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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Out for Audi!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Out for Audi!

Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr make an appearance at Audi’s celebration of the arrival of TDI clean diesel technology held in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday night (June 23).

Orly, 32, and Miranda, 26, seemed to be having a blast at the event as they mingled with Audi execs and guests.

Look at O shaking hands and catching up with Christian Slater!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr out for Audi…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr out audi 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr out audi 04
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181 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Out for Audi!”

  1. 1
    wow Says:

    Love both of them.
    They both look fantastic!
    Even with very little make up, Miranda looks beautiful!
    And Orlando is looking very fresh faced and young.

  2. 2
    Lisa rose Says:

    Orly its a girls name in hebrew…………….Orlando its better for him!!!!!!

  3. 3
    me Says:

    Orlando why!!!! Lol. I love him, but her…ugh!

  4. 4
    Kate Says:

    Cute cuple. Orlando always handsome and Miranda was so elegant and beautiful. Great pics.

  5. 5
    Sally Says:

    I loved new hair cut for Orlando and I loved her purse. They look really good togheter.

  6. 6
    philipa Says:

    She is very beautiful and Orlando looks handsome as ever, but I wonder why they look so thin!!

    I bet they don’t weight more than 220lb together!

  7. 7
    hot couple Says:

    My favorite celebrity couple love them .
    Orlando has been looking hot lately he is just hooooooooooot . I don’t particularly like Miranda’s hair color I prefer her brunette but her body is to die for and I love what she is wearing the purse and shoes are just perfect I want them .

  8. 8
    Realme2008 Says:

    Mirrand Kerr is so gorgeous. Boy is he a lucky man! I mean, she so pretty!!!

  9. 9
    amy Says:

    her purse is the best
    I would take her over kate bosworth ..miranda doesn’t dress like kate moss on lsd

  10. 10
    yes Says:

    LOVE THEM!!!
    Orlando never really posed for pictures with Kate. This is the second time that he has done so with Miranda.
    That must mean something.

  11. 11
    Pokerface Says:

  12. 12
    @yes Says:

    Sure it does, that they are famewhores that’s all.

    But Orlando and Kate did go to the public events too and he was posing with her. Of course wasn;t so stiff then I believe they were hugging and it was Kate’s premiere. He came to support. Twice. Hm.That must mean something.

  13. 13
    Saudia Says:

    she doesn’t look so great.. very sick looking.

  14. 14
    Dang Says:

    wow she is lucky. orlando looks simply gorgeous here!!!

  15. 15
    iwk Says:

    he’s really looking good here! haircut & no face smudge is a good combo!

  16. 16
    @12 Says:

    They are nothing but famewhores. Why else would they attend a party that is also supported by Global Green? Surely it wouldn’t be to bring awareness to new, cleaner technologies! How selfish of them!
    And “stiff”?? Hardly. He is sitting with his arm around her, and in the posed shots, they are leaning in to each other.
    You delphi girls are getting more desperate aren’t you.

  17. 17
    HI miranda!! Says:

    LMAO wow you guys are out in force tonight…

    what da fock has she done with her face… and her eyebrows……

    Orli looks good though! and her outfit works well….

  18. 18
    Pokerface Says:

    So this event was supported by Global Green? Then it’s a miracle! It was years since he attended one of the Global Green events…the last time he declined ’cause he had to reach someone in Sydney in february…

  19. 19
    @16 Says:

    I don;t really understand what you ar ehitting on but if Miranda is so green why is she using all the private jets? Because she;s the star at the moment right? I have nothing against them as a couple in the showbusiness because there are many worse but they are very irritating as the couple because all they can do is to live a life on the screens or get naked.
    ZThey are leaning towards each other, please we are not going to argue now, nobody says they aren;t together.

  20. 20
    @17 Says:

    Oh, the delphi girls are so desperate that they are bringing in their old standby “if it is a positive comment, it must be from Miranda or her family”.
    And at 18
    Yeah, gee, he was out of town. How DARE! he have a life outside of what YOU think he should be doing.

  21. 21
    snorzvilla Says:

    Why would she bring that suitcase of a purse to an event? Does she not own a clutch or something.

    All you that say she is so gorgeous need your eyes checked. She is pretty, but so are a lot of people. She is nothing “stunning” or special. They picked her at VS for how she looks in a pair of underwear.

  22. 22
    LOL!!! Says:

    I see that the delphidiots have finally arrived.
    What took you guys so long? Usually y’all are the first ones on any Miranda thread. I guess that there are so few of you left that you have to work in shifts and someone fell down on the job.
    Or did it just take you a while to come up with anything to complain about? They attended a green event as a couple, and both look healthy and happy, so you had to fall back on the old famewhore/ Miranda’s family is posting, bits..
    I’ll echo what others have said….p a t h e t i c.

  23. 23
    WOW Says:

    Orlando and Miranda look so hot together, he’s so handsome and she’s stunningly beautiful and love her outfit, pink really suits her…….can you imagine how gorgeous their kids are going to be???

  24. 24
    ahdy Says:

    Why aren’t they being called KERR-BLOOM?

  25. 25
    @24 Says:

    They were at first, but people stopped using it.
    I love them.
    They are my favorite celeb couple.

  26. 26
    question Says:

    Could someone send me a link to the delphi board? I am not a member, but someone just told me that people are posting on there how Orlando is officially married or something like that?

    Very confused, would like to find out what they are saying.

  27. 27
    @26 Says:

    You don’t want to have anything to do with those pathetic losers.
    Even former members have labeled them crazy.
    Anything that they post as “truth” would be a lie.

  28. 28
    Pirates Says:

    She is so prety, they are beautiful couple.
    I think Miranda purse resembled with Nicole Kidman purse.

  29. 29
    @28 Says:

    Her purse is a Prada.

  30. 30
    Fabienne Says:

    Can anyone tell me who is the designer of her purse?

  31. 31
    awww Says:

    They are so beautiful together.
    Inside and out.

  32. 32
    @29 Says:

    YUP!! Very elegant & classy purse.

  33. 33
    Fabienne Says:


  34. 34
    Pirates Says:

    @ Fabienne – Your very welcome.

  35. 35
    Pirates Says:

    @ Fabienne – You’re very welcome.

  36. 36
    fail Says:

    In the picture you posted Orlando and Kate Bosworth are leaving the event not posing like he is doing here .
    You can’t find a picture of him posing with Kate Bosworth because he never did .
    Why are Kate’s fans here anyway making an ass of them self we all know that he dumped her ass TWICE and she always knocked on his door (literally ) begging for him to take her back .

  37. 37
    @36 Says:

    I always felt kind of bad for her after the break up. She looked so lost standing outside his door.
    I’m glad that she is doing OK. I was worried there for a while.
    Miranda seems to be much more independent, and strong.

  38. 38
    Pokerface Says:


    I posted one picture as a link, bu there you can find other pictures of the 2 together. He always said he would keep his private things (and relationship as weel) to himself, not showimg up the one he cared about….but apparently he changed his mind! It happens! My only intent was to make an observation about his previous attitude and his new one, that’s it!

  39. 39
    @ 36 Says:

    When you click on the link below, be sure to scroll down to post # 9 and after that, there is a slew of Orlando with Kate.

    What’s the point? He posed with Kate. He posed with Miranda.

    He has posed with many of his fans too, even wrapped his arms around some of his friends. More than once with some of them. Does that mean they each have a shot at being with him forever?

  40. 40
    Pokerface Says:

    And, BTW, just to please you,0,5

  41. 41
    fail Says:

    Are you kidding me?
    First of that is only on picture in a 4 year relationship lololololol
    I was aware of that ONE PICTURE when I made my comment I have been fan for 5 years now you think I didn’t know?
    What I was saying is that Orlando is more easy going with Miranda than he ever was with Kate at this kind of events which he would have never taken Kate I am sure look last year for example he took Miranda at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Gala but he didn’t take with him Kate in 2006 when he went for the first time and he was linked with Claire Danes lololol.
    He went at another event the same year and was caught kissing Sienna Miller while this year in September he took Miranda at The QG man of the year awards what I am saying is I don’t see him behaving like that anymore he seems to be in a relationship that seems to make him somehow happier and more easy going showing his feelings in public like the Telethon thing I have never seen him being like that with Kate and her fans just need to deal with it and move on she did 2 minutes after she and Orlando broke up his side of the bed was still worm when she putted James in it.

