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Bradley Cooper: Jennifer Aniston Is Just A Friend

Bradley Cooper: Jennifer Aniston Is Just A Friend

Bradley Cooper attends the Louis Vuitton show as part of Paris Menswear Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 held at Le 104 on Thursday (June 25) in Paris, France.

At the show, the 34-year-old actor put the kibosh on the rumors that he’s dating Jennifer Aniston.

He said (in French, which he speaks fluently from his 1996 exchange-student days): “She’s a friend of mine. Simply, simply, just a friend. In America, its not like it is here. She’s someone who is super, super known. Famous. If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She’s a very, very interesting woman, but she’s simply a friend.”

Bradley continued, “We made a film together (He’s Just Not That Into You) but we didn’t have any scenes together. I got hired in at the beginning of the casting, and my part was solely with Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelley. Which isn’t bad at all.”

DO YOU THINK Bradley is telling the truth about Jennifer? Are they really just friends?

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  • real facts

    thats the truth.
    hes been telling everyone…people will stop hounding him once he is seen with his usual young leggy girlfriend that he keeps quiet about.

  • jen fan

    to bad :( you guy would make a cute and interesting couple

  • jen fan

    to bad :( you guy would make a cute and interesting couple

  • karen




  • fresh

    I believe him. He’s 34–he’s already been married and now he’s enjoying some success–I doubt he wants to settle down and start a family—he wants to enjoy this time with a lot of hunnies. lol

  • Eh

    Brad’s cute

  • minx

    he obviously doesn’t want a job of playing her boyfriend.. he doesn’t need it, in fact, he couldn’t wait to tell everyone they’re NOT dating.. ;))
    too bad her agent couldn’t get him to play along…

  • yes it’s the truth

    He has a gf, very young and cute. He likes them young with pretty faces. He is also a player, just ask his ex wife.

    jen fan, face the music. jen is too old for him. she is not cute and you know that, girls are cute, not 40 year old grown women.

    He is just not into 40 year old jen aniston.

    It is what it is.

  • kim

    She can date Gerard Butler, he’s single or John Stamos

  • so true #5 fresh

    Why would he want to settle for a stale older one when he has so many fresh delicious fish in the sea to choose from right now? He is in his prime, with a hot career getting hotter. What can a hookup with her do for him? Nada!!!!

    If JenA wants a man, and who knows if she really does want one or not, she needs to be looking outside the celeb circle. She is rapidly aging out of eligible celeb men as they tend to look for younger mates. JMHO

  • Kate

    He’s cute, and he’s funny. :)

  • whatis

    not friends

  • Alexanderina

    I don’t really care for him or Aniston but I think that he can do so much more better than the hag and with someone younger too

  • Marla

    Only the Jenhags believed the stupid crap about the HOT DATE. This woman has become the laughing stock of HW. She just wanted to be on the news. How sad for this woman to try to equate her rubbish news to Brad and Angie’s plight for the REFUGEES..Manniston is sinking lower, and lower every singe day of her BLA-BLA LIFE. SAD , BUT TRUE.

  • billie jean

    Hey I like being friends with benefits too!

  • mm

    I believe him. The press does this to all celebrities. Jen has dinner with someone, therefore she must be dating him. Brad and Angie have an argument and suddenly their relationship is over, and on and on and on. And they do it because people like us come to these sites and feed on that type of hyperbole.

  • OOPS




  • mslewis

    Of course he’s telling the truth. It’s obvious he’s trying to be diplomatic. He’s probably totally pis sed that these stupid tabloids insist on linking him with this stale, old hasbeen!! Why would a handsome, 34 year old, with a huge hit movie want a 40 year old used up hag?? The answer is, he doesn’t and Huvane couldn’t pay him enough to be Jen’s toy boy. Thank you Bradley for clearing this up and just move on with all the pretty YOUNG women you can get!!

  • to #9 delusional

    Gerard has a GF, and he has said several times recently that he IS NOT into Jen at all. What else does he have to do to make some people like you realize that Jen is not his type at all. Gerard like his ladies younger and real beauties who like to travel the world as he does. Los Cabos Mexico is not the full extent of his travels as it appears to be for Jen.

    John Stamos has a young GF he is fairly serious about. He is not available for Jen. He has said many times he wants kids, he wanted them with his ex wife, but she did not want them with him. John is looking for a younger woman who also wants kids. He was burned by his ex and he sees that Jen did not want kids with her ex. John is not into Jen either.

