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Bar Refaeli Is A Savvy Shopper

Bar Refaeli Is A Savvy Shopper

Bar Refaeli shops at several stores with a friend in Milan, Italy on Wednesday (June 24).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel will be the face of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition and Anti-Humidity Hairspray Collections. “Not only does Bar Refaeli have beautiful hair that’s in line with what the Garnier Fructis products represent, but she embodies Garnier’s overall focus on healthy beauty and a positive mindset,” says Maybelline New York / Garnier President David Greenberg.

“I like Garnier and have been using their products for several years,” Refaeli said. “Their products and ingredients fit my lifestyle perfectly – helping me keep my hair strong, healthy and shiny. It’s such an honour to be the spokesmodel for Garnier Fructis’ new launches, the Triple Nutrition Hair Care collection and the Anti-Humidity Hairsprays.”

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Yawn!

  • just me

    Honestly the friend looks way better than Barf

  • Fred Smithson

    Savvy shopper? Maybe. Sexy shopper? Absolutely.

  • adna

    without comments.

  • jsy

    BR is wearing clothes. That`s something rare.

  • lali

    she`s amazing !!!
    i like her <3 <3

  • joe

    Is she and leo still together? cause from the looks of it lately, they can hardly be called a couple! Anyways, good for Bar that she gets another endorsement.

  • Anonymous

    It seems like they’re not together. But why is she wearing his leaf necklace he gave her? I’m sorry I’m speculating. which worrys me. lol. good for her though; that same day Leo was flirting with two girls at a nightclub. Seems like they’re done.

  • lizzie

    what a great looking blonde !! :)

  • camerondiaztwin

    Who ever said he gave her that necklace?

    Nice to see you can actually make an entry on her w/o mentioning you-know-who, JJ.

  • just me

    The gold leaf necklace topic is getting ridiculous. Who said that Leo gave it to her?

  • Anonymous

    Well, Leo gave the necklaces to his mother & Kate Winslet. I just assumed he gave one to his girlfriend. I don’t know. Jennifer Meyer made that necklace, I heard, so maybe she gave it to her.

  • joe


    Yup Leo is behaving like a single guy lately…

    I mean, if you have a gf and you respect her, you won’t act lke that! But anyways, it’s their lives so let’s just see what will happen next…

  • karenina

    @Anonymous: wow the 3 main woman for him

  • french

    JJ is the only site which continue to speak about Barf while she is not Leo’s fake girlfriend anymore. It’s not Leo who gave the leaf necklace to her. what is she doing in Milan except shopping?

  • Abbie

    Thanks Jared for the new pictures! Congrats for her becoming Fructis spokesmodel! Milan is gorgeous at this time of year and it is indeed a great place to shop!

    Bar ,just like Leo, is a very busy person. She just came from business work in Israel and Leo is working on a new movie. But don’t worry, you’ll see new pictures of the two very soon!!!!!!

  • french


    Barf is not a busy person, nobody want her.

  • french

    I never saw a model in Garnier’s ads .

  • french


    Who know if Leo really flirted with 2 girls? but anyway she has never been his girlfriend and she never will be it , so why some people continue to speak about Leo?

  • LUma


  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    all the people here who hate bar and has nothing nice to say- JUST GO AWAY!!!!! dont leave comments here!!!!!!!
    now all of you (french, LUma and all the others) are coming to bash on her here???? come on people, leave her alone………..
    Bar is AMAZING!!!!!! (((((((((((( ::::::::

    thank you so much Jared!!!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    french- you are such a POOR GIRL………. leave Bar alone, and do somthing better with your suck life!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Lisa rose:

    Are you sure French (and all of her other names she comes under) have a life..??? When someone makes her priority bashing and drooling of jealousy a beautiful model/celebrity who has DiCaprio as a boyfriend, it is obvious that this person has no life at all. Quite pathetic, isn’t it?


  • lali

    Lisa rose and Nicole
    i`m soo agree with you

  • :))))))))))))

    i love her she is wonderful model !

