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Isla Fisher Boosts Bruno

Isla Fisher Boosts Bruno

Isla Fisher is green gorgeous at the premiere of Bruno held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Thursday (June 25) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Aussie actress recently did some voice work for the film Rango, which will be released in 2011. Isla stars alongside Johnny Depp and Abigail Breslin. Depp plays a household pet goes on an adventure to discover its true self.

Isla also came out to support her husband Sacha Baron Cohen at the British premiere of his new movie, Bruno.

FYI: Isla is wearing a Stella McCartney dress, Mechante of London pumps, Melinda Maria “Jane” earrings in Black Diamond cz, and Bulgari bracelets (yellow gold and diamond pave “Celtaura” and two yellow gold “B. Zero1″).

10+ pictures inside of Isla Fisher boosting Bruno

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  • peace

    What happened to the neckline of the dress? Looks like the designer ran out of material. Isla and Sacha suit each other, they’re both bloody irritating.

  • rocky

    They got married? I thought they were only engaged and she had to turn Jewish because his family was having major hissy fits.

  • bandit

    She does look like she has no neck, odd.

    SBC must really be need to hussle up interest for this film because he is bringing Isla a;long at all the premieres yet they are rarely seen together ever in real life. ahh, how nice of him to use her in that way, what a great partner (not). Can’t stand SBC, his humor is totally overated, hope this flick tanks.

  • H.

    She looks great, her dress does not. And she usually dresses so cute.

  • nikki

    love her!!

  • Isla’s got no talent

    Bandit, who’s using who? Isla has a long history of using men who can boost her career, including Anthony de Rothschild, the record producer and heir of the famous banking family; Darren Day, a British actor who used to be all over the British tabloids; and a couple of Australian actors as well. She’s 33 and has starred in one movie that flopped. Compare her career to some real female movie stars-the big ones all had starring roles in their early twenties. Now compare her box office to Sacha’s; “Borat” made a quarter of a billion dollars for Paramount and cost $18 million to make, which by Hollywood standards is pocket change. Confessions of a Shopaholic probably lost money for the studio. She’ll never have another starring role in Hollywood. She’s lucky he lets her squeeze herself into something that’s either too short, too tight or too low-cut and come to the premiere to get her picture taken. Believe me she needs him more than he needs her.

  • Dee

    She is so cute but that dress is ugly. I know she has to have more choices than this one. Why do we never see pictures of Sacha with her or the bab?

  • just the facts

    #2–They’ve been engaged for 7 years. The story about her having “to turn Jewish because his family was having major hissy fits” came out two years after she actually converted. It’s BS. Her conversion was reported in the media before Borat came out , and she confirmed it in Allure magazine. He just doesn’t want to marry her–even after her converting and having a baby by him. But he’s stuck with her now.

  • lala

    Bandit, are you serious? She needs him. Her movie was a flop and she will never get another big starring role again. She wouldn’t even be famous if it wasn’t for him. I didn’t know anything about her UNTIL she got knocked up by Sacha. She learned the hard way that having a baby with a man doesn’t equal respect from the man (Sacha) or the public. Just Jared keeps saying they are married, but he is the only outlet making this claim.

  • simone wilson

    @Isla’s got no talent: Firstly: Isla’s movie Wedding Crashers made more money then Borat and Shopaholic made over 100$ million internationally (see Secondly: why do people think if a couple aren’t married that it’s the MAN who’s unwilling to commit? Ever considered that she may not want to tie the knot? Thirdly: she has turned down every movie offer in the past year to be a decent parent to her daughter? Also she has never discussed her relationship or posed with Sacha to get attention when she could have? Clearly she is not someone who is trying to get famous on the back of her man. Fourthly: She didn’t date a single Australian actor and her ‘relationship’ with that English musician happened when she was 18? Who hasn’t made bad choices back then?

  • frog

    lala, are you serious? why is getting married a sign of ‘respect’? This isn’t the 1800′s. A woman is more then just a wife.

  • Saudia

    oh gosh Isla can do no wrong!! Love the outfit.. so gorgeous.. I seriously want that dress !! Not looking forward to Bruno though.. HP & Transformers FTW

  • isla’s got no talent

    Yeah, Wedding Crashers did make big money, but she wasn’t the star. Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson were the big box office draws on that one. As to what Shopaholic made at the box office, it probably cost more to make it than it earned. Films are really expensive to make. Why do I think it’s him that doesn’t want to commit? Because she’s been telling the British press that marriage is just around the corner since 2002. And, who made a major change in themselves by converting. Not him! And she generally says in interviews that she did it FOR him. And has she turned down roles to be with her daughter? She made Shopaholic when her baby was an infant. She’s since done voiceover work in an animated movie with Johnny Depp (who Sacha has also worked with–coincidence?) and is going to make a movie in Ireland soon. Notice that those two roles are SUPPORTING, not starring roles. Name a specific movie she’s turned down. As to not discussing Sacha, he’s famously nuts about his privacy. I’m sure there’d be hell to pay if she did. And BTW, Jay Roach who produced Wedding Crashers also produced Borat. Package deal? Roach gives Isla a break in exchange for producing Borat? And was Rothschild a bad choice? He took her to England with him, which was a move up career-wise for Isla. I still say she needs Sacha more than he needs her.

  • anonymous

    Frog–Getting married is more than a sign of respect. It’s a legal and moral commitment. You can argue that it isn’t a proof of love or that marriages break up, but in truth more and more children in this country are growing up in one parent families and research shows that those kids don’t do as well as kids from two parent families. And not being married makes it easier for the guy to walk away with few consequences. If they break up, all Sacha will have to do is pay child support; he will have no other obligations to Isla. A woman certainly is more then just a wife, but I’m happy that I’m married to my baby-daddy. If God forbid our 20 year marriage breaks up, I get half of what we’ve built together. And more importantly my sons get a role model in their father of what real commitment means. What is Isla role modeling for her daughter?