  42. 42
    fail Says:

    Are you kidding me?
    First of all that is only on picture in a 4 years relationship lololololol
    I was aware of that ONE PICTURE when I made my comment I have been a fan for 5 years now you think I didn’t know? Orlando has been with Miranda what a year and a half? Well he already posed with her twice and for a lot of pictures .
    What I was saying is that Orlando is more easy going with Miranda than he ever was with Kate at this kind of events which he would have never taken Kate I am sure look last year for example he took Miranda at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Gala but he didn’t take with him Kate in 2006 when he went for the first time and he was linked with Claire Danes lololol.
    He went at another event the same year and was caught kissing Sienna Miller while this year in September he took Miranda at The QG man of the year awards and I thought he was ashamed of her lololol.
    What I am saying is I don’t see him behaving like that anymore he seems to be in a relationship that seems to make him somehow happier and more easy going showing his feelings in public like the Telethon thing I have never seen him being like that with Kate and her fans just need to deal with it and move on she did 2 minutes after she and Orlando broke up his side of the bed was still worm when she putted James in it.

  43. 43
    Get this.... Says:

    Over on the Delphi forum the loonies are critizing Miranda’s looks….can you believe it???…….talk about delusional, because you know looks wise their all so much more gorgeous than a VS angel and 8th highest paid model in the world……lol……’s so hilarious because deep down
    they know she’s stunningly beautiful and Orlando loves her…..poor sad loonies!!!!

  44. 44
    @ 42 Says:

    He has always seemed more happier and easy going with his fans and friends as well, even before he met Miranda.

    Maybe his fans and friends kept him from having to spend time with Kate?

    Maybe he is more easy going now because he has made a choice in his life. It may or may not be with or because of Miranda.

    But which ever way it is. I can guarantee you one thing. None of us will know anything for sure until Orlando himself wants us to. No sooner.

    You can speculate back and forth until you hit post # 400 or more, and it will still be the same.

  45. 45
    brina Says:

    cute i love orlando and miranda!

  46. 46
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    miranda is looking as great as usual
    her cheeks kinda bother me but she’s still a great looking chick =]
    her legs look alright, i think it’s because of the angle that they dont look so good

  47. 47
    gorgeous... Says:

    …they look happy and comfortable with each other. Can’t wait to see the babies!

  48. 48
    nice pictures :) Says:

    They both look great!

    I don’t know why people are comparing his relationship with Miranda to his relationship with Kate – looking for evidence of “posed” pictures and trying to prove their “theories.” Can’t you just accept the fact that years have passed and people change and mature? Maybe he is simply more comfortable in the spotlight now? I’m sure he cared as much about Kate but now he seems more comfortable wiht himself which makes a relationship better as well.

    I don’t know?! LOL Who cares? They look fantastic!

    I also saw a comment that one of the men in a picture with Orlando at this event is a director with The Red Circle. Hopefully this is all good news and that movie will get made with him starring. The big screen is where I want to see him (more than pap photos). ;)

  49. 49
    Nice together Says:

    She’s really not beautiful but there is something very striking about her – kind of ‘exotic-looking.’ In some shots, with the right lighting and make-up, she does seem beautiful. And she has a gorgeous figure. Orlando is cute – but not sexy IMO. He’s too ‘soft’ looking for that.

  50. 50
    twitter is a B'tch Says:

    Orlando really needs to learn the meaning of discretion, or at least try to be more discreet with his other GF. You know, the little blond one. Other people are starting to notice.

  51. 51
    LOL! Says:

    Is that the same twitter account that said that they saw him in NY, when he was in Cannes? Or the one that said that he was out with a brunette in NY, when he was pictured in LA? Or the one that said that they were standing right beside him in London, yesterday.
    C’mon, which ‘highly reliable’ source is it this time?
    Is it so hard to admit the he and Miranda are serious? That they are together? Even a ‘hater’ a few posts back said that “no one is saying that they aren’t together”. Is it really that hard to accept it and move on with your life?

  52. 52
    Ummm Says:

    Are you talking about that little blond seen on Durham set? She’s been seen with Orli again? Do tell.

  53. 53
    @52 Says:

    You mean the blonde that was actually member of the film crew? That blonde? Oh, but I forgot. You delphites pick and choose which pieces of ‘insider information’ that you believe. When it was reported that he was seen with a blonde, it came from a “reliable” source. But that exact same reliable source was ignored when they posted that she was working on the film.

  54. 54

    Dislike her – but he’s looking really good and healthy these days.

  55. 55
    snorzvilla Says:

    I like her outfit, its actually very smart, but nobody can deal with the fact that she chose the wrong bag to bring. Do you have to defend EVERYTHING about her that people point out? Sheesh is right. I mean look at her outfit. Its all put together right down to the shoes, except that bag that looks like the kind you take shopping, not to a sit down event.

    Its quite possible that people wouldnt be so annoyed by her if it werent for her rabid defenders. Take a chill pill already.

  56. 56
    @48 @ 53 Says:

    Well said!

  57. 57
    @55 Says:

    You really think that her “rabid defenders” are worse than her “rabid” detractors? The people who find fault in EVERYTHING she does? The people that twist logic until it snaps to insult her? Really???
    The ones who complain that she isn’t keeping their relationship private, then complain that she isn’t telling the gossip magazines everything because she is hiding something? The ones who find fault with her for going to charity events? The ones who twist the truth to suit their fancy? The ones who say that she isn’t important enough to be included in Sports Illustrated, then call her a ‘zlut’ because she posed for the most exclusive, celebrated ‘girly’ publication there is? Those people are less annoying??
    Whatever you say.
    Maybe her fans wouldn’t have to be so “rabid” if they were dealing with normal behavior by the haters.

  58. 58
    @48 Says:

    The most sensible comment of the thread.

  59. 59
    @57..... Says:

    I agree they can’t stand the fact that Miranda has fans that will defend
    her from the jealous haters who write the most vile, nasty, crude
    and derogatory comments about her on their Delphi forum and then expect to be able to get away with it on sites like JJ.

    They sure like to dish it out but they can’t handle it when it comes back at them…….lol.

  60. 60
    sasha Says:

    They both look so gorgeous in the picture of them at the table (first thumbnail).
    I love this couple. So sweet and so beautiful.

  61. 61
    wow Says:

    Gorgeous couple.
    Love them so much.

  62. 62
    @51 and 53 Says:

    Can I ask an honest question of you? Why are you soooo invested in defending this celebrity couple from critics, whether real or imagined? It seems to be a very personal matter to you, and inappropriately so. M&O don’t seem to care one wit about what people are saying, they go on living their life, so WHY do YOU care way beyond a normal amount? I’m sorry, but your obsession and the venom you use to attack everyone is far outside normal and yeh, sane. YOU make things unpleasant around here. I don’t agree or give a rat’s @ss what a small handful of people AT A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WEBSITE THAN HERE are saying about this couple, so I don’t bother going over there, reasonable yes? YOU can’t seem to stay away, then YOU insist on bringing the cr@p over here and heaping your own on top of it! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Now no doubt you’ll accuse me of being a delphi person because you accuse everyone of being a delphi person because that’s what your fear, or paranoia, or whatever tick you’ve got going on in your head makes you do, but put away your fangs because its not true no matter how much you spew it. I’m an OB fan who is sick and tired of YOUR obsessive delphisnipe hunting and the cr@p you continually try to stir with it. LET IT GO!!!

  63. 63
    iwk Says:

    uhm…check your mirror first. unless you’re one of those people who quacked about those sightings as teh twuf? well okay i can see why you’re mad. next time don’t be so eager to believe as gospel truth every tabloid mention or tweet about anything or you’ll look the fool again.

  64. 64
    @62 Says:

    The delphites DO bring their garbage over here, and as long as they do, they will be answered.
    Why do you care anyway?
    Sounds like you have nothing better to do.

  65. 65
    @62 Says:

    Oh, right. The delphidiots are the innocent victims in all of this.
    If they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it out.
    They are the biggest hypocrites on the internet, and if they don’t like people responding in kind, they shouldn’t start things in the first place.
    So go whine somewhere else. We all know the truth about delphi. You can’t play the martyr here.

