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Kate Gosselin: Blue Bikini Babe

Kate Gosselin: Blue Bikini Babe

Kate Gosselin strips down to a blue bikini and talks to a pal in the driveway of her home on Thursday morning (June 25) in Reading, Penn.

On The View earlier this week, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that the Gosselin family “shouldn’t have a show” and that Kate should “get a job.”

Co-host Sherri Shepherd added, “It’s not healthy for the kids. Get the camera off the kids!”

10+ pictures inside of blue bikini babe Kate Gosselin

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kate gosselin blue bikini 08
kate gosselin blue bikini 09
kate gosselin blue bikini 10

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  • boo

    Gnarly! She should cover up that thick body. I can’t believe she’s only 33. That body is more late 40s.

  • jenny

    great racks, ugly backside LOL

  • Laila

    Good GOD, look at that fugly pimple filled ass.

  • silly putty

    I don’t give a rat’s behind what Elizabeth Hasselbeck Blabbermouth has to say. I don’t care much about Kate…but, she has 8 kids and I doubt her nursing job is gonna cover daycare for all those kids.

    I never watch The View since Elizabeth came. She is so very annoying.


  • joanne


  • anon

    Please stop covering this family and couple for a celebrity blog site. Ive said it before…she IS able to disappear from the paps and cameras when she WANTS to. Take note of last weekend. Enough, there are some real stars out there who have actual talent and and lives worth reading about.

  • Alyssa

    Did she get a boob job?

  • justin

    @silly putty: lol really? how about the $50K/episode she got on the show? Or the royalties from the books? Or the fees she charged for all the book signings?

    She quit her job as a nurse early on in the series.

  • Janiee

    Wonder why TLC didn’t have a show about her breast implants?? They did one on her stomach surgery & his hair transplant(which didn’t work).

  • melanie

    Jon did most of the work in raising these kids. Mostly Kate just BARKED orders at him. The only thing she ever did herself was brush the kids hair and cook sometimes. Many times jon made sandwiches and reheated foods and Jon at all times served the dinner and fed the kids even as she moaned about cooking., but JON was actually doing all the serving and feeding, putting kids in highchairs, taking them out, with everyone in mortal terror of kate for fear of getting a stain on their shirts which would send Kate into a tirade…

    KATE had a woman come in to fold ALL her laundry for FREE.

    Jon did all the heavy lifting, he dragged, he shlepped, when they were little he put them ALL in carseats while Kate nagged, he ran in and out of the house ten times as she barked orders, he dressed the kids, then dressed them again if Kate didn’t approve of their outfits, he bathed all of them- the hardest job- he brushed all their teeth, he put on all pajamas, changed all of them, cleaned up, he had not a moment of peace from Kate. Even when she would be supposed to be playing with them, she would bark to Jon to be cleaning up the garage. Trips when they were young was full of Kate moaning and groaning and complaining and barking orders to Jon.

    Now, whenever the cameras are off, Kate is always on the phone when her kids are around. Kate makes them be quiet so that she can be on the phone pimping for more money to make off her kids.

    JON: Kate wants you to come to the house at her beck and call to see the kids at her time schedule, so you can still do jobs around the house for her. NOW THAT YOU ARE FREE DO NOT TAKE ANY ORDERS FROM KATE- IT IS YOUR HOUSE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT THERE.


  • Jared

    whats with the bucket hats everyday the past week? she hiding something? cancer treatments?

  • teri

    EH has some nerve, I can’t stand this cu**. Someone needs to hit her a few times. Eight kids and this stupid ignorant person says get a job? WTF is she doing? One of these days someone is going to punch her right in the pie hole.
    Hmmm I wonder what type of job could pay her enough plus pay for childcare expenses. I couldn’t imagine paying 800 a week for childcare, better off staying home.

  • Jessica

    If you have watched the show you know that Jon put up with Kate’s boorish, bullying, controlling, mean behavior for toooo long.

    Even now, after all this, when the TLC cameras aren’t around Kate is always on the PHONE when she is around her kids and even slapped the smallest child for daring to play when Kate was on the Phone. (Oh, but she “loves” her kids, And Kate says she “will do “anything” for her kids”- EXCEPT GET OFF THE PHONE WHILE THE KIDS ARE PLAYING!