    LOL, you think that she can just snap her fingers at 40 and all men fall at her feet? Get real, as #10 said, there are so many young fish in celeb land.

  • dom

    Very smart man.Stay away from that loser brad!

  • tired of this

    mm, yes the tabs constantly do this, but Jen feeds them by like saying what she said at the recent award about looking for a man and that her publicist was at table # whatever to be contacted in help for her search. She makes her self look desperate and seems to invite pity for being single.

    Frankly I am sick and tired of this, I am single and happy with lots of friends and getting close to 40 but not desperate or possessing any self pity. All I lack is plenty of money like her which does not seem to satisfy her. I am finding her somewhat repugnant and not funny at all these days.

  • You/Me

    I think he is telling the truth. Why would he lie? And he is right, the paps do link Jen with every man she is seen with….I’m sure it gets annoying for her and for her male friends. I love Jen and I think she is happy with her life, love will find her eventually. People want to blame her for her being single and constanly being linked with her costars but that is ridiculous, it happens to all celebs. Sometimes it is true, as in the case of Brad & Angie, and sometimes it is not, as in the case of Bradley & Jen. I, for one, think Bradley is HOT,lol….he seems educated and mannerly and I think he and Jen would be great together but oh well, I’m glad they are friends and he has no problem saying it.

  • waad

    thank god for that
    i don’t know what she sees in his ugly face

  • blondie

    Oooooh well,

    There is always the railroad tracks.

    Jen could lay across the tracks
    until George Clooney came to her rescue!!

    George saw her first, didn’t he.

    He was a guest on the set of “Friends,” as
    a young and handsome doctor, and Jen
    was really liking him, in the waiting room,
    as Monica was waiting to be seen,
    and afterwards, as Rachael and Monica
    exchanged identities. Funny stuff.

    A very good episode.
    Jen was hilarious.

  • blondie

    What’s a gal to do???

    Being at your sexual peak, at 40 and in excellant shape,
    and no takers? This is a nightmare!

    When the clock strikes midnight,
    and everyone has a love, except YOU!!!!

    The tossing and the turning could make you go bald.

    Maybe is she stops sending out mixed signals,
    she could land a live one.

    Kids? Stop telling the lies.
    Marriage? Stop the falsehood.

    Adoption? Where will the time come from, for a kid?

    Just admit that you want a Goodtime Charlie,
    and have a blast.

    When the age of 50 comes galloping in,
    you will not want to be bothered….IMO.

    Enjoy, while you still may.
    Life zooms by,
    in the blink of an eye.

    Jen is going to be bad mouthed either way,
    so I say…..ENJOY!!!!!

  • jena

    ahh….just remembering him from, “Jack and Bobby”…i loved that show!

    this whole jennfier and bradley thing reminds me of selena gomez and taylor lautner…LOL

  • laaaa

    Bradley your so hot, u can doo thousand times better than that desperate nutcase.

  • real facts

    You yourself said it Bradley is very educated and well traveled. speaks french fluently and is very much into charity.
    all the things that jen does NOT look for in a man.
    Jen wants a man
    that will put up with her whining about her ex
    will sit and shut up abput any opinions he may have
    play the redcarpet boyfriend
    wants someone who will spend every weekend with her and her freinds
    Is forced to get rid of his past life in favor of her Cabos Mexico lifestyle.

    Bradley cooper does not fit that description.

  • 40-Year-Old-LOSER

    Did someone on this thread really try to link the 40-year-old loser with Gerard Butler AGAIN???!!!
    Lets nip that one in the bud right away, shall we? Here’s what Butler had to say about Angie and then what he had to say about the 40-year-old loser:
    FIRST THING GERRY BUTLER SAID ABOUT ANGELINA when he saw her: “I looked at her onscreen and thought, ‘Could you get any more beautiful?’ then I met her, and found out she could.”
    FIRST THING GERRY BUTLER SAID ABOUT MANISTON: [“No!! I’m not dating her! I met her at a party once for 3 minutes.”


  • real facts

    that was really funnny!
    RLMAO on that one.


    Did her fan read what he just said.. “simply friends” this man does not need pr.. he has plenty coming off the surprise hit of the summer. He has buzz. If he got with Jen it would be good for her, not him. He would have become Jen’s new Brad” check out the tabs this week.