  66. 66
    @62 Says:

    Do ten ladies who attack two unknown people with the passion of a personal vendetta deserve your support more than the person you’re a fan of, a person who BTW hasn’t done anything but dating a model? I’d give you the benefit of doubt but it’s difficult not to assume you belong to that site.
    It’s reasonable -and predictable- that his fans will react to very offensive comments made about him. Go try it if you want, attack any other celebrity and you’ll find the same reaction.
    The only nutty and paranoid ones are those who say all of us here are members of their family.

  67. 67
    Only natural Says:

    Fans WILL tend to want to defend celebrities they like who they feel are being disparaged unfairly. This is natural.

  68. 68
    @62 Says:

    Wow, someone is taking things a bit personal, hmm?
    Did we strike too close to home?
    Why so defensive?
    Do you really think that the people on that other board are innocent? That they don’t say the most hateful and vile things, themselves?
    pathetic hypocrite
    Fans will ALWAYS defend someone that they like. The real question is why do the delphi people have such an obsession with these two? They claim not to like them, then follow their lives more than their fans. THAT is unhealthy. That is why there are so few of them left. Those with at least a tiny shred of sanity were smart enough to leave those psychotic sociopaths to their own problems.

  69. 69
    Normal couple Says:

    Yeah, they (Delphites) do say some pretty vile and hateful things about this couple. And it honestly makes no sense to me. I’m not an ‘ultra-fan,’ but I do think the two of them are a cute pair. They seem pretty ‘normal’ to me, doing all the same sorts of things couples who enjoy being together like to do – whether ‘celebrities’ or not. Only difference – because they live much more in the ‘public eye,’ they’re photographed a heck of a lot more than ‘non-celebrities’ in a comparable relationship would be.

  70. 70
    talan Says:

    Hallo to JJ. Are you sleeping? Or maybe you close your eyes on purpose when it comes to Miranda? Maybe you didn’t notice that she made Pirellis calendar picks semi naked. She had hat and pants, and was looking like the Auschwitz victim. With boobs and all bones totally visible and, if you can believe that St. Miranda can do so, it was not for koalas. But it was also for something green- US dollars. Like this event. Pay me, I will be there. Audi did, so there were there. Business is business- attending together and posing on event like this. Just one word to the funny people who think that children are little copies of their parents. Very rarely. Most often children looks like their close relatives- grandmas, or grandpas, uncles or aunts. Remember Demi and Bruce. If O&M will have children one day, they can look like her brother, or his sister or grandparents. You can never know in advance how children are going to look.

  71. 71
    @71 Says:

    Well, I see that sweet_bee has joined us.

  72. 72
    hmmm @71 Says:

    Looks like one post was deleted……
    I guess that post was for #70, now?

  73. 73
    @71 Says:

    Healthiest “Auschwitz victim” I’ve even seen in a picture.

    As far as children looking like relatives…I’ve never seen a picture of grandma but I don’t think Brad’s baby looks like her….it’s not as rare as you seem to think.

  74. 74
    @73 Says:

    Oh, she’s only saying that to be contrary.
    Brad’s baby looks just like him. Jennifer Garner’s baby looks just like her. Reese witherspoon’s daughter is a little clone, and Tom Cruise’s baby looks just like her father *wink*. It happens ALLL the time.
    And if you start off with two good looking parents, the baby has a better chance of being born beautiful than if one of the parents is homely. Who do you think would father better looking children? Danny Devito, or Orlando? See. Genetics works.
    Possible genetic traits of the Kerr-Bloom offspring:
    Both have dark hair = dark haired baby
    His brown eyes would be dominant over her blue eyes, so unless Orlando also has a recessive blue eyed gene = brown eyed baby
    Miranda is tall for a woman and Orlando is above average height for a man = tall baby
    Both are beautiful = darn good shot at a beauiful baby

  75. 75
    talan Says:

    Nice theory. But, can you explain why Mirandas brother who has the same parents look like he looks. Or why Orlandos sister who is nice person is not nearly beautiful as him although they have the same parents. Child is always unpredictable combination, that is genetics. If O or M have in their families person with green eyes , their child can have green eyes. That is genetics. Beautiful people can have not beautiful children. Common looking people can have super beautiful child. Chances for good looking people to have good looking child are better, I agree. But nothing is certain.

  76. 76
    Pokerface Says:


    So true!!

  77. 77
    LMFAO Says:

    talan, are you by any chance suggesting that a professional model posed semi-naked for money? OMG, OMG, OMG! We should warn the authorities before an evol professional baker sells bread for money!
    And let’s not forget that M&O attended an event to promote ecologically clean cars. Abominable!
    Are you really that desperate?

  78. 78
    LOL! Says:

    So now genetics is a theory?
    Yes, her brother and his sister don’t look EXACTLY like them. But they DO look like their parents. Their genes just combined a bit differently. If either set of parents had a third child. They wouldn’t look like O or M either. But they WOULD share different traits.
    Miranda’s brother takes more after her father, and she takes more after her mother.
    Sam takes more after her mother, while Orlando is a dead ringer for his father. But, if you notice, both Sam and Orlando have the exact same eyes.
    Speaking of eyes, yes it is possible that both of them are carrying the RECESSIVE gene for green eyes, but it is statistically more likely that his DOMINANT brown eyes will, well, dominate.
    I don’t understand this argument, though. Is this just the new line of desperate arguing by the “haters”??
    Everyone knows that you will most likely carry physical traits from your parents. Sure, your relatives might say that you look JUST like your Aunt Martha. But that’s probably because your mom looks like her, too.
    No one is guaranteeing anything. But genetics is a FACT, not a theory. And people saying that their kids will look just like them, are more right than people saying that they won’t. And good looking people are more likely to have good looking children.
    Statistically, speaking.

  79. 79
    @77 Says:

    “Are you really that desperate?”
    Well, yes.
    Yes she is.

  80. 80
    @79 Says:


  81. 81
    @ LOL! Says:

    “And good looking people are more likely to have good looking children.”

    Just cause someone looks good on the outside, does not make it the same way on the inside.

    Such a shame that looks to you people will always only go skin deep.

    None of you know the way someone really is on the inside, No matter how many Charity events or whatever they attend or contribute to.

    There is a reason they are called actors. Maybe Orlando has been working on his craft. Just not getting paid to do so. Other than the 3 movies that have already been completed, although they have yet to find distributors.

  82. 82
    @81 Says:

    Orlando is known as one of the most charitable, warm, kind, giving people out there. EVERYONE who has ever worked with him has nothing but nice things to say about him. People like Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen, Eric Bana LOVE him. They have absolutely NOTHING to gain from him, and these aren’t people who suffer fools, yet they consider him a dear friend. Actor or not, he is a good person.
    And Miranda was involved with children’s charities LONG before she met Orlando. Even when she was a struggling model, trying to make it in NY, she made time for children.
    It’s a shame that some of “you people” are so mired in your hatred that you refuse to see the beauty inside. Maybe you should open your eyes, and realize that one of the reasons that Orlando has so many fans IS the fact that he is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

  83. 83
    @ 82 Says:

    Have you finished the Orlando and Miranda temples of worship yet?

    All you ever shovel is the BS about how beautiful they look on the outside, and everyone else is so ugly. Does them being so beautiful automatically mean that everyone else does not live up to their “Perfection”?

    Maybe if those of you would stop sounding like teenie boppers with your OMG this and OMG that, everyone else would be able to see how beautiful they are on the inside.

  84. 84
    @82 Says:

    Don’t forget people like Liam want to work with him again after doing already a movie with him he must not be the bad person the haters make him up to be and great directors like Ridley Scott worked with him twice yeah I bet he is a ***** to work with lololol . Liam and Yun-Fat Chow are ready to work with him again don’t forget that Orlando called Yun-Fat Chow on the phone to convince him to do the Red Circle and his on board because of his friendship with Orlando .
    So much for his costars hating him lolololol.

