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Natalie Portman Gets Awkward at ArcLight

Natalie Portman Gets Awkward at ArcLight

Natalie Portman covers her face as she makes her way to the ArcLight garage in Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 23).

The 28-year-old Jerusalem-born actress has reportedly joined Darren Aronofsky’s (Requiem for a Dream/The Wrestler) upcoming film, Black Swan.

The plot revolves around a ballerina (presumably Nat), who competes against her rival, with tension mounting before their big performances. It’s a mystery, however, whether the rival is real or if the dancer is delusional.

15+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman getting awkward at ArcLight…

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natalie portman awkward arclight 01
natalie portman awkward arclight 02
natalie portman awkward arclight 03
natalie portman awkward arclight 04
natalie portman awkward arclight 05
natalie portman awkward arclight 06
natalie portman awkward arclight 07
natalie portman awkward arclight 08
natalie portman awkward arclight 09
natalie portman awkward arclight 10
natalie portman awkward arclight 11
natalie portman awkward arclight 12
natalie portman awkward arclight 13
natalie portman awkward arclight 14
natalie portman awkward arclight 15

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  • Hmmm

    O dear :\

  • nisa

    Hey, I KNOW that look. She’s about to pass out or throw up. And I bet she has cold sweats. Maybe she is hypogylemic or something. Happens to me all the time if I don’t eat. Poor girl.

  • jupi3

    Hope she has some talent …….because she is NOT pleasant to look at.

  • Nick

    ((( Natalie )))

  • Autumn M

    Eh…what happened to her? Normally, I think she’s beautiful but she looks terrible there and sick too. Poor Nat. Hope she’s okay.

  • geez

    take pictures of publicity wh*res and leave actresses like Portman alone!

  • shoe89

    awww she looks burned out and tired.

  • ali

    This just looks awful. I can’t imagine being stalked like that when you are just going to the movies. She should always carry sunglasses and just walk with her head up, ignoring these characters. Maybe eventually they will realize there is no good photo there if she is wearing sunglasses.

  • Regurgitatedcreativism

    Horrid photo of her, horrid. She looks ill.

  • vmars111

    Yes, that picture totally doesn’t make her look like a crack whore.

  • sharon

    She looks tired but she is busy and those camera flashes don’t help either .

  • Viper

    If you have paparzzi at your doors 24-7 all the time you get sick of seeing them and having them follow you everywhere. I think she looks like she is fed up and upset with it all. She is always cute to look at but, like anyone you have good days and bad days. No this isn’ t her best but, it’s not the worst I’ve seen with celebrities. I can list the actress’s that are far worse looking on a daily bases then Natalie.

  • thats_right

    damnnnn she is ugly, I guess make up does wonders to Natalie, thats why she is covering her face so no one can see her ugly face wowwwww.

  • jupi3

    Ugly and smug!

    Maybe they can love her in her own country. Do they have a film industry over there?

  • Brad

    She look horrible and i think that so many people make a big deal with her,out there are more beautiful girls( Megan Fox )10++++++
    I saw on her the future the shadow of Sean Young.

  • Los Angeles Local

    The paps don’t hang out at the Arclight. They were tipped off.

  • bella

    Wow, first time I think I have seen her like crap in a picture.

  • iris

    Get the look?
    For what? Housecleaning?

  • just saying

    well if she’s been hanging out with Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan …

  • jupi3

    She does look like the cleaning woman when the make-up and cameras are off. Yikes!

    I’m sure her mother still finds her lovable.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh please!!
    Natalie looks great as usual and I love her dress! I want to copy that look actually! unfortunately, she is being blinded and shielding her eyes from the paparazzi cameras flashing at her. She looks annoyed and disgusted. She does not like being papped at all and it usually shows on her face. Natalie is just a talented actress, beautiful, smart and humble. She does not feel the need to be a media press wh*re like some d-lister starlets her age that, only rely on media wh*ring. Natalie does not need the paparazzi to make her popular. She already is and does not owe the paparazzi sh*t!

  • jaime


  • Laura

    What happened to her? She looks much older for his age

  • jupi3

    to Gasol fan16….

    she looks old and plain. She is not a pretty woman…only her mother might think so.

    Hopefully she has some talent because looks will get her nowhere.