    And did you catch what else he said… He said something like.. Who has been taking.. He was not talking..

    Well we know who was talking. Her rep was quick to let People Mag know it was a DATE… People Mag should wise up.. she has scre*ed them over twice. First John Mayer.. Now Bradley Cooper.. Note people has a two page story on them called “It’s a Date”.. Now he is coming out saying NO it is NOT.. if he is lying and they are together.. then the press is going to cream him.. If he is telling the truth (which I for one think he is) then Jennifer’s team are liars.. (this too I believe).

    This woman is an adult, and people act like she is a 20 years old. If she wants a man then she could have one. but to do that she has to move on. And to move on means no more living in the shadow of Brad/Angie..

    People Mag should be ashamed of themselves for wasting 2 pages on this woman’s love life.. What a joke. I won’t renew my subscription. I would ratther select at the newstand. That way if she is in the mag I won’t purchase or read it..

    Bradley made the right decision.. come out early and strong. Stop it now. Because next week they would have had them married and expecting..

  • Poor Jen

    IMO Jen’s not beautiful, but she’s cute – if you can still describe a 40-yr-old woman as ‘cute.’ She has her good features. She does her damndest to stay in top physical shape and it shows. She’s always had pretty eyes – and nice hair. But she’s far too needy – and imo it scares men away. She tries to put on this fake facade of ‘I don’t care’ and ‘all’s just wonderful with my world’ when you can tell that inside she’s probably lonely and unsure and a little bit frightened of ‘growing old’ alone.. She’s 40 with no bonafide prospects of marriage or starting a family of her own in sight – and that old clock keeps ticking. It is kinda sad and I do feel a little bit sorry for her, I’ll admit. She needs to go back to her analyst’s couch and try to figure out what she’s doing wrong – or not doing – or maybe overdoing – that keeps scaring all the good prospects away.

  • yep

    jennifer needs to get a regular man. Jennifer has a lot of dumb fans that see her as an A lister so she doesn’t need a high profile guy. she should date a camera man like Julia robert did and be the celebrity in the relationship.

  • mailey

    why does he look like that, ew? looks like they caught him when he happened to not have showered the last 4 days or something. he needs to shear a bunch of hair off. and scarjo and jcon are not bad? both are soo much better than jennifer aniston, imo.

  • Edlover

    Even if they are just friends he looks like the extra poorwoman’s brad pitt.

  • someone

    Of course thats the truth, the only people throwing them together were the papz, and the rag mags.

  • amy

    smart guy.

  • Anonymous

    a friedship is begining…..they always say noo noo,and later… brad and saint angelina

  • real facts

    is that the best you can do Jenloon?
    please you were probably the first to say he was hotter than Brad P. when you thought that Jen had hooked up with him.

    now you want to cry sour grapes song?

    Brad likes younger women and mostly women with brains and substance that are naturally beautiful not in the least bit enhanced like Jen is.

  • Anonymous

    really?i don’t think so.

  • the truth

    Just friends. Publicity boyfriend. Jen can’t get a man. Huvane stop spreading lies.

  • hmmmm

    He protests much..

  • real facts


    graduated from the Honors English program at Georgetown University in 1997

    His weekends were spent with LEAP (Learning through the Expanded Arts Program), a non-profit organization that teaches acting and movement to inner city school children. The summers took him all across the globe, from kayaking in British Columbia with Orca Whales to ice climbing in the Peruvian Andes, while hosting Lonely Planet’s “Treks in a Wild World” (2000) for the Discovery Channel.

  • amy

    Jen should try dating shemar moore, who said on ELLEN how much he likes Aniston and would love to date her….in fact, Ellen could set them up…

  • amy

    # 43
    thanks for the info, Cooper is indeed not the right guy for her

  • Jenny



  • sybilla2000

    Perhaps he’s playing the media…doing exactly the opposite what John Meyer did and trying to protect a burgeoning relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Which is smart on every level. It’s a brilliant strategy to protect a relationship with a very public woman who has been burned by the media and by men in her life.

  • amy

    stop stealing my name loonifer.

  • LRB

    Yes he’s telling the truth. He’s into a certain type of girls and unfortunately Jen doesn’t fit it. BC is a good enough actor and handsome (ever since his Sex and the City season 2 days) that he doesn’t need the “Hollywood Agent” hook-up. He’s bankable on his own.

  • He’s smooth