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Anderson Cooper: Biking Buddies, Butt Tweeting

Anderson Cooper: Biking Buddies, Butt Tweeting

CNN host Anderson Cooper and pal Antoine Maisani, aka Ben, wear matching Fred Perry polos and take their matching mountain bikes for a ride around Manhattan’s Greenwich Village on Friday afternoon (June 26).

The 42-year-old Silver Fox must be having a bumpin’ time tonight. Two hours ago, he tweeted two consecutive nonsensical messages on his Twitter account @AndersonCooper: “IOiu” and “Y”.

Since butt-dialing exists, is there such a thing as butt-tweeting? Butt-twittering?

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anderson cooper biking 01
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anderson cooper biking 03
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Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Afrika

    Wow! guys. This site is nothing like Perez Hilton. Some of you guys are really delusional. So what is wrong about posting an article on Anderson Cooper? isn’t he a public figure? I don’t get why some of you are so defensive. So what if he’s intelligent? Jared is not allowed to post stories about intelligent people? you guys so are pathetic. It’s not like Jared is saying anything disparaging about him or drawing a penis on his face or cocaine on his nose like Perez. This is nothing but a positive post showing Anderson biking with a “pal”. Get over yourselves.

  • billie jean

    leave andy alone

  • boo

    That Antoine dude is Smokin’!!!!!!!

    So’s Anderson but….. damn! that Antoine is hot!!!

  • boo

    @Jennifer: My God understands that we all have different hormonal levels in our fetal state and that we are born either homosexual, heterosexual or somewhere along the spectrum in between. Whether a person is attracted to the same gender as they are or the opposite is simply irrelevent.

  • mailey

    Holy Christ, dont get me started on Anderson Cooper. He is effing hott (that’s right with 2 Ts!! hah). Anderson = hot. Rob P, not so much.

  • UMM..


    So someone is going to wait a whole day before tweeting that they saw someone famous? I doubt that very seriously! Especially seeing how people are always trying to catch Anderson with men and telling it the second they see it. PLEASE!!

  • AndersonCooperIsHOT

    Anderson is the HOTTEST silver fox ever!

  • jade


    God doesn’t approve war, murder and dishonesty, etc, either, but I don’t see people point fingers at it as easily as they point to gay people.

  • Jacob

    When will AC come out and say that he is a gay man? I mean seriously, everyone already knows that he’s gay and he works for CNN. CNN definitely won’t fire him for being gay. I just think he’s kind of an a-hole when it comes to talking about his personal life. I know that it’s suppose to be private but he’s a celebrity and when you’re a celebrity, nothing about your life is private. That’s the price of fame.

  • jj

    Being a celebrity means people intrude into your personal life and talk about your business. It doesn’t mean you have to cooperate with them when they do that. The price of fame is people prying and watching you, not some obligation to publicly share anything the public wants access to. Straight celebs pick and choose what to share as well based on what they’re comfortable with and what works for their career.

  • gitte

    Anderson Cooper is gay ??? Well there goes all my fantasies out the window….lol

  • teresa

    Who are these people saying Anderson is hot, what do you find hot, his white pasty skin , his weird beak nose, small beady eyes. Anderson is anything but hot and that guy with him could do a lot better then Anderson Cooper especially because Anderson his a closeted gay, who wants to deal with that. It’s funny how Anderson hides behind being a reporter to air on his show the private lives of celebrities and politicians, acting as if he is better then, while he himself is a fraud never openly admitting to his viewers that he is gay.

  • tom

    Well we know he likes it up the butt, but I don’t think it called butt tweeting, and I like JJ puns so shut up, what’s wrong with a little humor with some of the posts.

  • alex

    Why doesn’t Anderson live openly gay , he does all these gay issues on his show but never cops to his audience … ah I’m gay. One of his fans said that Anderson doesn’t admit he is gay because he reports in regions like the Middle East, Africa, Asia where you would be a target if they knew you where gay, these are the same people who want the military personnel to serve openly gay. I guess they wouldn’t care if soldiers would be targets since most serve in these countries and live among the population and they don’t have bodyguards protecting them.

  • squattmunkie

    Didn’t like this story AT ALL! You don’t know what Anderson is, so leave him alone. He hasn’t done anything bad to anyone. He gives great reports on CNN! Nothing like the hate garbage from Fox.

    SO JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE! Have some respect, don’t become trashy like perez hilton, or I’ll just read at radaronline ONLY.

  • jj

    @alex: Uh…the soldiers are carrying guns, are trained to kill and go around in coordinated units. Anderson is carrying a mike and a camera. Anyway, the soldiers are not famous public figures. They aren’t going to be walking around with a sign saying “I’m gay” on their uniforms, so the population of those nations won’t know who their partner at home is. Getting rid of DADT is about being able to be out to the people they are serving with and able to walk around with their partner at home without geting kicked out of the service because someone informed on them. They will have the right not to discuss their sexuality unless they want to, instead of the old system where you were asked up front if you were gay or the new one where you are asked if you are gay if you are investigated. Anderson lives openly in his regular life and has the right to share what he wants to with the public.

