Top Stories Learn To Respect Others Learn To Respect Others of the Black Eyed Peas has released a statement regarding Sunday’s Perez-Toronto incident. Check out his message of respect:

I will not continue to comment specifically on the incident that happened in Toronto last weekend… But I would hate for my silence to be misconstrued… I do not condone harassment or violence of any kind…

No one deserves physical abuse…
And no one deserves verbal abuse…
No one deserves that…

Everyone needs to be respected…
And no ones name should be slandered in the name of hate and disrespect…
And fyi…”not every black man is a thug”…

As far as character allegations made against myself,
The members of the Black Eyed Peas,
And members of our management…
I believe that the truth will speak for itself once the details of the events are fully presented.

Hateful slurs…
Racial or gay should not be used as verbal weapons to provoke violence…

Let us all learn from the events that happened in Toronto…
That situation has already taken valuable time, energy,
And attention away from more important,
And in some cases, devastating issues happening in our world.
Thank you…

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Photos: Peter Kramer/Getty
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  • Streakin thru

    Whole thing turned into a huge publicity stunt. Everyone is getting attention out of it who is joining into it. And I almost think Perez is doing it on purpose but I’m not sure if he’s that clever. Maybe he is. Like kids in the candy store for all the drama llama’s out there. But some of it IS really funny.

  • Ali

    Quite frankly.. the person in the wrong here is the one who actually his Perez – which wasn’t Will.i.Am. Perez keeps going on and on and on about how “violence isn’t the answer”, but – hello – Will.i.Am didn’t hit you. He didn’t resort to violence. Polo is apparently the one who hit Perez and Polo should be the one having his name out there… all Will.i.Am did was confront Perez. I’ve seen the video too, Will.i.Am wasn’t yelling. Perez was wrong for the slurs and Polo was wrong for hitting… but I personally think Will.i.Am did about as much as Fergie… he just confronted Perez. That’s it.

  • tAMMY

    It’s nice to see WILL.I.AM take the high road. I find it hard to believe that P.H. was that badly injured when he was obviously able to twitter about it all night. If he needed the police and medical attention why didn’t he just call them himself? He was looking for the attention. Just like a child, he provoked the BEP all night and then got what he deserved. He was looking for the publicity. This is a guy who started out slamming all celebrities in a disgusting way, but then he got to become one of them. Not for anything other than being controversial. I for one stopped going to his site a long time ago. Just like a child the less we pay attention the more he screams. But eventually he’ll run out of steam and when we ignore him, he’ll go away. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t even know who PH is. Just another fame whore.

  • rien

    Well said! Salute, Will!

  • …..

    Black Eyed Peas was wrong but I got zero respect and sympathy for PH. He’s a hypocrite and spineless.
    Dont be like him JJ even TMZ.


    I HATE the black eyed peas, esp their new album its sooo stupid….and I also think fergi is UGLY!!!
    THANK YOU perez for saying what everyone is always thinking!!!
    come on you guys allll make fun of celebs with your friends….WE ALLL DO!!!
    PEREZ IS JUST WELL KNOWN so everyone gets butt hurt!!!


    @MFM: THANK YOU!!!! I am with you %100!!!

  • dolxe 09

    I am on perez side sorry Will I am you and your manger should be in jail for hiting someone violence is not the answer. i used to kind of like your music and fergies but , now i will ever listen or buying any of your getto trash music, sorry


    GO PEREZ!!!!

  • Andy

    Nicely said!

  • Sgt Friday

    Why were my comments deleted? I didn’t say anything different from what everyone else was saying…

  • nico58

    sorry black eye peas your album sucks and perez is actually hit a nerve and you just can take it. fergie is a so last years lay low for a while . were on perez side

  • mimilala

    VERY well said. Perez Hilton is a disgusting human being.

  • Ilia

    Whoever said before that I was Perez f**k your mother. And to all of those who claim that will.i.m isn’t gay – LOL – wake up, and smell the sh*t people. I saw his interview on the view (courtesy of YouTube), and all the girly, sissy facial expressions he makes throughout – trust me, that “THUG” (LOL), is a HOMO!

  • Ilia

    Here watch how he talks, all prissy, and cute – kind of nauseating.

  • jill

    Looks like this perez guy is trying to make some quick cash while he`s in his 15 minutes of fame.
    He needs to grow up, he got what he deserved.

  • nico58

    @jill: @jill: @jill: has anyone ever punch you in the jill probably not .

  • LProck

    good job william!
    Perez, go to hell,fat guy!

  • hippy

    Well said mate. is a legend.

    That fug*ly swine of dripping fat is full of it. I am sure thats how the swine flu got started by That pig face human. He is so ugly yet he insists on calling everyone else trannies or gay when they are not.

  • haha

    its really ridiculous how some people are saying this Perez loser was beat up or, are you honestly saying that if you were the one he yelled that derogatory comment at, you won’t do anything?? haha.. if he walked away and still got hit then yea he was assaulted but he was asking for trouble so he got what he deserved.

  • haha

    @ILOVEPH: lol not everyone makes fun of celebs, where did you get that? giving an opinion and insulting somebody are two different things and people that support Perez for doing that are no different from him. NO BREEDING, NO ETIQUETTE, NO CLASS.. Perez is a joke :D

  • marc

    TO MFM _____


  • shurly

    I agree with everybody else. Violence in NEVER the answer, but if I go see a black man and call him a f*****, I’ll probabley get beaten (or slapped), and I will deserve it. Sometimes, people have to be careful what they say to others.

