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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Out for Audi!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Out for Audi!

Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr make an appearance at Audi’s celebration of the arrival of TDI clean diesel technology held in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday night (June 23).

Orly, 32, and Miranda, 26, seemed to be having a blast at the event as they mingled with Audi execs and guests.

Look at O shaking hands and catching up with Christian Slater!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr out for Audi…

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181 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Out for Audi!”

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  1. 51
    LOL! Says:

    Is that the same twitter account that said that they saw him in NY, when he was in Cannes? Or the one that said that he was out with a brunette in NY, when he was pictured in LA? Or the one that said that they were standing right beside him in London, yesterday.
    C’mon, which ‘highly reliable’ source is it this time?
    Is it so hard to admit the he and Miranda are serious? That they are together? Even a ‘hater’ a few posts back said that “no one is saying that they aren’t together”. Is it really that hard to accept it and move on with your life?

  2. 52
    Ummm Says:

    Are you talking about that little blond seen on Durham set? She’s been seen with Orli again? Do tell.

  3. 53
    @52 Says:

    You mean the blonde that was actually member of the film crew? That blonde? Oh, but I forgot. You delphites pick and choose which pieces of ‘insider information’ that you believe. When it was reported that he was seen with a blonde, it came from a “reliable” source. But that exact same reliable source was ignored when they posted that she was working on the film.

  4. 54

    Dislike her – but he’s looking really good and healthy these days.

  5. 55
    snorzvilla Says:

    I like her outfit, its actually very smart, but nobody can deal with the fact that she chose the wrong bag to bring. Do you have to defend EVERYTHING about her that people point out? Sheesh is right. I mean look at her outfit. Its all put together right down to the shoes, except that bag that looks like the kind you take shopping, not to a sit down event.

    Its quite possible that people wouldnt be so annoyed by her if it werent for her rabid defenders. Take a chill pill already.

  6. 56
    @48 @ 53 Says:

    Well said!

  7. 57
    @55 Says:

    You really think that her “rabid defenders” are worse than her “rabid” detractors? The people who find fault in EVERYTHING she does? The people that twist logic until it snaps to insult her? Really???
    The ones who complain that she isn’t keeping their relationship private, then complain that she isn’t telling the gossip magazines everything because she is hiding something? The ones who find fault with her for going to charity events? The ones who twist the truth to suit their fancy? The ones who say that she isn’t important enough to be included in Sports Illustrated, then call her a ‘zlut’ because she posed for the most exclusive, celebrated ‘girly’ publication there is? Those people are less annoying??
    Whatever you say.
    Maybe her fans wouldn’t have to be so “rabid” if they were dealing with normal behavior by the haters.

  8. 58
    @48 Says:

    The most sensible comment of the thread.

  9. 59
    @57..... Says:

    I agree they can’t stand the fact that Miranda has fans that will defend
    her from the jealous haters who write the most vile, nasty, crude
    and derogatory comments about her on their Delphi forum and then expect to be able to get away with it on sites like JJ.

    They sure like to dish it out but they can’t handle it when it comes back at them…….lol.

  10. 60
    sasha Says:

    They both look so gorgeous in the picture of them at the table (first thumbnail).
    I love this couple. So sweet and so beautiful.

  11. 61
    wow Says:

    Gorgeous couple.
    Love them so much.

  12. 62
    @51 and 53 Says:

    Can I ask an honest question of you? Why are you soooo invested in defending this celebrity couple from critics, whether real or imagined? It seems to be a very personal matter to you, and inappropriately so. M&O don’t seem to care one wit about what people are saying, they go on living their life, so WHY do YOU care way beyond a normal amount? I’m sorry, but your obsession and the venom you use to attack everyone is far outside normal and yeh, sane. YOU make things unpleasant around here. I don’t agree or give a rat’s @ss what a small handful of people AT A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WEBSITE THAN HERE are saying about this couple, so I don’t bother going over there, reasonable yes? YOU can’t seem to stay away, then YOU insist on bringing the cr@p over here and heaping your own on top of it! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Now no doubt you’ll accuse me of being a delphi person because you accuse everyone of being a delphi person because that’s what your fear, or paranoia, or whatever tick you’ve got going on in your head makes you do, but put away your fangs because its not true no matter how much you spew it. I’m an OB fan who is sick and tired of YOUR obsessive delphisnipe hunting and the cr@p you continually try to stir with it. LET IT GO!!!

  13. 63
    iwk Says:

    uhm…check your mirror first. unless you’re one of those people who quacked about those sightings as teh twuf? well okay i can see why you’re mad. next time don’t be so eager to believe as gospel truth every tabloid mention or tweet about anything or you’ll look the fool again.

  14. 64
    @62 Says:

    The delphites DO bring their garbage over here, and as long as they do, they will be answered.
    Why do you care anyway?
    Sounds like you have nothing better to do.

  15. 65
    @62 Says:

    Oh, right. The delphidiots are the innocent victims in all of this.
    If they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it out.
    They are the biggest hypocrites on the internet, and if they don’t like people responding in kind, they shouldn’t start things in the first place.
    So go whine somewhere else. We all know the truth about delphi. You can’t play the martyr here.

  16. 66
    @62 Says:

    Do ten ladies who attack two unknown people with the passion of a personal vendetta deserve your support more than the person you’re a fan of, a person who BTW hasn’t done anything but dating a model? I’d give you the benefit of doubt but it’s difficult not to assume you belong to that site.
    It’s reasonable -and predictable- that his fans will react to very offensive comments made about him. Go try it if you want, attack any other celebrity and you’ll find the same reaction.
    The only nutty and paranoid ones are those who say all of us here are members of their family.

  17. 67
    Only natural Says:

    Fans WILL tend to want to defend celebrities they like who they feel are being disparaged unfairly. This is natural.

  18. 68
    @62 Says:

    Wow, someone is taking things a bit personal, hmm?
    Did we strike too close to home?
    Why so defensive?
    Do you really think that the people on that other board are innocent? That they don’t say the most hateful and vile things, themselves?
    pathetic hypocrite
    Fans will ALWAYS defend someone that they like. The real question is why do the delphi people have such an obsession with these two? They claim not to like them, then follow their lives more than their fans. THAT is unhealthy. That is why there are so few of them left. Those with at least a tiny shred of sanity were smart enough to leave those psychotic sociopaths to their own problems.

  19. 69
    Normal couple Says:

    Yeah, they (Delphites) do say some pretty vile and hateful things about this couple. And it honestly makes no sense to me. I’m not an ‘ultra-fan,’ but I do think the two of them are a cute pair. They seem pretty ‘normal’ to me, doing all the same sorts of things couples who enjoy being together like to do – whether ‘celebrities’ or not. Only difference – because they live much more in the ‘public eye,’ they’re photographed a heck of a lot more than ‘non-celebrities’ in a comparable relationship would be.

  20. 70
    talan Says:

    Hallo to JJ. Are you sleeping? Or maybe you close your eyes on purpose when it comes to Miranda? Maybe you didn’t notice that she made Pirellis calendar picks semi naked. She had hat and pants, and was looking like the Auschwitz victim. With boobs and all bones totally visible and, if you can believe that St. Miranda can do so, it was not for koalas. But it was also for something green- US dollars. Like this event. Pay me, I will be there. Audi did, so there were there. Business is business- attending together and posing on event like this. Just one word to the funny people who think that children are little copies of their parents. Very rarely. Most often children looks like their close relatives- grandmas, or grandpas, uncles or aunts. Remember Demi and Bruce. If O&M will have children one day, they can look like her brother, or his sister or grandparents. You can never know in advance how children are going to look.

  21. 71
    @71 Says:

    Well, I see that sweet_bee has joined us.

  22. 72
    hmmm @71 Says:

    Looks like one post was deleted……
    I guess that post was for #70, now?

  23. 73
    @71 Says:

    Healthiest “Auschwitz victim” I’ve even seen in a picture.

    As far as children looking like relatives…I’ve never seen a picture of grandma but I don’t think Brad’s baby looks like her….it’s not as rare as you seem to think.

  24. 74
    @73 Says:

    Oh, she’s only saying that to be contrary.
    Brad’s baby looks just like him. Jennifer Garner’s baby looks just like her. Reese witherspoon’s daughter is a little clone, and Tom Cruise’s baby looks just like her father *wink*. It happens ALLL the time.
    And if you start off with two good looking parents, the baby has a better chance of being born beautiful than if one of the parents is homely. Who do you think would father better looking children? Danny Devito, or Orlando? See. Genetics works.
    Possible genetic traits of the Kerr-Bloom offspring:
    Both have dark hair = dark haired baby
    His brown eyes would be dominant over her blue eyes, so unless Orlando also has a recessive blue eyed gene = brown eyed baby
    Miranda is tall for a woman and Orlando is above average height for a man = tall baby
    Both are beautiful = darn good shot at a beauiful baby

  25. 75
    talan Says:

    Nice theory. But, can you explain why Mirandas brother who has the same parents look like he looks. Or why Orlandos sister who is nice person is not nearly beautiful as him although they have the same parents. Child is always unpredictable combination, that is genetics. If O or M have in their families person with green eyes , their child can have green eyes. That is genetics. Beautiful people can have not beautiful children. Common looking people can have super beautiful child. Chances for good looking people to have good looking child are better, I agree. But nothing is certain.

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