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Jon Gosselin: The Wedding Ring is Off!

Jon Gosselin: The Wedding Ring is Off!

Under the supervision of a family friend, four of Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s sextuplets — Alexis, Leah, Joel and Collin — help unload bottles of Lucky Leaf apple juice at the family’s home in Reading, Penn., on Friday morning (June 26).

Jon was spotted in the backyard without a wedding ring on (earlier this week, he was spotted wearing it despite Monday’s big divorce announcement). Kate was also seen in the front yard wearing her favorite white summer dress and floppy hat.

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  • Helena

    Goals, ideas, and dreams are not the same anymore. Jon’s goal=no kids around me as much as possible, partying every day and night, meet as many chicks as he wants(while it last, not too long), have little or no responsiblities whatsoever for the future, and lastly eat drink and be merry. Kate’s goal=take care of the kids for now and most importantly for their future no matter what. Jon=easy way out. Kate=maybe easy or hard but it’s all for the kids. People, this is the bottom line, even if you like or dislike any of these two people, this is the way I see it.

  • Zoe

    He’s saying “Come on ladies, let’s PARTEEE with my EDHARDEE”.


  • mike

    they must be pissed that MJ died – no attention on the Gosselins for a while..until kate schemes up something new to get ratings

  • tWILA

    Couse he wanted the divorce. Now he can just check in now and then in between bar hopping cruising with the college chicks.

    This guy deserves to be taken to the cleaners in the divorce, not matter what the women alway shoulder the responsibilties after one. Guys swarm in with presents now and then to make a good show of it then leave to their bachelor like ways 99% of the time. He’s pathetic.

  • Jeannified

    So cute…those kids each carryng a bottle of apple juice!

  • Denise


    You are one of the few people I have ever heard that see it like that.
    Kate doesn’t even know those children. As soon as she couldn’t plop them in a crib or behind a baby gate, she was fed up. Just like the dogs she want to cage them.
    Jon has bathed and dressed those babies from the get go. They always look happier with him. Kate is a fraud.

  • hELENA

    Don’t want to defend any of them Denise, but the way I have observed through this show and the tabliods NEITHER of them really 100% cared that much fheir children’s welfare, but the way I see it, Kate cares about the kids more than Jon. Jon is for sure immature, selfish, and really couldn’t care less about his kids, but at least Kate has some COMMEN sense on what is best for her children. She’s looking far ahead, and Jon is only thinking about the now and how, what is most important for him.

  • hELENA

    Bottom line is they need to stop the show now, for the sake of their children. Imagine what negative impact this circus their parents have created for themselves and most importantly their children. I hope all the fans, like myself would agree with me and hope that they really get over their sbubborness, or their selfish desires and work out their problems in their marriage, if possible because it’s not too late. Their poor KIDS are at stake.

  • Billy Joe

    I have to agree, neither of them has been good parents but it seems to be Kate who is at least leading a stable life and putting her kids first.

    Look at Jon. Gets his ears pierced, is shown leaving his girlfriends house in the early hours while he was still married, buys a 2 seater car and a 1 bedroom bachelor pad. Where is the thought to HIS KIDS in any of this? Cleary he DOES NOT think of them when he’s not with them. There is no planning, no forthought to the future with them. He just lives in the moment and for himself.

  • snarkypants

    Kate needs to do the moonwalk, naked in her driveway, while wearing a Farrah wig and yelling, “wheeeeeeeereee’s Jonny??”

  • Toni

    The reason Jon’s style is different is because he’s FINALLY out from underneath that control witches thumb.

  • Candice

    #1 I also agree. If Jon was left with the responsibilities of taking care of these kids, they will for sure be in a state limbo. He will let them do, eat, handle themselves any way they want. You just need to see the examples set by their father. They will end up spoiled, unmotivated, and have no sense of what direction they will need in life for their future.

  • pp

    Quite a team of not-a-nannies Kate has.

  • Jon Gosselin

    I’m looking toward the heavens thanking God I’m free of that lethal virus called Kate.

  • Jed

    Man, Jon should live up to his Korean heritage and put Kate into submission. White woman like that needs to be put on a leash!

  • cal

    So many man-haters out there!
    Even watching all those past episodes where Kate verbally abuses Jon, you will never find fault with her.
    One day that pea will stop rattling around in your heads, and you’ll see what a monster she really is.

  • E

    Hmm, Jon’s been working a new apple juice sponsor with Jared involved. Do you get kick-backs too for mentioning the brand, Jared?

  • Payson

    Looks like the ring is on his right hand………ring finger.

  • Katerocks

    I was pulling for them.. but now after the utah trip with deanna, the 2 seater car, the trump tower apartment, the non-communication or willingness to try and fix things with his marriage… I hope she gets it ALL! The best part is, she will write another book, it will make NYT best seller list AGAIN, the money will come in and he won’t see a dime of it! Then he can go back to his job.. oh wait, that’s right he doesn’t HAVE one! Nor does he have any college education/degree to help him GET one! Maybe he should have embraced the education side of college life instead of the binge drinking and partying side of it!

