Top Stories Learn To Respect Others Learn To Respect Others of the Black Eyed Peas has released a statement regarding Sunday’s Perez-Toronto incident. Check out his message of respect:

I will not continue to comment specifically on the incident that happened in Toronto last weekend… But I would hate for my silence to be misconstrued… I do not condone harassment or violence of any kind…

No one deserves physical abuse…
And no one deserves verbal abuse…
No one deserves that…

Everyone needs to be respected…
And no ones name should be slandered in the name of hate and disrespect…
And fyi…”not every black man is a thug”…

As far as character allegations made against myself,
The members of the Black Eyed Peas,
And members of our management…
I believe that the truth will speak for itself once the details of the events are fully presented.

Hateful slurs…
Racial or gay should not be used as verbal weapons to provoke violence…

Let us all learn from the events that happened in Toronto…
That situation has already taken valuable time, energy,
And attention away from more important,
And in some cases, devastating issues happening in our world.
Thank you…

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  • rosita

    Rush Limbaugh incites hate so does that mean he should be punched in the face????

  • Mira

    TEAM PEREZ – came to Perez, talks shit and provacate P. I could talk normal to him than the situation wouldn´t escalated! They got to much money that they can´t except that somebody don´t likes their music???? LAME!

  • assyhole

    Very well said, Will.I.Am! Much much better than Pee-rez! LOL!

  • laylo

    @rosita: rosita, can you think of any better reason to punch someone in the face than someone who promotes hate and violence? Perez Hilton is verbally violent, and violence breeds violence. He is a sociopath….only his feelings are real to him, or count. Rush Limbaugh is the same.

  • Karern

    I guess Perez never heard the old saying “Turnaround is fair play”. He LIES about many celebrities and thinks it’s funny, he went out and just tried to make someone mad, he faced retaliation for it, and now he cries. I’m surprised something like this and a whole lot worse has not happened before now. Violence is never the answer? Well, neither is defamation of characters, verbal abuse, or lies. Get over it, Perez, and learn something.

    However, I have a feeling Perez is happy over this since it has given him much needed attention as his “material” is becoming old and boring.

  • laylo

    Plus, verbal violence is a predictor of physical violence, just like kids who torture animals often go on to murder. PH is on his way…towards , and someone needs to take him in hand (or fist) and say…no more buddy…back off.

  • laylo

    It is time we called what PH writes and says VERBAL VIOLENCE. You tell me one parent with a kid who has been continually verbally attacked who wouldn’t advise them to defend themselves with their fists if talking to them doesn’t work. Fergie and Will i am tried talking…didn’t work…then someone on their team who cared about them took the next logical step to stop the cruelty and violent atItacks on them.

    Hitler never did any of the real killing…does that make him innocent? If he was around, I hope no one would defend his “right” to abuse others.

  • rAZZIEromato

    Perez is a loser for just craves attention. He pulled the stunt once before when he made a video where he cursed miss ugly tranny california her for warped view and went on various tv shows to show how righteous he was and that he stood up for gay rights.(only when the media is watching right Perez)

    Then he pulled the same act when he was attacked in toronto over the weekend. Made a video where once again he ranted and ranted in a screeching deafening voice. Guess since he did not receive any call backs from any of the talk shows he quickly changed his tune.What a loser. He even dissed the GLAAD (because they stated that he was wrong in using a derogattory term used against gays) in his latest statement by saying
    “I am NOT apologizing to GLAAD. I could care less about them, my former employers.”
    Drop dead pathetic example of a human turd.

  • lexi

    violence is never the answer. yes, perez called him something he regrets (well, he SAYS he regrets) but the will i am shouldn’t have been a coward and gave it back to him! he shouldn’t have had his manager hit him! i’m not supporting the black eyed peas for being violet towards someone. that said, i’m not supporting perez for calling someone the f word. but to those saying should sue for harrassment and slander, perezis suing for physical abuse MUCH WORSE and could also sue for harrassment as well.

