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Michael Jackson's Best Friend Thinks Stress Led To Cardiac Arrest

Michael Jackson's Best Friend Thinks Stress Led To Cardiac Arrest
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  • kenza

    The cause of death doesn’t even concern me. He gone and we’re never getting him back, and that’s hard enough to take. R.I.P. Michael.

  • debra

    The leaches will all come out in force. All trying to get their 15 minutes of fame off this man’s life and death. The stories will be coming out of the wood work. How sad. how sad..

    If you are a fan. and I am one. brace yourself for the craziness that is about to happen. I for one choose to remember this man as a talent and Icon. I will remember the one time I got to see him live. I will remember school dances and jumping up and running to the dance floor when one of his songs came on. I will remember the beauty of the We are the World song.. Such amazing music that is left and we get to still enjoy it.. and Michael was his mucic.. So we still in a real sense have the most important part of him….

    Yeah there was only one Michael Jackson

  • lizzie

    Of course Jeff is alive !

  • freakyboy

    i love you michael…come back…

  • jen

    wow, i was never really a fan of MJ but this sure shocked me when I heard, R.I.P MJ

  • peace

    Is there anyone this man hasn’t granted an interview to? Since last night I’ve lost count of the number of times Uri’s uttered the words “I can’t speak, I’m lost for words”… yet goes onto run his mouth off about MJ. Uri, I’m sure your intentions are honourable, but get some sleep and give your mouth a rest.

  • whortensia

    All the world loves a pedophile, perhaps a pederast. LOL

  • john

    I can’t believe it, God, in fact, i’m sad to heard that. He is the king of music. He is greatest singer in the world, but he leave us, we will remember his forever.God bless him in the heaven.Best withes to him family.It’s said he had a profile in the==Millio nai rec hats .C/o/m==. many people are praying for him and mourning there. let’s join them and recall all his life.

  • shenanyginz

    i don’t get it. Why Jeff Goldblum? So random.

  • blah

    his face looks like a deformed vampire. so unreal. I think it’s all the plastic surgery that made him go to cardiac arrest.

  • blah


  • dani

    Rest in peace Farrah. You fought a long battle with cancer, may your journey be pain free.

  • Victoria

    I don’t care why he died. Michael Jackson was a paedophile and I am pleased that he’s dead – at least there’s one less nonce in the world now.

  • to 13

    oh my! your compassion for the children who have lost their father, the father who has lost his son, and his brothers/sisters is overwhelming in the extreme. to my mind you’re show as much compassion as a shark on a feeding frenzy, none at all!!

  • dabu

    to 14
    Although I don’t agree with the dead part of #13′s comments–I do believe he was a paedophile.
    Where is your compassion for the lives and families he ruined because he couldn’t keep his d*ick in his pants? These are lives that will forever be broken because of him.
    Now that he is dead I bet many more cases will come to light.

  • sasha

    #13 and #15,
    You don’t know what really happenned…where are the facts? The court never found him guilty! Oh, and even if smth happened to those kids at his house, it’s their parents who should be feeling guilty for “ruined lives”. What parent in his/her right mind will let a child stay overnight at a stranger’s house?

  • ?

    im cryin inside soo sad and yet so shoked….but can u guys tell me wat does r.i.p stands for? i didnt know people say that until i read it from jesse mccartney about wat he siad about m.j

  • ?

    im cryin inside soo sad and yet so shoked….but can u guys tell me wat does r.i.p stands for? i didnt know people say that until i read it from jesse mccartney about wat he siad about m.j

  • whatever

    R.I.P. = Rest In Peace….duh

  • my-call jack-sun

    when michael will be in heaven will be like the white man he tried to be or like a black boy he use to be

  • Matt

    Oh Matt, God save the queen.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think it’s the fact of all the stuff he’s been through tbh
    and im still hoping what ive heard isnt true about his addiction


    Please out of respect –PLEASE–post positive condolence statements. I believe he went through enough negativity and speculation in his lifetime. Lets send love and peace to him in the universe. We know for sure that he was the “KING OF POP” and he leaves a legacy of great performances and amazing music. Thank you MR. MICHAEL JACKSON for all the music and performance memories that will last my lifetime and that I have passed on to my son so he can enjoy your talent for his lifetime and I am sure he will pass this love to his children–and so on and so on and so–I believe your timeless music will live on. FLY HIGH ANGEL!!! I have loved you all my life.

  • LuckyL
  • sexiness

    @Victoria: @Victoria:

    your mother and father is a pedophile thats why the raped you.

  • lucie

    michael jackson etais un homme vraiment merveille,le monde n’est plus comme il ├ętais avant maintenant….
    michael tu nous manque…..

    une fan.