  • orangepop

    whats up with all the hats kate has been wearing lately? someones growing their hair out!!!

  • cal

    @ Katerocks -

    Jon gets HALF, you idiot!
    Just because in one episode she looked out the kitchen window and said, “all this is mine!” it doesn’t make it so.
    Half of TLC payment, half of her book tours, and half of every signature on her portrait she charged for.
    You are typical of all the other man-haters on this blog, frothing at the mouth for no valid reason.
    You and your ilk are pathetic!

  • marie

    I am on Jon’s side, Kate filed for the divorce and released a statement which never should of been released. The high road would of been to shut her mouth and keep their business private for the sake of the kids but then this is Kate media whore way of life. I wish I knew who the girl is hope its a relative the kids need family and Kate seems to have driven hers off. If TLC was smart they would pull the plug on the show.

  • Trista

    The nanny looks like she’d make a much better mom than Kate. Jon should hook up with her.
    Oh wait, look at all the chub Jon has put on. The nanny is too cute for him.

  • jeffrey musial

    Hopefully you’re NOT the real Jon Gosselin. Because if you were, I’d tell you to get your head straight and together. How come you can’t be helping your kids? NOT your family freind, YOU. just because she’s out front, YOU CAN STILL BE CIVIL TO HER; you sorry excuse for a man and father.

  • jeffrey musial

    besides, until your divorce is final, YOU”RE STILL MARRIED, guy.

  • jeffrey musial

    YOU really need some mental health help. Take car of your kids, dude.

  • Cathey

    With all that has happened in the last 2 days. Who really gives a f**k about this sad excuses for parents and the future messed up kids. Turn off the cameras and let the kids alone!!!!

  • rosie

    so cute how this nanny actually plays with the kids! kate would just sit in the white plastic chair and bark orders at everyone and yell at jon for playing with the kids.

  • not a jond fan

    It’s not that people hate men, it’s that we hate little non-men that pretend to be men. Jon is a loser. Face it. If you’re a man, why would you want to side with someone who makes all men look like jerks? Kate is not evil. She is a strong woman who does what she thinks is right for her FAMILY- earning money. Oh, and people… Jon is the one who needed a babysitter to help watch those kids. She hired the woman for him. So, stop with the same stupid nanny rumors. All the same crap on that hate site are getting old. Kate is a good woman that can be a little harsh. Anyone would be that way if you had to deal with a childish, nonmotivated spouse every single day. I can just hear, “Daddy. Why don’t you work like other daddies? My friends say you’re lazy (deadbeat).” He said he didn’t want to do the show but now he says he’ll continue. No company in their right mind would hire such a loser.

  • trisha

    Good for Jon, he’s lucky to get away from that bitch.

  • alysa

    for all your haters out there….KATE ISNT THE PROBLEM !
    Woohoo yeah she may be a huge b***** but think about it,
    maybe this isnt the first time jons cheated one her but this
    is the first time the cheatings been so publicised. So if you
    had eight kids with him and got cheated on you’d be acting
    the same way she is. && shes the one who cares about the
    kids because quiet frankly if jon cared, he wouldnt be looking
    in trump towers when he has 8 kids ?!!! so all you haters out
    there trying to bring kate down, you’re acting worse than she
    does because you don’t give up that shes a strong mother who
    will do anything to raise her family right…..and maybe shes so
    in love with her HUSBAND that she wants to make things right
    so she’ll do all the public stunts to win him off COLLEGE GIRLS!

    think about it, if you were her you’d be mad too.

  • Not a tubbo fan

    He is FUGLY ugly. Ditch him Kate go for the bodyguard. He’s hot and acts like a man not a boy with peanuts for balls.

  • jared fan

    I know they have both probably done wrong in this but its too bad this society always sees divorce as an option. Too bad for their and the kids sake they wouldn’t atleast TRY counseling first. I would like to see them work it out and quit the show for the mental health of all involved. And YES They should both still wear their wedding rings until if at all, it is dissolved. Hope they read these posts!

  • Ravred

    @cal: Your single right! Whatever was accumulated in the marriage is typically split 50-50… by the way katerocks did not say she would get it all only that she hopes she does. She is discussing one man but by all means we could discuss you and your obvious hate of Kate…I wonder does that make yo typical of all woman haters out there? Pigeon holed much?

  • cedrick

    See Jon , you gotta give a woman the backhand every once in a while, or hit her upside the head with a smoothie( an iron for the ebonicly challenged). It’s what they want, actually beg for, to keep them in line and show ‘em who’s in charge. If you had only popped Kate one in the beginning she and her uneducated fat white trash fans would respect you. Let this be a lesson to all men; you can’t out argue a woman because that is what they live for, you need to end it quick with the backhand.

  • Jon Gosselin

    You can have it all Kate. Mother Theresa would gnaw her own arm off in order to not be chained to you. Let Grandpa Steve have your cottage cheese azz, ignorant mouth, and the winnie cankles, I’ve seen enough of that ! and you can accept his petrified non-swimmers every night and listen to him talk to his three kids on the phone. I’m getting warm young fresh poon for the foreseeable future.

