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Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin: Bear Hug!

Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin: Bear Hug!

Robert Pattinson and co-star Emilie de Ravin spend some time at a carnival on the set of their new film, Remember Me, shooting on location in New York City on Wednesday (June 24).

Looks like Rob won Emilie a stuffed panda bear!

And in case you missed it, Rob and Emilie shot a kissing scene for the movie last week!

15+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin giving bear hugs…

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robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 01
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 02
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 03
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 04
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 05
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 06
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 07
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 08
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 09
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 10
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 11
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 12
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 13
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 14
robert pattinson emilie de ravin bear hug 15

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67 Responses to “Robert Pattinson & Emilie de Ravin: Bear Hug!”

  1. 1
    blah Says:

    *Prepares for all the Twilight-obsessed girls to go nuts*

    Remember girls, its just a movie. They are acting. So before you go loco about ‘omg emilie is stealing him from kristen’ remember it is not real. And neither is the fantasy relationship between Kristen and Robert but anyway….

  2. 2
    Peach Says:

    Don’t they offer clothing for Rob on the set? Why is he wearing his own clothes and shoes? Rob looks good as always!

  3. 3
    sweetness Says:

    Who cares if Twilight obsessed fans go off the deep end because they think Rob is cheating with Emilie..I think it would be pretty funny to see these so called Robsten shippers flip out…Exactly what would they do?

    Join together and burn all their Twilight Edward Cullen posters and Edward Cullen dolls..I mean if girls are flipping out because he’s flirting real or acting with Emilie then these fans of his have few brain cells anyway ..and that’s pretty pathetic that Rob’s fans are emotionally challenged.

  4. 4
    miranda Says:

    They were NOT filming, it was more like rehearsal so Rob and Emilie were in thier own clothes

  5. 5
    Kate Says:

    Awwwwww Rob and Emilie are soooo darn adorable! I like Emilie atleast she doesn’t look stoned and emo.

  6. 6
    nikkayy lovee Says:

    They are really cute together. Love Rob. Cant wait for the movie!

  7. 7
    deej Says:

    im actually looking forward to this movie than new moon.

  8. 8
    fiesty Says:

    Yeah I am surprised star hasn’t written an article about how Robert is actually dating the stuffed panda bear. And see how she’s holding it? She’s actually having a cat fight with it and restraining from jumping him. LOL

  9. 9
    peririne Says:

    I’m no fan of Robsten. But I seeNO chemistry here. they just looked like siblings.

  10. 10
    perrinne Says:

    I’m no Robsten fan. But I see NO chemistry around here, they just looked like siblings.

  11. 11
    chelsea Says:

    Wow great. The leading lady is a huge improvement for Rob. She seems smiley, carefree and outgoing just like Rob. Cool, I am actually going to go watch this movie. They look good together.

  12. 12
    rob is sexy Says:

    Alright you can’t decide if theres chemistry or not bases upon pics. Lets watch the trailer/movie and see if they really do. She was the chick picked out by Rob himself out of all the other actresses, for some reason. I think they look cute and the chick is cool. No harm.

  13. 13
    lauren Says:


  14. 14
    selena Says:

    This is so CUTE! Rob won her a teddy bear, ohhh Rob you’re just so hot and cute! Emilie is pretty, I like her eyes. And about the chem, I’m waiting to watch the movie to decide on that, so other than that they look adorable.

  15. 15
    BELLE Says:

    Can’t they find a prettier girl than this “blah” Emilie chick? I’m not a Twilight fan but Rob deserves better. She’s flat-chested and looks like a lesbo. No chemistry at all. I would rather have Kirsten Dunst than this trying hard actress. For sure, Rob will look more like a girl than his co-star – then they will have a huge problem promoting it. Remember Gigli???

  16. 16
    Liz Says:

    Hey Rob was the one who chose Emilie after the audition. So calm down and stop bashing her. If she was so not right, Rob wouldn’t have picked her out of the other actresses who auditioned. My gosh

  17. 17
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    They’re really cute.
    Cuter than the fcking Robsten shippers and they’re less stressed,she’s lovely and I just can’t wait until the release :)

  18. 18
    omg Says:

    Huge improvement from Kristen Stewart. The girl atleast doesn’t look stoned and emo. Atleast she’s smiling. Good for both of them. They look cute together.