  85. 85
    @83 Says:

    “Have you finished the Orlando and Miranda temples of worship yet?”
    Oh, so saying anything positive is “worship”?? No shades of gray for you, huh?
    “All you ever shovel is the BS about how beautiful they look on the outside, and everyone else is so ugly.”
    Where EXACTLY did I say anything like that? Reading comprehension isn’t really your strong suit, is it?
    ” Does them being so beautiful automatically mean that everyone else does not live up to their “Perfection”?”
    Again, I said nothing of the kind. And where did I say that they were perfect?
    “Maybe if those of you would stop sounding like teenie boppers with your OMG this and OMG that, everyone else would be able to see how beautiful they are on the inside.”
    How is stating fact not allowing you to see said fact? That makes absolutely no sense. And one more time, where did I say “OMG”??
    And maybe if you haters stopped spouting bald faced lies and vile innuendo, then maybe we ‘fans’ could stop pointing out the obvious. That he is a genuinely nice person who just happens to be a good looking actor. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, you know.
    Saying that you can’t see what a good person he is, because people keep pointing out what a good person he is, has to be one of the most ridiculous statements that I have ever read.

  86. 86
    LOL!!! Says:

    The haters are desperate.
    They aren’t even making sense to themselves anymore.

  87. 87
    Attractive offspring? Says:

    Demi Moore does have a rather strong chin – look at photos of her closely. But the overall COMBINATION of other features work to ‘soften’ her look, blending everything together in a way that makes her seem more attractive and ‘in balance’ (symmetrical). Rumer (and to a lesser extent, her sisters) unfortunately was hit with a ‘double whammy’ because their father, Bruce, has a very strongly-defined and prominent jawline/chin, characteristics he passed on to his daughters. In the case of Orlando and Miranda, both of them have full ’rounded’ faces so it’s reasonable to assume their children would inherit this feature as well. Both have dimples; again, this becomes a strong possibility for their offspring. And both ‘theoretical’ parents have small ‘understated’ chins that recede somewhat (noticeable in profile shots) which might be passed along to their offspring. Both have rather small-boned ‘delicate’ frames, another physical attribute that’s likely to be passed on. Whether or not all the possible combinations of genes inherited from both the parents will result in offspring that are ‘symmetrically pleasing’ and therefore ‘attractive in the conventional sense’ cannot be accurately predicted but only surmised.

  88. 88
    @87 Says:

    I don’t think that anyone is trying to “accurately predict” anything. It’s just that their children have better shot at being attractive than if their parents weren’t so ‘genetically blessed’.
    And I have to disagree with you about Orlando having a receding chin. He actually has a quite prominent chin in profile. Just look at the pic above where he is shaking Christian Slater’s hand. He doesn’t have a heavy jaw, but his chin definitely doesn’t recede.
    Miranda’s chin is tiny, and does recede a bit, though

  89. 89
    Great smiles Says:

    They both have beautiful smiles. I hope any progeny of theirs inherits THAT from these two if they do decide to reproduce!

  90. 90
    snorzvilla Says:

    All your accusatory BLAH BLAH BLAH doesnt change the fact that her handbag was the WRONG CHOICE! She is not “stunning” she is just a pretty girl that is tall and way too thin. If you people think the girls at delphi are whacked, take a look at your own posts. RABID FREAKSHOWS!

  91. 91
    fake Says:

    2 bored clowns as usual, nothing new about these 2 idiots exhibitionists.

  92. 92
    Mean Girls Inc. Says:

    Are some of you on the rag? What is it that makes you so nasty and bitter?

  93. 93
    @90 Says:

    Do you actually read what you are typing??
    You make idiotic statements like that and accuse others of being “rabid”????
    OMG! She’s tall, and beautiful, and nice, and successful, and dating a wonderful man, but no one should like her because her purse is too big!!!!
    And at 91…
    Yeah. They must be exhibitionists to show up at a party to introduce a new, greener technology.
    C’mon guys. You need to try a little harder. Your insults have no originality. You can do better than that.
    C’mon…entertain us.

  94. 94
    snorzvilla Says:

    Do YOU actually read what you are typing? Its a gossip blog, she is a celebrity, and in spite of what you think is so horrible, many a magazine picks apart the outfits that people wear. And OH…there is that little thing of her being a FASHION MODEL!!!!! So yes, for her IT IS A FASHION CRIME TO BE ALL PUT TOGETHER AND SHOW UP WITH A DUMPY HANDBAG HANGING OVER YOUR SKINNY ARM!!!

    And why do you have to keep bringing Orlando into the posts? I havent said a word about him, but in typical form of the bittches at this shittthole, you always think that somehow the mean posts about Miranda are somehow about him and how jealous we all are that they are bonking. Not.

    I hope those eyes of yours roll right out of your empty head. Twat.

  95. 95
    snorzvilla Says:

    I have one more thing to add about her being a model. When she goes out in public she either looks like she just rolled out of bed, like here (rather unkempt hair and even kinda greasy looking and tired looking face with drab makeup) or like a drag queen helped her with her look. Pretty girls, and worse, models think that being pretty gives them a pass to only look kinda put together. Not so. She showed up to this event looking haggard from the neck up, and to me, the giant hobo handbag is just one more indicator to me of that. Many stylists will say that the shoes and bag can ruin or make the perfect outfit. I think the fact that she didnt finish the look is something to comment about! She represents fashion!

    The marketing rep in my office is this tall, well built girl with a killer wardrobe and image. She always looks like a 10 when she shows up for things. Because of this, she is always getting comments about how fantastic she looks! She has a birth defect very visual on her face, but it doesnt stop her from knowing that she has an image to portray to customers, and other co-workers. She doesnt use her birth defect as an excuse to be any less attractive and yes, stunning. WOMEN LIKE THAT DESERVE THE WORD “STUNNING” IN DESCRIBING THEM, not lazy models who think that beauty is an excuse to get away with looking tired, mismatched, and in many cases when seeing Kerr in public, unkempt and even smelly looking. Step outside your little JJ Box for a moment and look at Kerr the way many women see her, and all the other lazy excuses of a model chicks out there – many people dont find her attractive, and frankly wouldnt buy what she is representing. Heidi, Giselle, they dont show up to things looking haggard and almost put together, and they are mothers! That is the difference, and that is why people dont find this girl “stunning” like you 5 or 6 of her rabid defenders.

    You think you are soooooo different than the Delphi women, you know, those 5 or 6 you call rabid haters. Parallels on so many levels. They focus on KerrBlooms every move, and you focus on their every word. LOL! Sad.

  96. 96
    @snorzilla Says:

    You are torn up because someone is carrying the wrong purse?
    This is making you sound obsessive, and that you have a serious problem with reality. No wonder that people are making fun of you.
    She and Orlando went to a dinner, not a fashion event. They weren’t walking a red carpet, they were relaxing. A lot of people were wearing jeans to that dinner. It was very casual. Besides. What difference does it really make to your life.
    And you saying that other models always look their best is absolute cr*p. Haven’t you seen that latest pics of Gisele out with her hubby? No makeup, limp hair and in a t-shirt and jeans. ALL models dress down for real life. And Miranda doesn’t look “haggard” here, she looks very fresh. She is just wearing very little eye makeup. Look at the picture of them at the table. She looks lovely. And unkempt hair? No, it looks smooth and silky. It is in a simple style, but it certainly isn’t “unkempt”.
    And as for people not buying what she is selling? I don’t think that she would have risen so quickly in the ranks of Victoria’s Secret if she wasn’t pulling in buyers. They must be getting a lot of positive feedback for them to invest so much in a relatively unknown model. Her ads are working, otherwise they would never have made her an Angel, or use her to promote two bras and two perfumes, solo. Some will say that her success is linked to the fact that she has a celeb boyfriend. But if her ads weren’t bringing in the business, they wouldn’t use her so much…boyfriend or no.
    And as for whether or not she is “stunning”, that’s a personal opinion. You can’t dictate how others see her. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that others don’t. And if you keep insisiting on that point, you will only sound more and more obsessive.
    You call others “rabid”, and then proceed to sound like you will snap because someone is carrying what you think is the wrong purse. As I said. It’s no wonder people are making fun of you.

  97. 97
    Hater fringe group Says:

    This small ‘fringe group’ of haters tries its best (or worst) to overpower these threads by being extremely belligerent, rude, and by hurling personal insults at anyone who expresses an opposite (as in contradictory) opinion. They’re not as numerous as the more rational and fair-minded posters, but they make an awful lot of noise and their nastiness knows no bounds.

  98. 98
    O.T. Says:

    Orlando, please grow a bit more hair! Men with this semi-shaved hairstyle remind me of ‘peeled onions’ – sorry! I say if you’ve got great hair, flaunt it whether you’re a male or female.