    And MFM, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t just stand there like an idiot if someone was insulting you again and again.

  • lizzie
  • jure

    Perez Hilton is an unhappy and frustrated person – a social parasite who got rich by writing mean things and insulting people. He should take a mirror and spit at his own reflection. Perez, get a life! You are miserable. Your video where you are histerically foaming about “the incident” raises more suspicion whether you are mentally stable…I do not think you are well.

  • alyssa:)

    take that perez!

  • Brownsugar

    perez what a jackass you are. you took a gamble by runningyour mouth (to the wrong people it turns out) and you got can’t go around calling people offensive names and then throwyourself on the altar of free speech. yeah you had a right to saywhat you wanted and the other party has a right to respond (be it physically or verbally).

    one day, if i decide to go around callingguys f*****s or other girls d***s, i’d expect the worse. if you had called me that, by the time i was through, you’d be lucky torremember your own name, be it mario or perez. word’s are powerfulthings, how do you think fights get started? if you can’t handle theresponsibility of using words (without hurting people), then shut the f***up. you should be ashamed.

  • Brownsugar

    I am NO fan of perez so i won’t bother pretending that he’ll learnfrom this experience and become a better person because frankly hehas neither the brain nor the capacity.

    Sleep tight a**hole and keep your eyez open when you’re on the stret from now on, i’m sure this is just first serving of getting your flabby ass handed to you. :)

  • incognito

    well said my dear brother.

  • Brownsugar

    Go Team!
    You have shown more class than Perez ever could. Well done!

  • may

    You should listen to Perez’s rants on youtube!! It is hilarious!!

  • ….

    Wow I’m really shocked to see positive comments for this guy. After coldly blindsiding him with a punch to the head several times. All sites talk smack, not just PH. It was unprovoked to boot, yeah most people use words to express themselves. It’s a gossip site for petes sake.

  • GlitterQueen

    Hi everyone. I found this article online about the incident. After reading it and seeing the picture I think that fatty is lying through his teeth.He probably punched himself.


  • Dominica


    Apparently you are the one who is semi-literate. The altercation did not take place with “Ms.Hilton”, as you suggest, but with Perez Hilton the blogger. Your small brain also failed to absorb that it is Perez Hilton and not Will I.Am who is a homosexual, thus the controversey over his use of the word. Now go work on your word comprehension and quit being a mean little bigot!

  • mare

    Really? you buy that? Are you naive? He was following perez hilton all night. He was just as much to blame. If you put yourself in the public eye then someone can write about you…Same for Perez. He cannot seperate his Perez persona from his own identity…

  • Naomi
  • Jan

    Perez is out of control. He is a cancer to the gay community and to society. It is a miracle he has not been smacked before now. I hope Perez crawls back in his hole and stays out of the daylight forever.

  • Maria (Shorty)


  • bella

    He has a lot more class than Perez, in handling this situation. I hope Perez gets what he deserves and the truth comes out.

    completely agree with comment #23

  • ehnso

    ilia, oh dear. you really must be perez if you’re taking this seriously. hahaha. eff my mother? really? lol. oh the class and the wit. this is the type of person that idolizes perez.

  • ehnso

    ilia … correction: you’re taking the comments all too personally. lol.

    and for some of the twits that keep insisting that will clocked perez, it was the manager. even perez modified his initial story and now claims it was the manager. actually, based on the picture of that punch, it seems perez was blind-sided. not sure if he even knew who really clocked him.

    and whether is gay or not, that shouldn’t matter. perez still uttered a slur that he had strongly condemned before. he used it as a derogatory term, by his own admission.

    while violence isn’t the answer, it really isn’t surprising that he got the reaction that he did. i hope perez’s newest apology is genuine. this time, he even utilized paragraphs.

  • zac_lover

    ehnso @ 06/25/2009 at 9:01 am

    I argee with you. The punch is coming towards to side of his big fat empty head.Not a direct hit to the face.



  • brita

    @….: I think you need to update yourself on what’s going on. Perez called names at the event and did NOT hit Perez. It was the BEP’s manager. Get your “facts” together before you start commenting.

  • julie

    I never really had an opinion on him until now but I really respect him after his response.

  • jaylo

    Hitler through his words provoked the slaughter of millions of people. Hilton is no different ( close are those names)? Verbal violence when you have 8million clicks per day is not what this world needs.

  • laylo

    Maybe if a Jew punched Hitler for his words, we could have avoided WWII. Hilton incites violence through his words, and then stands back and says…”don’t blame me”..just like the Nazi leaders at Nuremberg.


    Why is the ugly racist pig ranting and ranting like a deranged lunatic.The video clearly indicates he is not of sound mind. More sort of a sociopath persona. A person who loves to lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie to live in his vision of reality.

  • zach swan

    The incident took place in Canada. He won’t get anywhere with his lawsuit. We don’t award big judgments up here for little scratches to the eye (that were provoked.) If he wanted to get paid, he should have provoked a beating back home in California.

  • laylo

    PH should be charged in Canada for inciting hate, and banned from the country. Much Music should be ashamed for inviting this sociopath.