  • Jen

    he’s right

  • Jen

    he is right

  • lou

    it seems as though it would be to little to late from the man who was the instigator

  • lexi

    i’m guessing everyone saying is classy is very uneducated. when is getting your manager to punch a guy classy?! this apology just gets himself in more trouble because although he’s saying “learn to respect others” he said learn that lesson HIMSELF! now i’m not saying perez is classy (he shouldn’t have called him what he did) but you people know NOTHING about class! class is walking away from someone antagonizing you. class is NOT

  • Karen

    The saddest part is how Perez is getting so much undeserved attention here on JJ. I’m sure he’s loving that even though the majority of people are against him and basically are saying he deserved it which is the truth.

  • laylo


    umm…I think “showing class and walking away” was the big mistake the Jews made. There is only one way to deal with a dangerous sociopath…confront them …if necessary, physically, because unlike the rest of us, they really don’t feel anyone else’s pain but their own.

  • laylo

    PH now feels pain…but only his own…not an individual likeFergie’s, not a group like the gay community’s', and not an organization like Glaad….and only his pain is real to him…nothing else exists.

  • haji

    @lexi: Did instruct his manager to punch Perez?

  • rantee

    BOYCOTT Perez and his advertisers:
    TV Land (“She’s Got the Look”)
    HBO (“Hung”)

    Ypu will find contact info on each of their sites. Please email and/or call them. This makes a difference and IT IS WORKING!!!

  • laylo

    rantee…good idea, I will do it.

  • jaye

    Perez gave another half-a*ssed apology on his site. He’s still playing the victim and making excuses for his actions. I’ve been banned from Perez’s site. Oh, boo hoo hoo. lol I’ve criticized him for months for his hateful speech. He’s banned a lot of people because they criticized him. But if he bans them ALL, he will have few comments on his site lol.

    I’ve never liked Perez, but he USE to have some good news items, but since the Miss. U.S.A thing he’s become more of a hate-monger than ever. He needs to lose ALL of his advertisers. He also became very lazy and was just basically taking news items from other sites and reporting on them 2-3 days AFTER the fact.

    THANK YOU JARED FOR PROVING CELEBRITY NEWS WITHOUT MAKING IT ALL ABOUT YOU AND DRAMA. You have proven yourself to be a resourceful and respectful young man.

  • Brownsugar

    I’ve just read Perez’s latest apology, and I have to say:
    How noble…
    It’s funny, he manages to issue an apology which doesn’t really apologize to the people that it should.
    how about a flat out sorry to for lying (saying he hit you) and calling him a f***** which of course started the entire physical element of this incident.
    how about a sorry to fergie for calling her fugly and saying you wish she impales herself.
    how about he say sorry to Polo for him having to waste the use of his knuckles on his fugly face to put you back in line.
    how about a sorry for your overall mean spirited, racist toned attitude towards’s soft spoken manner.
    YOU WILL NEVER LEARN. you are an idiot.

  • zk

    Liar liar pants on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you are sued and I hope you lose fans.

    I can’t believe ANYONE is siding with you, other than your fellow neurotic celebs who can’t stand Perez outing them as the IDIOTS they are.

    The truth is, you are as insecure and neurotic as the rest of them, which is why you instigated trouble with Perez.

    This statement, which is an obvious fabrication from your PR people, may fool the american idiot, but there are many who aren’t.

    You can’t say one thing and do another – that makes you a hypocrite, and that you are.

    I’m so done with your band and your lead singer is a FUG.

  • liar Liar caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zk must be a huge perez the hate monger’s fan or stalker. Same thing really in perez’s case.

  • laylo

    OK…I called all the advertisers, and I also directed them to this blogsite to see the feedback. I encourage all people who stand “against hatred and verbal violence” to do the same. Lets all not just complain..lets take action against sociopaths like PH.

  • chloe

    What if this was stagedm like Bruno and Eminem? Lol.

  • WentsWorthit

    Well said…PEEHilton, needs to be shut down.

  • nathalie

    very well said!

  • maeli

    team william perez is just awfull

  • lala

    Team BEP!! Will is right. Perez promotes violence on his site by attacking people based on how they look and not their talents. I was completely disgusted that he attacked Adam Sandler’s child for NO reason. I was appalled when he published photos of Black with his partner having sex. I was outraged when he forced people to come out when they wanted to keep their sexuality private. Perez knows its over for him. Polls are showing 80-95% supporting BEP and not him! Its over…he is the laughing stock (celebs are making fun of him) and he has lost his base. He is toast.

  • maeli

    team william

  • maeli

    team william

  • istar

    100% totally well said.

  • BoycottToBankrupt

    BoycottToBankrupt @ 06/25/2009 at 1:14 pm Perez Hilton is RACIST. He called Will.I.Am a “THUG” and FALSELY accused him of assault simply because Will is black. He thought the public would automatically believe that Will was violent SIMPLY BECAUSE he is black.

    Perez Hilton is HOMOPHOBIC. He said Will did not deserve respect because he is a “F*CKING F*GGOT!! Hilton therefore obviously believes gays are not worthy of respect.

    Hit Perez Hilton where it hurts — in the wallet. Contact his advertisers and tell them you will NOT patronize their products or services so long as they advertise on his site. Start by contacting and DEMAND that they pull their current ad from his site.

    This subhuman pig does not respect women, children, blacks, gays or anyone with whom he disagrees politically. The only thing he respects of the almighty dollar. BANKRUPT HIM

  • laylo

    I just called corporate relations at much music to complain. PH is a sociopath, and people like him who are V V verbally violent cannot be encouraged. Sometime, some whack job Perez follower is going to take PH exhortations to violence seriously and do some serious physical damage to some one thinking it will make PH happy. Or simply because PH said the person was fugly. This guy is dangerous, and so are alot of his followers.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    Perefectly said. And btw, Will is a very smart man. And had sent like 4 teens to college thru his foundation. Anyway, Will is right – racial or gay slurs should never be used to provoke anyone. Never. I can’t promise if someone shouted a slur at me that I would not punch them and I am just a skinny girl but I would really be upset so Perez put himself in the line of fire. How dare he called Fergie fugly again in his melodramatic plea. Grow up Perez you bully. Outing people and calling celeb kids awful names and women awful names – Perez is a pig. Plain and simple.

  • MFM

    @shurly: You are right. I wouldn’t stand like an idiot. I would’ve walked away.

  • Wow

    Perez has consistantly slandered and painted several celebrities in a bad light. It is mind boggling how he believes he can go as far as calling celebrites “gay faces” “whores” ” sluts” “FUG” and more but NO ONE can call him out on it or defend themselves. Every time someone has even hinted being upset with him, Perez goes on a tangent and says a diatribe against them. It just goes to prove how immature, insecure, and selfish he is. Karma comes in many ways; sometimes really ugly. It all depends on the severity of the person’s action; in this case, extremely. I believe this is just a cry for attention.

  • marla


  • AllisonC

    Well said Will.

    Am i the only one who sees what Perez did? He said Will.I.Am. struck him, will.i. am said he didn’t, then perez blogged saying the manager did it. So why is Will getting hated on? lol

    Perez is a baby,

  • jaye

    Perez is so concerned about suing for his ‘injury’; he should be thinking about that fact that Canada might have a beef with HIM for using hate speech in a public place. Some Canadians have suggested that there is such a law in Canada. If so, Perez himself could be charged. What is unforgivable is that by his own words Perez used the term F***** deliberately. It wasn’t something said in the heat of the moment without thought. He accused HIMSELF on the first video, now he’s trying to back out of it. I’d really like to see his blog GONE. There are many more places to get our celebrity fix without giving this excuse for a human being a forum.

