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David Cook's No.1 Countdown

David Cook's No.1 Countdown

David Cook visits Fuse’s No. 1 Countdown at Fuse Studios on Thursday (June 25) in New York City.

The 26-year-old American Idol winner just scored his 3rd Top 10 Single on Adult Radio. His introductory single, “Time of My Life,” reached No. 7, its follow-up, “Light On,” peaked at No. 4., and his latest single “Come Back to Me” moved into No. 10 this week. Cook announced plans to extend his first ever solo tour, “The Declaration Tour – 2009,” through October 2009.

Earlier this month, reported Cook getting a little cozy with scene queen Lana Jade.

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  • MaybeToday

    Yeah. How can his hair be so awful but his face be so cute? American idol aint my cup o tee, but I can’t hate on this dudes grin. How cute.

  • me

    Yay!! I love David!! :D

  • UGGs

    Ugh! Something about that smug bastard I can not stand.

  • http://Justjared sweetbirdsang

    UGGs? Clearly you don’t know a thing about David Cook. He’s an extremely kind, generous person, not an ounce of smugness about him. Try reading about his charity work and you’ll change your mind instantly. Best not to post when you haven’t paid real attention.

  • jackd

    I wasn’t a fan until I met him. A real nice dude with no airs.

  • Memememe

    I agree with #3…
    Something about him I don’t digg…

  • qwerty

    There’s nothing wrong with his hair, it’s adorable! As is the rest of him, that smile melts my heart. And what a snappy dresser too. :D

  • Catherine

    some haters have been wanting him to be a smug, to be arrogant, to be a douche, to do something stupid for more than a year now… But David has only been amazing and done fantastic things. everyone who meets him loves him.
    it would be cool if people didn’t accuse nice people of something they aren’t. There are too many jerks in hollywood that the nice ones deserve the praise.

  • http://Justjared sweetbirdsang


    Really. As jackd says above, when you find out the truth, you like him because not only is there nothing not to like, but he is a giver to the max.


    Funny how people who don’t know a damn thing about him say he’s smug juding by pictures. Everyone has nothing but good things to say about him — even Simon Cowell, the radio dj’s interviewing him, etc. — about how nice and humble he is and continues to be.

    Anyway, yes I am a fan because he’s a great performer and all around great musician — songwriter, singer and guitar player — who has been in bands for 10 yrs. working his way up. Congrats to him on his platinum album! Looking forward to checking him out in person later on his tour!

  • http://Justjared sweetbirdsang

    And he deserves every ounce of success because he’s earned it. All the best to David always.

  • tfr

    he’s such a doll. i’m really happy for him!

  • artemis

    Love his voice and his cd. Thanks for the pictures, he looks adorable.

  • Cooksbiggestfan

    David Cook is an extraordinary man. He is one of the most humble, caring, giving, and talented men you’ll ever meet. He deserves everything fame has to offer him. He’s such a sincere guy, and it’s easy to see. Don’t make rude comments about how you think he’s ‘smug’, because he is anything but. If you’ve followed anything that this man has done, you’d regret saying that. He’s been through a lot this year so show him the respect he deserves.


    P.S – Does his adorable smile melt anyone else’s heart?!

  • @14….

    Yeah, he might be nice but he sure is homely looking and the comb
    over hair doesn’t help AND his record was boring and bland!

  • Linda

    Actually, he’s very hot and his stage presence is very sexy! No, that’s not a comb over but he has long bangs with a very high forehead with unfortunately thin hair — which I also have and it sucks. His smile is too cute!

  • shelbyy

    haha i think its funny how people get mad when someone calls him arrogant or something and say that they dont even know him, but unless you met him you dont know him either so how would you know if he is really a nice person. haha whatever, he’s alright i feel bad about his brother.. it’s cool how people are supporting him. even people who are fans of david archuleta, including me, show their support and prayers :]

  • Ashley

    We may not exactly know him but you can definitely judge by people’s comments about him, ie. as a previous poster pointed out the radio DJs, Cowell, and magazine/newspaper columnists—haven’t heard/seen a bad word published about him. He’s done many fundraisers for cancer and even ran in the DC Race for a Cure hours after finding out his brother passed away. I think it takes an exception human being to do that.

  • luvnit

    I met David just this past Sunday & he was as sweet as ever!! Even my guy friend, who had never heard David’s music before, really liked him after hearing him live & meeting him. Although he said he hadn’t eaten all day, he really took his time with everyone. I was really touched by how much David cares about children too. He was only signing, but at the end he let all the kids go stand next to him & take pictures. What a classy guy. David deserves all the success in the world. :)

  • Ewolf.girl

    I love everything about David…his voice, his creative talent(s), his grin, his bod, his heart, his sensitivity, his strong connection to family, his patience with his fans (tho I don’t know now that that psycho fan jumped on his tour bus while he was changing!!? Not ALL your fans are crazy, David!!), his on-stage charisma, his camaraderie with his band…ok well maybe I don’t like his new Pink/Lady Gaga/Paris Hilton-esque girlfriend! But yeah, other than that I love everything about David! Go check out one of his shows…you’ll love him too!

