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Taylor Momsen is Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen is Pretty Reckless

Gossip Girl hottie and IMG model, Taylor Momsen, rocks out with her band, The Pretty Reckless, at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood in Tuesday night (June 23).

The 15-year-old actress’ band is touring with two other bands — Carney and the Aussie girls The Veronicas.

Also pictured below is T in a blush sating, mini cocktail dress by Dolce & Gabbana at the premiere for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at Mann Village Theatre on Monday (June 23). Check out those heels and the back cutout in the dress!

30+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen getting pretty reckless…

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taylor momsen pretty reckless 01
taylor momsen pretty reckless 02
taylor momsen pretty reckless 03
taylor momsen pretty reckless 04
taylor momsen pretty reckless 05
taylor momsen pretty reckless 06
taylor momsen pretty reckless 07
taylor momsen pretty reckless 08
taylor momsen pretty reckless 09
taylor momsen pretty reckless 10
taylor momsen pretty reckless 11
taylor momsen pretty reckless 12
taylor momsen pretty reckless 13
taylor momsen pretty reckless 14
taylor momsen pretty reckless 15
taylor momsen pretty reckless 16
taylor momsen pretty reckless 17
taylor momsen pretty reckless 18
taylor momsen pretty reckless 19
taylor momsen pretty reckless 20
taylor momsen pretty reckless 21
taylor momsen pretty reckless 22
taylor momsen pretty reckless 23
taylor momsen pretty reckless 24
taylor momsen pretty reckless 25
taylor momsen pretty reckless 26
taylor momsen pretty reckless 27
taylor momsen pretty reckless 28
taylor momsen pretty reckless 29
taylor momsen pretty reckless 30

Credit: WENN, Russ Einhorn; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • evalynn

    wish she would just stick with acting…

  • karenina

    ugh, i cant stand her, she is such a wannabe.. cant believe the good image she had statring gossip girla dn how she ruined everything..

  • mika

    i think she is kinda an idiot…. she was really pretty at the start of gossip girl and now shes really try-hard.

  • deraj tsuj

    coke head

  • Kayley

    where are her parents? seriously, who lets their kid dress like that?

  • Shana

    I love her. I think she’s awsome!:)

  • mg101

    the band is actually kind of good… i was pleasantly surprised….
    she actually has a really good voice!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    @deraj tsuj: how can you hate on a 15 year old who’s not in the media getting in trouble?

  • anthony

    The term model is used way too loosely

  • Emily

    eww. that red dress? you can see her underwear! that is no way for a fifteen year old to be dressing.

  • jenny

    wow she’s 15 n her parents lets her go out the house dressing like that??

  • Jane

    I still can’t believe she was Cindy Lou Hoo in Jim Carrey’s version of “The Grinch.” Yikes.

  • An

    @Jane and she was in one of the Spy Kids movies

  • LuckyL

    This girl’s going place. MiHoley Virus has nothing on her.

  • hello

    she would have been a great Cherie Currie! but I like Dakota and hope she does well too.

  • jj

    she should be in the runaways movie. Kristen and Dakota are gonna cheese the hell out of the movie. Dakota is a good actress , but noooo

  • Kitty Kat


    Is it just me, or does Taylor look like 15 going on 30?

    I agree with the previous poster, where are her parents?

  • twifanatic Amanda

    I went to the Veronicas concert last week in Dallas. The Pretty Reckless were really good but I could NOT take her seriously as an artist with the lingerie she wore on stage. All that went through my head her entire act was “where are her parents!?”

  • up up up

    I actually really like her style but she’s a little young for it. I would never guess her to be 15!

  • adriana

    why is she a “model” ?

  • JJJ

    @adriana: Lol she’s not. She’s signed but she hasn’t done legit work.

  • :)

    i didnt knwo she had anotehr tattoo on her left wrist……

  • Sara

    Is everyone from Gossip Girl going to try a music career?

  • pgm

    she’s not a model she’s ugly, or maybe she’s a model cause she’s almost anorexic (not saying that all models are, love heidi klum:))

  • becca

    she should DEFINITELY be in the runaways movie. but i like the cast they’ve already put together – though i was at first dubious.

  • f

    her and miley cyrsu. are like the worst people to look up to

    taylor has an excuse casue she’s not on disney.

    but still taylor shouldnt be waering that!

  • LuckyL

    She’s Courtney Love. She just needs her Kurt Cobain y’all.