  • cyndyt


    Jon has done nothing wrong! What “mistakes” has he made? Going out with a friend?! If he didn’t cheat, he should have. Kate’s been nagging at him since the beginning! He deserves better than this! He even said he doesn’t like the publicity! It’s all Kate! Leave the guy alone!

    He loves his kids and stays home with them instead of going to book signings like Kate.

    I love Jon! And I support him 100%

  • alysa

    are you the next chris brown or is it just me?
    chill out. wife abuser

  • jenny jo

    You go Kate!!! a dishonest security guard is a good ketch in my neck of the woods. ….is his name Steve? I…. he left his own wife an kids an hides in plain site wit you don’t he?……….He’s a clever one. What a classy older man he is…but I don’t thing he’ll be bodyguardin’ much in the future for swipin’ , Like my cousin Earl who took his job at KFC and their commercial littrally…..he took the the bucket of chicken….. y’know….. ” Get a Bucket Of Chicken it’s Finger Li…you know the rest….He got fired and can’t get a job. He guarded the chicken from others, just not himself ….. You go gurl, and GOD bless you and your litlle SE Asians

  • are they still here?

    This “divorce” is such a sham. They are cozied up raking in the media attention and $$$ while playing this “family crisis” to the hilt.

  • lakers fan in boston

    is this train wreck still going
    i predict kate is gonna do something stupid she’s gonna regret
    she seems like like drinking type when it gets rough, so just w8 for it

  • Vee

    Katerocks @ 06/26/2009 at 4:39 pm

    You’re right–but Jon should have nusted her a long time ago. What a witch. Now, she’s sorry. Neither of them cares for the kids, or they would still be together and working (not TRYING to work) it out. Now they’ve filed for divorce, throwing eight more children into our world that has little concern for others–just ask the Madoffs.

  • snow3697

    I agree with #25 if you are the really Jon Gosselin I have lost all respect for you, you are still married. I never missed an episode and thought Jon was a great dad, but after the bar, pictures of a female at the family home, Utah and rumors of the plastic surgeons daughter I don’t feel he has the best interest of his children only his physical needs. To say all the nasty things about the media, but turn around and accept all the freebie the shows has made possible is just being a two faced person. To the person who slams Kate for filing for divorce, she only did it after Jon told her he had found a lawyer (top notch Phil. lawyer) and she better find one also.

  • Kate’s floppy hat

    - goes with Kate’s floppy a*s*s

  • Boobies

    Do we know the brand name of Kate’s plastic boobies?

  • plain to see

    Sorry Kate’s spin is too late
    -Kate away much of the time making $—-.Her “Career”
    -Big bucks coming in- Jon quits job to take care of children
    -They haven’t been getting along for some time
    -Kate caught cheating with bodyguard. Confronted by Jon.
    -Kate says it is over.
    -Kate Jon a contract that basically says he plays dad/husband on TV and each goes their own way in real life .
    -Jon goes along for the $ at first
    -Jon decides he does not want to be TV Dad, opts out
    - Jon caught “cheating” as per agreement with Kate
    - They both decide to divorce in real life in late summer,cont. show?
    -Jon moves up the time by telling Kate to get a lawyer
    - Kate gets lawyer and files first
    - Kate spins the story that Jon wants a divorce ,not she,when in fact Jon does not want to continue the TV scam and does not want to play Dad on TV———AND he wants a real life divorce.the marriage has been over for some time
    -Now Jon’s punishment:.
    ***Jon would not play ball and continue the sham marriage,& the show, ,so Kate paints him as abandoning the family when in fact it is she that betrayed her own family.—and the viewing public.–and did it first—

  • Lori


    Kate was the sole caregiver for ALL 8 children until 2 years ago when Jon quit his job to FINALLY start shouldering some of the responsibility.

    And as for the dogs, Kate wanted to cage them for ONE hour while she fed her kids at a picnic…on the ground, you know? Maybe you aren’t aware, but dogs will help themselves to the food if it is on the ground.

    Jon is going through an early mid-life crisis. He cheated on his wife. Period. If you don’t think he did, you are naive. He wants to be a part-time father, so he can have a good time with no responsibility. He is unable to support his family financially or emotionally. Everyone has been pointing that out and his ‘masculinity’ is in question so he is angry and taking it out on the one person who takes care of his children AND pays all the bills – Kate!

    Be another delinquent dad, Jon, Kate is intelligent and capable enough to be Mom and dad and you will continue to humiliate yourself and have no one left to blame.

  • Jon gosselin

    Sorry for the earlier comment. Kate is the brains as well as the money in what once was our marriage.

    I just want my half so I can start a new, better life with Deanna. She is still young, so I can lead her in a life of submission and I will NEVER allow her earn more money than me! After all, I AM the man and SHE is only a woman

  • MIMI

    Taking off the ring isn’t going to get you back on the front page of anything now Jon…haha

  • awomansidingwithjon

    The kids make the money…not Kate or Jon. Kate sets a bad example for a woman of always nagging and complaining. Everyone complains about Jon cheating but she started cheating first. It won’t be long before she takes her relationship with her bodyguard public. She is just a witch.