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Christian Bale Has A Paul Frank Family

Christian Bale Has A Paul Frank Family

Christian Bale throws a Paul Frank towel over his shoulder and takes his wife Sibi Blazic to pick up their daughter from swim class in Los Angeles on Friday (June 26).

Christian co-stars with Johnny Depp in the new movie Public Enemies, out July 1. The film premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Tuesday.

If you’re wondering why Depp and not Bale is featured on Public Enemies posters, check out

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Credit: Kevin Perkins/ Gaz Shilrey; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Christa

    his daughter’s such a cutie!! she has the same stare as christian.

  • philipa

    nah,.. she doesn’t look like she is about to kick someone in the balls at any moment

  • mailey

    Christian doesnt seem very vain, so I doubt he would care if it were just J on the posters, esp since Depp does play the main/title character..

  • Nina

    That Eonline story is just plain dumb. He’s not on the poster because Depp is the main character. Bale has said all along that he is in a supporting role. He seems fine with it, so why is anyone else making a big deal? Cute little girl. Must be awful having people take photos of you every where you go…

  • sheryl

    I know, Nina, I don’t know why people make such a big deal about “lead” versus “supporting.” It makes no difference to me, I think everybody has responsibility for making films work and are equally important. Sometimes “supporting” actors are the best thing in a film.

  • ck_always


    Exactly, The Dark Knight anyone?

  • meh

    his daughter is too adorable

  • nikki

    soo cute!

  • H.

    He’s a fabulous actor and a very humble one. He doesn’t give a damn if he’s not on the poster. But I guarantee you he went in and gave his best performance every single day, supporting role or not.

  • sheryl

    #6, right, Heath probably had about the best role in that film, he could go nuts with it.

  • Liset Lee

    Great towel. Paul Frank jeans are the best!

  • Peach

    He’s not on the poster because he not saleable – he’s Batman for god’s sake…..

  • kaila


    he is an amazing actor!

  • kaila

    hey and by the way “Peach”


  • kaila

    BATMAN ROCKS! and so does BALE!

  • dancer


  • sarah

    CB is Hot as always. His family looks happy and i love that cute little girl! E-online is Sucks. ignorant!

  • hello

    Dont like him anymore.He is losing his hotness and talents.

    He’s not a draw at all. If Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is close to beating TDK’s records some movie in the near future can break Titanic’s records and TDK. That’s a whole lot impressive because they dont need someone dying or a tragedy to lure people to watch or spike the hype.

  • raena

    what a pretty family no?

  • jpfan

    What happened to this guy?

  • cutie

    they are a beautiful family! :-)

  • Yes!

    sorry i can’t resist but he’s got no ounce of class and respect for others. As for his acting he is so bland.

  • kooky

    This is the best Bale impersonation about his rant and so HILARIOUS

    FX and Spike Channel made fun of him also KRAQ the radion station aired Mike’s Bale TS tirade impersonation again.

  • laura

    Christian is a fantastic actor. It doesn’t surprise me that people are so ignorant about his acting ability – if you haven’t seen any of his pre-batman work, you wouldn’t know how talented he is.

    As for his anger issues, well, its creepy, but they are his own business.

  • sugar

    Dressed in black once again. And there is nothing more attractive than size 11 ballet flats.

  • leto

    He’s just poison at the box office.

  • Sandi

    How old is his wife and what does she do?

  • dizzWew

    Emmaline is a beautiful girl

  • ut

    Christian looks too thin and Sibi looks stocky.

  • alex

    #27 She’s about 40 and doesn’t work. Before she married Bale she worked in a hair salon and later as Winona Ryder’s assistant – that’s how she met him.

  • Sarah

    Another LUCKY working class girl Like Luciana Damon..
    Of course if a working class guy married a star, everyone would call them someone just out for the money but OK

    She is as hard as he is I =saw a TMZ video of her yelling at a pap -

  • Liset Lee

    @ #27 / #30 blazic
    Getting a degree must mean something…….

  • lakecitygirl

    I’ve decided to not see anything that this moron is in. Temper tantrums like his are disgusting. I can’t really stnd his voice anyway. Better find another job Bale. I hope many others don’t supoort you either. Depp’s got enough moola anyway.

  • mailey

    if i were married to christian bale, i wouldnt work either. but im sure she’s good at helping raise a good girl. but in american society, solely caring for kids is looked down upon. the woman is expected to do everything-work full-time and somehow be there for everything for the kids as well.
    she is lucky enough not to work, great for her.

  • wafwaf

    @ lakecitygirl: Depp wasn’t always an angel. He used to fight and drink a lot and use drugs. I love Depp as an actor and he seems a very cool dude nowadays, but he wasn’t always like that. Hollywood made him crazy! Understandable!

    Bale seems a cool, intelligent and nice person eather, he just had a couple of very rough months back then. We don’t know what was going on in his personal life and it’s none of our business eather. He regretted what he said and has told everyone it was inexcusable like a thousand billion times, but perfect people like you really don’t want to forgive him, do you? You’re so perfect and never make mistakes. We should applaud and worship you!

    There are many people in the world supporting Bale, cause he’s an excellent actor!

  • Rosa



  • gemini

    # 35 many people dont support Bale

    Im not watching PE for Bale and especially lousy anti American hypocrites like Cotillard and Depp.

  • justme

    I have paul frank tank top :)

  • £64.99

    Christian Bale is so inconsistent nowadays!! Other than BAtman from his new films :
    I’m Not There is SHIT!!!
    Harsh Times is SHIT!!!
    Rescue Dawn is good!!!
    Terminator S . getting shit reviews look shit ! Havent seen because of this! Sellout ? or what?

  • Velvet Goldminee

    Sibi really reminds me of Fergie from the Black Eyed peas who is sooo cool. She and Christian are a very well suited couple. Good luck to ‘em.

  • Suppress your appetite

    she’s cute!