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Megan Fox is Fuse Fierce

Megan Fox is Fuse Fierce

Megan Fox gets interviewed during “No. 1 Countdown” at The Fuse Studios in New York City on Friday morning (June 26). Love the Brian Atwood suede “Lola” heels!

The 23-year-old actress, who wore a Prps “Dynamite” cropped leather biker jacket, was interviewed by VJ Jared Cotter (he also was an American Idol season six contestant).

The 11-year-old who was snubbed after trying to hand Megan a yellow rose has been identified as Harvey Kindlon. After a reward of $5,000 was offered by Kodak, Harvey was hunted down on Facebook and now, as a result, will be flying to NYC to meet Megan.

20+ pictures inside of Fuse fierce Megan Fox

Just Jared on Facebook
megan fox fuse tv 01
megan fox fuse tv 02
megan fox fuse tv 03
megan fox fuse tv 04
megan fox fuse tv 05
megan fox fuse tv 06
megan fox fuse tv 07
megan fox fuse tv 08
megan fox fuse tv 09
megan fox fuse tv 10
megan fox fuse tv 11
megan fox fuse tv 12
megan fox fuse tv 13
megan fox fuse tv 14
megan fox fuse tv 15
megan fox fuse tv 16
megan fox fuse tv 17
megan fox fuse tv 18
megan fox fuse tv 19
megan fox fuse tv 20
megan fox fuse tv 21
megan fox fuse tv 22
megan fox fuse tv 23
megan fox fuse tv 24

Photos: Michael Loccisano/Getty, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • vika

    she is not just beautiful. she is also very kind and sweet!

  • Danielle

    …errrm. vika? have u even met her? psssh. she comes off as VERY full of herself and arrogant. but hey, there’s no denying that she is attractive. the problem is, ….she KNOWS that. and she keeps spilling garbage out her mouth. getting work because of your looks only says so much about your ‘talent’.

  • Sally

    She has an incredible sense of style. Love the hair and specially the shoes. She is not only a beauty, but has something else too. That’s maybe the cause she is a hit!

  • JessicaM

    fake hair.. fake nose.. fake lips.. fake teeth.. fake boobs.. fake tan.. at least it was money well spent

  • athena

    Poor boy, hope he’ll not be disappointed. Sometimes it’s best not to meet your favorite celebrities…it surely does change your view of them.

  • jaye

    Glad she’s not a cookie cutter starlet. I like her style. She doesn’t think too much of herself, despite what some haters might say. The woman speaks her mind, doesn’t mean she’s full of herself. She doesn’t say what people wants her say. Good for her. She’s knows she’s getting work because of her ‘looks’ and that she’s not a ‘good’ actress yet. . She’s said so, so what’s the point. Seems to me she has her head screwed on right. D*amn, Megan even agrees with her haters and they find fault with her. Rock on Megan.!

  • Killroy

    Looks preggers

  • Danielle

    …please recycle the term “hater”. and come up with a better term like say, opinionated…and oh, intellectual. and oh, I dunno…”non-delusionist”. if you were on fire, would you really believe she’d poor Evian on you, for the sake of a fan. think not. pssh. i can sense an arrogant, skittles for brains poser from a mile away….

  • another PR STUNT

    she looks like a sluttier version of miley cyrus. only miley is more famous and has talent.

    she ignored that boy holding a yellow rose and now it’s has become a news, she wants to meet him so she will become this nice girl who wants to meet her fan. can i say, fame whore?

  • OH snap

    I don’t give a sh# t what you all say.. this woman is a stalker or at least the people styling her are..

    Angelina wore a dress with that animal print on it at cannes.. Yeah I may be reaching but this is getting scary. I know Brad has good security.. She is not picking out her clothes.. her words not mine.. but damn they are watching everything Angie wears. Well at some point it will end. Angie is out of the spot light for a while. The IB premier will be on August. If we see Megan wearing anything similiar. the all bets are off..

    and NO I don’t hate her.. but gosh these peole need to stop..
    But I could be grabbing for straws.. I don’t mind being wrong.

  • jure

    It is sad that this shallow girl gets so much publicity. She is just “a piece of shit wrapped into shiny paper. “

  • myan

    Thanks for keeping your tongue in your mouth this time. Go Megan! Don’t get young Harvey too excited now!

  • DT

    What a no-talent ass-clown.

  • Jenna

    This chick is so boring.

