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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Hug It Out

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Hug It Out

Reese Witherspoon puts the squeeze on her beau Jake Gyllenhaal while on break from shooting her new not-yet-titled James L. Brooks movie on Wednesday night (June 24) in Washington, D.C.

The happy couple enjoyed their down time together and were seen chatting with Reese‘s costar Paul Rudd and the film crew.

On Tuesday evening, Gyllenspoon were spotted sipping on Rosa Regale, downing Margherita pizza and watching the Red Sox beat the Nationals 11-3 at Potenza bar. They later purchased a half case of wine at Potenza wine shop.

15+ pictures inside of Reese & Jake hugging it out…

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jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 01
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 02
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 03
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 04
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 05
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 06
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 07
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 08
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 09
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 10
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 11
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 12
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 13
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 14
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 15
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 16
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon hug 17

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Jake is gay

    More fake PDA.

  • $$$

    How long will Jake promote the beard and her new movie?

  • trying too hard

    Two “Reese uses gay friend to get publicity for her dumb movie” posts in one day?

  • Fairy

    They’re such a cute couple!!!

  • Meg

    So cute! They look adorable together. Nice pics, Jared. In the other hand, the poison here, everywhere in the blog (the comments, I mean) is so sad. It show us that a lot of people are really unhappy and negative nowadays, what’s is really a pity.

  • stupid fangirls

    @Meg: Go back to your tabloids!

  • cleo

    Michael Jackson is dead … I can’t believe it … heart attack …

  • Mog

    Jared, if we all promise to go and see this film, and never, never ever think that jake may be gay, ever agin, will you stop posting these Reese stories. Really can’t take any more.

  • Marco

    @Meg: It’s sad that you’re naive and stupid enough to believe this publicity BS.

  • Par for the course

    No worse than at the ‘Brangelina’ and ‘Orlando/Miranda’ threads I’d daresay. “Fatjellushaterz” are everywhere!.

  • Mog

    Jared, if we all promise to go and see this film, and never, never ever think that Jake may be gay, ever again, will you stop posting these Reese stories.

    Really can’t take any more.

  • boring fauxmance

    boring fauxmance
    boring fauxmance
    boring fauxmance
    boring fauxmance
    boring fauxmance

  • adri

    michael jackson died

  • use your brain

    @Meg: Everyone must like these phonies because you like them?
    People who don’t agree with you are haters and jealous?
    Just how stupid can you be?

  • nessa

    he’s gay.. he has a partner.

    im not kidding.

  • pa

    The picture of them hugging I can believe is candid because I can’t believe it’s the image they want to project. It looks like a mommy holding her little boy and vice versa.

  • kelly

    They are a lovely couple!

  • Sofia

    Beautiful Couple!!!!

  • Phonyspoon

    Boring SHOWMANCE couple!

  • YAWN

    @pa: LOL!
    This was staged for paparazzi and Reese Witherspoon “hugged” that gay fool because she wanted “good” tabloid pictures.

  • gay as a goose

    @nessa: Yes,
    some of us know that Jake Gyllenhall is gay as a goose!

  • gay as a goose

    @nessa: Yes,
    some of us know that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay as a goose!

  • Lauren

    wow people are hilarious these days. 8-)
    jake gyllenhaal is gorgeous :) <3

  • Brooks&dunn fan

    Okay how come you never see Reese with her kids hardly?.
    Why does she always have to be with Jake on the set of her movies?
    there ain’t nothing wrong with your boyfriend visting you on the set but…what about your kids?wouldn’t she want to see them just as bad?.

  • Davids

    awkward hug IMO!

  • Auditioning

    Jake must be trying really hard to get some movie part to put on this preformance. Usually he looks like he’s going to jail during his photo ops with Witherbeard. This time he tried to put some more effort into their staged PDA. Still, looks like she’s hugging her son. Jared, we get it, this movie will suck big time and Reese’s PR must be doubling their pay off to you with all of these ass kissy posts about her.


    LOVE pic #14 where Reese looks worried because she can’t find Jake.. he’s in back showing off his bod to Paul Rudd. The Ghey can’t be hidden away all the time!

  • larry

    I am NOT jealous, I don’t have any reason to believe that Jake is gay but I STILL can’t stand these two together. They seem so “put together by their publicists” and they just expect everyone to think they are so adorable and wonderful.

    YUCK can’t stand them.

  • fauxmance contract

    when are you going to find a real job?
    How much longer do you need to promote that dull actress and her crapy romcoms?

  • Anne

    Love this couple! Both are uber talented and gorgeous!

  • Lawrence

    Some of you people should be sterilized for the sake of future generations.*lol*.

  • couple of phonies

    @Anne: What couple?

  • Pattycake

    @Brooks&dunn fan: I’m not a particular fan of Reese’s but I do admire the way she and Ryan parent their kids. Her children are in LA with their father. It would be terribly disfunctional for her to drag the kids across the country when she is filming day and night. She had them almost all last summer, now Ryan has them. It’s cool.

  • vom

    I’ll pass. the entertainment lawyers blog has a story about how she refuses to acknowledge her fans and hides away ignoring them if she has to be outside and Paul Rudd is super nice.

    Jake and Reese are full of themselves it is so obvious. Her crazy superfan will be here in a minute to defend her though of course!


    @vom: One guess and it starts with whor, am I right?!!! Thought so! Scroll baby, scroll! UGH, REEEEKKE. I used to like Jake a lot, now maybe like 25%. NEVER EVER liked Reese. Anyone who knows anyone in HW will tell you she is an AWFUL person, so phony and full of BS if you stuck a pin in her she would bleed manure. I wish she would just go die or something. All these good people dying on airplanes and trains and she’s like a friggin COCKROACH, she will just NOT go away. As for Jake, he’s a LEECH. The Gay Leech and his Cockroach Beard, they were made for each other. Let’s see which one gets their guts smashed up all over the place. All I know, I ain’t cleaning that crap up.

  • annab

    Why are we even looking at these spoiled rich people when Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett have died. I hope Reese and Jake appreciate and honor each God given day they are given.

  • whortensia

    Oh the haters will hate this. They are clearly happy and in love, at least for now, and since the twisted little twerps who hate them can’t join in they spit venom at them. Hey twisted little twerps: your venom doesn’t even get near to them; you miss by millions of miles; you’re never going to be part of their lives so save your venom for someone else, like your stupid spouse you can’t get rid of.

  • nicole

    Um, I’m sorry but I absolutely see no chemistry between this couple!!! That hug looks like a mommy/son embrace.

  • whortensia

    gay as a goose: you like to think Jake is gay; but you don’t in fact KNOW anything but you are stupid enough to think that you do. Moron.

  • whortensia

    Jackson’s death is very good riddance. Why did he take so long to self-destruct. Overrewarded weirdo who make millions by twisting around on the stage. What a fake and a fraud. Took in millions of suckers though. Fawcett had the sad misfortune to get cancer in spite of her beauty. The body is only a mortal coil; it’s the soul that counts.

  • whortensia

    Sorry for the mistyping. made not make and some questions should have had question marks after.

  • annab

    #40 You sound like a bitter person. Maybe we should wish you “good riddance”….screwball

  • whortensia

    Bitter??? What silliness. You mean if I think Jackson was a fraud and a fake I am “bitter”? I have to adore Jackson or I am whatever. I think stupid you confuses popularity with merit. I suspect you are just one of the idiots who follow whatever is “popular” at the moment and think that is great. In short you have no discrimination or ability to think or judge for yourself. I have to laugh at someone who thinks Jackson is some sort of jesus christ. Actually he may well have been a pervert and pedophile. He was without doubt a psycho, a black who ruined his face trying to be white. And you, stupid you, ADMIRE that???!!! Geez PEEZ.

  • whortensia

    I never could find out for sure whether all his plastic surgery to turn himself into a white man caused his nose to fall off or not. Did he finally have to use a screwed on nose in public? Was that why he covered it up all the time with a hankie?

  • whortensia

    One thing he could not cover up was how BIZARRE he looked. He scarcely looked human at the end. His black hair must have been fake, his face was made of plastic I suspect after all the lifts, and how he managed to bleach his skin is quite the mystery. I can’t believe turning black skin into white is good for it. Was his face really his or was it just a manufactured mask?

  • whortensia

    annab: if there ever was a super spoiled rich person it was Jackson. He raked in millions and millions with his hip hop skippy antics on the stage. Then he sunk lots of it into his playground where he pretended he was still a child and where he did something to underage kids so that he once paid, so they say, twenty million to buy the silence of one family and got put on trial by another. He got out of that by the skin of his teeth, but of course not everyone by any means was convinced he was really innocent. He liked to have little kids in bed with him. I suppose you admire that. LOL

  • anon.

    Jake is so cute so cute…. Even waiter fell in love with him.
    Jared, i love these pics. Don´t stop post JAKE pics/news.
    If someone doesn´t like, go to other topic, stupid…

  • carmela

    Some people say Reese and Jake seems like mum and son! They think they know the real truth about this couple.
    It´s ridiculous, to these people, they could be making sex and they thought the same thing.
    I think they are more normal than we can imagine. Only, she has much more money.


    OT: People, if whortensia’s rude, off topic and excess comments get on your nerves, then flag them to send JJ a complaint. I just did. I don’t know if they will do anything but I’ve had it with her/him. 9 comments on this page alone. We come here to have fun and give our opinions, not insult people and take over the blog. Get a life, whortensia.

  • Sally

    Some people here seems to thinks that they are God and know everything: “this is fake, this is publicit, this is that…”
    I feel sorry for you, full of judgemental.
    Life must be very hard and sad if you live like that.

    Just saying: I believe Reese and Jake. I believe they are in love and I believe they’re an adorable couple.

    They are so talented, famous, respected by the movie’s industry and critic. They have a lot of awards that the last thing they need isto promote themselves by using their personal life. Come on. It’s so obvious.