  • tim

    @teresa: If he’s talking about someone’s personal life on the news it’s because the person has made a public spectacle of themselves, misused power or public money, violated the law, or has involved themselves in some scandal that contradicts the version of their personal life they themselves had chosen to trot out and display for the public to sell their political campaign and policies. There’s nothing wrong with being gay and he’s never lied about it, so I don’t see how this is remotely related to things like some “family values” politician cheating on his wife with some man or woman he put on the public payroll.

  • marie

    @alex: You have a good point.
    Anyway, more he wants to hide more he attracts media attention. (Of course, there is many gay celebrities in many fields and their privates lifes aren’t in newspapers each week.)

  • Hey

    OMG they look so scary…

  • Guinnesstobroadwaywithmendeljj

    His work on Hurricane Katrina was extra-ordinary. He commands professionalism, and he is hot gay or not. He is an exceptional journalist that goes where no journalist goes. He deserves respect, not what JJ bylines gave. We are not stupid, just curious jared!! And I guess you “haven’t made it until you have been on jared”!

  • blah

    Sucks for women that he is gay, but what ever makes him happy. I love anderson cooper and I think his personal life is no one’s business.

  • reggie

    @Umm…we do know this, Anderson was in Paris last week, his bf is from Paris and it follows that the guy probably was on the trip with him–the timing of the Twitter post is not really a big deal.

  • anna

    JJ, American military personnel serve in over 80 countries around the world, most live on bases but do go to local towns for entertainment and recreation , especially when they have days off and they don’t walk around in full gear strapped with guns with their unit, even in war zones like Iraq the reason the surge was successful was because American solders lived with their Iraqi counterparts in the same units among the local people. Anderson Cooper may have a mike, someone else has the camera, he also has very well armed men protecting him, no major reporter, especially a anchor that works for a major News organisation would go any where to do reporting without a security assessment and security guards, the lawyers and insurance people at CNN wouldn’t allow anything less, so stop pretending Anderson is some freelance reporter that lives among the population of these countries, the couple of times he has reported from Iraq or Afghanistan he was embedded with soldiers and had massive security with him when he set one foot off the American base. Jewish and women reporters are more targeted then any other, you don’t see them hiding who and what they are, Anderson Cooper is just a coward, he writes a book about his private life and career, goes on a publicity tour, talks about his wacky mother, father’s death, brothers suicide but never mentions that he likes men, he does gay issues on his show but has never admitted to his viewers that he is gay, even when he guest hosts or goes on all those entertainment shows, like Ellen and Oprah he pretends he his straight, Supposedly he lives openly because he is seen walking some where with a man, even though he is never showing any affection, holding hands, a kiss, has never shown up with a male date to any event, has never talked openly about being gay in interviews or on his show or in appearances but he lives openly, sign

  • PUffy poppy

    Cooper and Gaaay Biker are wearing the same undies with their hearts on their arses. Cooper gets around and he has quite alot of STDS. Love how he acts like he isn’t a Flamer!

  • PUffy poppy

    Dandy Anderson is creepy and he likes some real kinkayyyy things in his boudouir. I can’t believe he is not OUTED yet.

  • PUffy poppy


  • Anderson’s girl

    Why is Anderson a coward for not coming out??? Its his life and if he doesn’t want to come out he shouldn’t have to. He’s living his life the way he wants to. And what he wrote about in his book was already public knowledge. His mother had already wrote about the deaths of Carter and Wyatt.

  • Anderson’s girl

    Puffy Poppy, just curious, but what kind of kinky stuff does Anderson like and how do you know he likes kinky stuff???

  • Mark

    Anderson doesn’t live openly gay. If he was why was he distancing himself from Cesar at LAX last year, at Diller Oscar Party, arrives separately from Cesar at the fasion show (yes, there is a pic of Anderson arriving alone). Why does he always attend events alone instead of with a date? He seems to make it seem being gay is something to be embarrassed about and that it might affect his career, which I find ironic when he was covering the bullying of the 11 year old who committed suicide.

    But it his life and what he wants to do.

  • You must be joking…

    First off, I don’t care if he’s gay and don’t think it’s his “responsibility” to share that with the world. Second….what the he** is in that bag he’s carrying and why the big frown????

  • You must be joking…

    Oh, and I agree, what JJ posted about “butt twittering” is juvenile and totally beneath anything I would have expected. Totally classless JJ! Especially when you have so many oportunities to be snarky on other celebs and don’t. Something personal against the grey fox JJ?? Did he stand you up for a date or something? When you make those backhanded comments about about someone with some class like Anderson be prepared to get some sort of backlash of the same calibre. Grow up Jared. Rant over.


