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Megan Fox Slips Letterman Some Tongue

Megan Fox Slips Letterman Some Tongue

Prior to her appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, Megan Fox steps out in a pair of Courtney Crawford slingbacks at New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theater on Thursday afternoon (June 25)

The 23-year-old actress told reporters at a recent news conference what the secret is to the Transformers films. She shared, “Women in movies, in general, are sexy — especially in [director Michael Bay's] movies. And if you want to make movies that people want to see, that’s part of it. That’s part of the formula.”

20+ pictures inside of Megan Fox slipping Letterman some tongue…

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Credit: Eddie Mejia-Ron Asadorian; Photos: JDH/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • abha.elb

    she looks like drag queen!!
    sorry for her fans :)

  • abha.elb

    she looks like a drag queen!!
    sorry for her fans :)

  • The constant complainer

    Jared, I’m a first time visitor to your site from Cleveland, OH.

    I saw your link on The Star Celeb’s blogroll and decided to check it out.

    I love celebrity blogs and enjoyed a number of your recent posts. So I wanted to comment.

    For sure I’ll visit back. Thanks, The C.C.

  • Xox

    omg shes sooooo pretty love her dress

  • irish girl

    I love her, but I have to say that the tongue in the moth is getting old. It’s like the stupid air kiss stupidity that Paris and Lindsay started. It’s getting old fast.

  • irish girl

    In shot 11 she looks like she has some booty!

  • Maximisses

    I’m with irish girl. Why does she have to do that? She’s already sexy. The more she pulls these stunts the more desperate she comes off.

  • Hey -_-

    Transformers(second one) was SO EFFING GOOD I’m totally seeing it again!!

  • Scott

    She is truly talented and good looking. Sadly, she is extremely full of herself. Good dress, not the best.

  • blah

    such a ho.

  • Emily

    shes frickin gorgeous!!!!!! and she has a beautiful body!!!!

  • sorry but

    she looks ok nothing special. her tongue slip is so annoying.

  • MeganFoxIsAntiFeminist

    how dare she say that! thats a big F-You to actresses like Meryl Streep, Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman, Kate Blanchett, etc.

  • LMAO

    Scott are you really serious? you threw out the word “talented” labeling megan fox lmao omg thats the craziest thing ive ever heard. shes the exact opposite of talented

  • ellena

    Her dress reminds me of Angie’s, again another imitation.

  • silly putty

    she looks like a bimbo. The tongue thing turns me off.

    Trying too hard to look sexy by doing that.

    Just another hollywood bimbo

  • H.

    She does that in every friggen phot op now that TMZ was playing a gif of her licking her lips. Apparently it was a hit so she has to keep trying.

    You’re beautiful. We know.

  • Karen

    Seriously, this is the third pic I’ve seen her with the tongue lick. Overboard.

  • Hal

    She is so ugly on the inside that I find it impossible to see her as beautiful! Gross gross woman!

  • yuck

    trailer trash

  • mju8

    She needs to seriously stop with the tongue thing. It’s getting annoying

  • Regurgitatedcreativism

    Be nice if she could keep her tongue in her mouth a while, does she think it’s coy to keep sticking her tongue out? Stick my tongue out and all men will adore me kinda thing. Something you see in kindergarten.

  • jolie-pitt

    nobody give a crap about this bitch right now rip michael

  • karenina

    it’s her trademark or what? not liking it

  • fresh


  • nikkeke

    yummy ..exotic looking white girl with an ass. comparisons to angelina.. please.. angelina has an ugly body with no curves.

  • adriana

    go watch the mk&ash movie holiday in the sun, megan’s in it
    oh and confessions of a teenage drama queen
    nothing “sexy” about those performances!

  • badhabit

    she looks like a barbie girl.

  • Perez sucks!!

    Sign this petition to get Perez off Britney’s tour.. he does not deserve to be on it with all the negativity he brings!!!!

  • Meg

    She is really something! The hair was perfect and the dress…. wow… so sexy and elegant at the same time. It seems impossible to look on her in these pics and don’t think: stunning! About the tongue, let the girl be authentic, guys. You’re so serious and judgemental about everything! It’s getting really boring here.

