the photographer, and the sound guy. Why on earth, if they were like family members,didn’t they halt the production of this show, when they saw the marriage falling apart?? Why did they continue to give the family (KATE) gifts ~ trips, spa, trips, and more trips….There are children involved, and instead of being the cash cow that TLC and Kate are,they should’ve stopped everything to let this family deal in private. Boycott TLC….

  • coza

    Also agree with #27.. are kidding me jon..?? why in the world you didnt spoke up long time ago and fix your problem with kate.. why not going to special people to talk about your marriage problems… all the last years seem to me like you was fine with it… and even if you wasnt you didnt do anything like step it up .. and now you go crazy … you want the divorce, yes right that is wanting the best for your kids.?? i am sorry but to me he is just been a self fish all man wanting to feel how is the single life again.. boo for you.

  • Quiltart

    What an ugly shrew. I hate to even look at her. What a totally rotten to the core woman who used religion to get money. Payback is a biotch lady.

  • dabu

    What a cry baby. Honestly, you would think if she really loved the kids she would zip her lips.

  • nan

    Go away knuckledragger and take your litter with you.

  • Razzy

    I will always remember a comment she made that “sociey owes her.” What an arrogant and obnoxious statement to make. Society owes her for what? Having a litter of babies, then she expects all the freebies and money to be thrown at her. Guess it did happen, so she got what she wanted. And I totally understand Jon wanting the divorce. To live with a shrew like her, always belittling him, nagging and yelling. He had enough of her crap and wants to look elsewhere for the appreciation and love he feels he deserves. Jon is not innocent in all this. After all, he did cheat on her (and supposedly she cheated on him too) and he did pimp out his kids for the $ just like she did. But I did feel sorry for him living with such a person as Kate. Sure feel sorry for the next guy she catches in her web. And as always, the interviews she does, she always trys to portray herself as the victim and everything is about her. Add narcisstic as an adjective as well as manipulative, liar, money grubber, selfish, the list just goes on and on.

  • sudcoree4

    The poor, poor children. My heart hurts for them. I’ve been married 26 years, having two babies in my 30′s. We had plenty of money so we didn’t have to sell our soul. Even then it was difficult with plenty of relationship and child crises, big and small. To say relationships and raising children are hard is an understatement–to have 8 children in your early 20s and live your life in front of television audience? They were obviously too immature to realize what this would do to them, and the dollars got in the way of any hope that they would see what was happening. They were immature and greedy. If they don’t do marital therapy, I sure hope they at least get individual therapy, if not for themselves, for the children. Then again, obviously their children are not their primary concern.

  • Cynthia

    Jon you dumbsh^t of the year, how can you possibly do this to your own family? You practically screwed up your whole family in terms of monetary, security for the kids future, and everything else that is associated with the well being FOR YOUR FAMILY you idiot! I just don’t understand your justification for bringing your self and this family down to the state in which is in right now. All respect I had for you is gone, and hopefully you’ll be gone because for sure no fan in their right mind will ever support this tragedy and you could kiss all the monetary gains goodbye because all the previous deals with any sponsers related to this show will pull out. Maybe when you finally grow up when your in your 50′s the ultimate mistake you made. Your own family was divorced right? So it’s true what they say, it’s in the genes, most likely. Have a great life you total loser!

  • scam artist

    Typical spoiled Bayatch >she wants all of the highs in life and wants attention for all of the lows and everything in between. She wants attention 24/7. Rot in hell greedy pig.

  • Razzy


    The show won’t go on if people just stop watching this narcisstic, money grubbing, fake couple. Renewed their vows a year ago, and in the divorce papers Kate claims they were living apart for 2 years. Fake, fake, fake!!! Their ratings are plummeting, now Jon and Kate her panicking that their gravy train of money is about to be shut off to, courtesy of TLC. My advice to everyone: DON’T WATCH JON AND KATE PLUS 8 EVER AGAIN!!!! I feel this is the only way to shut up the shrew Kate for good. No audience, no show.

  • sudcoree4

    I agree with Shelly– BOYCOTT TLC.

  • Payson

    You’re the only one that wants the show and you got rid of what friends and family you had. Who would put up with your ranting and yelling JON JON JON —-SHUT UP. Put the kids on a cover WITHOUT KATE and see what she does…………that might just put her over the edge!

  • Team jon

    Remember the episode when they moved into the new house and she made Jon keep the kids outside while she spent three hours cleaning the fridge with a toothpick? Just saying…Kate has “issues”

  • CC

    To JAN… again you have no idea what you are talking about and to post #22 by LORI you hit the nail on the head!

    I stay home and know what I do for my family and my husband works. However, when he gets home his day STOPS! He does not do half of the stuff that Jon does/did. Kate really doesn’t realize how lucky she has it with the help that he gives her. Obviously she does her share in the kitchen but that is all I have ever witnessed on the show… Kitchen stuff. There is one episode where one of the girls (I believe Alexis) pooped all in her crip and Kate freaked because she had to give her a bath and said Jon does all that. She had Nana doing the laundry, Beth, Kevin & Jodi, Carla helping with the kids when she had to do something or when they went to a park/trip. I think it’s awesome that she “had” friends that helped, yet she doesn’t acknowledge the help she receives and in-turn cuts them out of the familys life. Who does that? If she really was appreciative she would hold them near and dear but now that she has “hired” help and all her “yes” people around her they are no longer useful.

    Eventually the show will be cancelled by TLC and all the people she has around her to help will no longer be there (camera, PR, nannies, bodyguards, etc). THAT is when she will realize what she has done to the people around her who really cared about her and her family. Family and “true” friends don’t care about ones monetary status but evidently Kate does.

    As for Jon, I don’t think he is going through a mid-life crisis. His words are being mis-construed by the media. By saying he is only 32 he is meaning that there is still a lot to do in life and he is ‘EXCITED’ about the new chapter. At 22 he was married w/kids on the way in the 1st yr. That’s a lot to take on for someone so young in the 1st yr of marriage and then came the tups. You have to give him some credit for staying under that very stressful time. Most men would have bailed on that responsibility and then top it off with a harpy wife who belittles any ounce of self-esteem that he had left.. most would crumble. Even I would. He is not very eliquent w/words but that doesn’t make him an idiot. Kate has the gift of gab but obviously she saw something in him to snatch him from a girlfriend. I do admit I felt sorry for her on the last show. Maybe she thought he needed/relied on her too much and that he wasn’t going anywhere and that is why she treated him the way she does. I think he just finally had enough, which is shocking Kate (that she doesn’t have him whipped anymore).

    All in all, they should have at least tried counceling. In their divorce the judge will make them do parenting classes and hopefully the judge will place the money in a trust for the kids and allocate so much a month to both parents for expenses. That way neither of them will blow it and all of this drama will not have been in vein.

  • Nody

    My wife watch the show and i would stop and view at times. I told my wife I could not handle how she talks to the guy. Its like you not moving fast enough for me. CHOP. CHOP…

  • Godiva

    She shouldn’t have emasculated that man 24/7. I am sorry but in a marriage it should be a partnership btw two equals. Kate always treated him as a kid that needed to be managed. She should work on herself and hopefully her next relationship will be better because she learned how to better treat her partner.

  • Amy

    Not defending Jon for his comments but are any of you that same person that you were at 22? I’m in my 40′s and I’m not. Plus, knowing what I know now I would not do some of the same decisions that I did at 22. Cut him some slack…. of the two he is the most real with his words. He says them as he speaks (obviously) where Kate is constantly pre-thinking about the best way to say something. Watch the last show and tell me that she is letting her “true” feelings come out. NO, it is all pre-meditated as is everything she does. Again, she is on the cover of PEOPLE mag wher story. She didn’t take him by surprise with wanting a divorce but I bet it bothers her that he is taking it too easily. If the life that they have been living for this season and season 4 is indicative of their real life, this marriage was over long ago.

  • maribeth

    maybe if she wasn’t such a huge bitch to him he wouldn’t have wanted to get one!

  • http://deleted flaxine

    Kate’s face looks EVIL on this cover shot.
    Her evil horns are growing day by day.
    I hope Jon get the kids, they’ll be terrified
    living with her. ln one episode visiting the
    Choo Choo train, the kids didn’t allow her
    to sit with them, wow! And Jon said to her :
    ” ‘Cos you’re a grouch” HAHAHA Spot on!

  • jaye

    The woman is lying so much, she ‘s lied on her divorce filing. She claims they were separated 2 years. I guess that renewal of vows last year was yet another lie. I have absolutely NO sympathy for her. She DID fail. How many times did JON tell her ON THE SHOW, that she embarrassed him or said something he didn’t like and she just shrugged it off. She never considers anyone else’s feelings; people like that end up ALONE. She said she doesn’t want to ‘do this alone’, well it’s a little late for that. Frankly, it was probably the show that kept them together this long. The good news is, she will have 8 kids to keep her company. You never miss your water, ’til the well runs dry.

    Jon’s no angel, but this woman is a piece of work.

  • Linda

    I agree with the earlier post that Jon has been and will always be a total loser. When his past this so called mid-life crises and down to his retirement age, he will regret everything that has happened to him. All the blings, sports cars might make him happy for a while, but he will realize at the end of his life what matters the most but it will be too late. The chronic and buds will last him for a while on him being “happy”, but will not last. Then it will be too late. So sad.