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    thanks you Nicole and lali for agree with me! (((( :::::::
    I said that french and some few others haters in that websit have no life for a long time (cus they are allways posting in Bar’s posts the same things, allways bashing), and fainelly someone agree with me…. lol
    you are so right Nicole!

  • Sally

    Some woman doesn’t need anything else to be beautiful. They’re so pretty that they can shine just by using jeans and white t-shirt. Bar is one of those women, for sure. Lucky you, Leo. First Gisele, than Bar Rafaeli. He is special, for sure. :)

  • @Nicole

    Barf does not have Leo for a boyfriend. Leo wasnt lucky to have Bar. He made a mistake and he learnt from it.,,20287618,00.html

  • @


  • @

    *****= BIITCH

  • @

    She doesn’t hide and why did she always have the same clothes ? She needs a stylist because her clothes are also ugly as her.

  • @22

    Since there`s nothing nice to say about her no wonder people are bashing her. I hope Leo finally dumped her.

  • haps

    Thanks Tzipi (Bar’s mom) for these “candids” that you took with your own camera. Tzipi is expanding her career options by becoming a part-time paparazzi. Thanks JJ for hooking up with Tzipi to get them.

  • lali

    #29 – #33 it`s a one person, it`s obvious !!
    look at the time
    #29- at 1:18 pm
    #30 -at 1:19 pm
    #31-at 1:20 pm
    #32-at 1:30 pm
    #33-at 1:31 pm

  • @


    #29 and #33 it’s not me

    #24 – #28 it’s one person

  • @35

    The obvious thing is that you need a life and some medication.

  • haps

    #17 is Tzipi. Hi Tzipi! Congratulations on your new paparazzi career! Tell Bar to look more annoyed and maybe put a hand up or something next time because these pictures look too posed.

  • haps

    The leaf necklace means Bar hopes to be back with her famous bf according to Tzipi’s #17 post. I have a feeling he calls Bar when things don’t go that well in the nightclubs. Then Bar gets the necklace out of the drawer and it goes back on. I hope I am wrong because I do not think they should get back together. They seem unhappy being with each other.
    I hope they both find other people they are happier with soon.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @@: another poor hater, who has a suck life!!!! ))))))))) ::::::::
    your comments just showing how much you jelouse……..POOR ))) :::::

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    IF ALL OF YOU HATE HER SO MUCH, SO WHY YOU WEASTING ALL YOUR F****** TIME ON HER??????????????? just tell me…….
    POOR POOR POOR HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and then you tell me to get a life………..LOL (((((((( ::::::::

  • @17

    Bar was in Israel but it seems she didn`t do much work ( but was seen out frequently with the same guy ) and even though Leo is working on a new movie he is not too busy going out clubbing and flirting ( and apparently leaving with ) girls other than Barf.
    It seems that even her fans know that Barf badly needs Leo for her career and that`s why they just keep waiting for the pictures together.

  • @


    He was not flirting and leaving with girls , it’s bullshits.

  • @

    @Lisa rose:

    Poor Lisa rose, you need a life and another favorite model because Barfie is very ugly and she is not a model at all.

  • @43

    It seems like you have a problem seeing Leo with women in general. First I though it was just Barf but now it`s obvious that it`s general. Why is it so hard to believe that Leo was flirting and taking someone home? Why is it bullsh*t?

  • lali

    get a life !!!
    #24 – #28 it`s not one person like in #29-#33
    it`s bvious sweetie

    Lisa rose you live in israel ?

  • @


    Because there are always sighting like that, but we never see Leo with girls.I don’t have a problem seeing Leo with women, it’s just that i don’t believe these sightings. I hope Leo will have a girlfriend soon, i will like to see him happy.

  • @


    yes she live in Israel ( only israelis persons love her because they are proud that she was Leo’s fake girlfriend)

  • !!!

    bar needs my cock in her ass!!

  • Leo

    The next girl that people will see Leo with will probably be his soulmate…and she’s not a model!

    Leo and Bar are over! Leo isnt that busy and she isnt busy either. They’re not hanging out with each other because they’re over. People is right on this one.