  19. 19
    yatchie Says:

    It looks to me like Rob’s just doing his job and same with Emilie… Can’t see they’re chemistry yet.. Let’s be honest.. try looking at Rob’s pictures when he’s shooting twilight or new moon.. whatever.. and look at him on these pics.. Notice the difference from the way he looks at Stewart and how he looks at Emilie..

  20. 20
    krung krung Says:

    Kristen is a lot prettier than that girl.

  21. 21
    lauren Says:

    i was there watching them film the carnival scene

  22. 22
    Xox Says:

    We can’t judge chemistry from pictures. Im leaving my judgment after the movie so yeah. Anyways I think they look cute together.

  23. 23
    Cassie Says:

    Well there are sex scenes, I’m pretty sure there will be heat there. *cough*

  24. 24
    why Says:

    I hate how people are choosing sides between kristen and emilie. They are both great and give them a break, i personally prefer kristen but emilie fans prefer her, but i would never bash emilie because i don’t even know her. Do you think rob likes his fans piting these girls against each other. WHO CARES WHO YOU THINK IS PRETTIER ETC. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION , KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

  25. 25
    maya Says:

    You’ve been watching Lauren?.. so you be the judge.. Is there chemistry or none?

  26. 26
    why Says:

    How did rob get any of these girls he is linked with, he is sooooooooooo fugly and cant act. Taylor lautner show him how its done. Team Jacob

  27. 27
    Mary Says:

    This movie is going to be great…hurry up November and then hurry up February!!!!
    And I’m sure their chemistry will be great…Rob’s co-stars always comment on how likeable he is!

  28. 28
    FOxy Says:

    Looks like Rob’s doing he’s job…

  29. 29
    holly Says:

    so cute

  30. 30
    jess Says:

    I like Rob with Emilie they look cute together. I really dislike Stewart

  31. 31
    alison Says:

    I think she does have a crush on him from other photos posted on sites

  32. 32
    sarah Says:

    I cant wait to see Rob in this film

  33. 33
    jane Says:

    There’s a hot sex scene in this film.

  34. 34
    schnickels Says:

    Most probably that there’s not enough actresses who are more beautiful, popular & talented that had gone to said audition. And they had just to settle for her due to time constraints – it could always happen.

  35. 35
    why Says:

    emilie stole jason behar from katherine heigl in real life, yeah that girl has real class. Also shiri appelby and that other girl hated her in real life, they said she was a *****.

  36. 36
    mina Says:

    i’m fixated on the panda bear! and i’m not even a stuff toy person. lol!

  37. 37
    Sianie Says:


    I think he can act and he is Beautiful…………

  38. 38
    hmm Says:

    I’m all for romance movies, and I do think that Rob has a certain appeal. He’s greasy and scruffy-looking but yeah, I see it. But I have yet to be impressed by his acting skills. The guy was cardboard in Twilight (then again, the direction was horrible, so it wasn’t his fault), and he was only all smiles in HP. So . . . still waiting. Will be watching this one.

  39. 39
    NOELLE Says:

    Emilie’s lovely. And so is Kristen. And what the hell does emo even mean??? Is that an american expression? Why do girls have to slate eachother its so sad really, we get enough objectifying from guys without turning on eachother.

  40. 40
    Ayaka Says:

    I v heard Rob flew to LA this weekend and there are even some photos on the twilight fan website!!!! :) ROBSTEN LIVE!!!!!!
    BTW, looks just like another work day for him, definitely NO chemistry and she’s soooo old :P

  41. 41
    Sianie Says:


    You should have seen him in other films he has done he was great

  42. 42
    lizzie Says:

    I hate Rob Pattinson, who wants his myspace address?? ahah

  43. 43
    Sarah Says:

    Love Rob. Emily is cute, but I’m also not feeling them together. But, it’s hard to tell from pics, so hopefully we are wrong!

  44. 44
    twinot Says:

    hmmm…well, they look cute together. it’s just that they look all-business.

  45. 45
    Bliss Says:

    Emile is sooo pretty, she looks sweet.

  46. 46
    cici Says:

    rock on

  47. 47
    Lisa Says:

    Wow I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob quit acting after Twilight ends with the amount of obsessed weird fans that follow him around and make up **** about his love life. He’s not dating Kristen, they’re actors. Emilie is an actress (and an amazing one at that, watch LOST).

    And how can you judge chemistry? The movie isn’t even out!

  48. 48
    karenina Says:


    haha i totally agree, robsten fans LOL poor losers
    kristen looks stoned 24/7

  49. 49
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    Yeah,we can’t judge the chemistry because the movie isn’t even out!
    Kristen always looks bored and boring.Kristen is pretty but she acts the same in all of her movies. Her acting is c r a p .
    But I don’t hate her.
    I like Emilie,she’s sweet,loveable and talented.
    She’s so teeny next to Rob but I think it’s cute.
    I will be watching this!
    Remember Me looks awesome!
    obsten is getting old so GET OVERT IT!
    plus,Rob likes older women.He’s right :)

  50. 50
    Mimi Says:

    u hav a lot of nerve. watch who u insult. and whoes taylor lautner? but no seriously i would b careful if i were u.

  51. 51
    REnan Says:

    Calm Down Girls….It’s just a movie

    Kristen is more beautiful than this Emilie….

  52. 52
    sese Says:

    she and her husband split. a week after that she starts shooting with rob. what a perfect timing emilie! are you really that desperate. i thought amanda seyfried was acting alongside rob. where did they get this trannyfaced girl? so desperate, she got a divorce, i feel sorry for the husband

  53. 53
    dani Says:

    Geez, he is 24 years old – way too young to settle down with one woman forever. Give the guy a break.

  54. 54
    lauren Says:

    i stayed there for four hours all he was doing was playing basketball at the carnival then i had 2 leave

  55. 55
    Dee Says:

    I just don’t see the chemistry. I hope they look better on the big screen.

  56. 56
    jaYCKSON LUCY Says:

    this reminds me of mr. & mrs. smith, they went to a carnival too and jane won a big big teddy bear, too. i really cant wait to see the movie. i mean of course i much rather see him kissing with kristen, but it´s just a movie.

  57. 57
    jaYCKSON LUCY Says:

    @Liz: How do you know that?

  58. 58
    abigail Says:

    i love their tandem but one thing i hate about the girl is … that she`s in divorce agreement .. if im not mistaken.. so yea anyway emilie`s pretty.. =]

  59. 59
    wicked Says:

    rob is ok, the girl is not that pretty…and that’s just my 2 cents.

  60. 60
    Twilight. Says:

    I really think that Rob should back off on Emilie. I mean really. He is SO much better with Kristen. Anyways, Emilie is like, 5 yrs older then him. That’s just WRONG.

  61. 61
    emec Says:

    Thank goodness for your common sense blah. I hate all these 15 year old obsessed girls who think they have a chance with him. Grow up and get your own life and stop criticizing celebs. It’s all just for a movie (I just discovered). Dumb asses.

  62. 62
    robsten Says:

    ewww. im not a hateeer, but thiss emilie girl is really weird. i thinkk daaaht robsten is bttr. its bttr to seee robsten on and off screen. im so looking forward to new moon. NOT CHOOSINGSIDES. just saying who looks bttr

  63. 63
    robsten Says:

    ewww. im not a hateeer, but thiss emilie girl is really weird. i thinkk daaaht robsten is bttr. its bttr to seee robsten on and off screen. im so looking forward to new moon. NOT CHOOSINGSIDES. just saying who looks bttr

  64. 64
    Clarita Says:


    I do not see chemistry, either, besides I do not believe Rob capable of dumping such a classy, beautiful and nice girl like Kristen so quick, after he did everything for breaking up the relationship of Kristen with her boyfriend; hope it is not true because two films are ahead and she is only 19, not very used to being dumped, and it must be real difficult to kiss and cuddle a guy who dumped you so easily, poor thing.

  65. 65
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    nice, thanks :)!

  66. 66
    Dana Says:

    it´s cooL..that pretty lost Star Emile de ravin , like Rober pattinson :)♥

  67. 67
    Kathy Says:

    I saw Remember Meand although I’m really enjoying the twilight installments I gotta say I liked the onscreen chemistry between RPatz and DeRaven.

    We’ve all seen Rob w/a girl, now you see him in this movie w/a woman. She makes Bella look like a candy a** little boy.

    Anyway, I hope Rob dates as much as he can and finds the woman of his dreams that is well matched to him.

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