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Emilie de Ravin is a Trailer Treasure

Emilie de Ravin is a Trailer Treasure

Emilie de Ravin pops out of her trailer and heads to the set of her new movie, Remember Me, in New York City on Friday (June 26).

The 27-year-old Aussie actress plays Robert Pattinson‘s love interest in the film. The twosome was spotted filming kissing scenes last week.

Emilie is returning as a regular cast member for the sixth and final season of Lost, which kicks off early 2010. Are you excited to see Claire Littleton back on the small screen??

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  • Alexanderina

    I am glad she is returning to LOST and can’t wait. I adore Emilie

  • P

    I’m bored with the news from this movie, I think that this movie has photos everyday.

  • Chantal

    Claire is coming back? Wow… interesting. But I like :D Hopefully season 6 will be full of old castmembers who died in the show.

  • KK

    I’ve seen lots of photos of Emilie prior to her starting to film the movie. It seems that her style of dress has changed significantly. She is starting to dress similarly to another of Rob’s costars, down to the converse shoes. These are her clothes not set clothes she’s wearing. They are headed for rehearsals. Interesting

  • jess

    KK….I noticed that too! I really don’t mind Emilie…but I do think she looks too old to play a college kid…and P…I think there are way too many photos coming out too…it’s getting kind of boring.

  • sunbae

    Agree… too much hype or everyday photos & publicity for film most likely ends w/ mediocrity & lack of interest by the general public.

  • jess

    she looks great with Rob Pattinson. Cant wait to see the film

  • k


  • ayinh

    she’s copying kristen stewarts style, it’s so funny because i saw this girl be4 and she used to dress very girly then all the sudden..

  • ct

    ^ lol yup. i don’t really mind her at all.
    i agree with the cmnts up there i just think she’s too old to play a college student.

  • denise

    it is ashame that she use to have her own style so ladylike and refined. and now that she is working on thsi movie with robert pattinson she is turning into a copycat trying to look like kristn stewart everyone has their own style and hers was great now its sad. she doesn’t even try to wash her hair or anything this is so sad trying to look like someone does not get that persons man also she isn’t even divorced and she is on the prowl

  • dina

    looks old. no appeal at all

  • Ceridwen28

    I agree that Emilie has changed her look but I think that it may have to do with some influence that Rob has on these girls!! Remember Nikki Reed was accused of dressing like Kristen and she was supposedly hooking up with Rob. But you hardly ever hear about her anymore?!?! And now Emilie is dressing like that too…It’s kind of strange and I wonder what Rob does to these girls to make them change their appearance? Does he give them advice on what he would like to see them wear? And if so, does he do it because he wants to keep Kristen in mind? Who really knows for sure, aside from Rob and Kristen? Will the truth ever come out? HHMMMMM????

  • jess

    I was thinking…maybe she’s dressing like that just while filming this movie to keep her mind in the mindset of a young college student while filming the movie….its very common that actors/actresses do things to put themselves in the role to get an overall feel for it…maybe she’ll go right back to her old style after filming…and I really don’t think it is Rob’s influence…I really think Nikki changed cause she was with Kristen all the time.

  • jess

    oh yeah…but she still looks to old…she looks like she is trying to hard.

  • AC

    I can’t wait to see what happens to her character on LOST. She completely dropped off the show after Season 4 so I am interested to see what is in store for her. Season 6 cannot come soon enough!

  • Paige

    She’s ordinary looking. Nothing more. She’s short & stumpy with a pinched face. Kristen, on the other hand, is drop dead gorgeous with her sexy eyes and pouty mouth and model legs that go on forever. She looks great standing next to Rob. This one looks like a wannabe who is trying way too hard to look the part and fit in. Plus, she’s too old looking to play a teen.

  • jess

    Ok…Paige…sorry but that was kind of mean…I do agree she looks to be trying to hard and she does look to old to play the part…but there’s no need to be so harsh…she’s still a very pretty girl…Rob can’t only do movies with Kristen.

  • uhhh

    Does every girl have to copy Kristen? Everyone nowadays wears skinny jeans and converse, does that make them all look like they’re copying Kristnen? WTF? She clearly is not copying Kristen. Kristen is more dressed dirty. Emilie doesn’t look dirty at all. I would never see Kristen wearing those pants and a girly shirt like that.