  • Catherine

    shelbyy, i think those who say he’s a nice, sweet, humble, etc person have reasons to say so.. he has proven to be one in different times.
    Those who say he’s arrogant or a douche can only say “i feel” “i have a suspicion” “something about him I don’t know” etc… nothing specific.
    That’s the big difference

  • George

    Some people just don’t get “artfully messy” hair, do they? And haven’t we had enough of all the buzzed and shaved heads lately . . . that’s so passé.

    With his voice, David can look however he wants!

  • kristie

    i love david cook! he is just amazing. :)

  • linddar

    David Cook is an extraordinary talent. He is an amazing singer with outstanding stage presence. The fact that he’s also adorable is a bonus, as is the fact that he’s just a great guy.

  • taytum

    This is funny. I liked this dude on AI, but his music is kind of boring now. I’m his age and my sister is 20 and none of our friends think he is attractive, well maybe just cute in a geeky way. This lends me to believe that all these ladies going on about his looks are the “cougars”,lol. Cause it seems they are the only ones who think he is hot and his music is good. He only covers 80′s crappy pop songs from the one free concert I recently went to, and the crowd was full of old ladies! Not impressed. Whatev, I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy.


    He represents my hometown well and we are really proud of him. He has earned this and worked his way up. Yes, he is a very nice guy and has not let success go to his head. Also, he is very close to his family and friends and loves to spend time with them. He has a great voice and puts so much of himself into these songs. Can’t wait for the next album although I listen to this one plenty. People that do not know him can speculate that he is smug but he isn’t and people need to try to get to know him before they judge him. I mean people that aren’t after his fame and fortune that is. Just show the guy some love and give him a chance. He has done really well so far and KC is looking forward to seeing him skyrocket in his career. Thanks David for representing Kansas City so well! Love ya

  • Neil

    He may be a nice midwestern guy, but his music is BORING as far as I’ve heard to date. Disappointed after idol, he seemed promising.

  • Donna

    I saw his concert in Del Mar, CA recently and he is a great live performer. Love his CD and love Come Back To Me.

  • jenna

    I’m not a dried up old cougar or a fat frau… I’m 23 and I think he’s hot.

    If you see him live, you won’t think he’s boring.

  • qwerty

    I’m his age too and he’s the most attractive man I can think of. So hot.

  • George

    David puts a great deal of emphasis on singing the words clearly, and the songs that he co-wrote on the album have meaningful texts, which means that the melodies do tend to be a little slower or more regular in rhythm to allow emphasis on the words. For me, however, the songs are not dull and draggy at all.

    I think on Idol Simon sensed that David didn’t need to project a cocky or smug grunge attitude. I don’t think David ever really had that kind of attitude. Like many singers inexperienced with televsion, he had to break the habit of tilting his head back too much (singing to the first balcony), which can make a singer seem arrogant on TV. When he fixed that, some of the attitude complaints dried up.

  • Cougar40n

    Okay, self-confessed cougar here. But REALLY tired of the smug/arrogant/boring accusations re: Mr. Cook. Look, the evidence to the contrary is ALL over YouTube — just go watch the HOURS of time spent with fans, one genuine & honest interview after another, and one HOT performance after the next. This guy has very wide ranging musical tastes and musical appeal — so let him! If you don’t like the ballads, then go rock out on Kiss on the Neck or Bar-ba-sol — but a warning here — it DOESN’T sound like all the other stuff I hear on the radio lately, so be prepared. And no, there’s no Pink/Gaga-esque gf in the picture at the moment (he says), despite rumors. David Cook’s live show is extraordinary, so if you get the chance, go!

  • Dana

    I did see him live at my college. It was a free show, so that was cool of him. He is kind of cute and a real nice guy. I don’t really think most of the kids he wants as fans are into his type of music, even the faster stuff like kiss on the neck and barbasol. I didn’t go by his record because I like bands that are more current type of music, and some of them do ballads too, like Kings of Leon. I just don’t get David’s vibe, but you are right, his show is high energy and he is a good singer, just seems he is going retro rock and maybe trying to start a trend? Don’t think the kids will get it though…and I know he is so over the cougar crowd, no offense but it was weird having so many older people at my college show. He needs to be more current is all I’m saying, if he wants mass appeal to the young rock audience.

  • Matt

    Well I’m a college student. My friend’s Mom took us to his concert here and I thought it was great. Guys got an awesome voice and his band was real tight. I wasn’t prepared to like him coming out of Idol and all but he really won me over.

  • Cougar40n

    @Dana: Guess what? DC likes Kings of Leon, too — and lots of others — but he’s always going to do his own thing. His previous indie album was not retro at all — who knows about the next one. If you’re interested, here’s a list of songs DC recommends people listen to — NOT his music, just music he likes — it may surprise you!

  • LR88DC

    I’m almost 24, and I LOVE David’s music, even though I prefer harder rock. Whether it’s his older stuff with Axium to his current album, I love it all. And though I love his album, he is even better live. Yes, there were many ‘cougars’ at the shows I have been to, but there have been a ton of college-aged fans and kids at his concerts as well. And the cover’s he’s been doing? Though some of the original versions I don’t care for, his versions of them are so great.

    And to say David is smug? Then clearly you don’t know him AT ALL! I have met him a couple of times and he is THE NICEST PERSON I have ever met, as well as his band members. For one of the concerts, he came out in below zero weather to sign autographs, even though he was coming down with a cold. Very geneous of him.

    And, I think he is, without a doubt, THE SEXIEST guy EVER! And it’s not just because of his looks either, it’s his personality (sense of humor/big heart) that’s what makes him sexy. The good looks are an added bonus!

  • Jennifer

    Not a cougar either, but I find him really hot. Met him after a show once and he came across as very kind and patient. His charitable work is something to be admired.

    I will agree that he’s a much more dynamic performer live than he comes across on record. If you haven’t been impressed by the radio play if you have a chance to catch him and the band at one of smaller venues they’re playing all this year, you will be extremely impressed.

  • Angela

    LOL at the “over the cougar crowd” comment. Sweetie, I know it won’t seem like it now, but you will be a cougar someday — and believe it or not, chances are good you will remember good music and may just want to go out and expereince it live. Believe it or not, once your’e over 30, you really haven’t forgotten how to have fun and as a matter of a fact, older people don’t want to stay home a knit and form book clubs. The idea that good times and fun only belong to the young is clearly a Ageist one coming from the limited perspective of a kid who is still too young to know that her expereinces ARE limited by her OWN age.

    Not to mention that cougars actually BUY records instead of stealing them and calling it “sharing”. Every artist out there, male or female, appreciates the older fan over the college kid because they don’t steal (or excuse me, “share”) from them the way you guys do and excuse it away with a bizarre line of excuses that won’t make any sense once you’re out in the real world and someone “shares” something that belongs to you.

  • Caela

    I think it’s great that all ages like David Cook’s music – and while Angela’s right about the older crowd actually BUYING cd’s, I think it’s clear that demographic is hurting the guy’s credibility when it comes to fans his own age. Funny, although his cd is kinda “safe”, I do think it’s current – sounds a lot like Nickelback, Daughtry, etc.. I’m a fan, and I kinda cracked up when I heard Daughtry’s new single, which has the same sound a lot of DC’s cuts. Bombastic verses, followed by an almost a capella chorus, finishing with another bang… I guess Daughtry must’ve liked DC’s cd, too.
    And I find him sort of geeky-hawt, ymmv. (those lips! yum–my!)

  • ts

    Yea I am David Cook’s age also. I think some of the things he chooses to leak to the public are a little stupid but it’s hard not to like the guy, I have never met him but he seems to be a friendly, genuine person. His singles were always on the radio at work and I enjoyed listening to them. They may not match 100% what is current now but it didn’t really matter, they are the type of songs that would appeal to almost any generation without being offensive.

    And I will have to comment on looks too. He’s not drop dead gorgeous but he’s cute, and seems like someone you would meet in every day life… kinda approachable and harmless…..but I think in this pic he needs a little haircut or something??

  • On the Radio

    He’s probably so busy with his tour that he doesn’t have much time to get a haircut. I love him and I think he looks cute anyway. I’m going to his concert at the Ventura County Fair in CA in August. I can hardly wait. It will be my first chance to see him perform live but I have been watching his concerts on youtube. Look him up! Fans have posted tons of videos and he’s a great performer.

  • Monica

    I saw him in concert last week and he put on an awesome show! You can watch the video of David’s Fuse countdown interview on youtube:

  • Kate

    I love David! He is amazing! I can’t wait to see him in concert!

  • Steve

    I love this guy. I think he is by far the best performer ever to come out of American Idol. Just caught his concert in Lansing, Mi and he was awesome. Great show!

  • tygergirl

    hey #1 has the snarky sense of humor that is right there – hes too adorable which i am sure he really isnt going for – smile melts any heart – i just cant find alot wrong with him and dont want to…

  • Suppress your appetite

    @UGGs: =—-]