  • Sally

    I like Isla a lot. She has a special sense of humor and she is so cute! Sascha is hilarious, of course, so they’re a really nice together and they seem to be happy. Great!

  • Sarah

    Sasha made too much money with Boret and he doesnt want to share any of it, bastard baby or not. Why should he? She gave away the milk for free.

  • Jenna

    I think PETA should throw paint at STELLA McCartney for designing pseudo designer clothes for celebrities. lol
    Every celeb that wears SM clothes looks like an idiot.
    It reminds me of the fable “The Emperor and His Clothes.”
    She has zero talent and should find another career.

    I love Bruno and think he’s hilarious.
    He and Conan were hysterical last night.

  • lala


    Thank you for responding to frog for me. There is a BIG difference between being a wife and being a baby’s mama.

    isla’s got no talent

    You are right. Sacha put the gag order on her to NOT talk to the press about their relationship. If Isla had it her way, she would talk about it for her benefit. During promotion of Shopaholic, she always found a way to mention his name. It helped her movie gross 100 million, but it didn’t make her a star.

  • Peter Parker

    Or maybe they’re rarely seen outside premieres because they’re just really private, #3.

    Fox was the studio behind Borat and you must be crazy if you think that Isla Fisher will never get a lead role again, #7. And Fisher only broke out into Hollywood in her late twenties.

    Getting married shouldn’t be a safety net for the woman and you can be committed without getting married, #14. Being equal partners in a relationship and showing their kid that they’ll always have two parents is proof enough of what commitment means.

  • frog

    1) LOL Jay Roach didn’t produce Wedding Crashers! ANd he wasn’t hired on Borat until after Wedding Crashers was shot!
    2) SHe isn’t doing the movie in Ireland she turned it down
    3) She is producing four starring vehicles according to so she isn’t exactly not being offered lead roles
    4) Rothschild didn’t take her to England- she was studying at Clown school in Paris when she met him. He couldn’t ‘help’ her career unless she planned on becoming a musician or a banker?

  • anonymous

    @Peter Parker:

    Yep, she broke out in Hollywood about the same time he did–on his coattails, older than say, Nicole Kidman, an Aussie who did it without a man.
    And, from a financial viewpoint, marriage isn’t a safety net; it’s a legal guarantee that you will get out what you put in. If they break up, she’ll get nothing. If she’s truly been a partner, she deserves better.

    And yeah, you can be committed without marriage, but when two people marry they assume certain obligations toward each other that single don’t have. Why refuse that to your child’s mother? Unless you don’t want to be mutually obligated?

    I personally would not want to have a child with someone who witheld taking that responsibilty, nor would my husband want me refuse him in that way. Showing their kid that they’ll always have two parents is NOT proof enough of what commitment means. How many kids suffer when one parent leaves? The research says most. Marriage is a promise not to leave, and the fact that not everyone keeps that promise doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

    BTW, saying something with conviction doesn’t make it true, nor does calling people crazy.

  • anonymous

    Huh? In an interview with Howard Stern, Sacha refers to Isla working with Jay Roach, perhaps it was something else.
    Did she turn down the movie in Ireland so she could produce four those starring vehicles while staying home with her kid? You can’t have it both ways. And isn’t producing a movie to star in essentially offering yourself a lead role?
    According to Kathlyn Tracy’s biography of Sacha, Rothschild did take her to England. She was at clown school when they broke up. She blamed the pressures of a long distance relationship.
    How can you say, “He couldn’t ‘help’ her career unless she planned on becoming a musician or a banker?” You don’t think that people with careers in one facet of the entertainment industry have friends in other facets?

  • Isla not Jewish

    Isla is not Jewish! Conversion is not allowed, in all streams of Judaism, for the reason of marriage. Isla has said many times that she “converted” because of Sacha’s family and that she would worship a door for Sacha. Does that sound like somone whose sincere about Judaism? Of course not.

    Isla obviously went to a Rent a “Rabbi” who did a express fraudulent conversion. There were reports that Isla was going through an Orthodox conversion but it’s obvious by the way her attitude and the way she dresses that it wasn’t the case. Isla will never be a Jew!

    I agree with everyone that says that Isla is a no talent tramp who slept her way to being famous. Sacha has been seen kissing another woman but the press covered that up. I hope he dumps her soon!

  • irish girl

    Wow there are major negative posts about her. What’s up?

  • irish girl

    @anonymous: lala in disguise

  • irish girl

    @lala: You’re an idiot. Kill yourself immediately.

  • lakers fan in boston

    horrible dress, the only good thing is her legs look pretty nice
    i just dont find her attractive anymore
    bruno is more exciting than her

  • lala

    Irish girl,

    First of all, I am not the other poster (you accused me of). It must pain you greatly that there are people (alot of people) who could care less about Isla and her career. No one knew her until she hooked up with Sacha…prove me wrong! LMAO

    Second of all, your post about me killing myself is laughable and shows how dumb you really are. You’re the one who is an idiot. You can’t even express yourself without name calling and threats.

    If you are the example of an Isla’s fan, then there is not much hope for her. Your post proves that fools supports fools. Good day Irish girl a.k.a Isla # 1 fan.

  • d

    she is soooo annoying and her acting is so rehash

  • aha

    downgrade version of Amy Adams

  • Paige

    She is really, really pretty!

  • Mani

    i think isla is gorgeous. i loved her in definitly, maybe and wedding crashers

  • Suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing :)