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Reese Witherspoon Gets A Late Night Visit

Reese Witherspoon Gets A Late Night Visit

Reese Witherspoon gets a late night visit from boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal as she works hard into the early morning on her not-yet-titled James L. Brooks movie on Tuesday (June 23) in Washington, D.C.

The 33-year-old actress costars with Paul Rudd in the comedy that revolves around a love triangle between Reese‘s character, a white collar executive and a pro baseball pitcher, played by Owen Wilson.

Veteran actor Jack Nicholson also recently rounded out the cast as he reunites with Brooks after doing Terms of Endearment and As Good As It Gets together.

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  • NativeNYker
  • londongirl

    These two seem so much in love. Jake is particularly smitten and attentive. I hope once they get married things stay that way.

  • gay, gay, gay

    Jake’s beard is a hag.

  • philipa

    Papz taking pics in an enclosed movie set?? This seems so arranged.

    Reese’s hair looks wonderful though!

  • boring showmance

    Jake doesn’t look at the beard, he’s probably checking out some cute guy.

  • Kate

    @londongirl: You need to check your eyes.

  • amanda

    philipa it’s not an enclosed movie set, they are outside in a public place. anyone can stop and take pics or just watch. It happens all the time.

  • fake and phony

    This is fauxmance photo op, just like so many staged “Reese and Jake” paparazzi photo shoots.
    Two phony celebrities looking for cheap publicity and marketing.

  • haha

    #3 #5 # 8 same person who sleep on this thread and wait.

  • jupi3

    Look carefully…….Jake’s eyes are not on Reese.

  • JAR

    they look so cute together

  • Curious

    I haven’t seen ONE picture of Owen Wilson filming this movie.

    When he filmed “Marley and Me”, there were plenty of shots of him onset.

    What gives?

  • john

    he is gay ….

  • londongirl


    No, you should go check your eyes…. and your head while you’re at it. I’m referring to the fact that they’re engaged, and are often seen together looking pretty content. If you’re referring to the direction of his eyes in this particular photo then I suggest you stop being so damn picky!

  • se

    Reese Witherspoon is pharmacy blond. the hairdresser had lot of worl with extentions and paint her hair with witht blond collor.
    The real blond like the people of north Europe are bigger then 1,70 meter , the faces have delicate form, starker and has lot of more inteligence. They have more family structure and moral principle!
    It is because in North Europe there are more scientist, life standart etc as everywhere in world !
    It is very difficult imitate the noth European!
    It is necessary to be German or English or Nortn Italian or Dutch more then blond hair collor to be like the European.
    It is necessary to have more background!

    Reese Witherspoon haven’t

  • look

    Has anybody else noticed that Reese is seriously ugly?

  • madmax

    they’re not engaged. Where are you getting that idea from?

  • jaxon

    I keep hearing you people bleat that this relationship is fake yet they have been together how long now? Her face looks full of caring to me.

  • haha

    Since March 2007.

  • Avon

    @jaxon: LOL, look again.
    Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal are actors but they can’t really fake it – it’s easy to see that they are doing FAUXMANCE photo ops, they are not a couple.
    Publicity gives them few MILLION $$$ reasons for a fauxmance – not just Reese being dumped and Jake being gay.

  • jaxon

    Why would Reese, who is an intelligent girl, waste over TWO years of her life on a gay guy? That makes no sense whatsoever. When she could be spending those two years finding a guy who loves her and her children and making a real life together. And why are you so sure Jake is gay? Just because he made that movie with Heath? Was Heath gay too?

    I think some people have too much time on their hands.

  • $$$ for Witherspoon

    Reese isn’t wasting her time – she is using Jake to get desirable public image (she isn’t a loser dumped for a younger woman, she has “bf” who is better than Ryan), to get publicity and marketing.
    Who would talk about boring Witherspoon without this showmance, who would put her on the tabloid cover?
    No one.
    Publicity = money in Hollywood and Avon contract alone is good enough reason for the fauxmance.
    Reese Witherspoon is doing this for herself, not to help Jake Gyllenhaal look straight.
    P.S. keep in mind that we DO NOT KNOW what Witherspoon does in her PRIVATE life, we get to see what she and her PR team want us to see.

  • gay closet

    “And why are you so sure Jake is gay?”
    Because Jake has sex with men and needs Reese Witherspoon just for the “I’m straight” public show.
    Do not believe tabloid and entertainment sites PR bullsh!t about these two.

  • whortensia

    What is your proof that “Jake has sex with men?” other than just repeated tittle tattle from nowhere. Have you any hard evidence? No you don’t. You just repeat nonsense because it makes you feel that you are “in the know.”

  • whortensia

    Anybody who has brains could figure out that he is not gay, but brains are the last thing most people here have. Most of them are airheads. Has any guy ever said he has had sex with Jake? If so, who?

  • whortensia

    jaxson you do have some brains and are using them. How many times does one need to tell morons that she doesn’t need him for publicity. SHE IS A BIG STAR IN HOLLYWOOD WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT AND HAS NO NEED OF JAKE WHO IS MUCH LESS IMPORTANT IN THE BUSINESS FOR PUBLICITY. God but people are stupid and ignorant and just plain DUMB.

  • whortensia

    Again the brainless ones don’t seem to understand that the two are together most of the time. If the romance were fake they would not need to spend nearly as much time together as they do. And they would not. God the rank stupidity of some of these moronic commentators.

  • lakers fan in boston

    awww how cute =p
    she’s looking really adorable =]
    i love her hair it makes her look better
    and as always her legs look great
    i wish jake wasnt in some of the pics

  • whortensia

    $$$ Your comment is beyond stupid. Dating a gay guy is NOT a good image for a woman so Reese would NOT be with him if he were gay. Your brain simply doesn’t function. You need to take it in for immediate repair. Or perhaps you don’t even have one to repair. More likely.

  • Pattycake

    @whortensia: My, my how you do rant and rant and rant. Have you ever heard the saying, “Methinks you protest too much?” The amount of pix almost endlessly available of these two only feeds the rumors that they are fake. They don’t club, they don’t appear at red carpets together, yet their pictures are often in the PR sites, like I blush to say, this one. And may I add, they are the only A list couple I can think of that does that. Sure you get alot of Ashley Simpson and L.Lohan and even Speidi (shudder) but no other A listers are so persistently shown in their so called private moments. Why is that? Sets the mind to wondering. As to Reese’s motivations, she’s human, believe it or not, with the same ability to combine self deception with ambition.

  • whortensia

    No I don’t protest too much; I refute terribly stupid people who deserve to be crushed for their brainlessness. And just how do YOU know that Witherspoon “combines self deception with ambition”…sounds like you are an intimate friend. You’re, sweetie, a silly pretentious fool.

  • whortensia

    I didn’t notice who wrote to me. Sillyness herself, Pattycake, who believes all the stupid gossip she reads and who thinks it puts her “in the know.” Poor poor Patty wumpuscake.

  • anna

    Witherbeard and her gay bf.

    whortensia, I sure hope Reese’s PR pays you by the post!

  • Pattycake

    @whortensia: Nice to see you too. The people who “protest too much” are the Withergaals or the Gyllenspoons, or whatever people are calling them. Just where did I quote gossip, hmmm? However, you, madam, are using the approach that Jake cannot be gay because,,,because you can tell someone is gay by looking at them or listening to them. We’re just too stupid to know that, says you.
    I’ve personally have not said Jake is gay. I don’t care. He’s not dating me or my sister or my daughter. I’m just saying that it is strange behavior the way these two are always getting “caught” by the photographers unlike every other A list couple in Hollywood outside of red carpet appearances, which they do not attend together, so far. Of course I don’t know Reese, but people were using the argument…was it you…that Reese has no reason to date a gay man and I was simply pointing out that people deceive themselves for a variety of reasons and she is human afterall.

  • whortensia

    If you don’t think he is gay why do you think his romance with Reese is fake? The two go together. Or does it upset you so terribly to think that they have sex (without you included) that you want to think they don’t. LOL. Silly willy Pattywumpuscake.
    PS Who told you they got “caught” by paps. Maybe they want to to photoed by paps. You seem too dumb to understand that they are in the “look at me business” (called by ordinary people like you the “movies”) and a big part of the business is to be photographed. You think they ought to hide in the house behind closed blinds and only go out at night in disgueses? Silly little pattybattycake.

  • whortensia

    In fact their behavior is eminently sensible unlike your silly posts. Nothing they do is illogical at all for movie people. And, yeah people deceive themselves a lot. Like you think you have a brain when you don’t. LOL.

  • Pattycake

    @whortensia: MY, you have a vivid imagination.You’re actually getting scary now. I never mentioned sex. What are YOU thinking about? And my dear, the last defense of an ignorant person is to call other people names. I think even Reese and Jake wouldn’t want to be defended by the likes of you. Go ahead and rant on, I’m finished here.

  • shnish


    Hardly an enclosed set…middle of a street in NW Washington DC with tons of papz hanging there for the entire 12 hours shooting.

  • anon.

    Someone has to work in this couple…. jake is bon vivant!

  • Meg

    So cute… they seem so in love! Love the pics of them together, always. They are great.

  • se

    Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are mediocre actors. The most part of Hollywood time are mediocre. There are lot of nepothism and prostitution. The real actors are rare.The films have ridiculous themes too!

  • Suppress your appetite

    damn! she is gorgeous!