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Anderson Cooper: Biking Buddies, Butt Tweeting

Anderson Cooper: Biking Buddies, Butt Tweeting

CNN host Anderson Cooper and pal Antoine Maisani, aka Ben, wear matching Fred Perry polos and take their matching mountain bikes for a ride around Manhattan’s Greenwich Village on Friday afternoon (June 26).

The 42-year-old Silver Fox must be having a bumpin’ time tonight. Two hours ago, he tweeted two consecutive nonsensical messages on his Twitter account @AndersonCooper: “IOiu” and “Y”.

Since butt-dialing exists, is there such a thing as butt-tweeting? Butt-twittering?

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anderson cooper biking 01
anderson cooper biking 02
anderson cooper biking 03
anderson cooper biking 04
anderson cooper biking 05
anderson cooper biking 06

Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
Posted to: Anderson Cooper, Antoine Maisani, Benjamin Maisani

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  • t

    both very good looking

  • Paulie

    It’s not his boyfriend Cesar. Or have they broken up?

  • Paulie
  • royal beauty

    Cut it Jared….leave my Anderson alone. Whatever he is, he is handsome, intelligent, and ohhhh so yummy!

  • Choose Jared

    His name is “none of our business”

    Don’t be Perez, Jared! Please? Not that you ever are!

    Boycott Perez-Stay with J

  • Jessica

    I agree, please don’t start to be like Perez. We don’t need that. Just appreciate the fact that he’s intelligent and informative.

  • Jessica

    and jesus, can he not go around nyc with a friend?!

  • deraj tsuj

    i’m gonna go with brother, they are wearing matching shirts but different colors…twinsies

  • colin

    to those who wish JustJared not turn into Perez I think it’s too late

    I mean look at the non stop coverage he has of the Gosselin family. He’s turned this into a hate site with that and all the commenters.

    Loved this site, but all the J&K stuff is so old and tiresome and hateful

    Anderson on the other hand is quite the hottie – doesn’t matter who hee is with

  • winter

    Nah, this site is nothing like Perez.

  • Just Jared

    @winter: Thanks.

  • KIB2

    I didn’t know he workout, I guess buff guys can make it on T.V.

  • MissyQ

    don’t you idiots ever compare Jared to Perez. it’s like comparing heaven and hell NOTHING alike

  • hermit crab

    Jennifer, god does not approve of bigoted haters. AT ALL.

  • rachael

    Both wearing wearing the same polo but in different color and has the same bike kinda odd, but I am not speculating.
    Great pictures!

    Wish could have seen him actaully riding his bike.

  • Logan

    Give me a break, Jared isn’t outing him. It is common knowledge that Anderson is gay. It would read rather naively if Jared didn’t acknowledge that fact in some way.

  • winter

    anderson looks like he’d be a GOOD lay, mmmmmm

  • rii

    lol you guys think justjared is becoming like perez? justjared is surprisingly respectful for a gossip site. jared added commentary about the butt tweeting, you know perez would have made some joke about cooper’s sexuality with this.

  • Alex

    Anderson looks so hot there.
    JJ is worst than Perez, he bites the hand that feed him.

  • Reggie

    I don’t know who this guy with Anderson is, but someone Twittered the other day that they saw AC in Paris with a “buff Chelsea boy”. Probably this guy, there have been other sightings of him and a buff guy in Manhattan. He’s probably been done with Cesar for a long time now. His new man is the luckiest guy in the world, Anderson’s so hot, smart, funny, sexy and sophisticated. In a word, perfect.

  • becca

    i LOOOOOVE anderson. he and his friend are both VERY handsome.

    and Jared, your site is leagues beyond Perez’s.

  • ….

    his name is Antoine and i’ve seen them around town… he is or used to be part owner in this bar in ny called Eastern Bloc.

  • dIETER

    I take it up the pooper Cooper !!!

  • Tazina

    That is a very rude and tasteless comment to make about Anderson Cooper who unfailingly is a classy and decent person. You had no reason to be this unkind.

  • Sassy

    Hey, who really cares about their relationship? Friends, lovers, who cares? Good for him if he’s in a relationship, the guy looks like a cutie. I for one really don’t spend time thinking about who Anderson Cooper has in his bed. Anderson is a hoot, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him with Kelly Ripa when Reege is not there. Funny, I don’t watch his news show at all, just when he’s on Regis & Kelly!

  • Me!

    Hey Sassy #26—-You stole my comments!! Was just going to write the same.
    Anderson Cooper seems slightly uncomfortable with Kelly Ripa—-you never know what she is going to say, but that’s his charm. He can still blush:-)

  • Virginia

    The world loves Anderson and feels very protective of him. We love to see pictures of him…… but please do not attack him or imply he is doing ANYTHING other than God’s work. (hehe) Maybe that’s his trainer, bodyguard, friend, spiritual advisor, lover …. does not matter. But isn’t our favorite news anchor a handsome hunk of classy manhood!!!!!

  • $$$

    “JJ is worst than Perez, he bites the hand that feed him.”
    Jared is like Perez, he doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him.
    For example, they both push and promote Jake Gyllenhaal’s fauxmance.

  • Yummy

    Whomever Anderson is with he has quite a yummy package. Way to go Anderson.

  • oh no

    Is this Michael K of dlisted in those pics? If not, he is going to be crying in his oatmeal this morning when he reads this. lol. j/k
    Michael K loves to joke of his man crush on Mah Boo.

  • jenny

    He’s gay?

  • Pandora

    Anderson is (no pun intended) “the complete package”. The guy he’s w/ is hot, too.

    Jared what’s w/ all the “butt” play on words? Rather tasteless given the subject (Anderson) is nothing but classy.

  • NativeNYker

    I’ll tell you who he is… A man! And a fine one at that!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Anderson rocks

    JJ, whats w/ the butt jokes?

    Pretty unfair to do to AC. AC has proved time and time again what a fair and good person he is. There are many paths this man could have taken in his life. Good heavens his family is Vanderbuilt. But, he choose to use his life for the better, not sit around on a beach drinking up his families money.

    AC is funny, and fair. Even if he is gay, he doesn’t flaunt it out there, make a big deal about it, or try to use it in any way. He never talks about his personal life.

    And what a guy can’t have a guy friend. Say a friend came from out of town, didn’t have a shirt to go biking in, Anderson lones him one. People sure do make a story out of a picture to say whatever they want.

  • likey

    They look georgeous together yum yum. I really wish he come out, it would really help a lot of young gay teens know that it’s okay to let their parents know they are gay, that way they can have an easier time in life. It’s so sad that alot of celebrites don’t come out like Jamie Fox, George Clooney etc. etc. it’s sad that they have to keep pretending they are straight..

  • mz sass

    I thought he was gay but I can still fantasize!

  • mia

    He is Gay and beautiful. Love love him, and his boyfriend is georgeous. I wish I find a boyfriend who looks that f#king hot…lucky Anderson.

  • legs

    Betty are you reading this? This is HUGE!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!! Coop’s new ride!!

  • disgusted


    You need to change. God loves everyone.

  • Alexanderina

    awwwwwwwww I love AC

  • reggie

    I thought Anderson and Cesar used to be a hot looking couple, too bad it didn’t work out for them. Let’s see how long he lasts with this new guy.

  • gisele

    this site is nothing like p.h.’s! anderson cooper is gay, why does it matter. that is probably his boyfriend— hello, they are wearing inverse matching polos! i’ve seen them at the grocery store.

  • Thom

    Jennifer #6…please……per Leviticus, wearing two different fabrics at the same time, working on the Sabbath, eating shellfish, touching even the skin of swine…etc..will assure you a place in hell. So, Jen
    what are you wearing while dining on shrimp cocktail and pork loin? Hum?One more “selective” Christian.. I wish you peace, my dear.

  • jaye

    butt twittering? I hope his butt doesn’t hang up on his friend.

  • UMM..


    That tweet said they saw Anderson Thursday in Paris but it was false because he was back in NY by then. You can’t believe everything people tweet or blog.

  • bruth

    If Anderson’s bike seat happens to fall off he wont mind sitting on the pipe..ooogah !

  • Choose Jared

    I wasn’t comparing Jared to Perez.
    I was just asking him to stay the way he is.
    and for the rest of us to BOYCOTT PEREZ

  • Reggie


    The person only said they saw AC and the guy, there was no date mentioned. They may have tweeted it on Thursday, but Anderson WAS in Paris Wednesday and the person could’ve seen them then and just mentioned it the next day.

  • the_boyfriend

    They look great together, handsome couple.

  • fresh

    YUM. Both are hotties. Good work Anderson.