  • anonymous


    Thanks for your feedback Perez. I mean Lilia.

  • jaye

    exi @ 06/25/2009 at 10:38 am

    violence is never the answer. yes, perez called him something he regrets (well, he SAYS he regrets) but the will i am shouldn’t have been a coward and gave it back to him! he shouldn’t have had his manager hit him! i’m not supporting the black eyed peas for being violet towards someone. that said, i’m not supporting perez for calling someone the f word. but to those saying should sue for harrassment and slander, perezis suing for physical abuse MUCH WORSE and could also sue for harrassment as well.
    Ok it’s a slow day lol. Do you really think Will.I.Am HAD his manager hit Perez. Is it so far fetched to think that the manager did it on his own? Almost everyone on this site is pissed at Perez and would HIT him if given the opportunity. Why would you think Will.I.Am would have ‘had” his manager hit Perez. He could have decked the big crybaby himself, but HE showed restraint. If anyone was a coward it’s the big attention hog Perez; he hides behind a computer insulting celebrities AND their small children. BTW you you’re not supporting THE BLACK EYE PEAS WERE VIOLENT towards anyone; not ONE of the PEAS hit him, the manager did. That’s like calling YOU violent if your FRIEND hits someone. As for slander, Perez PUBLICLY accused Will.I.Am of hitting him, when he didn’t. Please stay focused

  • Jolie hot chin not

    i voiced my opinion to hbo so they can styop advertising with perez. perezi is so vile.

  • royal beauty

    Great response Will-i-am! Perez, if you were sued for all the verbal abuse you spruil on your lame website, you’d be as broke as you look!

  • Muzzafuzza

    Why do people keep bringing up the BS rumor that Will.I.AM is gay? Like that is any type of justification for Perez’s actions. In fact, that would make his slur all the more horrific honestly. Inflicting that term on a fellow homosexual. I, for one, do not believe that Will.I.Am is gay. But quite frankly, Closeted or not, Out or not Will.I.Am could be the gayest thing since gay came to gaytown and that STILL wouldn’t excuse or justify Perez and his provocative verbal assault.

  • Lidija

    I’m going to loose my mind if one more person says “They have to expect people to not like their music”.. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. Will defended Fergie because she was angry Perez talks so much shit about her yet acts like her friend in person.. he is so fake and she got angry. If you watch the video on TMZ you can only hear Perez screaming hateful things..while Will’s voice is barely heard.. he was not screaming.

    Perez is mentally ill. He said in his written complaint that Perez and Mario are two different people.. he is crazy.

  • Nadia

    This man is so right.. there are HUGE tragic things going on right now.. who cares about Perez

  • groundcontrol

    Why are people so down on Perez Hilton? His gossip site isn’t any worse than a lot of others and certainly not as bad or hateful as some gossip sites. Try Michael K at DListed or Ian Halperin at IUC or a bunch of others that spew out hateful gossip – some wittier than others – but just the same they do it to make money. There is nothing that Hilton does that others don’t also do.
    I really do think Hilton attracts a lot more anger from people because he is so blatantly gay and sometimes silly but mostly because he is so very, in your face gay.
    There is NO excuse for physically assaulting another person unless it is in defense of yourself or another.’s press release sounds exactly like he is equating perceived unkind words with physical violence. Sorry. They are not. is just sticking up for his manager and trying to justify the assault.

  • Brownsugar

    why is it all about sexuality? look @ it this way: a man called another man something he didn’t like (and which was extremely offensive). it’s usually the way fights get started.

    oh yeah but its okay for perez to say the fa word to someone else but not for isiah washington, who’s career was obliviated. yeah that sounds real fair. i couldn’t care how gay perez was,’s manager wouldn’t have taken that BS off a straight guy either.

  • hrhkat

    Just because you were born doesnt mean you deserve respect….respect has to be earned, its not a basic right.