  • athena

    @jenny: right…I’ve always wondered that…and as far as I can remember, she’s been 15 for like three years now…I wouldn’t let my daughter go out like that at 15, no matter what…and yes, where are her parents? I’ve seen her at shows where she looks completely trashed…now tell me, if you had that independence at such a young age and modelling…wouldn’t you just want to be a little adventurous….? She needs to get in bed, it’s way passed her curfew.

  • vk

    god, shes so annoying.

  • BliZzarD

    Her mother for all I know goes everywhere with her… =P

  • luella

    She has two tattoos (that we know of)… That is pretty frightening to think she’s only 15.

  • Heidi

    I love her style, her hair and everything about her. What’s wrong with her outfit?! I mean come on she’s a rock girl performing on stage… and an great actress without this stupid disney image.

  • lizzie
  • emily

    I keep looking at her and thinking it’s little Jenny Humphrey

  • raena

    love gossip girl though :)

  • stophating

    ew. she used to be cute but now she is just plain trashy

    shes 15, thats disgusting

    shes actually very pretty but she looks hit

  • stophating

    ew. she used to be cute but now she is just plain trashy

    shes 15, thats disgusting

    shes actually very pretty but she looks hit

  • brita

    I think it’s strange that Miley Cyrus has continually been bashed for not acting her age by the media but this girl (who is younger than Cyrus) is doing the same thing but no one (in the media) says anything! This 15 year-old is wearing lingerie and I can see her underwear. I agree with other posters, where are her parents?

  • kk

    @JJ : don’t be an ass, Kristen and Dakota are going to rock the movie, kristen is a damn good actress!

  • Gina

    The girl is probably emancipated. She looks great. Who cares if she’s 15? Plenty of 15 year old girls are doing far worse then singing in a band. It’s not like there are naked pictures of her all over the internet. I think she’s fab.

  • Peter Parker

    If other people on this thread are saying it, than Momsen does get slammed just like Cyrus, #38. Also, people are more critical of Cyrus because of the Disney thing.

  • Gina

    Wow… She’s beautiful! And I love her music… I think she has a great personality, although she’s very young, she already knows who she is and what she wants… That’s what keeps a person grounded! My bet is, a few years from now, she’ll stop acting to focuse on her music, and I’m pretty sure she’ll be a very respected musician… The future will tell! ;-)

    And as for the “She’s 15 it’s inappropriate” comments… WHAT is it exactly that you people are complaining about?? She’s got a rocky hairdo, okay, ‘cos she’s a rocky chick… And she dresses very sexy, ok, but she’s a rock-star and this is only looks, not behavior! What has she DONE that anyone can complain about??

    Sorry to bring up Cyrus again, but while any of us should forgive ONE scandal of sexy/naked pictures leaking out (everyone makes mistakes, plus these kids are born in a different era, cameras and electronics everywhere, so some things seem natural to them that are not understandable for us… Like taking pics for their boyfriend ^^), on the other hand, I feel like those having an HABIT of scandals deserve much less mercy… Especially, taking a pic of yourself in a
    bikini for your bf is one thing, but mimicking a sx scene as in one of Cyrus’ recent photos that were leaked (photos that were shooted by her 30-something director… Yikes!), it’s a completely different thing!

    Taylor Momsen *dresses* sexy and that’s about it, so please relax, people! The girl wasn’t involved in a single scandal, she hasn’t even had one rumored boyfriend! Give her some credit…

  • anon

    WHY is she not in the Runaways movie?! ?!

  • Latorra

    Taylor is so pretty and honestly she just has it. And you can tell she has alot of fans which is surprising cause they havent been out that long. And i agree with buzznet the guy in her band thats on guitar definately has a crush on her and how could he not shes so pretty and really knows hw to get the crowd riled up.

  • nicole

    i like her a lot. she really knows how to get the crowd going! can’t believe she’s only 15. i saw her and carney and the veronicas. never heard of carney until now but they were probably the best act there.

  • roger

    she looks a bit slutty.. she’s fifteen and she dresses herself like a cheap hooker in fancy clothes

  • irish girl

    This girl takes herself WAY too seriously.

  • sarah

    why do i have the feeling that she would sleep with rob pattinson?
    love her on gossip gril……but she looks she would do something like that……..

  • http://sarah sarah

    u now it come down 2 her and miley…for hanna montana….i wonder what she would be like on a disney show…because there have been some dirty pics of her………..

  • Shir