  • karenina

    at least the boy is getting what he wanted, sorry megan you have to deal with a fan

  • DC

    she is not a slut or comes off as a bitch etc. She really is a nice down to earth person. Its just her looks come off like that but she really is not. I like her outfit. N if you guys have seen Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen its awsome n her acting has gotten better than the first one. N from what i have heard she is also a sweet person.

  • ck

    Gawker had a story that the boy was in NYC and supposed to meet Megan on the Today show, but missed her as because of MJ’s death, Megan was cancelled. She’s on her way home to LA. Sorry kid.

  • Thay


  • awsomekrys

    love her!!!!!
    she is an amazing person and to all the ppl that say she is ugly you really need to pull your heads out of your ass she’s amazing!

  • bulrush

    Me, I like her. So she looks like she’s stepped out of Angie’s wardrobe, so what! Everyone copies style if they like it! It’s how trends start and fashion makes money. Nothing wrong in that. She’s smart and sassy and real.

  • Australia Grace

    I’m a little conflicted when it comes to Megan. I have yet to see her full body of work, so she still has plenty of time to create an interesting acting portfolio. If she’s really serious about her craft and being a great actress then I don’t see any reason to doubt that someday she could become an unstoppable force on the silver screen.

    However, we are years away from ever seeing that happen. It’s really telling that she and Shia are both the same age, yet just by my observations, Shia seems to take what he does a little bit more seriously than Megan. I suppose it’s partly due to the fact that Shia has had to work himself up the ladder, whereas for Megan, her looks catapulted her into the mainstream. Is that her fault? No. However, talent should outweigh the superficialness of one’s outward appearance.

    She’s working within the confines of the rules that have been set by society which I can understand, but she seems like a rebel to me who enjoys questioning authority, so why not challenge that authority by demanding more respect for her talent than for her looks? Women in Hollywood have always had to fight to be on more equal footing with their male counterparts. Megan can be beautiful as well as a phenomenal actress.

    The decision can only be made by Megan herself when she starts telling directors that she has more to offer than just to look ‘hot’ in a film. As per the direction from Michael Bay in both films. She is very beautiful and I see so much potential in her as an actress. If I am right about her being a rebel who enjoys questioning authority, I sincerely hope that she takes a more active role in dictating her craft as a serious actress rather than letting the studios and directors minimize her talent as just being ‘hot’ because if that’s the only reason why she’s getting roles then I really hope she has a back-up plan because there are countless other hot ‘Megans’ just waiting to be discovered. They’re a dime a dozen.

    With that said, I wish nothing but the best for Ms. Fox. I’m looking forward to seeing what her body of work will in detail. Hopefully, that work will consist of many years and not months. If she wants longevity in a very capricious industry, she has to step up her game and show people what she’s made out of not just on the outside but on the inside as well.

  • lo

    @Danielle: I’ve met her.. she’s hilarious and really nice

  • Hmm

    @JessicaM: So jealous and dumb you are.. her teeth are real- check out hopeandfaith.. her boobs are real..they are small even shes just so thin.. her hair is definately real.. her nose was barely messed with.. i personally do not see the point of her surgery.

  • meg

    You can say what you want, but she is a total sucess. And absolutely gorgeous.

  • Megan’s plastic

    #4; I totally agree with you! Megan is pretty but so plastic and so stuck-up. She looks totally different from her days on “Hope and Faith”. Megan is also dumb! She claims to be smart but in every interview sounds like a bimbo. Just shut up girl!

  • legs

    LOL. So Megan shows up in a shirt with a giant Jaguar on it? Subtle! I like that!!!

    But the Tiger is still the baddest cat of ‘em all though…

  • chloe

    @jaye: Uhhh, she looks and dresses pretty much like every other Hollywood actress and face on tv, what the hell are you talking about?

    That $5,000 could have been better spent. I guess anything for Megan Fox/Transformers publicity!

  • agathi

    she is only beautiful but just for modelling.!!! not for acting..sorry

  • SurfingEagle

    What is this? Megan Fox shows that she has no social grace toward an 11 year old fan that probably used his allowance up to go see Transformers. Now, she’s trying to back track and make amends by meeting the kid. Just be a b*tch and tell the kid to piss off like you did in the first place. Who does she think she’s fooling any ways.

  • meh

    Her makeup here doesn’t really suit her. She looks way better with liquid liner.

  • Ec

    i think megan fox is beautiful and i think shes just..perfect
    i dont think shes so fake like everyone says and i also dont think she is ‘dumb’ like everyone says.

  • bella

    There is no inbetween look with her. She either looks stunning, or trashy. More often then not its trashy.

  • lakers fan in boston

    her outfit is ok but i love her so i think it looks great
    what does she have 2 do so u guys can get over that kid
    she’s even gonna meet him
    does she say some shiz sometimes yes, but i just ignore
    i agree she needs 2 change if she wants 2 last

  • Jaye

    Australia Grace @ 06/26/2009 at 3:58 pm
    Well said.

  • Bob

    ENOUGH already! There’s a new Megan Fox story every day and people are getting tired of hearing her talk about how cool and edgy and smart she is.

    She’s starting to remind me of Paris Hilton back when Paris was first trying to become famous. Showing up at every event, jumping in front of every camera, giving interviews to anyone who will listen. Desperate for attention.

    Megan. Sometimes less is more. Just smile and look pretty, and stop trying so hard, okay?

  • adriana

    Saw Transformers last night. Great actions… Love Shia… he’s such a great actor at such a young age. As for Megan… I think she became a “vase” in this 2nd installment; lots of screen time but insignificant presence. She’s definitely better and more interesting in the 1st one. Kinda disappointing after all this hype about her.
    As for the idiotic things that came out of her mouth during the interviews… oh well… I just blame it on her age.

  • just me the original

    Sick of her…thank God that “Transformers” is out already..I don’t particularly enjoy seeing her everyday in sites I visit. If u ask me, she is overexposed and over-rated. Transformers would have still been a success without her…pls..

  • adriana

    @just me the original:

    Transformers made her… not the other way around :) she needs more time to cultivate her acting skills and that’s for sure. Because, man, she’s pretty bad in Transformers.

  • hello


  • &

    she looks like a witch,she’s another Alba and definitely the weak link of Transformers

  • Hateraid

    I liked Mega on the sitcom Faith and Hope. She looked just like she looks now. I dont know why people think pretty girls all have plastic surgery – I mean obviously Angie and Jen have had work done all you have to do compare their younger pictures… but, if you look at Megan in high school she looks just the same as now.

  • espey

    Her career is nothing after Transformers franchise.

    Do you really think people will flock to her films outside transformers?

  • stophating

    shes so annoying…even on david letterman she tried to put off this whole badass vibe…its like, ur not a badass if u keep feeling the need to say it

    angelina is the real badass–she does her own stunts and travels to crazy parts of the world and doesnt feel the need to put on an act when she goes out in public

    megan was so annoying right when the interview started she told david letterman she was like i have such a huge crush on u…bitch ur just fishing for compliments like stop…its really annoying

    im starting to like isabel lucas…smart, pretty, not trashy and annoying

  • Primp

    She’s a gorgeous gal and I think the dumb comments she makes are a lot to do with inexperience and the fact that she’s suffering from a bit of media overexposure at the moment. It happens to a lot of young stars. She’ll get some coaching and advice and she’ll mature and tone it down. However, I don’t think she can act. She was not good in Transformers, even in a role that didn’t require a great range. One critic here in the UK called it ‘a performance so poutingly wooden she makes Jordan look like Liv Ullmann.’ Now, that might be Bay’s fault, I don’t know; she has said that he just told her to ‘look hot’. Maybe she needs lessons, maybe she doesn’t really have the acting gene and she’s more of a model…don’t know. Time will tell.

  • yawn

    oops, I love her style. I love her black leather jacket. I love her dark hair and if I was a lesbian I would love her that special way. But I’m so not. Anywhoo I think she’s wonderful and I like watching her. And she’s different, she’s no carbon copy. she’s cute. Why hate her, she’ s so nice right?

  • Sally

    I saw his new movie… she looks gorgeous. Incredibly beautiful. There’s nothing you can do about that, girls. The men are getting crazy for her and well… I just understand why.

  • Mary

    Megan Fox is just hot! Angelina is a has been! Go MEGAN!!!!!

  • cowbulls

    I saw her on a few of the late night talk shows. She seems very nice to me. I think she’s fairly well grounded considering she’s the hottest woman on the planet. My apoligies to Cindy Crawford but Megan’s youth has its advantages.

  • Wow hot…

    She’s it….

  • jdub