  99. 99
    WHAT? Says:

    Parallel with the haters my butt. So Miranda brought the wrong purse to this event and you don’t think she’s attractive. It’s as normal to think this way as it is to have the opposite opinion, and if all celebrities always wore perfect styles many people would lose their job.
    There’s no way you can compare that to constant complains because they missed a green event and then call them ‘exhibitionists’ when they don’t. No comparison with bashing a model for posing naked, semi naked or dressed, which is what models are supposed to be paid for to do. No comparison with twisting every little detail to discredit their relationship of almost two years. And the list could go on forever. If you think there’s a point of comparison, you’ve lost contact with reality as much as they have.

  100. 100
    @99 Says:

    Were you directing that last comment at me? Calm down and don’t fall into the trap. I’m talking about those who constantly fire up the ‘hate talk’ – not posters who attempt to remain ‘fair and balanced’ and show others, and that includes the celebrities being discussed as well as other posters, some modicum of respect.

  101. 101
    WHAT? Says:

    @100, No the comment wasn’t directed at you.

  102. 102
    haters Says:

    Hater logic….watch ‘em spin!
    **They go to a green event = exhibitionists
    **They don’t go to a green event = they should have been there, even if they were both working, or on the other side of the world.
    **They pose together = he looks smug
    **They don’t pose together = why are they hiding
    **He doesn’t travel to see her = he doesn’t care about her
    **He does travel to see her = he must have been paid
    **He isn’t seen in public = he knows how not to be seen
    **He is seen in public = they called the paps
    **He doesn’t film a movie in a year = he is throwing away his career for her
    **He works on several movies in one year = he is working to stay away from her.
    **If he cared about her, he would say how he feels.
    **He said that he loved her on national television, but that doesn’t mean anything.
    **She should shut up about their private life
    **Why doesn’t she say how she feels about him, it must be one sided
    And my absolute favorite…
    **If he careed about her, he would marry her
    **If they get married, that proves that he is gay.
    What in hell???? LOLOL!!!???
    I also love some of their more idiotic comments…
    He needs to get back to work, three movies in one year just isn’t enough!
    He is losing his craft by only working on big budget films.
    If he was a serious actor he would do more independent films.
    He is doing nothing but independent films, that means no one wants him.
    Other couples are more private than they are. Ernest Borgnine and his wife manage to stay out of the limelight. Reese and Jake, Johnny and Vanessa, Keira and Rupert, Leo and Bar are never papped. *rolleyes*
    The haters are like the tin-hats. It doesn’t matter what happens, they will always twist it to suit their agenda.
    It’s actually quite entertaining.

  103. 103
    @102... Says:

    Well said, their hypocrites and can’t stand it when Orlando or Miranda’s
    fans defend them against the loonies over the top ridiculous conspiracy theories.

  104. 104
    snorzvilla Says:

    So her bag being a mismatch and my opinion that she is not “stunning” is an outrageous conspiracy theory. Got it. Have a nice day ladies.

  105. 105
    @104 Says:

    They never said that. They said that you were being obsessive, not paranoid. That’s a completely different type of crazy.
    And the way you are still going on about that darn Prada, I would have to agree with them.
    Are you really that dense? Or are you just trying to deflect their comments because you have no defense?

  106. 106
    LOL Says:

    Don’t forget…
    Story: Orlando and Miranda go out to dinner
    They look nice
    I just said that they look nice.
    But that’s not what I said
    But I never said anything like that. You are putting words in my mouth.
    There you go. A typical thread here on JJ.
    I love this place.

  107. 107
    @106 Says:

    LOL! Wow, have you got that group of clowns (also self-identified “fatjellushaterz”) pegged. Spot on!

  108. 108
    @106... Says:


  109. 109
    @106 Says:

    Lololololol You know as a Michael Jackson fan this has been a horrible weekend thank you for making me laugh for the first time since I heard the news of his death .
    Your post should be copied and pasted on every Orlando/Miranda thread from now on.

  110. 110
    @ 109 Says:

    “Your post should be copied and pasted on every Orlando/Miranda thread from now on.”

    All for that.

    Then Hopefully Jared will stop putting up threads about them :D

    One Can Only Hope!

  111. 111
    @110 Says:

    Threads about them shouldn’t bother you if you don’t click on them. It’s not really that difficult.

  112. 112
    @110 Says:

    They are a popular couple. Why would (should) they stop posting about them?
    And if they did copy/paste the post at 106, people would log on just to laugh.
    “It’s not really that difficult.”
    They come on her posts to complain about having to see her posts.
    How can they think that makes any sense at all?
    IMO, they that they are boith great! I love seeing them out and about.

  113. 113
    @ 111 / 112 Says:

    Or maybe we come on to see if our Wish really has come true.

    What’s wrong to see if our Wish has been granted. If we get a little Angry that Threads keep popping up. So What? You Got A Problem With That?

    Of course I can only speak for myself. But I for one would like there to never be any Threads of Orlando or Miranda Ever Again!

    I had stopped posting for a while to see if it would help. The more posts a thread gets the more likely, more threads about that same celebrity will pop up.

    Not because of how popular the celebrity is, but because Jared will be able to charge more to the advertisers who advertise their product or service on this site.

    That is the Bottom Line. What it always is Money!

  114. 114
    @113 Says:

    But why keep coming back to something that makes you angry?
    That is a question that has been voiced numerous times, yet never answered. Why pay so much attention to someone that you dislike?? You said it yourself, your posting give more hits, which increases the likelihood of more threads.
    I despise Paris Hilton, so when I see a thread about her, I skip it. Why don’t you just skip these threads? Why invest so much time in something that doesn’t make you happy?
    And what exactly is your “wish”? That Orlando be unhappy and alone?? Nice.

  115. 115
    @ 114 Says:

    “And what exactly is your “wish”? That Orlando be unhappy and alone?? Nice.”

    There you go Speculating again.

    Just because I Wish there to never be any Threads of Orlando or Miranda Ever Again, Does Not mean that I wish they not be together.

    If they are together that is their choice. And No One Else’s!

    What, you think that if you keep posting how Wonderful They Look Together, they will actually stay together?

    I guarantee you, that if they stay together, it won’t be because of how many people posted / voted on this thread or any other “How Wonderful they look together.”

    Me claiming that is what you just said, is the same as you claiming I said the exact opposite.

    If you are going to post next, “I never said that.”

    Well, Neither Did I.

  116. 116
    @115 Says:

    So you wish that there are no more Orlando/Miranda threads, yet you keep posting, thereby helping to ensure that there are more Orlando/Miranda threads….OK.
    We can add that to the posts at 102 and 106!

  117. 117
    @115 Says:

    That doesn’t make any sense. If the threads bother you the answer is not to come and check if they’re gone, the solution is to avoid coming. You’re the one making yourself angry, not them or their threads.

  118. 118
    @113/115 Says:

    “I had stopped posting for a while to see if it would help. The more posts a thread gets the more likely, more threads about that same celebrity will pop up.”
    You know this, and yet you still come here to post?
    What kind of sense does that make?

  119. 119
    come on guys Says:

    Didn’t you read the posts at 102 and 106?
    You should know that haters never make sense!

  120. 120
    It's nuts Says:

    LOL. But do these fools ever make sense? This is why so many of them willingly subscribe to every lame “conspiracy theory” and believe each and every bit of unfounded gossip (but only the really negative crap of course) – because they’re irrational nutjobs..

  121. 121
    LOL! Says:

    Don’t you just love it when they trap themselves behind their own hypocrisy?
    “I hate posts about orlando and Miranda, so I am going to keep posting, because the more posts they get the more threads will be created for them, then I can complain some more about all of the threads they are getting by posting more about how much I hate them then they will get even more threads…”

  122. 122
    @ 116 - 121 Says:

    As far as I can tell post 114 asked a question which poster 115 answered.

    And all you can post as a come back is that they just keep on posting and therefore are hypocrites.

    So they aren’t even allowed to post an answer when asked a question.

    Or did you not happen to like the answer they gave. So all you can post is nasty comments to them in return. Real mature come back.

    You are the ones full of hate and negativity.

  123. 123
    @122 Says:

    115 was not her only comment. And just the fact that they came to this old thread to complain about them, yet again, EARNED them the derision that they are receiving.
    You can’t do something as stupid as that and expect to get away with it…not unless you are on delphi, anyway.
    They came here to complain about someone that they don’t like. If they didn’t want us to respond, they shouldn’t have posted. It’s that simple. They are the ones that came here just to post a negative comment, and they were answered. They shouldn’t dish it out if they can’t take it. To expect anything else would be hypocritical, right?

  124. 124
    @ 123 Says:

    Well does not look to me like she has commented anymore since post 115.

    Sounds to me as though you don’t give people a chance to stop commenting.

    You keep on making nasty comments hoping that they will respond. But all you would respond is, “why do you keep one posting?”

    None of you care about what others say, anymore than they care about what you say.

    Sounds to me as if both sides just like to hear themselves talk.

    Have fun talking to yourselves. Because you are the only ones listening.

  125. 125
    @124 Says:

    “Have fun talking to yourselves. Because you are the only ones listening.”
    Well, us and YOU!!
    The POINT is that she came here, and old thread which she had to search for, SPECIFICALLY to complain about the existance of the thread.
    Now honestly. Did that make ANY sense at all? No.
    THAT is why people are making fun of her. Not her opinions. But her hypocrisy.
    If she doesn’t post on this thread anymore (out of embarassment), she will be back on their next thread, once again posting to complain about there being another thread.

  126. 126
    @122 Says:

    Nope, we’re simply acting as ‘mirrors’ reflecting their OWN negativity back at them. To put it another way, apparently the shoe really pinches when it’s on the other foot.

  127. 127
    something for the haters Says:

    Orlando, currently in Los Angeles, was not available for comment.
    His mum said: “After six years of back-to-back filming he is relaxing and taking out his girlfriend Miranda Kerr. She’s a lovely girl.

  128. 128
    @ 127 Says:

    Here is the rest of that comment that was quoted by his mum.

    “He is not going for lead roles at the moment but is working on a film called Sympathy for Delicious in which he plays The Stain.”

    This was from the article about her auctioning off his personal items.

    wonder when that auction will be taking place…or if it already has…..

    he finished filming his part on Sympathy months ago….This article did not come out until after he had already finished Main Street, which was after Sympathy….

    Just interesting that’s all….either he doesn’t tell his mother everything….or the writers were not up to date with their information….

    makes me question some of the other information in the article as well.

    here is the link for the complete article below….

  129. 129
    @128 Says:

    The link you gave seems to belong to a site about Kent local news. It couldn’t be closer to his mum.
    Not everybody tells their mum everything…especially not men.

  130. 130
    well Says:

    He could be working on post production for Sympathy, I guess.
    Someone who works in movie promotion ‘tweeted’ that they were going to see a movie tonight with Orlando Bloom. I imagine that movie would have to be Main Street or Sympathy, and I would think that Sympathy is the one closer to being viewable.
    “Working”, doesn’t always mean ‘filming’.

  131. 131
    @ 129 Says:

    That’s true. Men are very avasive when it comes to talking about their personal lives, whether they are celebrities or not. And more than likely not with their mothers. Very true.

    I was wondering though, if anyone here has sent in any bids for any of the items his mum is selling? Wonder when she will stop the bidding and declare a winner? Not sure what the cut off date is.

    Anyone know?

  132. 132
    @131 Says:

    I think that the auction has been delayed to re-organize.
    I haven’t heard when she is looking to start it again.

  133. 133
    lol Says:

    Typical hater logic Orlando’s mother says something semi nice about Miranda = Not true lolololol

  134. 134
    lol Says:

    Random sighting on Twitter with a hypothetical blonde =true

  135. 135
    @lol Says:

    Random sighting of Orlando and Miranda = fake!!
    Press follows Kate and James = awwww, what a wonderful private couple
    Press follows the more well known Orlando and Miranda = set up!!!
    Anon insider claims that Miranda is a ‘bioch’ = gospel truth
    Anon insider claims that Miranda is sweet and wonderful to work with = fake!!
    These lists of double standards could go on and on.
    Anyone else have any good ones that we can add to these and the ones on page five?

  136. 136
    sighs Says:

    Orlando and Olivier Martinez were pictured out to lunch together, yesterday in LA.
    Two GORGEOUS men. I would have loved to be their waitress.

  137. 137
    @ sighs Says:

    you mean here?

  138. 138
    @137 Says:

    Thanks for the link.
    I would love those two to make a movie together.

  139. 139
    Mirugly IS A BEARD Says:

    O and O = The Real Couple
    I wish these two would just come out with it!

  140. 140
    @139 Says:

    Oh, the tin hats just never give up, do they!

  141. 141
    @139 Says:

    That’s another one we can add….
    Orlando is pictured going to dinner with Miranda two dozen times a year = fake relationship.
    Orlando is pictured going to dinner with a male friend, once = twu lurve.

  142. 142
    also Says:

    Orlando and Miranda are photographed together not smiling = they are miserable together! Why do they stay together if they are so unhappy?
    Orlando and Miranda are photographed together smiling = Oh look at them smiling for the cameras, what a set up! So fake!
    Yep, pathetic.

  143. 143
    pregnant alert! Says:

    This pic had me saying….

    “No Orly you usually cannot feel the baby kick this soon…unless she is just not showing yet.”

    For anyone who is interested in the whole set. Here is the link. Orlando and Miranda were coming from a Vegan restaurant yesterday.

    The pregnant question one is on post # 17 – mayfrayn

  144. 144
    @143 Says:

    Lololololol That is the first thing that I though when I saw the picture I can only dream about an Mirlando baby wish it could came true lololololol .

  145. 145
    @143 Says:

    Lololololol That is the first thing that I though when I saw the picture I can only dream about a Mirlando baby wish it could came true lololololol .

  146. 146
    me Says:

    @pregnant alert!:

    she don´t look pregnant!!!!

  147. 147
    @146 Says:

    Uhmmm, they were kidding.

  148. 148
    Pokerface Says:

    I don’t think getting pregnant now is in her (their) plans….with Adriana and Gisele pregnant, she should exploit the chance and make a quality leap in her carrer. She has time for babies!

  149. 149
    @ 146 Says:

    I didn’t look pregnant either, until I was 7 months along.

    I had a neighbor who didn’t show the entire time. She had 3 children and each time she looked the same the entire nine months of every pregnancy.

    It would explain the emotional looks on her face though. Espcially in these pics….here….these were taken June 23….

    Keep in mind I said emotional, not angry….some women do get more emotional during pregnancy than others. I know I was.

    I’m not saying anything bad about the two of them. I don’t know for sure if she is or not. Or what she is feeling inside. But if she is, I definitely can relate to what she is going through. Except I didn’t have someone who actually cared about me. But that’s another story.

  150. 150
    me Says:

    i think she is too busy for babys and a wedding and so

  151. 151
    snorzvilla Says:

    140 to 142

    It also is a great way to wind you bioches up! Just as the Delphi girls react to every sighting and story about O and M, you idiots react to everything put up by anyone who doesnt like her! You love calling people obsessed, but at least the obsession is about celebrities from the hater POV, not obsession about other posters! You sound very much like a group of pathetic fans from a few years ago who obsessed over Carmen and all her posts. They had a whole forum dedicated to trashing her. Losers.

  152. 152
    @151 Says:

    I think that you are giving yourself too much credit.
    I couldn’t care less about other posters, but I am a fan of these two celebrities. And if people post nasty lies or vile innuendo, I am going to answer them. As others have said, if they don’t want to be answered, they shouldn’t post here.
    And I do think that there is something very wrong in wallowing in so much hatred that you spend every moment you can on the internet searching for information about people that you don’t like. Focusing on the negative is not healthy. I follow them because I like them. That is a BIG difference.
    And I love it that you think that people who form forums to trash people are “losers”. So I guess that means that you think that the Delphi girls are the biggest bunch of losers around. That’s their sole purpose of existence, so that must be what you are saying. LOL!

  153. 153
    @152 Says:

    My God, you make SO much sense it’s scary. Thank heaven there are a few rational, intelligent posters here to counteract all the lunacy. .

  154. 154
    thanks #151! Says:

    You just gave us another one…
    People who follow celebs that they like = obsessive.
    People who scour the internet 24/7 searching for information about someone they can’t stand and then claiming that said person is being forced down their throats = normal??????????

  155. 155
    snorzvilla Says:

    You are losers because you trash other posters who have opinions about CELEBRITIES!! Celebrities are who they are because they love and crave the attention they get, good or bad, or at least start off that way. Miranda the exhibitionist knows that when she strips down and chains herself to a tree for a magazine cover, or exploits her dead ex-boyfriend and his family for a story, people are going to talk, and some people are going to call her out for exactly what she is……an attention craving exhibitionist. Oh wait… think she is doing it because “she cares about the cause”. LOLOLOL!!!! Right. I wonder how much of her “millions” she donated to the cause. Forbes doesnt add her to their list of uber-generous do they? LOL!
    And at least the Delphi girls dont pretend to be anything but haters. You all act like the way you talk about them is any less obsessive than the way they talk about O and M. Again….rightttttt! The idiot that always *rolls eyes* and the blue bioch mention Delphi in nearly every single post they put up here. And last I checked, Just Jared wasnt a “fans only” forum, so my opinion of Miranda is just as valid as your obsessive asskissing one.

  156. 156
    snorzvilla Says:

    PS: The handbag is still fugly and ruins her well-put together outfit. Choke on that one……again! LOLOLOLOLOL! Maybe you could write 50 more posts about how “obsessive” I am. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  157. 157
    LadyL Says:

    @139- Uh no its not O+O= couple. Its O+V.

  158. 158
    @155 Says:

    We are losers because we point out the hypocrisy, lies and idiotic conspiracy theories of the haters?
    How does that make any sense at all??
    And like we said, if they don’t want their STUPID opinions trashed, they should stay at their pathetic site. If they come here, their idiocy will be gleefully pointed out. If they can’t handle that, tough.
    And again with the purse?
    OK, you earned this one….*ROLLSEYES*
    And you REALLY don’t consider yourself obsessive?

  159. 159
    snorzvilla Says:

    “We are losers because we point out the hypocrisy, lies and idiotic conspiracy theories of the haters?”

    No…you’re IDIOTS because you point out what YOU find to be hypocrisy about OPINIONS AND THEORIES about CELEBRITIES. You’re LOSERS because of your obsession of DELPHI and its posters. Down right stalkers you are. You think they all come here to post and argue with you but guess what? I only see one or two different names pop up here, all of which say they dont belong to that site. I am not a member of that site and never have been, yet you still think that I am. You are the one that is STUPID thinking anyone that doesnt like the scrawny stupid self-proclaimed supermodel just HAS to be from that site. Too bad you are too slow to have that make sense to you.

  160. 160
    hmmm Says:

    I don’t think she is pregnant lololol .
    But I must say that she looks fit in the new pictures it looks like she putted on some weight and is not a skinny as she was a couple of mouths ago that doesn’t mean that she is pregnant I don’t think it is in hers (theirs) plans right now isn’t she off to Australia for a fashion show soon?
    But I would like her to be pregnant only to see the heads of the nasty haters like the one above explode lololololol.

  161. 161
    @ 160 Says:

    “But I would like her to be pregnant only to see the heads of the nasty haters like the one above explode lololololol.”

    Such a nice and positive thing to say.

    You are so right. You are not Nasty at all. Only the “haters” are.

    No wonder you can spot a hypocrite so easily.

    Takes one to know one.

  162. 162
    snorzvilla Says:

    And also her comeback of commenting how she thinks she looks healthy and has put on some weight after I point out that she is scrawny. Wow how observant of you 160.

    And also 160, I hope she is pregnant too (hate to burst your bubble). It will ruin her so called “supermodel” career because she is not Adriana, Heidi or Allessandra. I could care less who’s baby it is, Id just like to see this hack stop getting work. She is boorrrrrrinnnggg!!!

  163. 163
    @snorzvilla Says:

    You should go to another celebrity’s thread and trash them -not just call them fat and ugly, I mean trash them-, and if you don’t get a negative reaction to your comment then you’ll probably have a point. This issue is simple, if nobody makes unfair, nasty judgement of a celebrity, their fans won’t have any reason to react. No this is not just for fans, but there are fans here and people who talk crap about O and M know it.

    BTW do you expect all celebrities to give “their millions” to charity or just Miranda Kerr? She said she’d give the money she got for that cover and that’s it. What do you understand for “exploiting her dead ex boyfriend”?

  164. 164
    @161 Says:

    The worst thing she wishes on the haters is that someone gets pregnant, that isn’t worse than wishing that “karma gets Orlando” or that Orlando and Miranda’s career fade. Is it?

  165. 165
    @ 164 Says:

    She didn’t just wish that someone gets pregnant.

    I believe the phrase was, “heads of the nasty haters explode.”

    Oh no wishing that someone’s head would explode is not nasty at all.

  166. 166
    @165 Says:

    LOL she didn’t mean that in a literal way you know. And if you’re sane, knowing that a stranger got pregnant shouldn’t make your head explode. If you’re sane.

  167. 167
    snorzvilla Says:

    Not all celebrities strip down and chain themselves to a tree. They just donate some money to their cause and nobody has to hear about it. I guess thats all MK knows how to do, exploit things. She calls the press when she visits sick children at the hospital so that everyone will know she (one time) visited sick children……for publicity. You are deluding yourselves if you think she does all these wonderful things for “the cause” because she always ALWAYS makes sure she has something to gain from whatever she does. True philanthropists do their charity work, actual WORK (organizing, financing, and even getting down in the dirt and mire of things) without anything in return. Id be more impressed if instead of getting dolled up and naked for a pic she actually put in time, money, and sweat rebuilding some of the habitats for the Koalas. Her magazine cover is not impressive one bit.

  168. 168
    @snorvilla Says:

    “No…you’re IDIOTS because you point out what YOU find to be hypocrisy about OPINIONS AND THEORIES about CELEBRITIES.”
    So you think that the haters are the only ones who can post their opinions, and if we answer them we are “losers”?? If we point out the ridiculous double standard used by these haters, we are “losers”? If we call them on their blatant lies that make up their idiotic theories, we are “losers”? And you don’t find that the least bit hypocritical? Really?
    “You’re LOSERS because of your obsession of DELPHI and its posters. Down right stalkers you are.”
    We don’t stalk Delphi. We read their comments for the lulz. Reading comments is not stalking. Unless you consider yourself Miranda’s stalker for reading these threads. You wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite, now, would you?
    “You think they all come here to post and argue with you but guess what? I only see one or two different names pop up here, all of which say they dont belong to that site.”
    They do come here. They may say that they don’t, but those people wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. Their posting styles and language are obvious. They are lying if they say that they don’t come here. But, then again, lying is one of their strengths.
    “I am not a member of that site and never have been, yet you still think that I am.”
    Good for you….or are you just lying?
    “You are the one that is STUPID thinking anyone that doesnt like the scrawny stupid self-proclaimed supermodel just HAS to be from that site.”
    The delphi girls are the most vocal haters on the net. They are usually the first to post on any thread about Miranda. They are obsessive and insane. Sure, there are people who don’t like Miranda, who aren’t on that board. But the day that the delphidiots stop posting that every favorable comment is from Miranda, a paid employee, or a member of her family, is the day that every hater will not be accused of being from delphi. That’s another one of the double standards that they love so much.
    Oh, and by the way, Miranda has NEVER called herself a supermodel. In fact, she always blows off the title when any reporter brings it up. Journalists, editors and reporters label her a supermodel but it certainly wasn’t “self proclaimed”. And while we are at it… “scrawny”, well she is a model. And “stupid”? I haven’t seen any real evidence either way, but people who have worked with her call her “bright”. To me that means that she may not be Einstein, but she isn’t “stupid” either. Oh, I guess that I’m a “loser” again for correcting you on those, or giving my opinion. That’s what you mean, right? You want to say anything you want without people disagreeing with you, right? Well, sister, you are certainly on the wrong board.
    “Too bad you are too slow to have that make sense to you.”
    Oh, that’s right. If you don’t have an answer for a question, accuse the other person of stupidity. And you say that you aren’t from delphi? Maybe you should join. You would fit right in”

  169. 169
    @167 Says:

    That’s one way to see it. Others could argue that stripping off calls more attention towards the cause, in fact you wouldn’t be talking about rebuilding the habitats of the koalas now if it hadn’t been for her. She’s not the first nor the last celebrity to get naked for a cause. I don’t understand why does that make you angry anyway? She’s a model so she’s going to pose naked like all the other models, sometimes for money and this time for the koalas. If you have a problem with that, you should direct those complaints to the world of fashion.
    BTW when she and Orlando spent a whole night beside a phone to get money, when they “actually worked” and didn’t sleep instead of signing a check and congratulate themselves, the haters complained AGAIN.

  170. 170
    snorzvilla Says:

    If you have proof that the Delphi posters are the ones inundating this site with “hate”, please provide it, otherwise, stop claiming everyone is from there. As I said before you ARE LOSERS for continuing to stalk other posters, namely that board. Society in this age is obsessed with gossip about celebrities, but those who obsess over anon posters on a board, who stay at their own site to do their own agenda, not here, ARE STALKERS. You are thick if you cant see the difference.

  171. 171
    @snorvilla Says:

    “If you have proof that the Delphi posters are the ones inundating this site with “hate”, please provide it, otherwise, stop claiming everyone is from there.”
    When did I say that EVERYONE is from there? I said that some posters ARE from there. It is obvious from their language, claims, and/or total lack of syntax. And if you are demanding “proof”, why don’t you show proof of ANY of your claimsabout Miranda? Oh, right. There’s that lovely double standard again.
    “As I said before you ARE LOSERS for continuing to stalk other posters, namely that board.”
    There’s with the “stalking” again.
    I guess that means that you are stalking the posters on this thread and Miranda. You keep posting, so you must be “stalking” Oh, right. There’s that lovely double standard again.
    “Society in this age is obsessed with gossip about celebrities, but those who obsess over anon posters on a board, who stay at their own site to do their own agenda, not here, ARE STALKERS.”
    They don’t stay on their own board, and if they post on a public forum, they, like us, become part of the society of celebrity. If they don’t want people to publicly address their comments, they shouldn’t make them public. Oh, right. There’s that lovely double standard again.
    “You are thick if you cant see the difference.”
    Once again, insulting the intelligence of those that disagree with you.
    Good post, and spot on.
    But I think that we are fighting a losing battle to make this one see reason. After all, we are “losers” because we don’t agree with her. Well, “losers” who must be “thick” and “slow”.

  172. 172
    snorzvilla Says:

    The point all along is that you pounce on anyone who criticizes her for any reason. I brought up her ugly bag and she looks unkempt here way back on post 21, and all of a sudden I’m “obsessed” and blah blah blah and you stalkers immediately started in right at post 22 that the “Delphidiots have arrived” and havent stopped since. Talk about sick and obsessed… dont even ever actually see your own obsessive reactions to other peoples opinions about a celebrity. You continually claim anyone criticizing her is automatically a liar and conspiracy theorist, etc. It goes on and on. Stalking other posters, anon or not, is VERY different than commenting about people whose profession puts them in the public eye. Why are you so concerned with why others dont like her, and what they say anyway? Nobody is stating anything but their own opinion, not slander. If the “haters” are so few, and just from that “crazed board of only 5 or 6 left”, why do you even care or bother? FYI- It was you asswipes at this board that introduced me to reading over at Delphi, so if you think you are detering people from that site, think again. Some of their claims are outlandish, and even wishes for this and that to happen to them, but they also make some good points about all the times, places and events that there would be nobody around to take pictures and write stories, and yet somehow there always are. If you want to talk “hypocrite” (I dont think you actually even know what the word means when you use it), point the fingers at the “private” couple who claim to want their privacy, but somehow always are inundated with press and photographers in the most obscure places. Wow, what a coincidence.
    “But I think that we are fighting a losing battle to make this one see reason”
    Oh please… your condescension for something far more important than this ridiculous couple. They get negativity because of all their double standards. Ponder that one sweetie……they are loaded with double standards.

  173. 173
    HA Says:

    I don’t care if the “haters” are from that site or not. If someone says something that I find false, nasty or unfair about a celebrity I like -or anyone, by that matter-, I’ll say what I think. If they can’t tolerate people disagreeing with them, they shouldn’t make their opinions public.
    And it’s quite funny they throw offensive personal attacks against two unknown people and call them “****”, “sellout”, “famewhre”, etc and call other posters “thick”, “losers” and “biotches” but get all sensitive when someone says they’re being hypocritical when they are, in fact, being hypocritical. You’re no victim.

  174. 174
    @snorvilla Says:

    So you think that you should be able to say anything you want, and that if people disagree with you, they should just shut up? And you think that others don’t know what the word hypocrite means?
    And you didn’t just bring up her “ugly bag”, you obsesseed over it so much that it became laughable. You even brought it back up, days later, and then you wonder why people were calling you obsessed?
    And ONCE AGAIN, I didn’t say that ‘anyone’ who doesn’t like her is a liar or conspiracy theorist. Some people just don’t like her, I am completely aware of that. But if they post lies, I will respond. As #173 says, I have a right to answer their claims. If they don’t wan’t people to disagree with them, they are in the wrong place.

  175. 175
    snorzvilla Says:

    Hardly ever do I see anyone actually give a response about why they disagree, they just attack the person saying it. So in return you will get personal attacks back. So to be brief, attack the post, not the posters. Calling her bag ugly and her hair unkempt is being “false, nasty, unfair”? Geez… wonder you blow everything out of proportion. Relax……its an opinion…….get over it.

    “And it’s quite funny they throw offensive personal attacks against two unknown people and call them “****”, “sellout”, “famewhre”, etc”
    Sinvce when are Orlando and Miranda unknown? If you are trying to twist my comment about press showing up in obscure places (without an invitation) try again because that was a really lame attempt.

  176. 176
    @175 Says:

    Sure they’re always spot on, those girls.
    But let’s talk about it. How could the paps know they were in Broome, for example? Oh maybe because they’d been there for several days and people saw them so even us on this site knew they were there? And a couple staying at their hotel reported it to the press?
    How about Deus Ex Machina? Orlando in Australia= Orlando in Deus Ex Machina. It’s not hard to locate celebrities, and even easier if you get money for knowing it. And the list goes on.
    But I almost forgot, paps don’t care about them. I guess that only the magazines I happen to buy write about them, what a coincidence.

  177. 177
    @snorvilla Says:

    “Calling her bag ugly and her hair unkempt is being “false, nasty, unfair”?”
    It is if it is untrue.
    Her hair is smooth, clean and shiling….hardly “unkempt” That was indeed “unfair”.
    Calling her bag “ugly” is a matter of opinion. People just started to rag on you when you wouldn’t let it drop……
    She looks very pretty.
    “her bag doesn’t go with her outfit”
    She looks beautiful
    “how can you say that when she is carrying the wrong bag?”
    Her dress is lovely.
    See what I mean. having an opinion is one thing, obsessing because people don’t see things the same way is another.
    And I believe that the other poster meant that Miranda and Orlando are strangers to the haters. Miranda is becoming a top model, and Orlando is one of the most famous people on the planet. Even without being on screen for over a year, he still wins popularity polls. They, as a couple, are DEFINITELY well known. Which is why the paps follow them. Even the head honcho from TMZ stated that as fact. When one of his photographers had to choose between following Orlando and Miranda or Liv Tyler and her new boyfriend who is in the band Kings of Leon, the photographer followed Orlando and Miranda. Harvey, his boss, said that he did the right thing. They are followed by photographers, and they live part time in Hollywood. Of course they will be photographed. They are caught less than Jake and Reese, BTW, so how come they are the ones labeled “famewhores”?

  178. 178
    lol Says:

    Thank you for trying to e explain to her why I meant in my post .
    I would replay to her but is not worthy my time I decided to ignore her .
    Note to snorvilla : When I say that to me Miranda has putted on some weight it is because I really think so not because you had commented that she is skinny before me I didn’t even noticed that you are not that important .

  179. 179
    lol Says:

    Thank you guys for trying to explain to her why I meant in my post
    I would replay to her but is not worthy my time I decided to ignore her .
    Note to snorvilla : When I say that to me Miranda has putted on some weight it is because I really think so not because you had commented that she is skinny before me I didn’t even noticed that you are not that important .

  180. 180
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    the girl is hot.

  181. 181
    kiki Says:

    they are my fav celeb couple too. beautiful, unpretencious, natural, real. i may be wrong of course, but from their pics they seem truly happy. it is hard to think such a beautiful woman exists. not every person finds her so. but many many more do. i also think many many are jealous of her and spit nasty words about her. orlando looks happier than he has in a very long time. i wish them the best.

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