    Everyone says he is gay, so he needs to come out. If you already know he’s gay. Why do he need to confirmed it? I don’t walking around telling everyone I’m straight. The people I invite into my bed know what I like and don’t like. Those are the people who need to know.

  • tim

    @Mark: He is out in his regular life, not in his public celebrity life. Red carpet events, paparazzi, etc are part of public celebrity life. The celebrities who are the more sane, intelligent ones with lasting careers are selective about what they share and set firm boundaries about how far the public gets into their life. They tell one thing, they withhold another. If Anderson and the many other glass closeted gays in TV news and entertainment want to come out publicly eventually that’ll be great, but they don’t have to do it before they’re ready and they are as free as anyone else to set their own priorities.

    Straight celebrities are evasive all the time about personal things. They conceal pregnancies. They get rumors started that they’re dating people they aren’t then play coy, and try to hide relationships with people they are dating. They conceal health conditions for as long as possible. They try to keep weddings a secret. It’s part of managing fame and career.

  • ericc

    Why are people getting so upset about the butt twittering comment? JJ just means that the phone might have been in AC’s back pocket when he sat down and it accidentally wrote something on his twitter. Yall have never accidentally called someone when your phone is in your back pocket. It is called butt dialing.

  • dawne

    Jennifer @ 06/27/2009 at 1:39 am God does not approve of homosexuals.
    Accept Jesus as your lord and savior and Lord Almighty will help you change.

    Oh, grow the eff up, will ya? If God didn’t approve of homosexuals he wouldn’t have created them!!! I can only wish one of your kids comes to you one day to tell you they are ‘different’………Also IF I RECALL, Jesus was not judgemental unlike the rest of you bible thumpers who use this as justification for your bigotry and righteousness. You don’t mind guns and bombs though do you……wonder what Jesus would think of those???????????? But that’s different, isn’t it???

    You pious phonies give Christianity a bad name, like I have always said if Jesus walked the earth again, I doubt he would be Christian. So go sit in your pew and spew your judgment and hatred in the name of God. What pathetic hypocrites!!!

  • Gary

    @Tim 3:10 PM how do you know Anderson is out in his regular life? Do you know him? Did he tell you?

  • Louis

    Just thinking about these two having sex is getting me off.

  • hey u

    75, did you give him an STD cuz how would you know b#tch.

  • rachael

    There nothing wrong with the butt-twittering comment? He posted weird tweets. If you can butt-dial, you probably can butt-tweet too. He’ll just have to remember now to lock his phone before putting it in his back pocket.
    Don’t understand why people are offended by that.

  • rachael

    ^ I should have read that more carefully. I can see how people were offended by the second paragraph.
    JJ he post those odd comment right after the show so I don’t think he doing anything to cause it beside pushing buttons by accident or put it in his pocket without locking the keys.

    But the butt-tweeting not offensive, set on your phone,unlocked, it can happen.

  • omg

    @rii: I have to agree. perez is mean and distasteful. I like coming to this site, as it does not do what Perez does which is draw disgusting pictures over a celebrity and there children.

    I have loved Anderson ever since he used to host that show The Mole. He is cute. . .and so what if he is gay. He looks happy and isn’t hurting anyone.

  • hrhkat

    Its pretty common knowledge hes gay, if you dont know that by now, then welcome to the internet because you are soooo late. Jared doesnt out people because he doesnt have too, its pretty obvious if someone is gay or not, when was the last time anderson was in a relationship with a woman that you believed in? dont worry ill wait.

    at least both are hot, although anderson could seriously use a tan…

  • marie

    Still in the public eye during last weekend ?

  • mertz

    anderson cooper is not a celebrity. his mother was more of a celebrity than her son. if you believe that then you can say that yes he is the son of a celebrity/public figure, but then he himself became a public figure because of his name sake and his job, but above all anderson cooper is a journalist/reporter. journalists, reporters, are not celebrities. there’s something really really wrong in the entertainment formula for everyone now to be considered a “celebrity”

    also just to end the argument, this site may share a similarity based on subject matter/content with perez, but this site is nothing like perez actually. jared doesn’t share his opinions with us constantly. sometimes he does, but he mostly just relays the story if there’s a story or he talks about other matters like fashion, etc…thanks jared! love this site. always has the best pics. i’m not looking for flattering or unflattering pics. i mean the best well shot pics are mostly always on here.

  • Gary

    Doesn’t look like Anderson is trying to hide here.

  • Genie

    Soembody saids he’s bi-sexual, plus any way if he was gay wouldn’t these men they see him with would have said something by now ? Just a thought.

  • Suppress your appetite

    @hermit crab: :! : ! !: !: