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Sophia Bush Launches OPen Campus Campaign

Sophia Bush Launches OPen Campus Campaign

Sophia Bush is just one of the many celebs starring in Op‘s fall ad campaign titled “OPen Campus.” Other stars getting ready for the back to campus season include 90210 starlet AnnaLynne McCord, singer Solange Knowles, Good Charlotte front man Joel Madden, The Hills player Brody Jenner and Disney star Cody Linley.

The Op campaign was shot on June 6th at University High in Los Angeles by photographer Larry Bartholomew. Watch the promo vid below featuring Op, exclusively available at Wal-Mart!

OPen Campus Campaign – Fall 2009

20+ pictures inside of celebs for the OPen Campus campaign…

Just Jared on Facebook
sophia bush op open campus 01
sophia bush op open campus 02
sophia bush op open campus 03
sophia bush op open campus 04
sophia bush op open campus 05
sophia bush op open campus 06
sophia bush op open campus 07
sophia bush op open campus 08
sophia bush op open campus 09
sophia bush op open campus 10
sophia bush op open campus 11
sophia bush op open campus 12
sophia bush op open campus 13
sophia bush op open campus 14
sophia bush op open campus 15
sophia bush op open campus 16
sophia bush op open campus 17
sophia bush op open campus 18
sophia bush op open campus 19
sophia bush op open campus 20
sophia bush op open campus 21
sophia bush op open campus 22

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  • Amanda

    I love Sophia Bush.
    She seems so cool and happy all the time.

  • Dani

    They all look awesome! The clothes are so casual and cool. I would buy them.

  • TJ

    Sorry, i’m from Brazil – i never heard about OP.
    But, it seems like a cool thing.
    Sophia, Solange and AnnaLynne seems really happy.
    I like Good Charlotte’s song on the video.

  • Ellie

    They all get along and are having such a great time and getting paid. Lucky!

  • sophia bush fan

    i love sophia bush and she seems to have a down to earth and great personality! i wish i could meet her

  • Mickey

    Sophia is so cute!

  • C.

    Sophia looks gorgeous, as always, and seems really happy and healty. Love her <3

  • Bree

    aww i love sophia.
    wow cody and brody are definitely hotties!
    it really looks like they’re all having fun.

  • karenina

    the clothes are awesome..
    i love brody!

  • Colleen

    The video is great. This group looks so friendly and comfortable with each other. Love Sophia and Brody.

  • sb


  • AliT

    Sophia is soooooo amazing!!! I love her! She is sooo pretty and looks to be sooooo happy! Yay her!

  • dudee

    their clothes are really cool :)
    sophia looks amazing as alwayz

  • Heather

    Definitely buying some of these clothes. Also I can’t wait for season 7 of OTH! I want Sophia on my screen every week.

  • megan

    the shots on the school’s main entrance steps are in the same spot JoJo filmed her “Leave (Get out)” music video

  • Joyce

    #15 so right, good call.
    All of these actors look so nice and fun. I wish I was there!

  • weexer

    sophia must’ve coked out. she lost weight. not a good look for her, shes more of a america ferrera type

  • nat

    Lost weight?!? To me, she just looks very average..with a little extra meat on her. Like she really attends that college.. Its refreshing to see plain, average celebs like sophia! makes us “reggies” feel better about ourselves : ) thanks sophia!

  • ali

    i love sophia bush and who is annalyn mccord if it’s the blonde one she’s ugly sorry, sophia bush is not fat she’s in shape! love her

  • marrissa

    love sophia

  • Katy

    Sophia Bush = Sexy, Beautiful, Gorgeous, and Stunning.
    This girl has the whole package and I love her to death. She looks the most beautiful out of the girls and Cody and Brody look the hottest out of the guys.

  • Love Brooke!

    Why do people keep saying she’s fat? really? you people think Sophia is fat? What did we become as a society? The lady looks petite and so fine if you ask me… most of us would die to look like her. She has a pleasant smile on her face.. I love seeing her pictures.

    Thanks JJ.

  • lakers fan in boston

    sophia look great =]
    i dont think of ive heard of op honestly
    but sophia makes it look nice =]
    she looks awesome in that skirt
    love yah sophia!

  • olivia

    sophia is so amazing. she is a real role model, the only fashion trend she follows is the trend of comfort, she dosent lather herself in fake tan, and she married chad michael murray!!!! dealt with him cheating on her and moved on .. if anyone has the nerve to call her fat they need a reality check oh and to move on.. she is a real girl.

  • fkshagdkja

    Isn’t Sophia…like thirty?

    She looks nice but wayyy out of place.

  • Tammy

    So pretty!
    Love Sophia and the other girls.

  • Jenna

    Yeah #26 lol
    All the way to the BANK.
    Good for Sophia she looks pretty and energetic.

  • marrissa

    Sophia bush is 26 not 30 and she looks good for 26

  • fkshagdkja

    Why must Sophia fans always get defensive. It was just a question because she looks older. She looks 30 that’s why I asked.

  • Tina

    All fans get riled up over their fav.
    Sophia looks amazing. ha she doesn’t look 30 to me or to the OP producers.

  • Roy

    The oldest person in these ads is Joel, who turned 30 this year. The youngest is Cody, 19.

  • Annie

    Do you think OP was thinking; we need someone who looks old? get a grip. Sophia looks adorable and they ALL do.

  • marrissa

    i got defensive because she dosen’t look 30 and it’s mean to say she looks old when she’s so beautiful

  • teall

    yes she does look older. she could pass for about 38 in some pictures

  • joan

    LOL… Sophia in ads for the Walmart brand. That just seems like the perfect statement on her career.

  • Shirley

    Her career, she had two movies out this month, has a full time job on a series and an ad campaign for OP which is sold at Walmart. I’d say she is way ahead of alot of people especially #36 and #35. Sophia is a classic beauty.

  • hi

    she looks amazing

  • Stacy

    Sophia Bush is one of those women who will always be gorgeous no matter how old she gets. I’ve notived in the past year or so especially, that she can make herself look more older if she wants…..or she can even make herself look really young, like 17/18 years old. She has one of those faces that looks beautiful no matter what. She looks much younger with longer hair but can look older with shorter hair.
    And she looks so pretty in these OP photos. I LOVE her. She’s my favorite actress.

  • Taylor

    Sophia is such a beauty. She’s perfect from head to toes.

  • xo

    not a fan : (

  • Mel

    I love Sophia sooooooo much. She is so amazing and beautiful. =)

  • suedoise

    Sophia you rock!

  • jonkate

    shes the least attractive one out of all these people

  • Alicia

    Jealous much?????
    Sophia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She is stunning and amazing inside and out. She is definitely the most beautiful and gorgeous person there.

  • jonkate

    no im not jealous. thanks for the misdiagnosis. i think shes the least attractive one that’s all. MY opinion.
    but thanks…now i know why everyone makes fun of sophia bush stans

  • Sandra

    Actually you moron, people make fun of stupid haters who believe everything they here instead…….like you for example.
    It amuses me the way some people who claim to not like a certain celebrity spend so much time looking for their posts everywhere and then waste even more time leaving comments. Go get a hobby.
    Any wayssssssss, I just came here to say that Sophia looks beautiful in the latest OP ads. I agree with the people who say she looks most beautiful out of all the women in the campaign because she truly does.

  • Tiffany

    I LOVE HER!!!

  • cslove

    Sophia looks gorgeous, as always!!!

  • brooke

    i love you sophia
    she looks gorgeous and beautiful

  • Jasmine

    Sophia is so wonderful. I love her!!!