    If Kate had been smart, she would have learned to be more loving and fun, instead of a mean Bit*ch. How stupid Kate is for being so overcontrolling, she lost everything, because in divorce you Lose all control.

    Now she will still try to control, but Jon has learned the hard way that if you give an inch to Kate, she’ll grab your whole hand, so he is being more careful to protect himself and stand up for himself finally.

    Kate, Who is going to shower and dress your kids now that Jon isn’t around for you to bully into it?? Your bodyguards will have to do all your work for you now that Jon isn’t there for you to scream at.

  • mip

    wow aren’t you a clever sleut. bucket hats = cancer treatment.

  • arielle

    Melanie #10—Excellent post!! You’ve remembered it all..just as it happened. Hopefully, Jon will read your post and no longer take any orders from the Wicked Witch! The kids would grow up so much better and well adjusted if Jon were the sole caregiver. Most of the girls will wind up with Kate’s neurotic personality and the boys will all be mama’s boys shaking in their boots everytime she screams at them. She is the one who broke up the marriage because she did nothing but show contempt for Jon…never any love. She deserves all the misery now and will regret what’s she’s lost because of her greed and controlling personality.

  • abby

    She is such a piece of work. What a camera addict. Nice boob job. She has totally lost site of what is important; her marriage and her children.

  • Zach

    Kate hates the Paparazzi cameras, But not the TLC cameras- Why?

    1. She makes money off of the TLC cameras.

    2. The Paparazzi cameras catch her on the phone at all times that she is with the kids when not filming the show.

    3. the Paparazzi cameras catch her being neglectful and abusive, and with tons of helpers, and she cannot edit that out like she does with the TLC footage

    4. The TLC footage is edited to give the impression that Kate is “alone” with the kids, when in fact she is surrounded by Nannies, Assistants, Bodyguards.

    5. Kate only likes to pose for Paparazzi when in a bikini, to show off her boob implants, and tummy tuck, and saggy tush.

  • ellen

    Jon has no one to blame for being a wimp all of those years but himself. He gets money and attention and finally grows a backbone and that’s Kate’s fault?!!

  • april

    With the 75k they get per episode, Jon should have a backbone implant. Man up, puss-cakes!

  • sharon

    Jon put up with the abuse, the screaming, the insults, because he was a very placid, quiet guy by nature, and had a strong sense of responsibility of taking care of the kids,….

    ….which is why when he worked he woke up early to take all the kids out of bed, changed them, give them all breakfast- and after work served dinner, bathed them, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, etc, etc – how many men would do that?? Not many.

    Kate’s abusiveness grew and grew the more she saw she could get away with it. She got even worse when he started to stay home at her request. Before he knew it Jon was living with a monster, and doing almost all the work himself with Kate now traveling for weeks at a time on “business”. That is obviously when he realized he needed to assert himself or he would have no life and be a housemaid his whole life, without friends or family.

  • shurly

    I can’t believe she went outside her house half naked. Didn’t she know (or suspect) that there were some paparazzi outside ? Please give me a break, she knows exactly what she’s doing. I hope I’ll never hear her complain about them ever again. Couldn’t she grab a towel real quick ???

  • Sydney

    Oh my, her butt is disgusting.
    Cover that shit up with some of those free clothes you beg for.

  • Lillianne

    ew ew ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • Max

    Of course she knows the paps are there. She complains about them incessantly yet goes out and gives them a money shot like this. Hypocrite.

  • Erin

    Clearly, Kate has never seen her rear view.

  • Eva

    I will never ever understand why they are always out in the driveway or at the front of the house. Didn’t they buy some million dollar property ??? You would think with all those kids, they would get something with a decent back yard and put a play set/swing set and a few other things for the kids.

    Then Kate can be on her phone all she wants..

    And to #1.I agree. To anyone who says that she has had all those kids,she has had more surgery etc than the average woman. My mother has had 6 kids and she is in her 50′s,never had plastic surgery and she can still work a two piece way better than this chick. Everywhere we go,people always think she is my older sister.

  • boo

    Melanie – He does all that and he doesn’t lose it.