  • thats_right

    #21Gasol_fan go see your eye doctor who are you kidding?
    She is uglyyyyyyyyyy and I don’t know why they praise her so highly she is nothing, she has no talent and no look, I guess she has the jewish connection in Hollywood. From now on even if i see her in beautiful clothes all dolled up this picture will always come to my mind SHE IS UGLY UGLY UGLY MAMA MIA and please don’t give any other excuses oh she is tired, oh she is sick, there are people even without the make up who look gorgeous.

  • Pandora

    Jupi3, I mean ahmed — she is very talented and lovely looking. Do they have a film industry in your country? As far as I’m aware there is not a large film industry in Natalie’s country of origin. No “Bollywood” equivalent or anything of that nature. She’s successful so is in the right place to showcase her talents (of which you are obviously not familiar or you’d not let your personal prejudices color your comments, now, would you?).

  • jupi3

    Her dress can be found at any garage sale out here in the mid-west.

    Why? Because no one wants to buy something that looks like that.

  • Katie

    I think she has AIDS

  • jupi3

    She must be a relative of someone big in Hollywood who is doing her a favor by giving her a job.

    I see so many like her now doing TV commercials and the like. Just connected ones needing a job


  • liz

    Rachel Bilson is more beautiful than her in these photos …

  • jupi3

    to Pandora…….

    I am American Caucasion and I happen to think she is not pretty nor talented.

    You think I am an Arab but I’m not. You think I don’ like her because she is an Israeli Jew..but that is not why. I think she belongs teaching in a college or some such mundane task.

  • jupi3

    She might have an alcohol in too much.

  • jupi3

    To Pandora………

    If anyone is biased it sounds like you are. You have just given yourself away. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anakin

    @28 – and you would know, speaking from experience!


  • katie

    Sure, I got AIDS from you…LOL

  • whortensia

    I presume she is hiding her face because she has no makeup on. Is she going to a bar or where?

  • anonymous

    She is a natural beauty. But I have to say, this is probably the worst picture I have ever seen of her. I’m really shocked. I had to look twice.
    She almost looks strung out.

  • jupi3

    A natural beauty she is NOT!

    You need to have your eyes examined unless you are her mother….who would, of course, find an ugly duckling beautiful.

  • anonymous


    piss off..who the f*ck asked you dipshit

  • jupi3

    to anonymous……

    This is a comment board. We can comment on the topic or each others comments.

    Who appointed you to suppress freedom of speech !?! What are you some kind of control freak ?

  • Katy

    jupi3 (aka ahmed or abdullah), if she’s so ugly and has no talent why do you waste so much time and energy on her? what does it say about you?
    don’t you have better things to do (like building bombs or something)?

  • jupi3

    to Katy………

    am not an Arab but a white American Dutch woman whose family came to the USA in the early 1600s.

    Obviously you are Jewish and hate Arabs because why else would you call me an Ahmed with so much venom .

    I think she is a below average-looking female with little talent, She won’t make it with the American public. Why do you hate Arabs?

    I don’t hate them or your people either….just your narrow-mindedness,

  • Tommy

    Natalie is pretty :)

  • me

    Natalie is beautiful and talented, she has a lot of movies and other projects lined up unlike ugly talentless midget Rachel Bilson. This is just not a good picture of Natalie, that is all, her legs and body are gorgeous and face as well, it is just a bad shot of her. You are all jealous and stupid.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she really needs to do a good movie quick
    i cant even remember her last noticeable movie she was in
    she does look tired so ill give her the benefit of the doubt
    i think she could also do with getting a bf

  • jupi3

    She is below average in looks with short goopy legs above the knee. There was a picture of her on JJ not too long ago where people were commenting on her cellulite legs.

    See for yourselves……search!

  • Katy

    “Maybe they can love her in her own country. Do they have a film industry over there?” and you call me narrow-minded?
    and you didn’t answer my question, why do you waste so much time and energy on her?
    And just to clear up- I don’t hate Arabs.

  • gmt

    People will see what they want to see. But she has no classical features one could call gorgeous or really even “pretty”

    I think most would agree she is a plain-looking girl.

  • jupi3

    to Katy.

    Ahmed is a disparaging way you addressed me…..a white female with nothing but Dutch blood.

    So yes you are biased with a goodly amt. of contempt for Arabs.

    These boards are for all opinions. Why do you feel you should control what others think or express if it differs from yours?

  • Blanche

    lovely dress btw I think she just need to get some sleep and a make-up, she’s pretty and even if she wasn’t she’s talented enough.