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Mariah Carey Reveals 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' Album Cover

Mariah Carey Reveals 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' Album Cover

Check out the cover for Mariah Carey‘s new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, in stores August 25.

The 39-year-old songtress said, “The reason I chose to use three images for the cover is because there are a lot of different emotions and stories revealed on this album.”

Mariah continued, “Hope you like this and you know it (sung like “It’s Like That”). Haha.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Mariah’s new album cover — HOT or NOT?

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# 1

HOT! Really freakin’ hot! She’s looking amazing as always… okay sure there was probably a whole lot of photoshoppin’ goin’ on but still – HOT!

# 2
irish girl @ 06/25/2009 at 4:36 pm

Her time has come and gone. She’s still talented, but her time to shine has faded, and new girls have moved in.

# 3

Don’t know if I luv it! She looks pretty tho’!

# 4
Australia Grace @ 06/25/2009 at 4:37 pm

Honestly, her best album cover was ‘Butterfly’, but this one is nice too.<3

# 5
Clare b uk @ 06/25/2009 at 4:40 pm

Her breasts are ridiculous

# 6

Hot!!! I like this cover she’s glowing.

# 7

I miss her old stuff. She has a great voice, but her style has changed massively and so has her voice. Also songwriting wise she has taken a huge dip, not as strong as it used to be.

# 8

Not the most inspired cover, but she does look veeeeery hot!

# 9
F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n @ 06/25/2009 at 4:48 pm

that’s one dumb biish. LOL.. her fantasy world must be nice.

@humble: yeah, it’s called gloss. hahaha.. you can find it on any photoshop. =]

i luv it. luv it luv it luv it. Love the single, cant wait to grab this album.

I like it, it’s fresh

Looks good, but the reason she chose the cover is because she loves herself THAT much.. She couldn’t decide which pose she loved more so she used all 3. Not because album has “a lot of different emotions and stories.”

Yeah, right. Looks like the same silly emotion in all 3 poses to me.

you disgusting troll better stop hating on Mariah! bytches back off or get slapped.

Yeah tramp nut case, we know you have boobs. And your albums as of late? Not so great.

Nice photo-shopping Id say, saw her pics on another website from this week with Nick Cannon and she looks like looked really fat

RE: F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

WACK! on your fugly face


Another troll. WACK! yeah bytch all her albums have gone platinum. And so will this one. You seriously ignorant.

I hope she comes up with something better than she did last year,its started with a bang with that 1st single touch my body which was ok but every track after that tanked it went into obscurity.

Yeah Mariah, I can see the THREE VERY DIFFERENT emotions on the cover:
1. ****** Happy
2. Whory Happy
3. Trampy Happy.


And she still managed to go platinum with just one hit single. Who can do that these days. Very few……thats right.

shekwanda @ 06/25/2009 at 5:20 pm

horrible cover. and ****** yet again.

shekwanda @ 06/25/2009 at 5:20 pm

maybe just one picture…the third one from the left to right…that would’ve been much better…

shekwanda @ 06/25/2009 at 5:21 pm

sorry to post for a third time, but it actually looks like a cover for the Buttlerfly album, in fact it looks like a photoshoot from that album.

TWPumpkin @ 06/25/2009 at 5:32 pm

Why does she always try to look ******? She is a great singer but she is getting a little old for the pinup trashy look.

Mariah your to old to keep up the **** look that has defined your talentless payola buying fake career its time toi retire your airbrushed tramp look does not serve you well, Lord girl your old face it with some respect, oops forgot you have none.

She’s so full of herself. I think she has an okay voice but you can only hear so much of her screaming.


i love you! you are so funny, and you took the thoughts right out of my head!! hahaha you are awesome!!

I dont like it

OMG!! ALL her album covers are the same!!
I just love the different emotions she is showing here……lol
Thank the lord for wind machines!!

mmmmm…smell like photoshop

@shekwanda: Or, you could just say “the one on the right”…

You know i’m getting older and i’ve gained some weight, too.
In my imagination i am just twenty-two.
I’m way too busy to do jenny, weight watchers, too.
The fast food is to blame, cholesteral through the roof.

If there’s a camera up in here, that’s taking photographs of me, then it’s true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement right here, telling you, what to do.
’cause if you run the pics you got without the use of photoshop, i will hunt you down!
’cause baby this is show buisness, nobody wants the truth.
Don’t even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Sketch me some more.
Take off sixty pounds, then take of ten more.
Retouch my body.
Resize my head, clean up my skin.
Please tone done the red.
Retouch my body.
Lipo my thighs, with your computer mouse.
I’m as big as a house.
Retouch my body.
Remove every curve.
I’m going to the mall, to get a soft serve.

Give me a tiny waist, because i eat like a slob.
Remove a chin or two, and how’s about a nose job?
Erase under my eyes, where it is wrinkled and dark.
Your reseme says that you worked on jurassic park.

If there’s a camera up in here, that’s taking photographs of me, then it’s true, that you.
Must sign this confidentiality agreement to blood, or else you, will get sued.
’cause if i end up on perez hilton looking like a lez, i will hunt you down.
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Don’t even try it, this is my diet.

Retouch my body.
Don’t wanna look tragic.
So call industrial, life and magic.
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Like fat-ass oprah, on “o” magazine.
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Even at my tits.
And make sure this old coture size two fits.
Retouch my body.
Blur some more.
Come on and give me what i’m paying you for!
Retouch my body.

I just want some gummy bears.
I refuse to take the stairs.
Make me xxxxxxx young and sweet.
Get rid of my cellulite.
I don’t want no photo, boy.
I want to know you’re painting.