    The way Kate has treated Jon would have caused an escalation of emotions and words in most people that would have led to violence but he kept his cool.

    I think it’s great Jon gets to be Dad to his kids now without her around to constantly berate him.

  • Sallyanne

    It doesn’t matter what Kate is guilty of Jon is the dick for sleeping with that dog of a teacher. He certainly wasn’t thinking of his kids then.

  • Anono

    Arielle – nice job congratulating yourself/Melanie.

  • Lillianne

    Jared @ 06/25/2009 at 11:32 am whats with the bucket hats everyday
    haha haven’t you seen her fraggle rock hair?

  • sandra

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is RIGHT…there are many families in America who have several children and still hold down full-time jobs…having lots of kids does not make you incapable of supporting yourself…after all, Kate CHOSE to have 8 kids…no one is obligated to take care of her family…she had them, she can support them!! She’s had this arrogant attitude from season one that somehow the system is obligated to take care of her…

    And as to loving mother, she’s milked those 8 kids for all the money she can get…who would voluntarily exposes their children’s lives for the world to watch?? This had and always will be about her and Jon…there has been no real concern displayed about the children and how the divorce will affect them…

    If she was a truly loving mother, she would voluntarily quit the show to ensure her kids are protected from the changes…why would you broadcast all your problems on every mag cover and on the show?? They keep crying foul about the media coverage, but they agree to give interviews with People and blab on the show…I feel no sympathy for them….they wanted the cash from the show, so they suffer the consequences…unfortunately, their kids didn’t have a choice!

  • Sam

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Who cares what that rude, running-of-the-big-mouth-at-top-speed ignoramous says? She’s almost done her few hours of fame and then will be the world will be saying ‘Elisabeth who?’. I agree with #s 4 and 12, here and anyone else of like posts.
    Elisabeth never stops to thing before she opens her big mouth – she just spews. Another perfect example of it. At least Sherry has some knowledge of being a single parent, of being divorced not to mention some tact when she talks.

  • this family is so fubar

    Jesus she’s got a fat ass! Blech! Hey Jon, if you’re reading this, aren’t you glad you’re not hitting this anymore??!!!

  • asd

    I don’t feel sorry for jon whatsoever.. If you watch all of the episodes their personalities haven’t really changed much at all. They have clashed more recently, but the only time they changed is when jon found his voice, and rather take it to marriage counceling to strike a balance, he decided to cheat on his wife, have a midlife crisis, and destroy his family. Yes, Kate can be a B****, but Jon has also acted very much like a child who needs to be told what to do, and has the type of personality that keeps quiet and then lashes out on people (Walking through the woods episode, admited it in an episode where they discuss who mady and cara are most like)

    At the end of the day, it all boils down to – They chose eachother.

  • Sam


    Sure they have a backyard, she could even afford to have a driveway at the back, completely private, but Kate really likes the publicity no matter if it’s her show or the paps. It seems to be a great need she has and she’s exploiting her whole family because of her own insecure needs. But she just loves those kids and they come first. UH HUH!

  • ***

    push-up bra my azz !!

  • ellen

    The bottom line is that they have enough money to care for those kids if they don’t do another public appearance or continue the show/ There are plenty of big families out there that don’t come near the wealth that the Gosselin’s have already accumulated and they do just fine. It is greed, not support of the children that has Kate declaring “The show must go on!!”

  • chris

    She needs to quit with the bikini, Jon is not interested!

  • granny hat

    The old bags in my neighborhood wear that hat when they’re on their porches half asleep,mouth open, catching flies.

  • Jon Gosselin

    Deanna’s butt is nice ……..firm and tight.

  • Kateisfkd

    Ewww look at her nasty ass! She has totally had a boob job, no doubt! Why would she prance around in a bikini looking like she does?

  • Shannyn

    what do you expect?? shes had 8 kids. her body aint gonnab e perfect.

  • scam

    …me thinks Kate is looking for a Jell-O commercial showing her wobbly backside…always thinking ahead that Kate

  • Shannyn

    @Jon Gosselin: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :]

  • Trainer

    cut it with the ab work Kate and get to work on those legs and that keister—-Run —-now

  • Jacqlyn

    She is a free woman and on the market. They both need mental healh. Her with bikini; him with the new diamond studs…that is fine but God, grow up. Those poor kids. If it were a family who did not have the fame and money these do, you would see how quick a social worker would be called.

  • Youve Got Mail

    Looks like shes had LIPOSUCTION on her stomach, and perhaps even a BOOB JOB … but clearly neglected her backside!

  • http://justjared think +

    This is one of the 1st times we`ve seen another Mom and child over to swim/play. Maybe they had a fun time . I wonder if Kate is wearing hats nowadays because she`s letting her hair grow out. I wish them well.
    despite the major issues that the family is facing right now, I do still like to see the daily pics. – its nice to see that there is normalcy to their daily activities. there probably are some tough times ahead for them all.

  • sHAZAM

    Top Secret Nuptial Agreement lite version.
    We, JOHAN and K8 are married. We do hereby agree no martial fraud:

    Nature of Relationship:

    Husband will not work outside the home until TLC contract ends.

    Wife will do as she pleases.

    Husband will stay at home for TLC filming and perform duties of father and homemaker until the youngest child is 18 years old.

    Wife will stay at home when not ego tripping and make husband sorry when he is around.

    The choice of where to live shall be made by:

    Wife, and house write off as home business tax deduction;

    Husband’s earning during marriage shall be:

    Kids, and $5 a day allowance.

    Wife’s earnings during marriage shall be:

    Her own booty

    If we acquire Community Property the management and control of this property shall be:

    Paid in full by tax deductions and controlled by the wife and privacy rights of the kids.

    Property that we own at the time of marriage and any property we acquire during marriage by gift or inheritance shall:

    Become community property belonging equally to each of the kids

    Living Expenses during marriage:

    Wife will spend in proportion to her looks, fashion and mood.
    Stud earnings for him and a Conan O’brian hair flip for her are part of the show brand.

    Property acquired during marriage needing maintenance shall be:

    Maintained by the husband or contracted by wife
    and free of charge from advertisers

    Sexual Relations:

    If husband is dissatisfied with the sexual relationship he can read wife’s cookbook.

    Husband agrees not to have sexual relations with any other person that wife knows.

    Wife agrees to do as she pleases and flash whenever.

    Birth Control – Children

    Wife will assume explotation of birth control.

    Husband will not assume responsibility for birth control but must be clipped.

    Wife will take off work for up to 6 seasons after each pregnancy during TLC contract.

    Household chore and duties will be performed by husband or managed by wife’s vendors as follows:

    A. Grocery shopping
    B. Cooking
    C. Dishwashing
    D. Housecleaning
    E. Children’s’ medical visits
    F. Children’s’ shopping
    G. Plumbing and appliance repair
    H. Auto repair
    I. Bill paying
    J. Feeding, dressing and major child care
    K. Yard and garden
    L. Repairs to the house
    M. Pity wife and so not make wife cry to mommy and media
    N. Say yes dear, during periods of strong feelings and PMS
    O. Coupon Clipping
    P. Laundry

    Credit and credit cards:

    Neither will purchase anything on the TLC credit card without the written consent of wife.

    Alcohol, drugs and tobacco:

    Husband states that he is not now physically addicted to or psychologically dependent on: GirlToys__, Sex__, Tobacco __, Happiness__
    Wife states that she is not now physically addicted to or psychologically dependent on: kids__, Money__, attention__, Bodyguards____

    In the event either of us decides to dissolve our marriage:

    Custody of minor children shall be decided by court. Kids will manage TLC show Johan and K8 at eighty (parental payback 101)

    Neither spouse shall have any obligations to support the mental health of the other. If a court should nevertheless compel support, the supported spouse shall be labeled the “failure”.

    This agreement can be amended at any time. All commandments shall be in writing and shall be marked by both of us.

    if any court finds any portion of this agreement to be enforceable, the rest of the agreement shall remain invalid and in full TLC sponsorship of the hostess with the mostest, can she tune to a TV channel for you?

  • june

    that’s gross. why prance around in a bikini in front of your lawn while talking to a friend? gosh, this woman seriously wants attention always on her and looks as if she only prnaces around so a maaaan can like her. disgusting.