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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Launches NFL Maternity Line

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Launches NFL Maternity Line

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck dons a t-shirt from Reebok’s new maternity NFL line. (Her husband Tim is a former NFL quarterback.)

She tweeted on Monday, “Just finished Reebok photoshoot for NFL maternity tees! They even had chips and cookies for me!”

Elisabeth also told WWD at the shoot: “I actually did a design internship at Reebok years ago. The NFL has a tremendous amount of female fans. Watching a game can be a real family bonding experience, and I can tell you that the women behind the games are truly the most intense of the fans.”

Elisabeth, who is due with her third child on August 11, said that after wearing the shirts on set all day, “they have a great fit, they are super soft and nice and long so you can easily wear them over your workout pants.”

The NFL maternity collection will launch during the fall 2010 football season.

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  • Lillianne

    can’t stand her

  • hello

    another kid?

  • AwesomeElisabeth

    LOVE HER!!! Love how other women like to hate other successful women with morals and values. What a shame that she wants to fight for the unborn that you all want to abort.

  • JR

    There is no need for maternity NFL wear….she is so annoying…hope it fails.

  • JR

    There is no need for maternity NFL wear….she is so annoying…hope it fails.

  • clare

    shut up shes awesome….you hate someone because they dont act like a typical liberal hollywood freak.

  • LoserLillianne

    @Lillianne: Lemme guess… Joy Loumouth Behar is your idol huh? What a class act she is…

  • LoserLillianne

    @Lillianne: Lemme guess… Joy Loudmouth Behar is your idol huh? What a class act she is…

  • AmenClare

    @clare: Amen sista!!! Agreed!

  • E

    A lot more people would watch “The View” if Hasslebeck would quit. She ranks right up there with Palin and Gosselin.

  • JuvenileJR

    @JR: Oh, so pregnant women can’t wear sportswear now? Wow, you have a strong argument there.

  • MeMyselfandI

    @Me!: Your mom should’ve aborted you. Freak!

  • lucy

    I hate this woman.


    @E: The only woman on The View who doesn’t act like a stupid cackling hen is Elisabeth.

  • Cathey

    She doesn’t have a clue about real life and real problems!!! She is dumb as a box of rocks!!!

  • LameLucy

    @lucy: So, you’re another “one” who hates a woman who fights for human rights instead of taking away the rights of the innocent unborn. Pretty soon there will be no liberals around like you because you all will have aborted your ‘kind.’ Keep em comin’ Elisabeth!

  • tangeray

    She makes a fool out herself everyday on The View
    She is the most uninformed, Ignorant person on T.V
    It is hilarious to hear her speak and think she is “right” or making a “valid point” LOL, the other women (and those watching) just shake their heads in disbelief of how stupid she sounds and how hysterical she gets over nothing……….

  • CockyCathey

    @Cathey: Riiight… and you’re the one posting vile comments about her on a gossip website. Lemme guess… you’re sitting on your mommy’s computer with no job and no education…

  • TooMuchTangeray

    @tangeray: Take out your liberal ear plugs and you’d realize she’s actually the only one who has a valid point. You just can’t hear it over the other loudmouths. They all look confused because they don’t understand REASON.

  • E


  • @Lame Lucy

    @LameLucy: I hope this B I T C H DIES!!! and so do you!!! This B I T C H is the most annoying thing ive seen on TV…

  • violets auntie

    No, I don’t like her because she’s shrill and spouts the Fox News lines, like she memorizes them. And she’s now being accused of being a plagiarist. Just like I thought, not an original thought in her head.

  • LameLucy2

    Hahahaha!! Karma’s a b!tch, and it’s comin’ for you.

  • wendy

    If it was up to Elisabeth, she would have bombed everyone to death while yelling “pro-life”. What a hypocrite.

  • WannabeWendy

    @wendy: Hopefully North Korea targets your household.