  • babe_luv_ya

    I’m always wearing skinny jans and Converse sneakers,I guess I’m copying Kristen Stewart’s style?
    what a joke!
    She is awesome,she looks younger than 9. What a hot girl woman!

  • babe_luv_ya

    I meant she’s younger than 29!

  • billie jean

    What a hot girl, hope she is back on Lost!

  • jess

    babe_luv_ya…she is younger than 29…she’s 27…I would say she could maybe pass for 25…but college kids are 18-23…and the girl in the movie is suppose to be 19…sorry but she does not look 19…and she is pretty…she just looks to mature to play a college kid…and I mean that in a good way…she looks polished and put together. And I do find it odd that any pictures you see of her before filming she has a very feminine taste…very pretty and that has changed.

  • kk

    hmm is this what university or teen wear nowadays?? How old is she supposed to be in the movie?
    This look doesn’t look good on her. She doesn’t rock it.

  • sarah

    All you freakin Twitards are pissing me off, she’s not trying to steal your beloved Rob from Kristin. I can’t wait to see her back on Lost, Claire’s storyline is amazing and I’m excited to figure out what happened to her when she disappeared.

  • kk

    i don’t think she is trying to be Kristen, just that maybe university kids dresses like this?? DO they??? Laid back.
    But she doesn’t rock it though, i think she is too old for this role?! How old is she supposed to be in the movie?
    Let’s see how she dresses herself after this movie … lol..
    Though i have no idea who she is before she got cast in this movie, but i won’t be watching this movie on big screen, might catch it on dvd or tv, if it’s out.
    I do feel the stupid media has covered on this movie too much, making it less interesting.
    I think only the big robert fans will go to see it.
    Normal Twilight fans who doesn’t really adore robert to that extent, will or will not see it.
    For me, I am more interested in Kristen’s new movie.

  • TONI

    Sorry Jess, but that is NOT a very pretty girl…she is AVERAGE at best.

  • kk

    @babe_luv_ya :: LOL, she is only 27, you meant she looked younger than 29, that’s not good at all. LOL.
    Anyway, i think she look her age. But she is too old for ROB in this role, unless she is playing an older old woman seducing a younger man..

  • kk

    @jess : I agreed with you. I think 19 yr old can dress in dress too?? no? Anyway, the wardrobe ppl are making her looking even worser by over dressing her in too teenie Make her OLDER…and then next to rob…ahh…they should have cast someone else who’s actually 19 … didn’t they wanted emily p?? forgotten her name..

  • j

    You have absolutely not taste. She is way prettier than KStew of Twilight and I doubt she wants your precious Robert. Get over yourself


  • j

    Gah, all you Twilight people who are bemoaning how Emilie look is ridiculous and you say someone younger should have gotten the part, you still wouldn’t be satisfied. You’d be bashing that person as well. Emilie is a beautiful actress who does her job. She is not after your precious Robert. She does not want to be Kristen Stewart.

    This is why I didn’t want Emilie to act opposite Robert Pattinson. Too many Teeny bopper fans.

  • j

    Gah, all you Twilight people who are bemoaning how Emilie look is ridiculous and you say someone younger should have gotten the part, you still wouldn’t be satisfied. You’d be bashing that person as well. Emilie is a beautiful actress who does her job. She is not after your precious Robert. She does not want to be Kristen Stewart.

    This is why I didn’t want Emilie to act opposite Robert Pattinson. Too many Teeny bopper fans.

  • jess

    Sorry…but I could care a less about the whole Rob/Emilie/Kristen thing…I really honestly think she looks too old to play a college student. I think she is very pretty, she just looks too old for the part of this movie…especially when Rob looks younger than 23.

  • Marieme

    I am SOOOO excited to have Claire back and get all those questions answered. I can’t wait to see if Charlie comes back too. It’s going to be a bittersweet season for sure.

  • sweetness

    @ #6 “Agreeā€¦ too much hype or everyday photos & publicity for film most likely ends w/ mediocrity & lack of interest by the general public.”

    This is absolutely true..whenever too much information about a movie regarding the shooting almost always means..the studio knows is mediocre ..because if they had a real hit..they would have done alot to control info regarding this shoot….Why pay to see a movie that you’ve seen every day’s shooting progressively?