  • Hateraid

    Angie fans get over yourselves already. Anyone pretty woman that gets comparisons to Angie you slam.

    Megan is all of 23 years old. When Angie was 23 she was a tramp that did anything for the limelight whether it was french kissing her brother for the cameras, drug abuse, cutting herself, promiscuity, vials of blood, going to a psyco ward, the list goes on. So, if at 23 years old the worst we get from Megan is that she is a little full of herself, then I imagine by the time she is 30 she will be a real jewel.

  • mmm

    i’ve already seen angelina jolie wore a dress of this style before… actually nobody’s comparing her to angelina jolie. what everyone is saying is that she’s mimicking angelina jolie. there’s a big difference between the two.

  • LIv

    I almost fell off my chair when I read the word “talented” associated with Megan Fox. Also, why can’t she just smile or close her mouth? The whole ‘tongue out of mouth’ thing is horrible.

  • passby

    I just saw her on Letterman and her interview was very boring. She tries very hard to be interesting and say something shocking. To me, she was trying too hard to be something she is not…boring! By the way, she is no Angie and we are not comparing these two women.


    she does look good there.

  • emilie

    shes so darn good looking and hot!
    its not fair for us girls! hahaha

  • agree

    Reminds me of a toothpaste commercial. I’m sure she wasn’t going for that impression though.

  • agree

    @emilie: Well since she admittedly likes girls maybe it’s fair afterall ;)

  • tora

    I cant stand this hore, dont wana see the miget fingers in tranformer u wanabe biotch!

  • Ilia

    What a beauty – total knockout! I want this girl twirling on my &$%#*!

  • Jughed

    Mmm, ignore the haters, Megan. You can lick your teeth whenever you want :D

  • indeed

    @abha.elb: :)

  • selena

    Tongue-thing again? Boring…… not interesting, not special, not “wild”.
    Trashy girl

  • brittany foxx

    i think people need to shut up about her, she obviously is very stunning, talented, and worth watching because if she wasnt she wouldnt of been hired to do movies…. so stfu! :) if ur gonna run your mouth about worthless people with no talent…talk about celebs who dont do anything except reality shows….

  • brittany foxx


    your dumb…just bcuz shes sticking out her toung shes a ho now??? u obviously are still a virgin with no life….grow up and stop talking shit…

  • brittany foxx


    what are u? a nun? geeze …this is what very pretty women look like get use to it and stop running ur flap

  • anonymous

    Saw her on Letterman. She just is so obviously trying too hard to be a “personality” and it just comes across as phony and forced.
    She’s attractive but something is missing. When a star has it you just know it – Fox doesn’t have it. For all the effort – and you can tell it was a lot of effort – her appearance was rather lackluster and kind of cheap looking. So for all the work she has invested in surgery and obvious mimickery to sell herself as the next Angelina Jolie, it hasn’t worked. You wouldn’t call this woman stunning at all – she is pretty at best.
    But those lips (I know they were worked on) look pretty good to me. They did a good job. I like the dress but it’s not original.
    I also noticed she said she’s only been in 3 movies and she completey dissed her frist movie, Confessions of A Teen Drama Queen. Well despite it’s stupid title, I don’t think it got as bad reviews as Transformers. Confessions was a nice little Lindsay Lohan vehicle which had a nice lesson for teens and was an enjoyable movie. LIndsay was very good in it.
    I especially loved that she bragged about being top of her correspondence GED class. You tell ‘em, Megan. LOL! How would she even know?

  • lizzie

    what’s up with her tongue always out? doesnt she understand it is stupid, she’d better learn acting ! ahaha

  • To brittany fox

    brittany fox:

    you sound like a young teen or uneducated young adult.

    or maybe you are just a megan fox wannabe..

    just bec she’s hired to do movies, etc…does not mean a thing! There are lots of so called celebrities that stink and eventually disappear……you idiot

  • Raichill

    @irish girl: I think she looks like a cardboard cutout in that shot. It looks weird as though it’s not real.