  • @Lame Lucy

    agree with most of you except some ignorant idiots who think that this B I T C H deserves recognition for her work.. I really hope that no one buys her crap…DIE “BITCH” DIE!!! This world would be a better place without you!!!

  • lucy

    @LameLucy: LOL, You are obviously a fan of hers, It shows in the ignorance in your reply, Just like Elisab!tch you jump to the EXTREME ! pointing fingers and spewing out garbage from your mouth sounding like an idiot.
    For your Information I am against abortion
    So you pointless comment is not valid.
    I hate Elisab!tch for her tactless ways (and yours)
    the end

  • VioletsAreRed

    @violets auntie: FOX News is the only real news source. Keep following the rest of the sheep, you media drone.

  • @Lame Lucy

    AMEN to LUCY!!! well said!!! at least there is some hope that there are people with brains out there like you!!!

  • E

    That’s why Jared has Elizabeth hanging around. She’s a plagiarist and needs some good press. She’s the new Katie Irene.
    Hey Elizabeth, are you coming out with a copy-cat cookbook too like Queen Freebie Irene? Two plagiarists, two shrills, two big mouths, two of a kind. I bet Elizabeth’s hubby doesn’t get to wear the pants in his house either.

  • Lillianne

    LoserLillianne @ 06/26/2009 at 5:21 pm @Lillianne: Lemme guess… Joy Loumouth Behar is your idol huh? What a class act she is…
    Guess again you lame-brained moron. I hate women who have to raise their voice and screech like a ditto head. She could attract more followers if she learned good debating skills. Just like you could. The Republican Party is in trouble because they don’t have high profile people who can speak using their own words.

  • @Lame Lucy

    LOL E!!! well said!!!.

  • elle

    That woman is annoying and the line will fail with her as the face of it. Just a bimbo from survivor.

  • alyssa

    why is she always freakin pregnant!!! i swear, everytime i see her she is always pregnant!!

  • Max

    One poster defending Hasselhead who can’t use his/her own name. You’re in the minority whoever you are.

    I agree with dumb as a box of rocks.

  • A$$hatAlyssa

    @alyssa: I wonder the same thing about all the illegal immigrants that live here.

  • anono

    Does everyone in the Republican party log on to some website for “Talking Points of the Day?” Maybe there’s a calendar or something. Elizabeth is your typical dumb blonde.

  • Carmine


  • JustJared

    Keep on makin’ that $$$$ for Just Jared, you fools. You know they post this stuff because all you fools LOVE to HATE. Keep the comments coming = more $$$$!!!

  • Mike

    I bet she and Kate Goz would have a good “I’m a better mother than you are” debate. It would probably end up mud wrestling.

  • Barry

    Just the fact that Elisabeth egsists (and others like her)
    will keep the liberals around for a loooong, loooong time!
    **In fact many high profile “right wing” people have become liberals
    since she has been on The View…
    Hummm coincidence?! I think not….
    She is embarrassing to her “kind” (as “lame lucy” so eloquently put it)

  • Viewer

    I wonder if Barbara Walters shrewdly chose her because she makes such weak arguments for the conservative point of view. She’s not exactly an intellectual heavyweight.

  • E

    Geesh, all you need is Sarah and Samuel Wurzelbacher now, think of all the hits, Jared. If it is hits and comments you want, hire me and just call me Eve.

  • jenny

    I never met her but I REALLY HATE HER!!!!

  • E

    What does little Lizzy husband do for a living since he doesn’t play football anymore, anyone know?

  • silly putty

    Lizzy is too annoying! Like chalk on a blackboard.

    I could care less about what comes out of her big red necked middle american closedminded blabbermouth

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  • Amanda

    Is this woman never not pregnant? My God. Close your legs once in a while.

  • bella

    Truly cannot stand this woman. She is annoying and one of the many reasons why I stoped watching The View long ago.

  • Jaye

    She shouldn’t give people ideas with that shirt.