  • jess

    I completely agree #35…there are so many people who have read the script…I have it but haven’t read it yet…given they have done rewrites to the script, but the basics of the movie are probably the same.

  • TwiFan

    I do agree that she is too old to play a college student. And it seems like the producer wants to bring the Twilight style into this movie. Maybe they have intention to get TwiFan relate to the image of Kristen because Rob is in this movie. That’s the way they do business. But it doesn’t work here. Kristen has a nice body to wear skinny jean, it’s very unique. Even the scene in the fair.., emily wore a red top having the same style as Bella when Bella asked Edward to bit her finger. But Kristen wore beautifully. I don’t like the way they make film just to copy from another film to make money or draw audience.

  • carol

    Emilie is okay, but I did not care for her previous work, and will not likely see Remember Me because of her. She looks too old to play a college student. She is 27 and looks every year and then some. Guess the divorce plays a role.

  • sweetness

    if the character in the book was written as a 19 year old…why did the producers cast her..there are certainly many talented actresses at 19 or 20 who could have played this role…maybe the producers did not see her being older as big factor that could change the story..and second if Rob needs to be seen opposite older actresses to appeal to a broader fan base..there are women who like him, but they don’t want to keep seeing him in teen ager movies.

  • steph

    I have no idea what casting was thinking when they picked her for the part of Ally. Even if she is a good actress, it’s hard for a woman close to age 30 to play a 19 year old. She might have a youthful looking body; short, slim with no curves and completely flat-chested, but it’s all about the face. She doesn’t have a 19 year old fresh looking face. She looks her age and maybe even a little bit older. Rob at times looks even younger than his 23 years. They couldn’t find someone closer to 19 for the part of Ally?
    I also agree with sweetness #35 who said why bother seeing the movie when we can just follow the set pictures every day! I’m not going to pay to see this movie now.

  • kt

    ohhh my gooddd.
    you twilighters are so freaking annoying.
    kristen has a boyfriend already, she’s not dating rob and emilie is simply filming a movie with him.
    you people are going crazyy. she’s dressed like that since she’s supposed to be playing a college student for her role.
    get over it.

  • KK

    I think Summit loves the gossip and is trying to hype movie. Summit talks about “No dating policy for actors,” but seems more than possible they are starting rumors. Robsten rumors fueled sales and hype on Twilight. Are they trying to do same thing for Remember Me. Not really necessary since Rob is so popular right now.

    Also Emilie, not so hot. Other than lost and Roswell haven’t seen her in much. She’s looking to make it big starring opposite one of hottest rising actors. Lets hope they stop taking all the photos otherwise why do we even need to see film.

  • Bee

    When you all say “why did casting pick her” – who’s to say that Rob didn’t choose her after her audition? She would have had to audition with him and there must have been chemistry for her to be in the movie. I’m betting he had a say in who would play his love interest.

  • http://none suave6672

    Totally hate her!Kristen is better to stand next to Rob.


    i hate her i really don’t lik her lets move on now…NEXT! this cougar REALLY needs to keep her hands off MR.”HOTTIE” PATTISON ok SHE IS 27 AND ROB 23 can we said COUGAR

  • lila

    I think Emilie looks cute. I’ve always thought she seemed like a sweetheart so it’s nice to see her in bigger projects. I’m not even going to touch the Twilight insanity here. You people give fans a bad name.

  • megan

    #45, a four year difference isn’t that big of a deal. It hardly qualifies her as a cougar. Anyway, I hope she doesn’t end up with him. He’s such a sleaze. Seriously, the dude looks like a junkie. When I look at him, I don’t want to give him a kiss…I want to give him a bar of soap.

  • loveghost


    Yeah I notice too, she copy Kristen’s clothes, I m sure Kristen see that and she could piss off and warn her something..tsk.. Or this is just for film?? or what I dont know..

  • loveghost


    You got ur point, maybe ur totally right..tsk tsk .. Man..

  • gina

    Do any of you crazy girls realize that SHES FILMING A MOVIE that is set in 2000-2001ish. Styles were different then. But most of you twi-hards are probably 12 so you don’t realize that. Grow up.