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Don’t cause any trouble.
I am in denial.
Don’t you burst my bubble.
Retouch my body.
Just look at madonna.
In real life she looks like an ancient iguana.
Retouch my body.
And if you can afford.
Try and make me look like less of a horse.
Retouch my body.
I know all the choice.
I only wish you could retouch my voice.
Retouch my xxxxxxx body!

@irish girl: i’m not a mariah fan at all but no girl has succed her

It is time for Mariah to get a little class. She should transition into elegant gowns and a more mature look. Vanessa Williams has the right idea. Look at her most recent album cover. Mariah would be just as sexy in a slinky backless number with lots of diamonds.

I love Mariah’s voice and she’s immensely talented, but I really am getting tired of her. . .

i like the cover. i think perhaps it could have been a little better. i was thinking a longer dress and maybe a more angelic mood. it seems like the cover is very flirty. just my opinion.

Sandrine Akem @ 06/25/2009 at 9:40 pm

as always-she’s glowing.she should definitely go with this one

i like the album cover. and shes not even exposing anything so why are yall trippin? but yeah the first pic looks just like the single cover for “honey” (1997). i like when her hair is this color and not too blonde. and i hope this album goes at least 2x platinum to shut the haters up!!

F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n @ 06/25/2009 at 10:45 pm

@jj: retardededed much? hahahahahaha duh! wack! hahaha wack! LOL @ tards.

frejamacarons @ 06/25/2009 at 11:14 pm

girlfriend needs mango reduction surgery, because you look like a mango tree

worst cover in the world

She’s beautiful but the dress is just “not my style”. It seems it should have been a little more glamourous for this cover. Or she should just go casual like Taylor Swift (LOVE LOVE LOVE her style).

Also the title, well there are angels and fallen angels. Ummm wasn’t Satan God’s most favorite, handsome, charming Angel who fell from grace? So, when you say angel, you can’t make assumtions anyway right? Not to nitpick though. I really like Mariah.

LOL!!! WHITNEY HOUSTON is going to kick her ass in September. Mariah’s single is boring/flopping and the CD is more “Essence of Fakeness–the Mariah Years.” She’s OLD. Bring on WHITNEY!!!!

I love her new Obsessed single! “He’s all up on my George Foreman Grill”

I love her new Obsessed single! “He’s all up on my George Foreman Grill”

The nicest person ever @ 06/26/2009 at 2:12 am

@irish girl: What girls?

The nicest person ever @ 06/26/2009 at 2:19 am

@liza: That’s dumb to say Mariah is OLD and then say bring on Whitney when Whitney is older than Mariah. I love both of their music, btw. Both amazing talents.

The nicest person ever @ 06/26/2009 at 2:26 am

I think that Mariah has a lot of sex appeal. She’s very voluptuous. So if Mariah wants to wear a white dress then so be it.

And, on this cover, people are whining about how she looks like a ****. Apparently, you guys have never seen a real **** before. Anyway, the only thing she’s showing are her arms and just a little bit of her legs. If that qualifies you as being a **** or tramp then I guess a lot of people on this board are *****, too. I think everybody believes that when you turn 30-something you have to dress like a nun. IDK. As if you’re decrepit or something.


Peace & Blessings

The nicest person ever @ 06/26/2009 at 2:31 am

If Mariah was stick then, had no shape/figure, and had no boobs, then people wouldn’t make the comments that they make about her clothes/styling choices.

If you don’t like Mariah, oh well, who cares about your opinion. Go read a book or something.

It’s stupid to come on the Internet & talk about a celebrity you don’t like. You realized you just wasted a fraction of your life to diss a celebrity and you VOLUNTARILY did it. No one forced anybody to read this article or look at her album cover.

GTFO it.

skimpy dress – check
big boobs – check
sexy poses – check

when ur losing your talent remember SEX ALWAYS SELLS

The nicest person ever @ 06/26/2009 at 2:33 am

@sTEFANO: Don’t spend your time on negative things. It’s not healthy or productive. You just wasted a fraction of your life writing that stupid poem. What a waste.



DIVA but she’s ok. is she trying to show off her boobs so people would buy her album? but her boobs are nice tho

yes i like it,like her hair totally

It’s a hot LIE because she has never really looked like that in real life. Well maybe right after she married whats his name. She is so silly and sad.


too bad how she sells her body… i dont hate her but its just sad …her singing now becoms striping? … anyway good luck i hope she sells…

photoshop, photoshop. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t know if she wants we pay attention to her photoshopbody or to her music. We’re tired of this kind of her photos.

@D9: :-) absolutely agree

She looks pretty

She’s awesome, I am so getting this album. Her voice is slightly different that “Classic Mariah,” but her voice is still freaking awesome! She’s so pretty, though everyone these days falls to photoshop. I am SO SO Excited!!! Going to buy one for my mom, my sister, and me!

And it is amazing how many people hate on her. Wow. But hey, whatever makes your life worth living, and I suppose if you have to devote any energy to anyone, it would be Mariah, because she’s that amazing! That’s when you know you are sheer “spectacularity” –when you have so many haters. lol

Thee1nonly @ 06/30/2009 at 12:33 pm

I Really don’t think she looks hot She Looks So FAKE!!

MCFANATIC4LIFE @ 07/06/2009 at 3:08 am

I love the album cover, just like all the rest of them i love. Mariah does have a reason for having so many pictures. Even if it has nothing t o do with different emotions and stories. She is da bomb plain and simple.
I been a MC fan since the start, I will cotinue to be a fan no matter what. Anyone who bashes her needs to grow up! Opinions are one thing and bashing Mariah is another. I won’t stand by and watch people bash MC.

iI don’t care about her album , but I would go with her

Mariah is like a fire diamond; forever hot!!! mariah is a timeless greatest singer the planet has. her voice is like an angel and no one can beat her even an extraordinary singer of old and future generation. she’s really one of a kind! save the best for last! the greatest of the greatest VOICE

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